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Original Wilkes Co. Marriage Bonds and Licenses

Contributed and annotated by Jodi Friedman

Note:  Click on the name to see a copy of the original images.
Benjamin Tedder Benjamin Tedder b 1797 Grandville/Chatham s/o Harmon Tedder/Tudor
Mahalea Eastridge b. 1802 Wilkes d/o Nathan Eastridge
Benjamin Tedder married Mahalea Eastridge were married June 6, 1821 Wilkes Jeremiah Gilreath was bondsman on this marriage
John Usery John Usery and Elizabeth Shaver ( possibly Chaves surname) were married Nov 30, 1814 Wilkes. I have no Idea who they belong to and they had no children. My family was very close with them per other court records but I have not figured out if they are related to me or not!
James Benge My copy is much clearer than the scanned version!!!
James Benge b. 1794 Surry NC - Parents unk
Elizabeth "Betsy" Tedder b. 1800 Chatham NC - d/o Harmon Tedder/Tudor
Marriage bond is ripped: states James Benge married zabeth Tedor - member ( Sept,Oct,Nov or Dec) 17, 1820. Jeremiah Gilreath was bondsman on this marriage
Irvin Reid Irvin Reed b. 1816 NC - Parents unk
Elizabeth Riddle -b. 1817 Wilkes, NC d/o John Riddle and Mary Moore
Irvin Reed and Elizabeth Riddle married March 2, 1835 Wilkes, NC- Bondman on this marriage was John Moore s/o Sterling Moore
George W. Hayes George Washington Hayes b. 1823 Wilkes s/o Harrel Hayes and Chloe Johnson
Mary Riddle b. 1833 Wilkes d/o John Riddle and Mary Moore
George Hayes and Mary Riddle were married Oct 28, 1851 Wilkes, NC
James Riddle James Riddle b. 1815 Wilkes s/o John Riddle and Mary Moore
Jane "Jincy" Combs b. 1817 d/o Thomas Combs and Lucy Combs ( both have same surname/maiden name)
James Riddle married Jane "Jincy" Combs Feb 25, 1833 Wilkes, NC - Bondsman on this marriage is John Moore s/o Sterling Moore
William Riddle William Riddle b. 1828 Wilkes NC s/o John Riddle and Mary Moore
Mary Lewis b. 1832 Wilkes,NC d/o Sarah "Sary" Lewis ( unk if she was a single parent)
William Riddle married Mary Lewis July 24, 1849 Wilkes, NC - Bondsman on this marriage John Moore s/o Sterling Moore

Flossie  Ernestine Tedder

Flossie  Ernestine Tedder b. 1904 Wilkes, NC d/o William Green Tedder and Martha Florence Fuentes
David Hood married Flossie Tedder Sept 19, 1921 in Welch, McDowell, WV
Alfred David Hood b. 1899 Caldwell, NC s/o James Baxter Hood and Mary Adeline Pearcy/Piercy
Samuel Riddle Samuel Riddle b.1821 Wilkes - s/o John Riddle and Mary Moore
Samuel Riddle married Eliza Harper April 14, 1867 Ashe NC. No info known about Eliza Harper. This was Samuel Riddle's 2nd wife. His first wife was Dicy unk maiden



Martha Fuentes Gentle-Tedder

Texas Marriage License for parties from Wilkes Co.
1st Husband - Samuel Gentle b. 1873 Wilkes, NC s/o William P Gentle and Mary C Ray
Martha Florence Fuentes b. 1875 Starr, TX d/o Geronimo Fuentes and Eulogia De La Cruz
Samuel Gentle married Martha Fuentes Dec 2, 1893 Starr, TX
Martha's 2nd marriage comes from a transcription from a George McNeil marriage book.
Wilkes County burned the marriage records from 1869-1900. All that is left is transcriptions
2nd husband William Green Tedder b. 1873 Wilkes, NC s/o William Hubbard Tedder and Mary Elizabeth Riddle
William Green Tedder age 24 married Martha Gentle (nee Fuentes, widow of Samuel Gentle) age 24 Feb 18, 1899 Wilkes, NC. They were married at James Johnson's home. Witnesses were William Hubbard Tedder, Minnie Tedder (William Green Tedder's sister) and Jas Johnson.
James Baxter Hood James Baxter Hood b. 1861 Caldwell, NC s/o Sidney Hood and Henrietta Martin
Mary Adeline Piercy/Pearcy b. 1857 Caldwell, NC d/o William "Buck" Piercy/Pearcy and Nancy McMillan
Baxter Hood married Adeline Piercy/Pearcy March 10, 1881 Caldwell, NC

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