Hyde Co., NC 1860 Federal Census
(Slave Schedule included)

This census was abstracted from microfilm #M653; Roll #902 obtained from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. No attempt was made to correct mistakes in the spelling of the names thus you should look for all conceivable variations of the surnames.

The census of 1860 varied only slightly from that of 1850, although its census day was still 1 June.  The columns used were as follows:

Dwelling - houses; numbered in the order of visitation Families numbered in the order of visitation The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1860, was this abode. Description Profession, Occupation or Trade of each person, male and female, over 15 years of age. Value of Estate Owned Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory or Country. Married within the year. Attended school within the year. Persons over 20 years of age who cannot read or write. Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
Age Sex Color (white, black or mulatto) Value of Real Estate. Value of Personal Estate.

The 1860 census was the first to ask those being queried to reveal the value of their personal estates. As enumerations of districts were completed, enumerators were instructed to make two copies: one to be filed with the clerk of the county court, one to be sent to the secretary of the state or territory, and the third to be sent to the Census Office for tabulation.

The birthplaces of individuals were to be specific as to the state or territory in the United States and the country of birth if foreign born. For example, designations of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales and the German states of Prussia, Baden, Bavaria, Württemberg, and Hesse-Darmstadt were preferred to Great Britain and Germany.

Research strategies remain the same as those for the 1850 census because information included in the 1850 and 1860 schedules is essentially the same, except for the addition of the question concerning personal estates. While the added column may be a general indicator of a person’s assets, it is doubtful that individuals were likely to disclose true figures for fear of being taxed accordingly.

The enumerator for Hyde's 1860 census was William J. Smith and, in my estimation, did a VERY poor job of taking it.  Oftentimes he left the heading completely blank then at other times he inserted the name of a town or township that was incorrect.  We know from checking the 1850 & 1870 census records that numerous families were completely overlooked.  He also had small children listed as farmers or merchants worth thousands of dollars in real estate and personal property and made generous use of initials instead of given names and in most cases never crossed his "t's" or "f's".  In the case of surnames ending with double L's (such as Bell and Hall) the last "l" looked like an "e" so the names looked like BELE and HALE.  He hardly ever marked whether a person could read or write, attended school or were married during the census year nor did he mark whether a person was white, black or mulatto with the exception of a few places.  Occasionally you will see the letters "FB", "FM", and "F" in the race column.  I assume that these letters stand for "free black", "free mulatto" and "free".  We did not attempt to make any corrections to this census but when initials were used we inserted given names in brackets when we knew what they were.  We felt that this census was important to have online even with all the errors in it so RESEARCHER BEWARE when you use it.

Below are tables with links to each page in the census.  We developed a small index (not full name) for the census pages and a full name index for the slave schedule. Just look on the index, find the surname you are interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page.  On the slave schedule index just click on the name and it will take you to the page where they are listed. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.

Links to Census Pages

65A 65B 66A 66B 67A 67B 68A 68B 69A 69B
70A blank blank blank 72A 72B 73A 73B blank blank
75A 75B 76A blank 77A blank blank blank 79A 79B
80A 80B 81A 81B 82A 82B 83A 83B 84A 84B
85A 85B 86A 86B 87A 87B 88A 88B 89A 89B
90A 90B 91A 91B 92A 92B 93A 93B 94A 94B
95A 95B 96A 96B 97A 97B 98A 98B 99A 99B
100A 100B 101A 101B 102A 102B 103A 103B 104A 104B
105A 105B 106A 106B 107A 107B 108A 108B 109A 109B
110A 110B 111A 111B 112A 112B 113A 113B 114A 114B
blank blank 116A 116B 117A 117B 118A 118B 119A 119B
120A 120B 121A 121B 122A 122B 123A 123B 124A 124B
125A 125B 126A 126B 127A 127B 128A 128B 129A 129B
130A 130B 131A 131B 132A 132B blank blank 134A blank
135A 135B 136A 136B . . . . . .

