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Will of John Rowe
Transcribed by Palmer Rowe
In the Name of God Amen. I John Rowe of the County of New Hanover and State of North Carolina being through the abundante Mercy & Goodness of God tho weak in Body Yet of a Sound & perfect understanding and Memory do Constitute this my Last Will and Testament, and Desire it may be Received by all as Such:
First I Most Humbly bequeath my Soul to God my Maker Beseaching his Most Gracious Exceptance of it through the all Suffiant Merits and Meditation of my Most Compationate Redemer Jesus Christ Who gave himself to be antonment for my Sins and is able to Save to the utmost all that Come unto God through him seeing he Ever Liveth to make Intersesion for them and Who I trust will not Reject me a Returning pentant Sinnar When I Come to him for Mercy in this hope & Confidance I Rinder up my Soul With Comfort humbly beseaching the most blessed and glorious Trinity one God Most holy Most Merciful and Gracious to prepare me for the time of my Dissallution and then to take me to himself in to that piace and Rest and Incomparable Fielicity Which he has prepareed for all that Love and fear his holy Name Amen - Blesseed be God I give my Body to the Earth from Whence it was taken in full assurance of its Resurrection from thence at the Last Day.  As for my Burial I Desire it may be Desent without pomp or State at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter Named who I Dout not will Manage it with all Requeset prudance. As to my Worldly Estate I will and posetively order that all my Just Debts be paid.  First I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah one Shilling Starling. I give to my Daughter Marcy on Shilling Starling I give to my Son John five Shilling Starling  I give to my Daughter Elizabeth one Shilling Starling  I give to my Son Roan one Shilling Starling  I give to my Daughter Beneter one Shilling Starling I give to my Daughter Casiah one hundred & fifty acres of Land it being a part of a Survay of 250 acres Joining of John Marshalls Line & my old Line on the East Side of Black River also I give to my Grand Daughter Priscilla Burdeaux one Cow & Calf and ten pounds Specie I give and Bequeath to my Son Frederick Rowe three hundred & twenty acres of Land to him his Heirs for Ever it being on the East Side of Black River Begining at a black gum Captn. Marshals Corner thence a Long his Line No. 63 Degrees East 113 Chains & 16 Links to a Stake thence To 27 Degrees East 28 Chains & 29 Links to a Stake, thence To 63 Degrees west 113 Chains & 16 Links to an oake By Black River thence along the Swamp of the River No. 27 Degrees West 28 Chains 29 Links to the first Station as it was granted to Jas. Henry By patent baring Date the 8th Day of March 1748 & was purchesed by me of Wm Robinson the 5 Day of may 1756. also one hundred acres as fare as the Race paths out of the 250 acres joining my old Line also one negro man Named Jack also all my Stock of Cattle horses Sheep & hogs also all my holdhold furnitur and plantations tools allso a tarkiln that is now a building. I also Constitute and appoint him and my Beloved friend John Jones my Executors of this my Last Will and Testement In Witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Twenty fifth day of November Anno. Dom. 1782

John Rowe (seal)
(his mark)
Fred'k Simpson
Cha's Simpson

New Hanover County April term 1783.
The Witness last will & Testament of John Rowe, was exhibited in Court & proved by the Oath of Frederick Simpson & Subscribing witness thereto, who swore that he saw the testator Sign Seal publish and decalre the same to be & contain his last will and Testament & that he believed this J. Rowe was of sound and disposing mind and  memory Also that Charles Simpson, signed at the same time as a concurring Evidence to the same.
Thos Maclaine. Clk.

©2009 Natasha Miles