Fayetteville Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) Wednesday, October 08, 1845   Ocrober 17, 2008

At the residence in Richmond County, on the 19th ult., Col Stephen Wall, in the 54th year 
of his age, of a severe and protracted attack of the Typhus Fever, which he bore with a calm 
resignation in the will of God, and a singular fortitude that had characterized him through life.

With remarkable energy of character; active, prompt and firm; with indomitable perseverance commanding 
and prepossessing in his person, strong and discriminating in judgment; cautious and abundantly 
discreet he had within a few years acquired a large estate. Courteous and conciliatory in his intercourse with society; 
generous, humane and hospitable in disposition to the distressed always a friend; to the poor ever kind and 
attentive, he had acquired an influence with his neighbors which it is the lot of but few men to 
possess, and to hold upon their affections that any might envy.

In the death of his extraordinary man in the prime and vigor of manhood, his servants lose a 
provident and humane master, his neighbors a generous benefactor; his relatives a friend and 
counselor, and his country a man capable of rendering her the highest service.

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