Surname Index


Abel - 91b
Adams - 73b
Adkins - 75a
Allen - 79a, 80a
Armstrong - 119b, 123a
Ashby - 135b, 136a
Austin - 81b, 97a, 101a, 102b, 104b, 105b, 106a, 106b, 109a, 109b, 110a, 111a


Bailey/Baily - 97a, 98a
Balance/Ballance - 69a, 69b, 90b, 92a, 93b, 97b, 98b, 99b, 102b, 106a, 109b, 128a
Bantain - 84a
Bantine - 84a
Banton - 84a
Barber - 85a, 86a, 119b, 127b
Barnes/Barns - 92a, 101a, 102a, 105a

Barnet/Barnett - 81b, 107b, 112a, 113a, 113b, 130a
Barrow - 85a, 127b, 130b, 132a, 134a
Basnight - 107a, 107b

Bateman - 66b
Baum - 86a, 86b
Becks? - 84a
Beckwith - 130a

Bel - 103b

Bell - 70a, 75a, 79a, 91b, 92a, 93b, 127a, 128a, 129a, 131a, 131b, 136b
Bennet - 109b
Benson - 124b

Berry - 65b, 66a, 75a, 75b, 83a, 84a, 84b, 87a, 87b, 88a, 94a
Best - 103b, 116b, 117b
Bishop - 119b, 136b

Blackwell - 69a, 96a
Blake - 80a, 80b, 89b, 116a, 126a
Blivins - 130a

Boman - 65b
Bomer - 92a, 123a, 124b
Bonner - 72b, 83b
Booman - 65b
Boomer - 65b, 66a, 66b, 92a, 92b, 123a, 129a
Boyd - 132b

Bracken - 102b

Braddoc - 85a, 85b, 95a
Brady - 107a, 107b, 108b, 135a, 136a

Brag - 97a, 100a, 106b

Bridgman - 79a, 90a, 90b, 91a, 92b, 94a, 94b, 121b, 125a, 128a, 132a
Bridmin? - 125a

Brigs - 75a, 75b, 86b
Brin - 68a, 76a, 81a, 83a, 85a, 91b
Brinson - 112b

Brooks - 65a, 68a, 69a, 69b
Brown - 126a

Buffaloe - 69b
Burgess/Bergess - 120b, 121a, 127a
Burrus - 69a, 80a, 89b, 96b, 102b, 106b, 109a


Caffee/Coffe/Coffee - 67b, 81b, 123a
Cahoun - 67a, 68a, 69a, 79a, 81a, 88b, 91b, 119b, 121a, 126a
Campbell - 132a
Carrow - 132a
Carrowan/Carrawon - 73a, 75a, 75b, 77a, 92a, 123a, 124b, 126a, 132a
Carter - 79a, 96a, 127b, 129b
Cartright - 95a, 122b
Casy - 102a, 103a, 104a, 110b, 113b, 130a
Chance - 85a, 85b
Chester - 93b, 94a
Clark - 73a, 73b, 108a, 108b, 112a
Claton - 96a
Colins/Collins - 67a, 82a, 84a, 85b, 121a, 122b
Cordon - 127b
Covel/Covil - 122b, 132a, 135b, 136a, 136b
Cox - 67a, 121a, 131a
Credle - 72b, 89b, 90a, 91a, 91b, 93b, 121b, 126b, 127a, 132b, 134a, 136a
Creed - 109b
Culiford - 93a
Curtis - 97b
Cutrel/Cutril - 67a, 73a, 79b, 82b, 83a, 83b, 85a, 88b, 89b, 90a, 95a, 95b, 96a, 96b, 112b, 125a, 125b, 126a


Daily - 105b
Daniels - 79a, 79b, 80a, 80b, 82b, 84b, 86a, 108b, 126b
Davidson - 72b
Davis - 73a, 86b, 87b, 95b, 119a, 120a, 120b, 121a, 122b, 127b
Dillon - 122b
Dixon - 128b
Donnell - 75a, 123b
Douglas/Douglass - 65a, 68a, 118b, 119b
Dunbar - 127b, 132a, 136b


Easter - 90a
Eastwood - 73a, 77a
Edwards - 110b, 125a
Elles? - 131a

Emory - 75b, 76a, 123b
English - 93b, 94b

Ensly - 67a, 90b, 94b, 131a
Equils - 119b, 120b


Farow/Farrow - 93a, 93b, 102a, 105a, 107a, 108b, 110b, 111b, 112a, 113a, 113b, 125a
Fisher - 73a, 75a
Fletcher - 80a
Flowers - 94a, 94b
Fodray - 129b
Fortiscue - 119b, 122a, 122b, 129b, 131a
Foster - 107b, 108a, 112a, 112b
Frances - 86a, 118a

