Death of Malcom Buchanan - 1862
Death of Bryant Lovin   1787-1863
Death of Two Ingrams  - 1919
Death of Mrs. Effy G. McLean, wife of Mr. Simeon McLean - 1852
Death of Harvey Goodrich in New Orleans - 1859
Death of Captain Edwin Ingram - 1843
Death of Mrs. Charlotte McKinnon - 1843
Death of Mrs. Sarah Buchanan - 1856
Death of Hannah Coachman - 1856
Death of Mr. Duncan Campbell - 1855
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Death of Wm. Wallace McFarland - 1844
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Death of Henry C. Crawford - 1843
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Death of Rev. D.S. McCormick - 1840
Death of Neill McBride - 1839
Death of Duncan McCallum - 1836
Death of Mrs. Mary D. Leak - 1831
Death of Richard Adams - 1804
Death of Mrs. Mary McMillan - 1826
Death of Elder Henry Chambers - 1844
Death of Robert G. Gordon - 1843
Death of Norman A. Morrison - 1859
Death of Malcom Cameron - 1839
Death of Little Lucile Watson - 1917
Death of Mrs. Nettie McNatt Johnson - 1897
Death of Mrs. John F. McNair - 1905
Death of John W. Graham - 1916
Obit of Archibald Carmichael - 1864
Obit of Caroline M. Moffitt (of Robeson and Moore Counties)
Funeral of Col. H.C. Wall
A Physician Drowned in Richmond County - March 30, 1884
Homicide and Suicide in Richmond County (Turner Smith - Thomas Robinson)
Daniel McLeod of Moore County dies in factory pond - January 26, 1858
Rev. J.A.W. Thomas of Marlboro County, SC - August 5, 1896
Mary McFarland - Died 1816
John Wall - 1831
Preston O'Brien - 1939
Mrs. Margaret Fairley - 1861
Walter R. Leak of Anson - 1859
Stephen Pankey Obit - 1857
John D. Cameron Obit - 1947
Col. Stephen Wall died September 19, 1845
George W Gibson - 1940 - 2007
Dora H. Gibson - 1902 - 1993
Stacy Floyd Gibson - 1931-2007
Doris Lamont Humphrey - 1928-2006
William Bonapart Cole - 1872-1954
Miss Lucy Fowlkes Ussery - June 1961 
Tillotson O'Bryan, Esq. - July 1840
Thomas Bostick - July 1840
Miss Amy Williamson - July 1840
Eli Gibson - 1907

Peter Wright
Peter Wright Dies In Charlotte Hospital - Succumbs to Injuries Received When Struck by Truck on 
Highway 203 One Night Last Week - The death of Peter Wright, son of Mr. Sam J. Wright, of the 
Masons Cross section, in a Charlotte hospital Saturday adds another to the list of victims of 
automobile accidens in the county. Mr. Wright was fatally injured one night last week when struck 
by a motor truck on highway 203 near Smith's mill. The truck was driven by Mr. Fred Howell of Gibson. 
According to reports, Mr. Wright had stopped his car on the highway and was working on his motor. 
Mr. Howell was passing in his truck and as he drove past Mr. Wright's car, he stepped into the highway 
and was stuck on the head by the frame or body of the truck. The blow was sufficient to cause 
unconsciousness, it is said, and the young man died before regaining consciousness. From information 
gained about the circumstances, it seems that the acciden was wholly unavoidable. It was at night and 
it was raining. Mr. Howell saw the car parked on the highway, but drove past it with sufficient clearance, 
it is said, not to creat a dangerous situation. Mr. Wright on the other hand, it is believed, saw the 
truck coming, or passing, and thought that it was out of the way and stepped a little too far into the 
road with the resulf that the body of the truck struck his head. Funeral services were held Sunday morning 
at the Gibson cemetery, Rev. E. B. Fisher and Rev. O. W. McManus officiating. 
Source: The Laurinburg Exchange - June 18, 1931

Malcolm Wright 
Malcolm Wright died at his home in Spring Hill township Saturday morning, June 6, 1931 at 8 o'clock, and 
was buried Sunday afternoon at 3:30 at Wrights Chapel, Rev. G. L. Guy of St. Pauls officiating. Mr. 
Wright was a good Christian man and was held in high esteem by those who knew him. He had been a member 
of Wrights Chapel for 15 years. He would have been 77 years of age had he lived until October. He leaves 
to mourn his loss, a wife, Mrs. Mary Frances Wright, and 5 children, as follows: Morris Wright of Raeford, 
Luther Wright, Walter Wright, Archie Wright of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Lila Norton of Pine Bluff.
Source: The Laurinburg Exchange - June 18, 1931

Beverly G. Collum
HAMLET - Ms. Beverly G. Collum, 70, of 629 Oak Avenue died July 3, 2005.  Service is at 11 AM 
Friday at Harrington Funeral Home Chapel, 214 McDonald Avenue, Hamlet.  Published in Charlotte 
Observer on 7/8/2005.

