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Will of Jean Corbin

Contributed by Nola Duffy
Source: NC Wills & Inventories - Grimes
Written 1778

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I, Jean Corbin, of New Hanover County, Widdow and Relict of Francis Corbin, late of Chowan County, in the Province North Carolina, Esqr., being weak in body, but of perfect Sound & disposing Mind and Memory, do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner following: And first I resign my Soul in to the hands of my all merciful' God, in hopes of a Joyfull resurrection thro' the Mediation of a Blessed Redeemer; And as to my worldly Goods and Estate I Give, Devise, and Bequeath in manner following:

First. Whereas, by a certain Marriage Settlement, or Indenture Trepartite, bearing date the Twenty eight day of
October in the Year of Our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred & Sixty one, and Executed between me and my said late Husband Francis Corbin and Samuel and John Swann Trustees named in the sd Indenture, I have an absolute and disposing right in and of a Moiety of three plantations, Tracts or parcels of land, Lying and being on the Eastermost Branch of Long Creek in New Hanover County containing in the whole Twelve hundred and Sixty Acres, Also One Other plantation Tract or parcel of Land, lying and being on the North East Side of the North West branch of Cape Fear River, Joining the upper side of the late Henry Simmon's Land; Also One Other Plantation Tract or parcel of Land containing One hundred & eighty Acres lying and being in Bladen County on the West side of the North west branch of Cape Fear River, Joining Mcknight's land; Now I Give Devise & Bequeath to John Rutherfurd Junier, William Gordon Rutherfurd and Frances Rutherfurd (Children of my good friend of my good friend John Rutherfurd of New Hannover County Esquire) and their respective Heirs and Assigns forever, to be equally devided between them, the Moieties of the said several Plantations Tracts or Parcels of Land. And it is my Will, Intention, and direction, that in the partition of the said Parcels of Land,


regard be had as well to the Value as the quantity, so that each Devision be in Value & quantity nearly equal.
Item. I Give and Bequeath to the said John Rutherfurd Junior, William Gordon Rutherfurd, and Frances Rutherfurd, All my Negroe Slaves, wch I hold and Possess or am entitled to, as well by Virtue of the aforementioned Indenture or Otherwise, (and not Otherwise disposed of by this my Will) and wch I may at the time of my decease, hold, possess have, or be entitled to, together with all my Stocks of Cattle Horses, Sheep & Hogs, with All my Plate, Houshold & Kitchen furniture, Plantation Tools, and implements of Husbandry of whatever kind or Sort they may be wch I shall die possess'd of.

Item. I Give and Bequeath to the said John Rutherfurd Junier, Wm Gordon Rutherfurd, and Frances Rutherfurd all arrears of money due or growing due to me, as my Jointure or annuity of One hundred & Twenty Pounds per Annum from the Death of my said late Husband, Francis Corbin, and provided to me, by the aforemention Marriage Settlement.

Item. I Give and Bequeath to my Good Friend Thomas Holloway, the Use of my Negroe boy Exeter (wch he now has in his possession) for and during the Term of his Natural Life, and after his decease I Give the said Negroe to John Rutherford Junier, William Gordon Rutherfurd, and Frances Rutherfurd.

Item. It is my Will and desire, that my old Negroe fellow Peter, who hath Long & faithfully Served me, be, at the time of my death Liberated & Set free, and it is my further Will and direction that my Executors herein named, pay him Eleven pounds proc money pr Annum during his natural Life, as a reward of his fidelity, and for his Support and Maintenance.

Item. Whereas I have advanced & paid several sums of my own Monies, for and upon Amount of the Estate of my late Husband, Francis Corbin, wch said sums are still in Arrear & unpaid to me; it is therefore my Will and desire that all the accts between the sd Estate & myself (wch shall be unsettled at my decease), be settled, as Soon as the same can be done; and the balances & monies due me thereon recovered; All wch balancies & Monies, I Give to the sd John Rutherfurd Junier, William Gordon Rutherfurd and Frances Rutherfurd.

