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Abstract of North Carolina Wills compiled from Original and Recorded Wills in the Office of the Secretary of State by J Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State
Eleazar Allen; New Hanover County
January 1, 1742; Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Nephews and Niece: William, Daniel and Catherine Willard, children "of Josiah Willard, of Boston, by my sister, Catherine Willard." Executors: James Hassell and Nathaniel Rice. Witnesses: Susann Hasbll, Jas Hasell, Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. Impression of rope and anchor on seal.

Sarah Allen, widow of Eleazar Allen;  New Hanover County
January 28, 1761. April 1, 1761. "My body I commit to the earth, to be buried as near the remains of my late husband as not to hurt the foundations of his tomb, which was bestowed on him by my beloved niece, Mrs Sarah Frankland.
"It is my will that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid * * * hoping that Thomas Frankland, my said niece's husband (whose mortgage on the said Eleazar Allen's estate may perhaps go near to swallow the whole), will not avail himself of that mortgage so as to cut off the just demands of my other creditors.
"To my beloved niece, Mrs Sarah Frankland, my wedding ring (plain gold) as a particular mark of my affection and a memento of my conjugal happiness, not doubting hers is equal, and may it be as lasting. Item: To my beloved niece, Mrs Mary Jane Dry, I give and bequeath my gold watch (not of modern taste, but an excellent piece of mechanism), the gold chain and all the trinkets belonging thereto * * *. Item: To my beloved nieces, the daughters of my sister Moore, Mrs Sarah Smith of Charlestown, Mrs Mary Harlston of the same place, and Mrs Ann Swann of Cape Fear, I give a mourning ring to each of them * * *. Item: To my beloved grandniece, Miss Mary Frankland, I give and bequeath my silver-chased teakettle and cream pot and lamp, also my walnut tree fineered tea chest containing three pieces of plate chased as the teakettle, in the forrn of urns for tea and sugar * * *. Item: I give to my grandniece, Miss Hariat Frankland, my largest silver waiter * * *. Item: To my grandniece, Miss Rebecca Dry, * * * a dozen teaspoons and strainer in a black shagreen case, designated to accompany an eight-sided silver coffee pot, put into her possession when I went to England in the
year 1756, together with a shagreen writing stand, quite new, to encourage her in that part of her education in which she seems to be making great progress * * * To my beloved niece, Mrs. Mary Jane Dry, one silver saucepan. I give to my grandniece, Susannah Hasell, a mahogany dressing-table and a little gilt smelling bottle. I give to my grandniece'
Mary Hasell, a little mahogany tea chest. I give all the books of modern taste to my grandnieces, Rebecca Dry and Susannah Hasell. I give to my generous and constant friend, William Dry, a mourning ring. I give to my friend, Mrs. DeRossett, Sr., my silver etice in a black shagreen case. As to all my other letters to and from my several correspondents abroad and in America, etc., etc.
"It is my will that one acre of ground around the tomb of my said husband be reserved sacred for the use of our cemetery when the rest of the plantation of "Lilliput" shall be sold. Executors: James Murray, William Dry, Henry Hyrnes, Frederick
Jones of the Oak & William Bampfield of South Carolina. Witnesses: George Moore, Elizabeth Catherine DeRosset, James Colson. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. Coat of arms on seal at top of first page of will.

Benjamin Befret, Mulberry Neck, New Hanover County
October 25, 1749. August 24, 1753. August 30, 1753. Son: Benjamin (plantation and lands). Executors: Hennery Caster and Thomas Kennan. Witnesses: William Savage, Hough McCanne, John Dickson, Register of Duplin County; Joseph Williams, Justice of the Peace; Ja. Murray, Sec. Remarks: This will mentions wife and four children, but does not name the wife, and names only one of the children.

William Birnie; New Hanover County
September 28, 1752. December 14, 1752. Wife: Illin. Executors: Illin Birnie (wife) and Moses Jno DeRosset. Witnesses: John Campbell, Mary Mason, John Maultsby. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries.

Jane Brewer, New Hanover County
August 18, 1739; September 25, 1739; Daughters: Catherine and Hannah. Son-in-law: Richard Hott. Executors: Daniei Dunbibin and Richard Hott. Witnesses: Rufus Marsden, Roger Rolfe, James Brown. Will proven before Gabriel Johnson, Governor, etc., at Newton.

Samuel Bridgen, Ludlow Castle, New Hanover County
November 30, 1757. February Covirt, 1758. Trustees: Job Howes, Sen'r, and Job Howes, Jr, to whom is conveyed in trust for daughter, Jane Bennett, a tract of land on Old Town Creek. In trust for son, Edward Bridgen, of London, a plantation called "Bridgen's Hall,'' "Ludlow Castle" and "Bridgen's Pastime." Daughter: Elizabeth Catharina, wife of Armond DeRossett. Wife: Sarah. Brother: Rev. John Bridgen (Professor of Gresham College, London). Nephew:
William Bridgen (Alderman of London). Witnesses: John Mott, Hannah Mott, Arthur Howes. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran.