Wesley Bogan Cain Sr.
HAMLET - Mr. Wesley Bogan Cain Sr. 77, died July 14, 2005 Graveside 11 AM Saturday, Richmond 
Memorial Park, visitation Friday 7-9 pm Harrington Funeral Home.  Published in Charlotte Observer 
on 7/15/2005.

William Lawrence Gibson Buried Today  Born June 17, 1863 died February 25, 1931. 

February 25, 1931. W. L. Gibson Succumbed last night to Double Pneumonia; Prominent in Oak Ridge 
Section. W. L. Gibson, aged 62 years old, died about 7 o'clock last night as a result of double 
pneumonia. He had been sick about a week from pneumonia and Tuesday night suffered from a stroke 
of paralysis.

Funeral services were held at 3 p.m. this afternoon from his home in the Oak Ridge section in 
charge of Rev. J. B. Willis and assisted by Dr. Lynn R. Walker. Interment was in the family 
cemetery near there. A large crowd paid their last respects to this well-known and prominent 
man, and the large floral offerings attested to the esteem in which he was held. 

Pall bearers were E. N. Rhodes, B. W. Pegram, Sr., Sam Utter, Gaston Terry, Jenks Terry, and 
J. C. Benton.

Mr. Gibson was born near that section about 62 years ago. It is understood that the homestead 
where he lived had been handed down to him through several generations. 

He was a member of the Baptist church and very prominent in the affairs of that community. He 
was especially active in the affairs of the Oak Ridge school prior to its consolidation with 
the Hamlet schools.

He is survived by his widow and the following sons: Holland, Avin, Melvin, of Hanlet, and Everett 
of Charlotte: and the following daughters: Mrs. J. T. Braswell, Mrs. C. K. Bundy, and Mrs. J. M. 
Billingsley, all of Hamlet, Mrs. Vernon Gibson of Rockingham, and Misses Bernice and Cora Gibson 
who live at home.

Correction: Through an error in last week's issue we stated that Gaston Terry was a pall bearer 
in the W. L. Gibson funeral. It should have been H. W. Burroughs. Interment was in the family 
cemetery near the home. Source: George Kemp, 2nd Great Grandson,  July 18, 2005.

