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Raleigh Christian Advocate June 23, 1880

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Died at her home in Moore county, onthe 7th of June, 1880, Mrs. Caroline M. Moffitt, wife of Mr. Eli N. Moffitt, in 
the sixty-third year of her age. Mrs. Moffitt had been a member of the Methodist Church for a number of years, and an 
ornament in the community in which she lived. She was a devoted and affectionate wife and mother, a kind and hospitable 
neighbor, a true and sympathizing friend. She had long been afflicted and suffered intensely, but bore it all with true 
Christian fortitude and submission.

Every means was used for her recovery that science or love could suggest, but the divine flat had gone forth, and the 
good Lord took her to himself. She passed away calmly and quietly as an infant hushed to sleep on its mother's bosom.

Life's contest is over, her work is done, she rest in peace, and sweet is the fragrance of her beautiful life, embalmed 
in the memory of the living. How empty and desolate her home is without her loved presence!

There are stricken hearts in that home, may they realize a divine communion to cheer and sustain in this dark hour. She 
told her only daughter, a few days before her death, that when she died she would take her little grand-daughter, only 
three months and twenty-none days old, with her to heaven. The little cherub, as pure as innocence, when two hours in 
advance, to make the acquaintance of Jesus and the angels and be ready to meet and introduce her grand-ma on her arrival.
J. A. C. Raleigh Christian Advocate

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