Thomas Brown; New Hanover County
July 16, 1748; May 10, 1749; Wife: Fortune (400 acres land on the Sound). Daughters: Isabella (plantation "up the North West"), Elizabeth ("plantation I purchased of William Salter"). Executors: John Brown (brother), Richard Quince. Witnesses: Geo. Merrick, Henry Wright, Ann Wright. Will proven before E. Moseley, Associate Justice, at Wilmington.

Ralph Bugnion; New Hanover County
December, 1751; February 25, 1754; Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Sister: Margaret Bugnion. Witnesses: Caleb Grainger, John Davis, Junr. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries.

Robert Burleigh; Wilmington, New Hanover County
September 12, 1757; Wife: Sarah. Sons: Robert and James. Executors: Daniel Dunbibin, Cornelius Harnett. Witnesses: Sam'll Green, Thos. James, Thomas Newton. Clerk of the Court: James Moran. Will orders that houses and lots in Wilmington be sold.

James Campbell; New Hanover County
July 30, 1759; October 10, 1759; Wilmington. Brothers: William Campbell (| of land on North West Brown Marsh, one lot in Wilmington on Market Street, also 3 other lots in Wilmington), Robert Campbell (other half of lands on Brown Marsh, three lots in Wilmington), Samuel (tract of land on Hammond Creek in Bladen Co.), lots in Wilmington. Executors: Mother (not named) and William Campbell (brother). Witnesses: Marmaduke Jones, Caleb Grainger, Moses Jno. DeRosset. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs at Brunswick.

John Campbell; New Hanover County
February 4, 1770; May 16, 1770; Wife and Executrix: Mary. Daughters: Mary Campbell, Rachel Campbell, Ann Campbell. Executor: Henry Toomer. Witnesses: Thos Henderson, Robert Weir, David Ross. Will proven before Wm Tryon at Wilmington. Executrix qualified before Cornelius Harnett, Justice of the Peace.

John Chalkhill; New Hanover County
November 14, 1757; February Court, 1758; Wife: Dorcas. Daughters: Mary {my ring), Lydia. Wife's daughter: Rachel Howison. Executors: George Moore and Wm Dry. Witnesses: Rd Hardy, David Brown, Margaret McCorkhill. Clerk of the Court: Ja Moran.

Thomas Clifford
October 9, 1735. "Late of Charlestown in South Carolina, but at present residing in New Hanover Precinct in North Carolina." Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: M Moore, Eliza Swann, E Moseley. Proven before Gab Johnston.

George Cloase; New Hanover County
August 8, 1750; April 28, 1760; Father-in-law: Nework Ingrim. Mother: Jean Ingrim. Executor: Alexander Duncan. Witnesses: A McKeithen, Jas Campbell, Jr. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs.

Jean Corbin (widow of Francis Corbin); Chowan County
February 10, 1775; April 3, 1775; Legatees : John Rutherford, Jr, William Gordon Rutherford and Francis Rutherford, "children of my good friend John Rutherford of New Hanover County" (1,260 acres of land on the East Branch of Long Creek; plantation on the North east side of the North West branch of Cape Fear adjoining Henry Simmons; plantation in Bladen County adjoining Macknights on the West side of the Northwest branch of Cape Fear River, together with all negroes, household furniture and personal estate of testatrix). Executors: Lewis Henry DeRossbt, John Rutherford and Thomas Holloway. Witnesses: Sam Ashe, Daniel and David Morgan. Proven before Jo Martin. Executor qualified before Richard Caswell.

John Dalrymple; New Hanover County
(Second son to Sir John Dalrymple of Cowsland, Baronet of the Kingdom of Scotland.) February 25, 1742-1743; January 28, 1767; Wife and Executrix: Martha. Friend: Roger Moore. Brothers: Wm Walters, Joseph Walters, John Walters, Samuel Walters. Sisters: Sarah Lillington, Elizabeth Hawes. Executors: Roger Moore, Wm and Joseph Walters. Witnesses: Jno Swann, Geo Lockhart, George Moore. Assistant Judge of New Hanover County, Thos Lloyd.

Philip David; Wilmington, New Hanover County
August 5, 1747; December Court, 1747; Son and Executor: David (land lying on North East River). Daughter: Mary McKeithen. Executor: James Smallwood. Witnesses: Wm. Harrison, Charlotte Smallwood, Joseph Jones. Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood.

William Delohoide; New Hanover County
October 3, 1738. This is a nuncupative will proven by Mrs Elizabeth Rowan, and provides for the lading of his sloop (William O'Bryan, Master), and of his brig by Capt Rowan and cargo delivered to Thomas Farren and John. Proven before Robt Halton, JP.

Moses John DeRosset; New Hanover County
November 30, 1767; March 1, 1768; ("Practitioner in physic and surgery"). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Daughter: Magdalene Mary DeRosset. Son: Armond John DeRosset. Executors : Lewis Henry DeRosset (brother), John DuBois, James Moore and Marmaduke Jones. Witnesses: Ann Moore, A Maclaine, E Justuce (?). Will proven before Gov Wm Tryon at Wilmington.