Item. Whereas my good friend John Rutherfurd Esqr: has had, at different times the Labour & Service of several of my negros Slaves; now my will and desire is, that no Accts. or charge, be made or brought against him for the Same And my Will & meaning is, that he be acquitted & discharged of & from any demand therefor; And Also that he be acquitted exonerated & discharged from all Other Debts, dues, demands, or Claims of what nature or kind soever wch I may have against him.

Item. It is my Will and direction that all my Just debts be first paid as soon as may be, either by the hire, work & Labour of my Slaves, or by the Sale of so much of the most perishable part of my Estate, and wch may be of the best use and benefit to the sd John Rutherfurd Junier William Gordon Rutherfurd and Frances Rutherfurd; or by both, as my Executors shall Judge necessary.

Item. I Give Devise & Bequeath to the sd John Rutherfurd Junier William Gordon Rutherfurd and Frances Rutherfurd All the rest residue and remainder of my real and Personal Estate, not herein particularly devised, of what nature or kind soever or wheresoever it may be found.

Item. And for the more Clear, and better Understanding of this my will, and to prevent disputes and contraversies thereon, I hereby declare my design to be, that all the Several Slaves, Stocks, Plate, houshold & kitchen furniture together with ever Other article or Articles, thing or things Devised, Given and bequeathed, or intended to be Devised Given and bequeathed by this my Will to the said John Rutherfurd Junier, William Gordon Rutherfurd and Frances Rutherfurd, be equally divided among them, share and share alike, and in Case of the death of either of them, the Share to have fallen to such party, to goe to the Survivors or Survivor.

And further, my Will and positive directions are, that All the Lands, Stocks, Plate, houshold & kicthen furniture, together with every Other Article or Articles Thing or Things, Devised, Given & Bequeathed by this my Will to the sd John Rutherfurd Junior William Gordon Rutherfurd and Frances Rutherfurd shall be, and remain in the keeping, and Under the direction Care & management of my sd good friend John Rutherfurd Esqr.; and after the payment of my Debts, he to receive all the profits, emoluments and benefits ariseing and accruing therefrom, to enable him the better to Educate, Support, and Maintain his said Children, without being further accountable for the Same, untill the Marriage of the sd Frances Rutherfurd, at wch time the said Frances to have her Share or Portion thereof; And the Residue or the Remainding parts or Shares, to continue and remain under the Care, direction and Management of the said John Rutherfurd Esquire, and he in like manner to receive all the profits, emoluments, and benefits ariseing and accruing from the sd residue or remainding parts or Shares (to enable him to Educate, Maintain & Support the sd John Rutherfurd Junier, & William Gordon Rutherfurd) without being accountable therefor, for such time, and so long as he shall think proper; to retain & keep the same.

Lastly. I do nominate, constitute, and appoint, my good friends Lewis Henry Derosset and John Rutherfurd Esquires and Mr Thomas Holloway Executors of this my last Will, contained in Six pages, each page being Signed at the Bottom with my own hand; revoking all former Will and Wills by me heretofore made.
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal the 10th February 1775
Signed Sealed & Published by the said Jean Corbin for and as her last Will and Testament in the Presence of


This the last Will and Testament of Jean Corbyn deceased was proved before me this third day of April 1775 by the Oath of David Morgan one of the subscribing Witnesses thereto who swore that, he was present and did see the Testatrix sign seal publish and declare the same to be and contain her last Will and Testament and that at the time thereof she was of sound and disposing mind and memory and John Rutherfurd one of the Executors in the said Will named having taken the Oaths of an Executor and qualified agreeable to Law.

It is Ordered that Letters Testamentary issue thereon accordingly.


STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA New Bern 23d. April 1778
Personally appeared Mr. Thomas Holloway one of the executors in the within Will named Before me Richard Caswell Governor of the said State, And qualified as Executor to the said Will of which the Secretary is required to take Notice & certify the Same accordingly.