The Laurinburg Exchange, Thursday, August 28, 1913, Pg. 1
"One of the bravest men in Lee's Army"  Passes-Prominent Citizen of Scotland County dies after an 
illness of four months-Was prominent Mason, Large property owner and prominent Confederate Veteran.
After an illness lasting about four months, Capt. William H. McLaurin, one of Scotland Counties most 
prominent and respected citizens, died at his home on Church Street just after midnight Friday.  Capt. 
McLaurin passed his 73d. birthday on the 6th day of February, and soon after this time the disease 
from which he died laid it's hand upon him, and after that time, his friends sadly watched him as he 
rapidly slipped away from them.  Erect, strong, vigorous and active, in a few short weeks, stricken 
and weakened, he was carried about by loving hands.  Capt. McLaurin was one of the most prominent of 
Laurinburg's citizens, his entire life having been spent here.  He was a brave and gallant officer in 
the Confederate Army, and on many occasions so distinguished himself that he received the highest praise 
from his superiors for gallant and meritorious service.  Some of his comrades said that he was fond of 
fighting and never seemed so happy as when in the heat of battle.  Since those memorable days he has 
handsomely worn the garlands of a modest, unpretentious and unselfish citizen, never asking public favor.  
At the battle of Spotsylvania Court House, May 12, 1864, a handful of Confederates, with Capt. McLaurin 
leading them, rushed into the deadly breach, turned the tide of battle and perhaps saved the day.  A 
Federal Colonel lay wounded upon the field and close by one of the Confederates.  The Federal officer 
asked the Confederate boy laying near-by, who his leader was, and the reply came, "Captain Billie McLaurin, 
of the Eighteenth North Carolina Regiment, one of the bravest men in Lee's army," and in reciting the 
incident, the Federal officer says: "I was fully prepared to believe what he said."  He was a congenial 
and friendly neighbor, kind of heart, and spent readily upon charity and its objects.  His life was clean 
and pure.  No one ever heard Captain Billie use an oath; he never drank intoxicants or stained his mouth 
with tobacco-indeed was his moral life a model one.
The funeral was held at the home of the deceased Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, and what was perhaps the 
largest crowd attending a funeral in Scotland county in many years gathered about the home to pay this 
last mark of love to this good citizen.  The services were conducted by Rev. J. M. Rose, D. D., pastor 
of the Presbyterian church.  The funeral finished, the body was taken in charge by the Masonic Order, 
of which the deceased was a prominent and loyal member, and laid to rest in the city cemetery under a 
great bank of the most beautiful floral offerings ever seen here.
As the body was borne from the house, sixteen of his comrades who went through the trying days of the 
war with him formed a line on either side of the walk, and with uncovered and bowed heads watched the 
passing of another of their small company to the grave.  These were Messers. Nathan Gibson, Neill McNair, 
N. R. McGeachy, J. F. McNair, L. D. McKinnon, S. W. Pate, T. B. Russell, A. H. McLauchlin, W. R. McEachin, 
Capt. J. M. Wright, John Chance, Daniel McCormick, J. E. Hodges, Major T. J. Wooten, Jeptha Peele and 
Dougald Stewart.  Under the care of their leader, Mrs. T. T. Covington, the Quakenbush Children's Chapter 
of the United Daughters of The Confederacy, attended the funeral and marched to the cemetery in a body.
One sister, Mrs. Howard Peden, is the only surviving member of the immediate family.
(Contributed February 20, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

The Laurinburg Exchange, Thursday, Sept. 15, 1932, Pg. 1

	Mrs. Morrison is Claimed by Death
Rockingham, Sept. 18. Mrs. John Morrison, 54, died suddenly of a heart attack at her home here at 8:55 
this morning. No aggangements have as yet been made for the funeral.
	Mrs. Morrison went to Chapel hill Monday with her son, John, to arrange for his room at the university, 
and returned last night as well as usual. Mr. Morrison this morning carried the two girls, Virginia
and Maude to the high school, and left her apparently normal in every way. When he returned ten minutes
later he found her stricken with death instantanious.
	Mr. Morrison is connected with the state revenue department and he is a brother of Senator Cameron Morrison.
	The town is in the deepest grief over the death of Mrs. Morrison. Prior to her marriage she was Miss 
Jennie Crosland. (Contributed February 23, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

The Laurinburg Exchange, Thursday, Nov. 5, 1942, Pg. 1 Mrs. Helen Tunstall Passes At Age 91 Mrs. Helen Tunstall, well known East Laurinburg woman, died Sunday morning at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Sara Gibson at East Laurinburg. She was 91 years of age. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the East Laurinburg Baptist church, Rev. Cade Deaver , the pastor , officiating. Burial was at Hillside cemetery. (Contributed February 20, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

The Laurinburg Exchange, Thursday, Dec. 28, 1944, Pg.1
Well known Laurinburg man Died Suddenly Monday Night. 
Funeral Wednesday Afternoon At 10'Clock.
	Ernest Clinton McCormick, age 46 years, well known Laurinburg citizen, died suddenly at his home in 
the city Monday night about 9:45 of a heart attack. The attack was sudden and his death was unexpected. 
Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the home and burial was at Hillside 
cemetery. Mr. McCormick was the son of Mrs. H. L. McCormick and the late Mr. McCormick of Laurinburg. 
he had lived here all his life and was well known and highly regarded by all. He is survived by his 
wife and a son and a daughter. Mrs. Hazel Colvin of Laurinburg, and E. C. McCormick, Jr. of the U.S. 
Merchant Marine, who came home for Christmas on Monday, the day of his father's death. 
	He also leaves his mother, one sister, Mrs. Ed Cline, and two brothers, Thomas McCormick of Laurinburg,
and Wilson McCormick of the U.S. Naval Reserve and some where in the Pacific, and a grandson, Gerald Colvin.
Clint married Noah Gibson's daughter Mattie Gibson 1st, then after she died married.
(Contributed February 23, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