Arthur Dobbs; Brunswick, in New Hanover County.
"Governor and Captain General of the Province of North Carolina." August 31, 1763; April 24, 1765; Sons: Conway Richard Dobbs, Edward Brice Dobbs. Wife: Justina. Brother: Reverend Doctor Richard Dobbs. Witnesses: James Hasell, Lewis DeRosset, John Sampson. Proven before Wm Tryon. The following items are of interest: "instead of immoderate funeral expenses I desire that one hundred pounds Sterling money may be paid and distributed proportionately among the housekeepers of the Parrishes of Ballynure and Kilroot in the County of Antrim and Kingdom of Ireland, and one other hundred pounds of like money among the poor freemen House-keepers who reside within the county of the town of Carrick-fergus to be paid - - - out of my Demesnes at Castle Dobbs or out of the arrears of rents I reserved out of a Moiety of lands in that Kingdom during my life." All slaves, plate, etc, is bequeathed to wife, together with "the money and interest due to me by the General Assembly for the lands called Tower hill in Johnston County, purchased from me by the publick." "Whereas, I have a right to the Moiety of two hundred thousand acres of land granted to me by the Crown in Sixteen patents of twelve thousand five hundred acres each in Mecklinburgh (late Anson) County as one of the associates of Huey and Crymble - - - etc" To each of children is bequeathed fifty pounds and to brother twenty pounds. "Item. Whereas I am entitled to a Moiety of Twelve Thousand acres of land by a purchase from Mr Patrick Smith of Waterford, merchant, for which a patent was granted to him as an associate of Huey and Crymble, subdivided from the great tract No. 4, the heirs and assigns of Mr. James Benning of Lisburn, Ireland, being entitled to the other moiety." "I give and bequeath to my son Conway Richard Dobbs - - - all my plate goods, Household furniture, arrears, Rents and other chattels whatsoever which are now belonging to me at my decease, which are now or hereafter may be at Castle Dobbs in the County of Antrim and Kingdom of Ireland." Sons and wife appointed executors and executrix. Impression of head on seal.

John Donoho; New Hanover County
June 6, 1743; June 24, 1743; Friend, Executor and sole legatee and devisee: William White of Wilmington. Witnesses: James Smallwood, Geo. Owen, Ann Higgines. Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood.

John Doughty, Wilmington, New Hanover County.
June 9, 1742. August 31, 1749. Wife: Marian. Witnesses: Thomas Chinagam, Josa Grainger. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries.

William Downer; Brunswick, New Hanover County
December 10, 1745; March Court, 1745; Executors: Capt Hugh Blaning and Capt Richard Quince. The will directs the executors to sell so much of the estate as may be necessary to pay the debts of the testator and to pay to themselves 80 pounds each in addition to their legal fees of seven and one-half per cent, and to ship the remainder to William Wynn and wife Ruth at Aldgate in the City of London, and Benjamin and Mary Sandwell in Wapping, London. Witnesses: Hugh Mackay, Ralph Sugnion, Thomas Campbell. Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood.

John DuBois; Wilmington, New Hanover County
September 13, 1767; March 1, 1768; Sons: Peter, Walter, John (house in Dock Street, also plantation on Smith Creek containing 300 acres; also a large diamond ring), Isaac (two houses in Dock Street), James (two lots in front street and houses thereon). Daughters: Anne Jean Dubois, Magdalene Margaret DuBois (two brick houses on Dock Street and two diamond rings), Margaret DuBois (lot on the north side of Market Street.) Wife and Executrix: Jean. Friends: Caleb and Cornelius Grainger (sons of Colonel Caleb Grainger). Executors and Guardians of children: Jean DuBois (wife), Peter, Walter and John DuBois (sons), Lewis Henry and Moses John DeRosset. Witnesses: J. Eustace, Edward Chivers, Archibald Maclaine. Secretary: Benj'n Heron. Will proven before Wm. Tryon at Wilmington.

Alexander Duncan; Wilmington, New Hanover County
May 11, 1767; May 18, 1768; Brother: Robert Duncan. Other legatees: Alexander Purves of Edinburgh, John Clark Goldsmith, Thomas Smith, John Rutherford (1000 pounds sterling), James Moore (eight young negroes), Thomas Cunningham, Jr, Frances Rutherford, daughter of John Rutherford (8 young negroes), John Walker, Cornelius Harnett, Mary, wife of Caleb Grainger, Maurice Moore and Wife, Capt John Forster and wife, Alexander Chapmen (20 pounds to each), Arthur Bennet, Robert Schaw, John Ancrum (two last named appointed executors). Proven by Thomas Cobham and William Lord before Wm Tryon.

John Edwards; New Hanover County
June 19, 1743. May 15, 1744. Sons: John, Thomas. Daughter: Charity Edwards. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Henry Baron. Witnesses: Thomas Hobby, Willm. Stephens, Henry Baron. Will proven before E Moseley, Chief Justice.