Francis - 65a, 68b
Fulcher - 98a, 98b, 106b, 108a, 111b, 112b
Fulford - 73a, 73b
Fuller - 67b, 84b


Garesh/Garish - 98b
Garret - 97b
Gaskill - 91a, 91b, 99a, 99b, 100b, 106a, 109b
Gaskins - 65b, 66b, 73a, 97b, 98a, 98b, 99a, 100b, 105b, 106a, 106b, 109b, 114a, 114b
Galard/Gaylord - 119a, 136b
Gerdner - 73a
Gherkin - 94a
Gibbs/Gibs - 65a, 65b, 66a, 66b, 67a, 67b, 68a, 69a, 70a, 72a, 77a, 81a, 81b, 83a, 84a, 84b, 87b, 88a, 89b, 93a, 94a, 95b, 96a, 96b, 121b, 122a, 124a, 124b, 126a, 127b, 130a
Golette - 70a
Good - 128a
Goodmin - 90b
Gowan - 72a
Gowers - 120a
Gray - 68a, 101b, 102a, 103a, 103b, 104b, 105a, 106a, 114b, 116a, 118a, 118b, 126a
Green - 128a
Guthrie/Guthry - 93b, 134a


Hall - 72b, 75b, 79b, 80a, 81a, 84b, 124b
Hamelton/Hamilton - 77a, 116b, 129a
Harris/Haris - 75a, 76a, 81b, 82b, 83b, 84a, 86a, 87b, 90a, 91a, 93a, 93b, 94b, 96a, 96b, 121b, 122a, 125b, 126a, 134a, 136a, 136b
Harry - 97b
Hawkins - 88b
Hays - 121b

Hellen - 72b
Henderson - 81b, 82b, 126b
Henry - 108a, 136b
Higson - 91b, 96a
Hill - 85a, 85b
Hodges - 76a, 91b, 92a, 92b, 122b, 123a, 128b
Hollowell - 131a
Hooper - 103a, 103b, 104b, 114b, 116b, 117b, 118a
Hope - 110b
Hopkins - 72a, 85b, 87a, 96b, 124a, 130a
Hoten - 129b
Howard - 91a, 92a, 97a, 97b, 98a, 100a, 123a, 126b, 127a, 130a
Hudson - 68a, 76a, 90a, 92a, 121a, 121b
Hyson - 79a


Ireland - 123b
Ives - 91a
Jackson - 97b, 98a, 99a, 114a
Jarvis - 81b, 86a, 89a, 90a, 90b, 92a, 93a, 94a, 120a, 122a, 126a, 131a, 136a, 136b
Jennet/Jenet/Jennett - 69b, 73a, 90a, 107a, 108a, 108b, 111b, 113a, 122b, 131b, 136b
Jester - 94b
Johnson - 111b

Jones - 65b, 66b, 73a, 75a, 123a, 123b, 129a, 129b, 136b
Jordan - 95a, 125b, 131a


Kincy - 112a
King - 86b, 127b


Latham - 125a
Leath - 122a
Lee - 130b, 134a
Lewis - 93b, 107a, 112a
Linton - 68a, 72b, 73b, 89a
Litchfield - 73a, 77a
Liverman - 87a
Long - 70a, 120b
Longtom - 67a, 82a
Lucas - 73b
Lupton - 68b, 128a, 128b

Mc - M

McGowan - 65a, 92a, 92b, 123a, 126a, 128b
McKey - 81a
McKinny - 81a, 82a, 83a, 95a, 96a
Macky/Makey - 68a, 81b, 82a, 85b, 127b, 131b, 132a
Mahew - 75a
Mann - 65b, 70a, 79a, 79b, 80a, 130b, 134a
Manning - 119a, 119b
Marshal - 87a
Mason - 66a, 81a, 89a, 92a, 94b, 127a, 128b, 131b
May - 80a, 96b, 136a
Meachum/Mechum - 103a
Meekins/Mekins - 82b, 88a, 88b, 101b, 104a, 106a, 118b, 123a, 129a
Midyett - 65a, 66a, 66b, 67a, 68b, 72b, 84b, 87a, 88a, 93a, 95a, 96b, 101b, 102b, 103a, 107a, 108a, 108b, 110a, 110b, 111a, 114b, 116a, 116b, 117a, 117b, 118a, 118b, 119b, 132a
Miller - 102b, 103a, 111a
Mills - 122a
Mooney - 82b
Moore/More - 97b, 121a
Morgan - 101a, 102a
Moris/Morris - 68a, 85b, 95b, 119a, 131b, 132a
Moss - 126a
Murphy - 107a, 107b
Murry/Mury - 73a, 75b, 79a, 86a, 96b