The Laurinburg Exchange, Thursday, Sept. 9, 1952, Pg. 1

Funeral Tuesday for Mrs. Gibson
	Funeral Services were held Tuesday morning of last week at the First Baptist church in Hamlet for
Mrs. Orcilla Turnstall (Tunstall) Gibson, 79, widow of Steven C. Gibson and mother of D. M. Gibson of Laurinburg, 
Rev. J. B. Willis officiated, assisted by Rev. H. M. McLamb, and interment was in the Gibson family cemetery.
	Mrs. Gibson died early Sunday morning at her home in Hamlet following a long period of illness. She was 
a daughter of the late William Turnstall (Tunstall) and Helen Permenter Turnstall (Tunstall). Survivors 
include four sons, Floyd of Hamlet, J. K. and W. V. of Asheville and D. M. Gibson of Laurinburg; three 
daughters, Mrs. J. O. Billingsley and Mrs. Austin McKeithan of Hamlet and Mrs. Joe Effler of Old Fort. 
Also 27 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, one brother and one sister, Mrs. Sarah Gibson of Laurinburg.
(Contributed February 23, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

The Laurinburg Exchange , Friday , Aug. 12 , 1966 ; Pg. 1 Death Attributed Natural Causes The body of James Mack Sellers , a 71-year old retired painter, was found early this morning in his trailor on the Old Maxton road just inside the city limits. Officials reported his death was of natural causes, but he had been dead from eight to 10 hours when he was found. City police learned that Mr. Sellers was last seen by Manly Polston about 9 a.m. Thursday. The trailor was entered this morning when James Turner reported that about 6:21 he was unable to gain any response from the occupant of the trailor. Fearing death or serious illness , Mr. Turner called city police for help. Mr. Sellers had not been ill, and his death was unexpected . Official sources said he had died overnight of natural causes. Funeral arrangements are incomplete . Surviving are: three sons, Melvin of Laurinburg , Monroe of Charlotte , and Marvin of Selma ; one daughter , Mrs. Margie Belch of St. Paul's; two brothers, Barry of Laurinburg and John Sellers of Rockingham; two sisters , Mrs. Ola Watts of Laurinburg , and Mrs. Fannie Quick of Myrtle Beach , S.C. ; nine grandchildren. (Contributed February 20, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)
The Laurinburg Exchange , Friday April 7, 1978 , Pg. 7-A WATTS RITES Ola Sellers Watts , Rt. 2, Laurel Hill , died Tuesday at Morgan Center. She was born August 6, 1904, the daughter of the late Ben and Rose Tompkins Sellers. Funeral services will be held at 4 p.m. today at Rachel Chapel in Laurel Hill. The burial will be in the church cemetery. The Rev. Jimmy Tennant will officiate . Survivors include five sons, Bruce and James (Jack) Watts of Greensboro, Leroy Watts of Rockingham, Burney Watts of Candor and S. J. Watts of Laurel Hill, two daughters, Louise McGrady of Montgomery , Ala. , and Ila Mae Whiteside of Oregon City, Oregon, one brother , John Sellers of Rockingham, one sister , Fannie Quick of Laurinburg, 15 grand children and 11 great-grandchildren. (Contributed February 20, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

The Laurinburg Exchange,  Tuesday , Nov. 5 , 2002 ; Pg. 2
Oliver E. Shelley 
Oliver E. Shelley , 74 , of 1106 Rice street , Hamlet , died Monday , Nov. 4 , 2002, at home.
He was born in Marion county ,S.C., on Nov. 20, 1927, a son of the late Major Oliver Shelley
and Leona Cox Shelley. He was a charter member of Calvary Baptist Church in Hamlet.
He was a retired conductor with the railroad for 46 years. A graveside service will be conducted
at 12:30 pm Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2002, at Richmond Memorial Park, with the funeral service
following at 2 p.m., at Calvary Baptist Church in Hamlet , with the Rev. Scott Conner officiating.
Surviving are: his wife, Shirley Segars Shelley of the home; one son, Mark Eldridge Shelley,
and wife, Virginia James of Concord; one daughter, Cindy Lee Shelley of Laurinburg; two
grandsons, William Oliver Shelley and Mark McLeod Shelley of Concord; and one sister,
Virginia S. Shelley of Mullins, S.C. ; Watson-King Funeral Home, Hamlet, is in charge of arrangements.
(Contributed February 20, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