William Ellison; New Hanover County
June 23, 1737; July 2, 1737; Brother and sole devisee and legatee: Andrew Ellison. Executor: James Murray. Witnesses: Ja Patbrson, Thomas Clarke, Ja Murray. Will proven before Robt Halton and Gab Johnston.

James Espy; Brunswick, in New Hanover County
October 3, 1739; October 9, 1739; Son: Usher. Daughter: Sarah Espy. Wife: Margaret. Executors: John Montgomery and William Dry. Witnesses: Richard Hellier, Wm. Gray, James Lyon. Will proven before Gab. Johnston at Newton.

Caleb Grainger; New Hanover County
1763; October 31, 1765; Sons: Caleb (houses and lands on Smiths Creek and No. Et. River, north side of the Main or King's Road); Cornelius Harnett Grainger (houses and lands on Smiths Creek on South side of the Main Road); William (land on the Sound). Daughter: Mary Grainger. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executors: Maurice Moore, Cornelius Harnett, Alexander Duncan. Witnesses: Samuell Green, Anthony Ward, Joseph Stockley. Testator was a Mason and desired
to be buried with Masonic honors. Codicil to will dated October 5, 1765, provides for child in ventre sa mere, and also for erection of sawmill. Witnesses to codicil: Mary Grainger, Margaritt Douglass, Edmond Foger. Will proven before the Lieutenant Governor, as evidenced by letter from Fountain Elwin.

Joshua Grainger; New Hanover County
Sons: Caleb and Joshua. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Daughter: Ann, DeRosset, Jno. Site (?), Braddish. No probate. Will almost illegible.

John Grange; New Hanover County
January 20, 1739-1740; June 4, 1740; Sons: John and James ("estate whereon I now live consisting of 1000 acres of land up the No. West River"), Hugh (640 acres in New Hanover County commomly called "Old Town"). Executors: James Grange (brother), John and Jehn Davis (brothers-in-law). Witnesses: Wm Forbes, Cha Codgan, Paul Guerar, Eliz Garrad. Will proven before Gab Johnston.

Robert Halton; New Hanover County
March 22, 1748; April Court, 1749; Wife: Mary (in England). Sisters: Susannah Wilkins, Mary, Elizabeth. Other legatees: Elizabeth Wilkins (niece), Mary Wilkins (niece), Gabriel Johnston, Dr Wm Cathcart, George Gould, Thomas Barker, Benjamin Hill, John Ashton (1000 acres of land on So. side Nuse River on Greens past.), Sarah Graves, Robert Halton, Jr, son of Sarah Graves ("my seat called Halton's Lodge"; two tracts in New Hanover Co known as "Laban" and "Brown Marsh," Laban lying on Mill Creek and Brown Marsh "on the North East River of Cape Fear"). Executors: Gabriel Johnston, Wm Cathcart, Thos Barker. Witnesses: Saml Ormes, Wm Churton, Dan. Weldon. Clerk of the Court of Chowan County: Will Mearns.

Richard Hardy; Wilmington, New Hanover County
May 20, 1758; August 6, 1758; Executors: Daniel Dunbibin, Francis Beitelle (uncle). Wife: Sarah. Witnesses: James Gregory, Ao. Routledge, Zack Weeks. No signature of probate officer.

Thomas Hedges; New Hanover County
March 23, 1745; November 27, 1746; Son; William. Daughter: Ann Hedges. Executors: William Hedges (son), James Smallwood. Witnesses: Phillip David, David Daves, Thos James. Will proven before Gab Johnston.

John Hodgson; New Hanover County
July 6, 1738; December Court, 1738; Daughters: Mary and Margaret Hodgson. Executor: Roger Moore. Witnesses; Corn's Harnett, Chas Hepburn, John Martindale. Clerk of the Court: Jno Rice.

Henry Hyrne, New Hanover County
September 9, 1772; October 26, 1773; Nephews: Henry Walters (plantation called "New Hyrnham"; also 1,747 acres of land in New Hanover), Joseph and George Walters, Moses, Francis and Henery Britton. Niece: Mary Britton. Goddaughter: Elizabeth Jones (daughter of Frederick Jones). Executor: Frederick Jones (two volumes of Chambers' Dictionary). Witnesses: Sam'll Swann, John Buford, Benjamin Williams, William Buford. Codicil of even date disposes of wearing apparel. Witiiesses to Codicil : John Buford, William Buford, Benjamin Williams. Proven before Jo Martin.

Thomas Jennings; New Hanover County
December 23, 1744; Son: Thomas ("my plantation"). Wife arid Executrix: Elliner. Executor: Michael Higgins. Witnesses: Jas Mackilwean, Daniel Dupee, Sherlock. No probate.

John Larkins; New Hanover County
May 15, 1737; September Court, 1738; Sons: William and John ("my plantation"), James. Wife and Executrix: Tabitha. Friend: James Innes. Witnesses: John Smithes, James Carter, John Innes. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Rice.

