Hyde Co., NC
1860 Federal Census

Page 134 A

Swan Quarter P.O.
June 16, 1860
Wm. J.
Smith, Asst. Marshal

House Family Name Age S R


Value of Real Estate Value of Personal Estate Birthplace Remarks
915 1 Mann, E. L.
[this family also listed on page 130b]
35 M   Farmer 25,000 18,000 NC  
    Mann, M. M. 33 F            
    Mann, Chas. 11 M            
    Barrow, Lewis 15 M            
    Barrow, H. M 21 F            
    Barrow, Caroline 19 F            
    Barrow, Laura 15 F            
    Lee, John 20 M            
916 1 Sadler, Rich'd.
[this family also listed on page 130b]
40 M         NC  
    Sadler, F. A.  28 F            
    Sadler, C. 2/12 M            
    Sadler, E. 2 M            
917 1 Credle, Tilman F. 37 M            
    Credle, Eliza 34 F            
    Credle, Mary J. 10 F            
    Credle, Zacheus 8 M            
    Credle, Onslow S. 6 M            
    Credle, Tilman 4 M            
    Credle, E. M. 6/12 F   Farmer 2000 11,000 NC  
    Harris, R. H. 17 M   Laborer        
    Guthrie, F. 17 M            
    Guthrie, Mary J. 18 F            
    Guthrie, Luther 5 M            

Source: Microfilm Series M653, Roll #902, Pages 65A-136B (National Archives, Washington, DC)
(Transcribed by Sallie Gargis) 

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