Col. Pleasant M. Powell
August 29, 1860: Died at his residence at Powellton, in Richmond county, on the 18th inst. 
Col. Pleasant M. Powell. He was a gentleman of great worth and respectability, beloved by 
all his neighbors, and his loss will be felt and deplored by the whole community in which 
he spent all his life. … He was at the time of his death one of the Councilors of State. 
Weekly Standard - Raleigh, NC

Mr. John McDonald
April 17, 1861: Died in Richmond County, in the 94th year of his age, Mr. John McDonald, a native 
of the Parish of Kilmuir, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire Scotland. Weekly Standard - Raleigh, NC

Stephen Pankey, Sr.
July 15, 1863 : Died in Richmond County, on the 27th of June, 1863, Stephen Pankey, Sr., aged one 
hundred years. For many years he was a devoted Christian, faithful in the discharge of all his duties, 
a good master, affectionate husband and a kind neighbor. He was born in Virginia under the British 
government, passed through the revolution of 1776 in his boyhood; enjoyed the many blessings of peace 
and prosperity which followed and flowed from the bloody struggles of the revolution, and lived, to 
see the close of that government, and died amidst the exciting scenes of the present revolution, leaving 
about one hundred of his lineal descendants in active service in the present war.  S. M. Ingram. 
 Weekly Standard - Raleigh, NC

Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Ledbetter
Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Ledbetter, wife of Col. Henry W. Ledbetter, and daughter of P. N. Stanback, Esq., 
was born in Richmond county, N.C., May 29, 1839; and died in Anson county, near Wadesboro, N. C., 
Dec. 22, 1875. Source: January 19, 1876, Southern Christian Advocate

Mrs. Hellen M. Knotts
Died, at Henderson, Rusk Co., Texas, May 8th, 1879, Mrs. Hellen M. Knotts, wife of Jno. B. Knotts. 
The deceased was born in Richmond County, North Carolina; educated at Carolina Female College, in Anson 
Co., and was a dau. of John and Ann T. McLeod. Source: Wednesday, May 28, 1879 Issue Pee Dee Herald, 
Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC

Col. B. F. Little
We are pained to chronicle the death of one of our best friends, and one of Richmond County's best 
citizens, Col. B. F. Little, who died on Sunday, July the 27th… Source: Wednesday, July 30, 1879 Issue 
Pee Dee Herald, Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC

Mrs. Sarah McAlister,
Died in Guntown, Miss., at the residence of Mrs. K. D. Cole, at 8:46 o'clock, p. m., November 14th, 1884, 
Mrs. Sarah McAlister, lacking but two days of being 92 years old… was the daughter of Marshall and Lydia 
H. Diggs, and was born in Anson County, N. C., November 16th, 1792. She married Mr. George Haley, February 
28th, 1809, and removed to Richmond County, N. C. He died November 12th, 1818, leaving her a widow with 
three little children. She was married the second time to Mr. John McAlister in 1819. He died December 
24th, 1848, leaving her with two daughters. She was thus the mother of five children, only two of whom 
survive. She came to Mississippi in 1876, and resided with her daughter, Mrs. K. D. COLE, in Guntown, member 
of the Methodist church for sixty eight or sixty nine years. Source: Associate Reformed Presbyterian Death 
& Marriage Notices, Volume II: 1866-1888, by Lowry Ware] January 29, 1885

Rebecca Garrett
Rock Hill Evening Herald  October 14, 2001  
Mrs. Rebecca Sue Rogers Garrett, 71, of 1510 Congaree Road died Saturday, Oct. 13, 2001, at Tanglewood Nursing 
Center in Ridgeway.
The funeral will be 11 a.m. Monday at Barron Funeral Home in Chester (SC); with the Rev. Tommy Huddleston 
officiating.  Burial will be at New Hope United Methodist Church cemetery.
A native of Rockingham, N.C., Mrs. Garrett was a daughter of the late Earl B. Rogers and Beatrice Land 
Rogers. Shw as graduate of Fayetteville High School and was a homemaker. She was a member of Beulah Baptist 
Surviving are her husband, Leslie J. Garrett; her son, William Garrett of Hopkins; three daughters, Linda 
Hull of Walden, N.Y., Patricia Sanford of Columbia and Donna Frye of Elgin; and her sister, Edna Ennis of 
Hickory, N.C.
Memorials may be made to the charity of one's choice.
(Submitted by Linda Hull)

Elizabeth Corning [Cortright]
Mrs. Elizabeth Helene Cortright, 72, of 14 Nollwood Town House, Southern Pines, died Sunday [December 12, 1982] 
at Moore Memorial Hospital, Pinehurst.