William Lord, Brunswick, in New Hanover County
July 5, 1748; August Court, 1749; Sons: Peter, William, Thomas. Daughters: Mary, Margaret, Amelia. Wife and Executrix: Margaret. Witnesses: Rich'd Quince, William Ross, Geo. Nicholas. Clerk of Court: Isaac Faries.

Thomas McClammy; New Hanover County
May 2, 1772; September 27, 1773; Sons: Peter ("my plantation"), Luke (plantation called The Hammock), Woney, Mark. Daughters: Ellender Nixon, Catherine Hydlebyrd. Executors: Peter, Woney and Luke McClammy. Witnesses: Edward Pilcher, Anne Suttain, David Falle. Proven before Jo. Martin.

Alice Marsden; New Hanover County
March 24, 1755; March 1, 1759; Wilmington. Daughters: Alice and Peggy Marsden. Granddaughter: Alice Mobson. Executor: Arthur Mobson (son-in-law). Witnesses: Isaac Faries, John Davis, Junr., Anthony Ward. Proven before Arthur Dobbs.

Thomas Marsden; New Hanover County
September 23, 1739. Father: Richard Marsden. Mother: Elizabeth Marsden, "of Halifax, in ye County of York in England. Brother: William Marsden. Executors: John Swann and Thomas Jones. Witnesses: William Dutten, Will Carr, Jno Marshall. No probate. Coat of arms on seal.

Mary Mason, New Hanover County
November 20, 1771. February 19, 1772. Wilmington. Devisees and legatees: Ann Robeson (dwelling house on south side of Dock Street and west side of Second Street), John Robeson, Richard Lowry (house at corner of Front and Princess Streets occupied by John Forster), Robert Baird (tenements on Front Street "at present occupied by the reverend James Tate and Neil Schaw"). Executors: John Robeson, Robert Baird and Cornelius Harnett. Witnesses: A Maclaine, Ja Moran, John Nutt. Proven before Jo Martin.

John Maultsby, New Hanover County
May 17, 1757. November 6, 1757. Wilmington. Mother: Mary Maultsby. Sisters: Hannah Roots and Mary Maultsby, Sarah Shepherd. Nephews: William and John Maultsby, Roger Roots. Executors: Thomas Jones and Daniel Dunbibin. Witnesses: Benj'n Morison, James Arlord, Fran. Beteithelly (or Bathelly). Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran.

William Miller, New Hanover County
September 9, 1777; October 27, 1777; Wilmington. Brothers: Daniel and James Miller (of Luss in Dumbartonshire, North Brittain). Father: John Miller, sister: Eleanor Miller, brother: John Miller (to these three is given testator's interest in a brigantine, which he recites was "built at this place"). Brother-in-law: John Cowan ("an Island on the Sound known by the name of Bermuda, and also a piece of land on Smith's Creek"). Wife and Executrix: Anna. Executor: Alexr. Hostler.
Witnesses: James Geekie, Thomas Brown, David Ross. Proven before Richard Caswell. Justice of the Peace: Jonas Dunbibin.

Roger Moore, New Hanover County
March 7, 1747-1748; May Court, 1758; Parish of St Philips. Sons: George, William. Daughters: Sarah Smith, Mary and Anne Moore. Wife: Mary. The following lands are devised: Plantation called Kendall; land on "Mr. Aliens Creek"; lands between Therofaire and Black River in the Neck known by the name of Maultsby's Point and lands on the Island opposite; land in fork of River known by name of Mount Misery; 500 acres on So. West River; land between Job Howe and Mr. Dallison; 3,025 acres near Saxpahaw Old Fields, bought of John Porter; lot in Brunswick where "Mr. Ross at present dwells"; plantation called Orton where "I now dwell"; 640 acres at Rocky Point; land on Smith Creek; 5,000 acres at Eno Old Fields. To daughters, Ann and Mary Moore, is bequeathed 3,600 pounds, 1,800 to each. To son-in-law, Thomas Smith, is devised lot in Brunswick "where William Lord at present dwells." Grandmother of daughters: Mrs Sarah Trott. Aunt of daughters: Mrs Sarah Allen. About 250 negroes bequeathed. Will mentions mill at Brices Creek. Executors: George and William Moore (sons). Witnesses: Wm Forbes, Rich'd Quince, Geo Logan, Wm Ross, Rebecca Coke. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. Coat of arms on seal.

Thomas Moor, New Hanover County
February 3, 1755. February 4, 1755. "Late of New York now in Wilmington." This will appoints Cosmas Farquharson, Executor, and he is directed to transmit all estate to New York "to be disposed of as my former Will in the Hands of Mr Alsop and Carroll Directs." Witnesses: Caleb Mason, Simon Payne, Rd. Hartley. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries.

Thomas Morris; New Hanover County
August 2, 1744. January 9, 1744. Sons: Thomas, William, Solomon, James (land on Holly Shelter Creek). Grandsons: Thomas and Charles Morris. Brother: William Morris. Executors: William, Solomon and James Morris (sons). Witnesses: Chas Harrison, Thomas Steers, Susanah Nichols. Deputy Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood.

