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Will of Mullington Lewis
Contributed by Syndi Stark
Original Book of Wills
Office of the Clerk of Court, Whiteville, NC
Will Book C, Page 507

State of North Carolina
New Hanover County

Know all men by these present, in the name of God Amen or be remembered that I Mullington Lewis of the county and state aforementioned being weak in body, but of sound and perfect mind and at the same time have taken into consideration the uncertainty of life do publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament (viz).
First I give and bequeath to my beloved son, William R Lewis, one third of my lot or 110 feet of Lot No 100 in Campbells survey adjoining and now a part of the Town of Wilmington, north of the Rail road and I wish it particularly understood that the portion of my Lot No. 100 that I now set apart for my son William R Lewis is at the East end of said Lot No. 100. To have and to hold for his own proper use and benefit during his natural life, then to be distributed among the legal heirs of his body (if any), otherwise to be merged with the balance of Lot No. 100 in common stock for the benefit of the balance of my heirs and to be held by them in the same manner and way that I shall hereafter describe. I also give unto my son, William R Lewis, an equal interest with my beloved Daughters Mary Ann H. Lewis, Lucy Tilly, Sarah G. Willets, Caroline M Lewis & Ann Mariah Bray in the balance of Lot No. 100 with an express and distinct understanding that neither one of them shall have the right or power from me to sell their interest in said Lot No. 100 so long as there is any two of them living; when all cease to exist but one, I wish Lot No. 100 to be sold or distributed in any way they may think best, among all of the heirs of their bodies in the same ration that Common Law will designates. The object that I wish to arrive at is, that my children may have a home to live at, when in adversity; that they can't sell themselves or be sold for any debt, that, they may contract. My horse, stock of cattle and household furniture I wish to remain in common stock for the benefit of all my children, all of which I shall put, in charge of my son Wm. R. Lewis who I now appoint my executor, to control as he may think best, for the interest of all. I wish my son Wm. R. Lewis to sell as much only as will be sufficient to pay all just debts that I now owe and may hereafter owe for Doctor Bills, my support whilst I live and my funeral expenses.

Signed, sealed, delivered the 14th day of March, 1850
in presence of
O.L. Fillyaw
W.G. Fillyaw

Mullington Lewis

State of North Carolina
New Hanover County June Term 1850 This paper writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Mullington Lewis decd is exhibited in open court duly proven by the Oath of William G. Fillyaw one of the subscribing witnesses thereto; whereupon it is considered by the Courth that the same is the last Will and Testament of said Mullington Lewis and as such ordered to be recorded and filed. Thereupon William R Lewis the Executor therein named duly qualifed as such.

Test. L. H. Marsteller CLK.

©2009 Natasha Miles