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Estate of Timothy Bloodworth
Contributed by Barbara A Shore
To all people to whom these presents shall come, Greeting. Know ye that we, Jas. Baker, Susanna Baker, Samuel Watts, Thos. Watts, Joseph Bushel, Elizabeth and John Shepard, all of Hamton Town and Elizabeth City County in Virginia province who are all the heirs of Mr. Timothy Bloodworth, formerly of the said town, county and province above mentioned, but late of North Carolina, have in and for the consideration of ten pistoles to us in hand paid by Smauel Lewis of the aforesaid North Carolina and New Hanover County, the receipt of which we the said James Baker, Susanna Baker, Samuel Watts, Thos. Watts, Joseph Bushel, Elizabeth Bushel and John Shepherd do adknowledge for ourselves and each and every of our heirs that we are therewith fully satisfied and fully contented forever, we do therefore for ourselves and for our heirs bargain, sell, and make over firmly and absolutely forever all our right, title and interest we ever had, now have or possibly can have to the aforesiad Timothy Bloodworth’s Estate.___unto him the said Samuel Lewis and unto his heirs forever and further we do for ourselves and for our heirs forever acquit ourselves and our heirs from all ye right, title or interest we ever haed now have, or possibly can have unto ye aforesaid Estate of Timothy Bloodworth.
Witness hereof we have set our hand and seal this ___ day of April in 1757.
Signed: SamuelWatts
Wit: Thos. Parker
Peter Manson
Timothy Bloodworth Baker
James Baker
Susanna Baker
Thomas Watts
John Shepherd
Joseph Bushel
Elizabeth Bushel

May Court 1757, the execution of the within instrument of writing was proved in Court by the oath of Thos. Parker, one of subscribing witnesses.
Isaac Faries, C.C.

©2009 Natasha Miles