A member of All Saints Episcopal Church, Hamlet, she was born November 1, 1910, in Elmira , N. Y., a daughter of 
Louis Avery and Minnie Shelton Corning.

Funeral services will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock at All Saints Episcopal Church with the 
Rev. Roland Whitmire officiating. Burial will be in Mary Love Cemetery. 

She is survived by her husband, John Allyn Cortright of Southern Pines; one son, John Allyn Cortright, Jr. of 
Charlotte; and two grandchildren.

Wilson-Harrington Funeral Home is serving the family.
Submitted by Diana Holland Faust

Ronald Leverne Altman
Ronald Leverne Altman, 48, of Rt. 3, Hamlet, died Monday [2 May 1988]. He was born June 12, 1940 in Hemingway, 
S.C., son of Roland B. Altman and Lucille Poston Altman.

He was owner of ERA SunLand Properties, Inc. of Yaupon Beach; served in the U. S. air Force; was past president 
of the Hamlet Rotary Club; chairman of the United Way for two years; was a former assistant superintendent of 
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad; and was a graduate of Pembroke State University.

Funeral services will be conducted at 4 p.m. Wednesday at Fellowship United Methodist Church, of which he was 
a member, with the Rev. Gerry Davis and the Rev. Scott Turner officiating. Burial will follow in Richmond County 
Memorial Park.

He is survived by his wife, Celia Tyson Altman; his mother, Lucille Poston of Hamlet; two daughters, Mrs. Tracey 
Altman Page of Rockingham and Ms. Melissa Altman of Hamlet; three brothers, Dexter Altman of Rockingham and 
Jimmy Altman and O. W. Altman, both of Hamlet; and four sisters, Mrs. Ava Gentry of Ayden, Mrs. Judy Hair of
Laurinburg, Mrs. Linda McIntyre of Shelby and Mrs. Demetra Roberts of Hamlet.

The family will receive friends from 7-9 tonight at Wilson-Harrington Funeral Home.

Lois Thornton [Mann]
Lois Mann of Rockingham, an antique dealer and well-known civic leader, died Monday [2 May 1988] after a 
brief illness. 

Mrs. Mann, who made her home at 711 Cumberland Circle, specialized in lace and fine china. She was a past 
president of the Woman's Club of Hamlet, Inc. and the District Nine Women's Clubs. 

Mrs. Mann resided in Hamlet from 1959 to 1972 when she and her husband, Harold Vance Mann, Jr., moved to 
Rockingham. She is a native of Mitchell County, Ga., where she was born Dec 11, 1916, daughter of the late 
Jasper Herman Thornton and Carrie Belle Boutwell Thornton.

Mrs. Mann attended Georgia Southern College in Statesboro, Ga. She was an active member of the First United 
Methodist Church in Rockingham, a member of a local homemakers club and a local book club.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Rockingham with the 
Rev. Tom Holtsclaw and the Rev. Randy Innes officiating. Graveside services will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. 
at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery in Vada, Ga.

In addition to her husband, Mrs. Mann is survived by tow sons, Harold Vance Vann III of Culpepper, Va. And 
Jonathan Herman Mann of Wilkesboro, and four grandchildren.

The family will receive friends at the home. No flowers are requested. Memorials may be made to the general 
fund at the First United Methodist Church in Rockingham. Marks Funeral Home is in charge or arrangements.

Iris Boyette Bellamy [Holland]
Mrs. Iris Bellamy Holland died Saturday, Aug. 25, 2001, at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.  The funeral service 
will be conducted Tuesday at 10 a.m. in St. James United Methodist Church, Greenville.  A graveside service will
be held Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in Richmond County Memorial Park, Rockingham.

Mrs. Holland, a native of Ahoskie, attended Duke University, then lived in Greenville, where she met and married 
Louis Lea Holland in 1939.  They moved to Hamlet in 1940 where they owned Birmingham Drug Company until his death
in 1976.  She returned to Greenville in 1981 and lived the last four years at Cypress Glenn Retirement Community.  
She was an active member of St. James United Methodist Church and a former member of the first United Methodist 
Church of Hamlet.

