Obituary of Eli Gibson - 1907
Contributed by George Kemp, Jr.   August 17, 2005
From the Pee Dee Advocate, March 30, 1907, p 3
Death of Eli Gibson 

This "Father in Israel", venerable and highly respected citizen, after a lingering illness, passed 
away Wednesday morning, March 27, 1907 at 9 o'clock. He was born July 18, 1825 and has continuously 
and uninterruptedly, (except his services in the Civil War) resided at the old homestead where his 
father settled more than one hundred years ago, and reared a large family. Eli Gibson was a son of 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth Gibson, he being the youngest child of a very large family. Eli was brother 
of James M, Noah, William, Nelson, and Ann, the wife of John S Fletcher, she being the only member 
of the family now living. These with several brothers and sisters, all of whom have long since died. 
Eli married Lizzie Davis and raised 14 children. He was a great sufferer from rheumatism. When his 
country called, he entered the Confederate service and did his full duty as a soldier. For a time he 
served as commissioner of Richmond county, NC, before Scotland county was formed. He was a consistent 
member of the old St John's Methodist church and frequently remarked to the writer that he was only 
waiting to be called up higher. He loved the church, the brethren and the ministry, his home always 
has been the home of the preacher. He lived and died with the full assurance of a blessed inheritance 
in the great beyond.

Eli Gibson was no ordinary man, he took a lively interest in the affairs of state, and being a constant 
reader, was at all times fully and correctly posted on all topics. For more than a century the Gibson 
homestead has been in the Gibson family, and Eli never bought a bushel of corn or pound of meat during 
his long life. Eli Gibson was regarded as the old landmark in that section and no one ever doubted his 
religion. Such men, with such lives and professions do more good for the church and the religion of the 
Lord Jesus Christ than all the pulpit sermons of a generation. 

The writer went to see him on the Sunday before he died on Wednesday morning and the good old man placed 
his hand on my head and said that he was so glad that I had come to see him and the pressure of that 
godly hand will be felt throughout all time. 

The body lay in state in the family parlor, where hundreds viewed the cheerful face of their friend and 
loved one. The funeral services were conducted at the residence by Rev FB McCall, his former pastor 
and Rev PB Ingraham of the Brightsville charge. The 16th verse of the 91 Psalm was selected and his 
favorite hymn, number 516 in the Methodist hymnbook was sung. The funeral services were most appropriate, 
both ministers held up his many virtues as being worthy of emulation. Simeon Gibson; his nephew had charge 
of the undertaking department, while the following gentlemen, all nephews acted as active pallbearers, 
WH Gibson, HD Gibson, JK Fletcher, AM Fletcher, Raiford Gibson, WN Gibson, WD Gibson and RDGibson.

The following old gentlemen of the community acted as honorary pall bearers: Wm Norton, Geo T Pate, 
Eli English, DD Wright, MD Smith and DZ Harden.
The body was laid to rest at the place selected by him long years ago. Thus pass away these good old 
characters. Peace to his ashes.

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