Neal - 84b, 88b, 95a, 98b, 101a, 117b, 119b
Newton - 126a
Nixon - 86b, 87a, 88b
Northern - 121b


Oden - 110a, 110b
Oneal - 65b, 67a, 68a, 72a, 72b, 73a, 73b, 77a, 93b, 99a, 99b, 100b, 101a, 101b, 103a, 105b, 106b, 108b, 110a, 111a, 111b, 113a, 113b, 114a, 114b, 116a, 116b, 127a, 132a, 136a
Osten - 97a
Outlaw - 104b
Owens - 121b, 122a


Paine/Pane/Payne - 68a, 72a, 72b, 116a, 116b, 117a, 117b, 118a
Patrick - 123a, 135b
Pedrick - 90a
Peel - 101a, 106b, 111a
Pegram - 135b
Piner - 112a, 132b

Pledger - 86b, 90b, 95b
Powers - 121a
Price - 101a, 102a, 103b, 104a, 105a

Pugh - 68a, 72a, 72b, 88a, 107b, 116a, 116b, 118a, 118b
Quidley/Quidly - 87b, 101b, 102a, 109a, 110a, 111a, 112b



Radcliff/Ratcliff - 120a, 120b, 121b
Rasco - 84b, 121a
Read/Reed - 131b, 132a
Rew - 96a, 127a, 131a, 135a, 136a
Rice - 104a
Richards - 120a, 121a

Richason - 92b
Ricks? - 84a
Ritch - 67b
Roberts - 88b, 110b
Robeson - 79b
Robinson - 66a
Rodgers - 128a
Rolins - 84a, 88a
Rolinson/Rolison - 102b, 105a, 107a, 108a, 110a, 111a, 111b, 112b, 121b

Roper - 65a, 87a, 124a
Rose - 68a, 68b, 84a, 86b, 87a, 87b, 88a, 88b, 89a, 92a, 92b, 124a, 125b, 126a, 135a
Rowton - 68a
Russ - 119a, 120b
Russell - 122a
Ryan - 91b, 119a


Sadler - 66b, 68a, 70a, 77a, 80a, 82b, 84a, 86a, 89a, 90b, 96a, 96b, 123b, 125a, 128a, 130b, 132b, 134a, 136b
Salter - 107b, 112b
Satterthwaite - 72a, 119a, 120b
Saunders - 81a
Saunderson - 70a, 81a, 87a, 95b
Sawyer - 65b, 79b, 80b, 85b, 89a, 89b, 94a, 95b, 96a, 122b, 123b, 125a, 125b, 126b, 128a, 131a, 135b, 136a
Scarborough/Scarboro, etc. - 97b, 98a, 101a, 101b, 102a, 102b, 103b, 104a, 104b, 106a, 109a, 112b
Sears - 129a, 136a

Selby - 67a, 70a, 73a, 87a, 88a, 88b, 122a
Sermans - 69b
Sewels - 72b
Shanklin - 124a
Silverthorn - 90a, 120a, 127a, 129a
Simmons - 67b, 69b, 96b, 125b, 126a
Simons - 69b, 72b
Simpson/Simson - 99a, 99b, 106b
Slade - 122b, 132b, 135b, 136a, 136b
Smith - 68b, 79a, 79b, 80b, 81a, 82a, 92b, 96b, 110b, 119a, 120a, 122a, 126b, 129a, 132b, 135a, 135b, 136a
Snell - 129b
Sparrow - 65b, 83b
Spence - 135b
Spencer - 67b, 69a, 80a, 82a, 82b, 83b, 87b, 88a, 92a, 92b, 99b, 100a, 123b, 124a, 130a, 131b, 132b, 135a, 135b
Stoteburry - 76a
Stotesbury - 76a, 123b, 126b, 132b
Stow - 86a, 96b, 105b, 109a, 110a, 111a, 111b, 116a, 118a