In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by her grandson, Trevor Holland Smith in 1995.  She is survived 
by a son David Louis Holland and his wife Anna of Wilmington; a daughter Diana Holland Faust and her husband Doug 
of Harvest, Alabama; three grandchildren, Jana Holland Watkins and her husband Brian of Greenville, Louis Colbert 
Holland of Wilmington and Roy Smith of Ashburn, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.; two step-grandchildren, Susan 
Mailey and her husband Ted of Hudson, Ohio and Tricia Woods and her husband Kevin of Wilson, and four step-great-

The family will receive friends at Wilkerson Funeral Home today from 6 to 8 p.m.
(Submitted by   Diana Holland Faust)

Louis Lea Holland
Final rites for Louis Lea Holland of Hamlet were held at 11 a.m. today from the First United Methodist 
Church of Hamlet. Officiating at the services was his pastor, the Rev. T. M. Faggart. Interment followed
at Richmond Memorial Park. Members of the Richmond County Pharmaceutical Association and other pharmacist
friends served as honorary pallbearers.

Mr. Holland, who made his home at 603 Madison Avenue, died Thursday at the Wilmington Medical Center at 
Wilmington, Delaware. He and his wife, the former Iris Bellamy, were visiting relatives in Delaware when 
he became ill.

A native of Virginia, Mr. Holland was born February 17, 1912. He attended the University of North Carolina 
and completed requirements for the Pharmaceutical Board in 1942.

Mr. Holland moved to Hamlet in 1940 where he worked as a pharmacist until his retirement in 1967. He first 
became a partner in Birmingham Drug Co., later taking over ownership and management of the business. He was 
a member of the N. C. Pharmaceutical Association and active in affairs of the First United Methodist Church 
of Hamlet. In addition, Mr. Holland was a charter member of the Hamlet Lions Club, a member of the Sandhill
Shrine Club, Hamlet Masonic Lodge No. 532 AF & AM, and of the Scottish Rites and Oasis Shrine Temple of 

Surviving, in addition to his wife, are two children, Mrs. Roy (Diana) Smith of Newark, Del., and David 
Louis Holland of Greenville, N. C.; four grandchildren. Also a half-brother, Sidney Holland of Birmingham, 
Ala.; and two half-sisters, Mrs. Jane H. Nunn of Smithfield and Mrs. Peggy H. Gibson of Concord. 

The family suggests that memorials may be made to the Shriners' Crippled Children's Hospital at 
Greenville, S. C. Arrangements for the funeral services were handled by Wilson-Harrington Funeral Home.
(Submitted by   Diana Holland Faust)

Elizabeth Carol Hornaday
Hornaday Child Died Wednesday Friday 21 January 1969

Elizabeth Carol Hornaday, nine-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. (Pete) Hornaday of 3122 Northampton 
Dr., Charlotte, died late Wednesday afternoon.  She was born April 11, 1968.  

The mother is the former Audrey Thompson, daughter of Mrs. Herndon Thompson and the late Dr. Thompson of Hamlet.
The father also is a Hamlet native.

Graveside services were conducted this morning in Sharon Memorial Park at Charlotte. 

Surviving are the parents; a brother, John Hornaday of the home; and the maternal grandmother.

C. L. (Charlie) Smith
C. L. Smith died 18 February 1969

C. L. (Charlie) Smith of Walnut Lane, Hamlet, died Tuesday night at 11 o'clock at his home.

Funeral services will be conducted Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock from the Wilson-Harrington Chapel.  Other 
details were not available.

Mrs. Smith (Irene) is at the home of Mrs. A. R. Cowan at 400 Wilson Avenue. 
(Submitted by   Diana Holland Faust)

