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Welcome to the Wilkes County, NCGenWeb site, a volunteer genealogy website that is not associated with the County government.  Deloris Williams is your current host. We are dedicated to helping researchers learn more about their Wilkes Co., NC ancestors.  While we are the current hosts, this site really does belong to each and every contributor since  without them it would be impossible. We welcome contributions from anyone who might have data to share.  We are always looking for new original sources whether it be books no longer subject to copyright or even later books if the permission of the copyright holder can be obtained. We welcome any early photos, Wills, Deeds, letters or other transcribed genealogical materials.  In short, anything a researcher might find useful.  For those still living in the area you can always visit the courthouse but for others across the country, this may be their only link to researching their ancestors.  Please visit our Data Index page to see what we currently have, and then doing a Search from the above tab may bring up something you are looking for.



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Painting by Pauline Jarvis Clark (1914-2003), of her recollection of the long gone two-room Cranberry School that was located near where she and her siblings grew up in the Cranberry Community. Contributed by her niece, Wanda Priddy.


Thanks to our late beloved friend, Nola Duffy, for all of her work on this and other websites. Her love and dedication to the NCGenWeb will always be remembered.

2014 to present by Deloris Williams, Ginger Christmas-Beattie for  the NCGenWeb Project  and/or individual contributors.  No portion of  any document appearing on this site is to be used for other than personal research. The copyright of  original material submitted by contributors is used here with permission.  It should not be considered public domain.   Any republication or reposting is expressly forbidden without the written permission of the owner.. Last updated 01/07/2018