The News and Observer, (Raleigh, NC) Thursday, August 03, 1899; Issue 124; Col B

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Church at Rockingham Overflowed with Relatives and Friends

Many Old Comrades Who Had Worn the Gray Were Present. People Came From Near and Far

Rockingham, NC. August 2 (Special)
	The remains of Col. H. C. Wall, accompanied by his devoted daughter, son and other relatives, together 
with a number of friends from here who met the remains at Lenoir, reached here from Blowing Rock last night 
at 11 o'clock, and lay at his home guarded by devoted neighbors until this morning. There was a great outpouring 
of this sorrowing community at the depot to meet the remains.
	The funeral services, conducted by the Rev. M. Shamberger, Rev. Dr. Moore, and Rev. J.H. Page, were appropriate 
and impressive; the large church would not nearly hold the great crowd of affectionate relatives, old comrades in 
the Confederate army, devoted employees, admiring friends and old family slaves who were in attendance. They came 
from all parts of the country, and the adjoining county of Anson until the attendance was immense.
	The Anson county Camp of Confederate Veterans sent a large number of those brave men with whom the deceased faced 
death for the Confederate cause in command of the heroic old Confederate captain, Frank Bennett, the Anson soldiers 
supplemented by a large number of Richmond county Camp in command of Capt. W.H. McLawrence, as gallant a soldier as 
survived the war, followed the remains of their brave comrade to the church and then to the grave where they were interred.
	Hon. G. B. Patterson, and J. A. Leak, of Anson, of a legislative committee appointed by Speaker Connor, attended 
the funeral. Residents of the county, residing elsewhere now, attended the funeral. The pall bearers were: Capt. W. I Everett, 
Capt. John Little, Capt. Alexander Cole, J. C. Marshall, W. T. Covington, John S. Ledbetter and R. A. Johnson and 
William Entwistle. The deceased's old comrade Major William A. Smith, of General London's staff, attended the funeral in 
a major's uniform of the Confederate army.

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