Sarah Tunstall Bailey Gibson

The Laurinburg Exchange, March 16 , 1966, Pg. 1 A one car accident in Anson County, Monday, claimed 
the life of 81-year old Sarah Tunstall Bailey Gibson of Bridgeman Circle, Laurinburg.  Mrs. Gibson, 
a retired textile worker was killed instantly when the vehicle in which she was a passenger went out 
of control and over-turned on a rural road near Wadesboro.  Mrs. Gibson was thrown through the rear 
glass of the vehicle which was driven by Jimmy Ray Britt, 18, of Lilesville.  State Highway Patrolman 
A. W. Whitlock reported that another passenger, Kathy Brigman, 63, of Lilesville was injured and received 
treatment at a Wadesboro Hospital.  The officer said the youth, who had had his driver's license only 
nine months, apparently was driving at a high rate of speed.  Whitlock explained that Britt lost control 
on a curve and the Corvair skidded 223 ft. down the pavement, ran into the left shoulder, traveled 51 feet 
on the shoulder.  As the car came back onto the pavement, the patrolman said the left rear wheel came off, 
the car skidded another 30 feet and flipped upside down.  The vehicle then skidded 35 feet across the 
highway on it's top and 67 feet down the shoulder, he continued.  Young Britt faces charges of involuntary 
manslaughter and driving too fast for conditions.  
Funeral services for Mrs. Gibson will be conducted Thursday at 3:00 p.m. at the East Laurinburg Church 
of God by the Rev. R. P. Fields.  Burial will be in Hillside Cemetery.  Mrs. Gibson is the widow of 
Noah Gibson, She was born Aug 24, 1884 in Richmond County and was the daughter of the late William James 
and and Margaret Helen Perminter Tunstall. She is servived by three sons, Louis Brigman of Lilesville , 
Bernice Bailey of Laurinburg, and Franklin Bailey of El Paso, Tex. , and 15 grandchildren. Another 
son Jess Bailey died here on Feb. 1. (Submitted February 11, 2004 by Dennis Shelley)

*    Mrs. Charlotte J. Pemberton was born on the 31st day of March 1815 and 
departed this life in Richmond County, North Carolina, on the 28th day of November 1849...joined 
the M.E. Church in the year 1837...left an affectionate husband and three children.
December 11, 1859 issue North Carolina Argus 

*    Died in Richmond county, on the 14th instant, Tyrrell Baldwin. 
January 24, 1852 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Col. Martin J. Pickett, second son of the late Col. Joseph Pickett, 
of this county, is no more. He expired in this village on Tuesday morning, the 24th inst., in the 26th 
year of his age...left wife and four small children. August 28, 1852 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died in Richmond county, on the afternoon of the 18th inst., Martha Adelle, daughter of Dr. Wilie 
and Carolina SMITH, aged 15 months and 25 days. August 28, 1852 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died near Rockingham, Richmond Co., on the 20th ult., Mr. William A. Terry, in the 25th year 
of his age. February 10, 1859 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died on the 14th inst., in Richmond county, Mrs. Sarah Campbell, a native of Argyleshire, Scotland, 
and relict of Mr. Hugh Campbell, aged about 90 years. March 24, 1859 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Walter R. Leak was born in Rockingham, N.C., Jan. 15th 1811, and died near Little Rock, Arkansas, 
May 3, 1859, aged 48 years 3 months and 19 days. June 16, 1859 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died in Richmond county, on the 4th inst., Lillie, the infant daughter of O.H. and M.J. Dockery, aged 
11 months and 2 days. August 18, 1859 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died in Richmond county, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Polly Freeman, consort of Wm. Freeman, and 
daughter of Samuel Cope, late of Alabama, aged 55 years 3 months and 17 days. 
September 1, 1859 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died in Richmond co., N.C., on the 7th of Jan., 1860, Mrs. Sarah Crouch, wife of 
Samuel Crouch, Sr., in the 72d year of her age...baptized into the fellowship of the Baptist Church by 
Elder Daniel Gould. She raised a family of twelve children. January 26, 1860 issue North Carolina Argus 

*    In Richmond county, N.C. on the 6th inst., Katie Adelle, daughter of Dr. W. M. Richardson, 
aged nearly 18 months. February 16, 1860 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died in Richmond county, N.C., February 18th, Mrs. Martha Jane Dockery, wife of Oliver H. Dockery. 
She was born August 12th, 1828, attached herself to the M.C. Church, South, at Zion, in October 1845. The 
next two winters were spent in Charleston, S.C. S.D. Adams. March 22, 1860 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died in Telfair county, Ga., Mrs. Margaret Campbell, wife of Daniel Campbell. She was born in 
Richmond county, N.C., January 26, 1796, and died Feb. 2, 1860. April 12, 1860 issue North Carolina Argus

*    Died at his residence in Richmond county, on the 18th inst., in the 56th year of his age, 
Pleasant M. Powell, Esq., a well known and respected citizen of Richmond, and a member of the Council 
of the State of N.C. August 30, 1860 issue North Carolina Argus

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