Styron - 79b, 85b, 99a, 105b, 106a, 110b, 111a, 125b, 132b

Swindell - 65a, 65b, 66a, 67b, 68b, 73a, 76a, 81a, 82b, 83a, 84b, 86a, 87a, 92a, 92b, 93b, 95b, 121b, 124a, 124b, 125a, 125b, 126b, 129a, 131a, 132a, 132b


Tailor - 68a
Tart - 65a, 67a
Taylor - 90b
Thomas - 117b, 125a
Thompson - 69b
Tison/Tyson - 126a, 127a
Tolan - 100a
Toland - 122a, 122b
Toleson - 99b, 100b, 112a
Tooly - 91b, 121a, 121b, 122a, 129b, 131a, 135b, 136b
Topping - 92b
Tunnel - 72b
Turel/Turrel/Turrl - 79a


Vernelson - 90b
Voliva - 70a, 79b, 80a, 125a


Wade - 109a
Wahab - 98a, 111a, 135a
Ward - 79b, 96a
Warner - 129b
Watson - 65b, 66a, 66b, 67a, 67b, 69b, 72b, 73a, 73b, 75a, 82b, 96a, 121b, 123a
Wellington - 118b
Weston - 66a, 75b, 77a, 124b
Whedbe/Whedbee/Whidbee - 102b, 107b, 108a, 112a, 112b
Whitby - 135b
White - 83b, 130a
Wiggins - 67b
Wilkinson - 119b, 122b
Williams - 66a, 66b, 79b, 81a, 83a, 83b, 86b, 87a, 88a, 90b, 93b, 94b, 97a, 97b, 98a, 98b, 99b, 100a, 100b, 101b, 102a, 103a, 103b, 104a, 104b, 107b, 108a, 108b, 109b, 113a, 113b, 114a, 124b, 125a, 125b, 132b
Williamson - 75b, 77a, 89a, 124b
Willis - 109b, 110b
Wilson - 107a
Windley - 92a
Winfield - 91b, 119b, 120b, 135b
Wood - 103a
Young - 69a, 69b

Full Name Index of Slave Schedule
(click on name to go to page)
A - G H - P Q - Z
Adams, James
Ballance, Caleb
Ballance, Wm. D.
Bateman, John
Baum, Abram
Baum, Abram
Baum, Thos.
Beckwith, N.
Bell, D.M.
Bell, J.E.
Bell, Joanna
Bell, T.M.
Benson, Reuben
Best, E.
Blackwell, E.L.
Bomer, W.H.
Boomer, James
Boomer, Jas. M.
Boomer, Saml. G.
Brag, Thos.
Brooks, Arcada
Brooks, Saml.
Buffalo, Wm. H.
Burgess, Daniel L.
Burgess, F.M.
Burrus, Allen
Burrus, John
Burrus, R.M.
Burrus, Thos.
Cahoun, Benj.
Carter, Alx.
Carter, D.M.
Carter, David
Carter, S.D.
Carter, Wm.
Cox, Jos. F.
Cox, Wm. J.
Cox, Wm. S.
Credle, Danl. G.
Credle, Elisha
Credle, Geor.
Credle, Geo. V.
Credle, John
Credle, Mattheas
Credle, T.F.
Credle, Thos, F.
Credle, Tilson
Credle, Tilson G.
Credle, Wilson
Cudler, Henry
Credle, Wm. M.
Davis, David
Davis, Saml.
Davis, T.M.
Davis, Wm.? B.
Davis, Wm. W.
Dillon, D.A.
Donell, John R.
Douglas, Saml. T.
Dunbar, Benj.
Dunbar, Thos.
Ensly, B.A.
Farrow, Abram
Farrow, Eleanor
Farrow, Isaac L.
Farrow, Tilman
Fisher, J.R.
Fisher, S.M.
Fortiscue, E.A.
Fortiscue, J.E.
Fortiscue, L.P.
Fortiscue, W.H.
Fulcher, Benj.
Fulford, Benj. B.
Fulford, Jno. J.
Gaskill, Ira
Gaskill, J.
Gaskins, B. or R.
Gaskins, E.H.
Gaskins, Sarah T.
Gibbs, Benj. F.
Gibbs, Carney
Gibbs, D.S.
Gibbs, Durant
Gibbs, Eliz.
Gibbs, Geo. B.
Gibbs, H.S.
Gibbs, Henry
Gibbs, Hilliard
Gibbs, Ivy
Gibbs, J.M.
Gibbs, Jas.? B.
Gibbs, Mary
Gibbs, Oliver
Gibbs, Peleg S.
Gibbs, Sarah
Gibbs, Seth
Gibbs, Spencer
Gibbs, Thos.
Gibbs, Thos.
Gibbs, Thos. L.
Gibbs, W.S. or M.S.
Gibbs, Zech'r.
Golette, Thos. G.
Gray, Lucy
Gray, Oliver

