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Jarvis Related Photos

Thanks to Wanda J. Priddy for these contributions







Cranberry Sunday School, ca 1904

Includes: Robert Sale, Supt.; L. M. Jarvis, Assist.; A. Mathis, Felix L., Bible Teachers.

2nd from left with bible: Noah Jarvis; on knees, L. Mansfield Jarvis, Sr.; front left, holding baby (Ruby Jarvis) is Eulora May Henderson Jarvis; back row, 7th from left, Monroe Mathis (hatless)


Old Cranberry School at Jarvis, NC  (just before being torn down)

Includes: front row-Minnie Sue Jarvis, Cecil McDaniel, Iris Sale, Eunice Sale.
Also in photo-Ethen Mathis, Roxie St. Johns, Ruby Jarvis, Nell Jarvis, Fred Byrd.
Old Grist Mill between Roaring River & N. Wilkesboro
Formerly owned by L. M. Jarvis, Sr.; About 5 miles from Roaring River, right side of road.

Roaring River High School Girls Basketball Team 1928-29


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