Benjamin Morrison, New Hanover County
April 14, 1760. June 10, 1760. Wilmington. Executor: Alexander Duncan. Witnesses: Thomas Turnbull, James Rutherfurd, Henry Toomer. Proven before Arthur Dobbs at Brunswick. No legatee named in will.

John Mortimer, New Hanover County
June 14, 1765. September 26, 1766. Wilmington. Daughter: Hannah Mortimer (lot in Wilmington on north side of Market Street). Nephew: John Conaway. Sister: Mary Mortimer. Wife and Executrix: Rebecca. Executors: Doctr. Samuell Green and Cornelius Harnett. Witnesses: Moses John DeRossett, Wm Purviance, W Gregory. Proven before Wm Tryon. Executors qualified before Moses Jno. DeRossett.

Edward Moseley; New Hanover County
March 20, 1745; August Court, 1749; Sons: John (plantation at Rockey Point, on the west side of the northeast branch of Cape Fear River, about 3,500 acres; lot and houses in Brunswick "where my Habitation usually is at Present"; plantation below Brunswick commonly called Macknights), Edward (plantation in Chowan County containing 2,000 acres in fee tail; lot and house in Wilmington; 600 acres of land opposite Cabbage Inlet; 500 acres in Tyrrell called Coopers; 450 acres in Tyrrell called Whitemarsh), Sampson (land on the east side of the northeast branch of Cape Fear River, lying between Holly Shelter Creek and the bald white sandhills, containing 3,500 acres), James (lands on the east side of the northeast branch of Cape Fear River opposite Rocky Point plantation, containing 1,650 acres), Thomas (1,880 acres of land on northwest branch of Cape Fear River). To Sampson, Jambs and Thomas is devised "all my lands on the East side of Cape Fear River, on part whereof Mr Bugnion dwelleth." To five sons is devised "my large tract of Land in Edgecomb County called Clur, containing 10,000 acres," and fifty-six slaves. Wife: Ann (plantation on the Sound "whereon is a large Vineyard planted"; also 3,200 acres of land in Edgecomb called Alden of the Hill, lying on a branch of Fishing Creek, by "some called Irwins, by Other Butterwood"; also 1,650 acres on the west side of Neuse River, about twenty-four miles above Newbern; also twenty-one slaves, new chaise harness and pair of bay horses, ten cows and calves, ten steers and twenty sheep. Daughter: Aner (eleven slaves). Friends: Samuel Swann, John Swann, Jeremiah Vail, Alexander Lillington, James Hasell. Mother-in-law: Mrs Susannah Hasbll. Brother-in-  law: James Hasell, Jr. Sisters-in-law: Mrs Mary Vail, Mrs John Porter and Elizabeth, late wife of Col. Maurice Moore. Executors: John and Edward Moseley (sons) and Ann Moseley (wife). Witnesses: Eleazr Allen, Rogr. Moore, Wm Forbes, Matt. Rowan. Some interesting provisions in will: "I Recommend it to my Dear and loving wife that one of my sons as shall be thought best qualified for it be bred to the law, it being highly necessary in so large a family, and to him I give all my law books, being upwards of 200 volumes, which are now or shall be in my closet," etc. "Item: I give to my dear wife Blome's History of the Bible in folio, 3 volumes in folio of Arch Bishop Tillotson's Works, four volumes in Octavo of Dr Stanhope's, on the Epistles & Gospels, and all the Books of Physick. Item: I give to my daughter, Ann Humphries, 3 Volumes in folio on the Old & New Testament, and I will that my executors buy for her the work of the Auther of the whole Duty of Man. I give to the oldest of my sons that shall not Study the Law, Chambers Dictionary, 2 Volms in folio, and LeBlond of Gardening in Quarto; and the rest of my books, about 150 Volumes, to be divided among my other three Sons. Item: I give and bequeath unto my Eldest Son, John, my large Silver Tea Kettle, Lamp & Server for it to stand on, weighing in all about 170 ounces; To my Son Edward, my large silver Coffee Pot Pott; to my son Sampson, my large Silver Tea Pot; to my Son James, my Large Silver Tankard, & To my Son Thomas, a pair of Large Square Silver Servers, my cases of Knifes, Forks, Spoons, Salts, Casters & Other my plate to be divided between my Wife & Daughter * * *." "Item: it is my will that the profits arising from the labour of my Two Sons' Slaves & their part of the profits arising by the stocks be laid out in purchasing Young Female slaves * * *." Item: When it shall be necessary to give all or any of my sons Other Education that is to be had from the Common Masters in this Province, for I would have my children well educated, it is then my will that such expence be defrayed out of the profits of such Child's estate, etc."
Codicil to will dated June 9, 1748, gives to son William, "born since my said last Will was made," the tract of land in Edgecomb called Alden of the Hill and 300 acres contiguous thereto, and also emancipates three slaves, with the provision, however, that "if it shall not be allowed them, then it is my will that my executrix shall place them jointly or severally, as they shall choose, on any of my lands, to make what they shall judge most for their advantage, rendering one-tenth part of the profits to my executrix." Witnesses to codicil: John Cochran, John Hancock, John Cooke. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. Coat of arms on seal is illegible, and coat of arms on seal to codicil is said by testator to be "Mr. Sampson's (my Wife's Father), mine being lately lost." All land devised to sons is devised in fee tail, showing that entails existed at the time of the will.