Harris, M.T.
Harris, Wm.
Hays, James
Hodges, Geo. W.
Hooper, Silas
Hoten, J.T.
Howard, Ann
Howard, C.
Ives, John F.
Jarvis?, H.
Jarvis, L.
Jarvis, John W.
Jarvis, S.
Jarvis?, W.
Jennet, Henry
Jennet, J.S.
Jennet, Jesse
Jennet, Saml.
Jennett, J.
Jennett, Wm.
Jones, A.H.
Jones, E.J.
Leith, James J.
Long, Sandf. W.
Lucas, Henry
Lucas, J.D.
Lupton, Chris't.
Mann, E.L.
Mann, John
Mann, Joseph
Mann, Saml.
Mann, Thos.
Midyett, Benj.
Midyett, Benj.
Midyett, Bethany
Midyett, Jacob
Midyett, John
Midyett, L.S.
Midyett, Thos. G.
Midyett, Wm. D.
Midyett, Wm. P.
More, Nancy T.
Murry, Danl.
Murry, David
Murry, Riley
Murry, W.D.
Neal, Danl.
Northan, S.
Oneal, C.
Oneal, E.
Oneal, J.
Oneal, Major
Oneal, Oliver
Oneal, Oliver
Oneal, Thos.
Oneal, Wm.
Pledger, Jos.?
Pugh, D.H.
Pugh, Thos. P.

Roberts, Jas.?
Robinson, Jared
Roper, Benj.
Roper, F.S.
Rose, Jephthah
Rue, Eliz.
Russell, W.J.
Sadler, Benj.
Sadler, D.G.
Sadler, J.D.
Sadler, Noah
Sadler, Saml.
Sadler, Wm.
Saunderson, E.H.
Saunderson, L.
Selby, F.H.
Selby, Geo. A.
Selby, J.R.
Selby, M.
Shanklen, A.
Silverthorn, Jerdan
Simmons, A.
Simmons, D.D.
Simmons, Jas.
Simmons, P.H.
Slade, A.P.
Smaw, Jos. S.
Smith, John B.
Smith, M.
Smith, W.J.
Sowers, Benj.
Sparrow, Wm. T.
Spencer, C.G.
Spencer, Cason G.
Spencer, David
Spencer, F.H.
Spencer, James
Spencer, Peters P.
Spencer, Pleg. W.
Spencer, Sarah
Spencer, Saml.
Spencer, Selby
Spencer, W.J.
Spencer, Wm. W.
Stosburry, J.A.
Stow, Caleb
Styron, Rebeck
Suele?, H.L.
Swindell, A.B.
Swindell, Cornelius
Swindell, Geo.
Swindell, Geo. W.
Swindell, Leroy
Swindell, Marcus
Swindell, Sally
Swindell, Thos. D.
Swindell, Wade
Swindell, Wm.
Swindell, Wm.
Thompson, Wm. G.
Tooly, John
Tooly, John C.
Topping, Saml.
Tunnell, Hetty
Tunnel, J.C.
Wahab, J.H.
Wahab, Robert
Warner, J.H.
Watson, Benj.
Watson, Benj.
Watson, D.A.
Watson, H.
Watson, J.W.
Watson, Wm.
Weston, J.
, Wm.
White, L.D.
Williams, Dorcas
Williams, Lockart
, Malsy
Young, E.J.

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