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July Ann Gray Garner-Jarvis Family Record Page

  July Ann Gray Garner-Jarvis Bible image
  July Ann Gray Garner-Jarvis Bible insert
  Wilkes Co. Family Bibles Page


Birth Dates Abstracted from VVWI Registration Cards



Historical Sketches of Wilkes Co. by John Crouch - 1902

  Personal Letters (from Happy Valley by T. F. Hickerson).
Cemetery: See Cemetery Index
  NC StateWide Cemeteries -National, Historic, Military cemeteries with NC citizens burials
  NC Confederate Soldiers Burials-Wilkes Co.


Census 1784-1787


1850 Census



Wilkes Co Brier Creek Baptist Association - 1954 Minutes of Annual Meeting

Court: Wilkes Co. Apprenticeships
  Wilkes Co. Bastardy Bonds
  Wilkes Co. Guardian Bonds
  Slave Inventories & Bills of Sale
  Slave Inventories & Bills of Sale-2


Wilkes County Mortality Schedules-1850-1880
  Wilkes County Executions
  North Carolina Executions 1726-1961
Deeds:   The following files have been generously contributed by Wanda J. Priddy:
  Index to Names in Deeds
  1847 James Gray to Mlly Sale-Edna Johnson Etal
  1824 Waugh - Findley to Mullis 
  1799 Daniel Hull to David Thronebergh 400 acres 
  1799 Daniel Hull to David Thronbergh 150 acres 
  1812 Peggy Bailey to James Gray 150 acres 
  1798 Reuben Clark to James Sale Deed  
  1821 Thronbergh to Thronbergh Deed 
  1873 Constant Gray Deed to James M. Jarvis
  1873 Estate of Constant Gray to James M. Jarvis
  1860 Armstrongs and Johnsons to Constant Gray
  1799 NC to James Gray 500 acres 
  1880 Land Survey request for James McBride Jarvis
  1895 James M Jarvis - M L Jarvis 
  1904 J M Jarvis deed to LM Jarvis and JO Jarvis


John Hoots

  Historical Family Collections - Family records available in Library collections




Wilkes Co. Marriage Bonds and Images
  Marriage bonds annotated by Jodi Friedman


See index to Military page



NC Board of Health Report-June 1896 - Did your ancestor suddenly disappear around 1900?
  Graduates of University of North Carolina 1798-1863
  North Carolina Statewide Information Pages -lots of links or many Topics
  1931 Wilkesboro Girls Basketball Champions
  PTA Program-1930's (pdf)


Articles  related to Wilkes Co. from The Landmark Statesville, North Carolina  (updated 4/25/2010


Article on Waugh and Finley families from Gettysburg Times 4/10/1941

  Wilkes Co. residents in Newspapers - covers various years, includes obituaries, etc.
  Article on Harris Cemetery in Wilkes Co. - about the Harris & Chavis Families
  NC Newspaper Abstracts-Bibliography - print resources to help locate births,marriages,deaths




Caudill Cabin
  Jarvis Related Photos of Wilkes Co., early 1900s
Plantations: Plantations of North Carolina - histories, genealogies, & Slave records
Probate:   The following files have been generously contributed by Wanda J. Priddy:
  Index to Jarvis Names in Wills & Estates
  1884-8-26 Inventory perishable property of George and Elisabeth Cury 
  1873 3-29 Sale of Property of Jincy Gray 
  1873 3-29 Sale of Property of Jincy Gray listing in data form  
  1876 Estate of Constant Gray to Mrs T C Gray 
  1873- 4-29 Estate of Constant Gray to James M Jarvis
  1873 - 6-16 Constant Gray estate to James M Jarvis
  1876 Jane Gray Estate distribution
  1904 M Jarvis - NT Jarvis
  1907 JO Jarvis - LM Jarvis
  1899 Jettie E Jarvis to James M Jarvis
  1880  Survey 588 acres - James M Jarvis
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  Surnames Details Page (additional info abt families posted on Surnames page)
Vital Records:

NC Vital Records Online - from NCGenWeb Bookshelf:  a listing of Birth, Marriage & Death records & links to them                               



Wills Indices  This is an index to devisors and devisees together with the vol/pg where the wills are recorded.

  See Index to Transcribed Wills
  1905-2-20 Copy Will of J M Jarvis Wilkes Co
Yearbooks: Wilkes County Yearbooks

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