John Paine, New Hanover County
January 9, 1767. March 14, 1767. Wilmington. All estate is devised and bequeathed to wife, Catherine, and daughter, Catherine Musgrove Paine. Thirteen pounds proclamation money is ordered paid into the hands of "the church wardens of every County in this province, to be by them distributed among the poor inhabitants of the said several Counties."
Mother: Mary Brewton. Sister: Elizabeth, wife of Francis Arthur in Georgia. Executors: Maurice Moore and William Hill. Witnesses: Mary Snow, Ann Mouat, William Mouat. Proven before Wm Tryon.

Henry Pattenson, New Hanover County.
July 7, 1751. Wife: Anne. Witnesses: Thos Newton, John Walker. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries.

John Swann Porter, New Hanover County
No dates. Rocky Point. House, land, watercourses, etc, devised to John Baptiste Ashe, son of Samuel Ashe, with remainder to John Moore, Sam'l Swann, Jr., Samuel Ashe (youngest son of Samuel) and Cincinnatus Ashe (son of Samuel). Seven slaves are bequeathed to executors for education of two mulatto boys, emancipated by deeds
executed in 1773, which boys were formerly the property of Ann Moseley ("now wife of Hugh Munroe"). To these mulatto boys are bequeathed slaves. Executors: Samuel Swann, Jr., and John Baptiste Ashe. No signature, date, witnesses or probate.

Rice Price, New Hanover County
September 27, 1756. Sons: Richard, James, Edmond (to each is bequeathed negroes). Wife and Executrix: Tomzin. Executor: Richard Price. Witnesses: John Rogers, Henry Harker, Wm. Pearse. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran.

Mary Rice, New Hanover County
July 9, 1753. February 21, 1754. Executors: Thomas Camber and Penny Bussy (sister). Proven before Matt. Rowan. Coat of arms on seal. This will is so torn as to render all other names illegible.

Nathaniel Rice, New Hanover County
December 6, 1752. February 27, 1753. Son: John. Sisters-in-law: Hannah and Penny Bursey. Wife's niece: Elizabeth Dale. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Niece: Elizabeth Twiner of Rumsey, in Hampshire. Executors: Jas Hasell, Sam'l and John Swann. Witnesses: James Porterfield, David Lindsay, Arc. MacLaine. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries.

George Richardson, New Hanover County
November 15, 1750. Executor and sole legatee: Jehu Davis, Senr. Witnesses: Saml and Thos Neale, Anthy. Ward. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran.

William Rigby, New Hanover County
December 18, 1743. June Court, 1744. Wilmington. Lands on Long Creek, Lockwood's Folly, Black River and lot in Wilmington to be divided between Margery Rigby (mother), John Rigby (brother) and Alice Marsden. Brigantine "on her return from the West Indies" to be sold and proceeds applied to payment of debts. Executor: Rufus Marsden (brother-in-law). Witnesses: James Smallwood, Thomas Finney, Joseph Gary. Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood.

Matthew Rowan, New Hanover County
April 18, 1760. July 15, 1760. Niece: Rose Rowan (daughter of brother Andrew Rowan). Nephew: Mathew Rowan (son of brother Atcheyson). Niece: Ann Rowan (daughter of brother William). Other legatees: Richard Lyon of Spring Hill in Bladen County, Margaret Rowan (niece), Mildred Lyon, daughter of John (ten negroes), Mary Lyon (daughter of Richard Lyon), Frederick Gregg of Wilmington (land on the northeast side of Northeast River, opposite to Stag Park in New Hanover County; one gold watch). Eleven negroes and land on White Marsh, in Bladen County, bequeathed to Frederick Gregg and Richard Lyon, in trust for Esther Rowan (wife of Robert). Elizabeth, wife of Archibald MacLaine (daughter-in-law). Lands on Northwest River adjoining Henry Simmonds; land on said river adjoining Judge Lenard and Nelltown in Bladen County, and land in Craven County opposite Newbern, lying on Trent River, in all about 1,800
acres, devised to Executors to be sold. All remainder of estate is devised and bequeathed to John, the son of Jane Stubbs of Bath, "commonly called and known by the name of John Rowan." Executors: John Rowan, Frederick Gregg, Richard Lyon. Witnesses: Saml Watters, Geo Gibbs, Thos Clark. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. Executors qualified before Cornelius Harnett, JP. Coat of arms on seal.

