Miss Lucy Fowlkes Ussery - 1879-1961
Contributed by John Ussery   July 15, 2006

"Miss Lucy Fowlkes Ussery, nearly 82, died in Memorial Hospital Friday night.  She suffered a 
fall, probably from a partial stroke, at her home a mile northwest of Rockingham, on June 22, 1961, 
and was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. She was returned to the hospital July 25th but had grown 
steadily weaker.
    Burial is in Eastside cemetery, in the plot where is buried her brother Ben C. Ussery who died 
April 9, 1951.  The funeral was held yesterday at 4 p.m. at the Watson-King Chapel. Miss Lucy Fowlkes 
Ussery was born December 8, 1879, daughter of John Calvin and Catherine Covington Ussery. Catherine was 
the daughter of John C. (known as "Big John") and Margaret Thomas Covington.  Miss Lucy's grandparents 
were William D. and Sarah Everett Ussery who had a house within a few feet to the rear of the present 
Kay's store where he manufactured coffins (or caskets as they are now known). He bought part of lot #28 
where Kay's store is on April 15, 1854, for $150 - 37 X 69 (and July 15, 1944, Mrs. Kay Whittemore bought 
54 X 137 for $10,000).  
   There were ten children born to John and Catherine Ussery, and only one is now living. He is William 
Thomas Ussery living in Laurinburg, and he born August 16, 1884. Living with Miss Lucy near Five Points 
for the past several years is her sister-in-law, widow of Ben C. and she the former Pearl Huggins. 
Miss Lucy was a most lovable lady, and many relatives and friends regret now her death"

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