Richard Scott, New Hanover County
March 6, 1756. April 16, 1762. Wife and Executrix: Mary (stock marked and branded as set out in will and also dwelling plantation). Son-in-law: Oswell Sill. Other legatees: William, son of Richard Earle; Elizabeth, daughter of John Simpson. Witnesses: Elizabeth Morris, Alice Hudson, John Earle. Proven before Arthur Dobbs.

Jacob Simmons, New Hanover Precinct
February 24, 1735-1736. June 16, 1736. Shallotte. Sons: John (land on Little River and the Sound). Jacob (250 acres of land in the fork of Shallotte). Daughter: Mary Simmons. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Trustee for minor son: Jonathan Swain, of Lockwoods Folly. Witnesses: Pheebe Miller, Thomas Hopcraft, Jehoshaphat Hallands. Proven before Gab. Johnston.

Walter Simpson, New Hanover County
November 9, 1758. February Court, 1759. Executor and sole legatee: John Garnes. Witnesses: Benjn. Morison, Alexander Adamson and Robert McNair. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran.

Garret Snedeker, New Hanover County
July 7, 1770. August 24, 1770. Wife: Margaret. Brothers: Tunis and Theodorans Snedeker. Nephew: Theodorans Waring, son of James Waring (land on the Widow Moore's Creek). No executor appointed. Witnesses: Daniel Austin, Anne Austin, Francis Tomlinson. Proven before Wm Tryon.

William Stafford, New Hanover County
August 31, 1765. October Court, 1765. Sons: Richard, William and John (plantation divided between them and one negro each), Samuel (plantation in Pitt County lying on Saml. Tison's branch, and one negro), Seth (plantation). Daughters: Mary May, Ann Forbes, Prudence Stone and Elizabeth Stafford. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: William and John Stafford (sons). Witnesses: John Alexr. Willey, Chas. Hollingsworth. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Burgwin.

Thomas Stockley, New Hanover County
September 5, 1757. February Court, 1758. Brothers: Capewell Stockley (Executor), Peter Stockley. Sister: Ann Stockley. Sons: John and Thomas. Witnesses: John Wilkinson, Jonathan Sturges, Jacob Stockley. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran.

John Stuart, New Hanover Precinct
June 27, 1736. July 9, 1736. Legatees: Sarah Smith, Henrietta Stuart (sister, of Inverness in North Britain). Executors: Thomas Wardroper (Surveyor General of the Province) and James Murray, of Brunswick. Witriesses: James Fergus, Wm. Ellison. Proven before W. Smith, C. J.

Ralph Taylor, New Hanover County
November 18, 1757. February Court, 1758. Wilmington. Wife arid Executrix: Mary. Executors: Benjamin Morrison and William Lord. Witnesses: Armand DeRosset, Daniel Dunbibin and Arthur Mabson. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran. Provision made for payment of debts due merchants in Liverpool.

Josiah Thomas, New Hanover County
January 30, 1751. May Court, 1752. Brothers: Hannaniah and Azriah Thomas. Cousin: James Williams (lot "on the Town Sandhills"). Daughter: Ann Thomas (lot in Wilmington, ten acres "of ye aforesaid Sand Hills, and plantation whereon I now live"). Wife and Executrix: Hannah (land on Long Creek). Witnesses: Mary Ann Dubose, Elizabeth Carter. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries.

William Veale, New Hanover County
June 11, 1760. November 22, 1760. Wilmington. Son; William. Wife and Executrix: Abigail. Executor: Daniel Dunbibin. Witnesses: John Campbell, Thomas Mutted (?), John Forster. Proven before Arthur Dobbs.

Mary Walters; New Hanover County
April, 1756. May 25, 1756. Brothers: John and Joseph Walters. Sisters: Elizabeth Walters and Mary Grainger. Son: William Walters. Other legatees: Barbara Murray, Isabel MacNeil, Katherine Maclaine (daughter of Archibald Maclaine). Executor: Jambs Murray (lands on Black River). Witnesses: B. Murray, Ann Britton, Walter . Codicil dated April 21, 1756, bequeaths estate to sister, Mary Grainger, in event of death of son. Witnesses to codicil: Joseph and Elizabeth Walters. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. Clerk, of the Court: Isaac Faries.

John Watson, New Hanover County
January 3, 1743-1744. March Court, 1743. "Of ye Sound." Sons: John, Joseph and Jonathan. Daughter: Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Archd. Nickells, Joseph Jones, Francis Beale. Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood.

John Watson, New Hanover County
December 15, 1773. March 3, 1774. Son: John. Daughters: Elizabeth Watson, Mary, wife of Samuel Marshall, Sarah, wife of Nixon Chester. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Jno. Robeson, John Gaillard, Willm. Nichols. Proven before Jo. Martin.

Pall Wickstead, New Hanover County
August 4, 1738. August 12. 1738. This is a nuncupative will proven before Matt. Rowan, JP, by Mary Bryan and Francis Boylan, and bequeaths books to said Rowan's children, and remainder of estate to said Boylan.

John Weight, New Hanover County
May 30, 1747. Son: Samuel. Daughter: Sarah Wright. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John Lyon, William Vernon, John Merrick. No probate.