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Researchers for Wilkes Co. Surnames

If you are researching any Wilkes Co. family, send us your names and we will be happy to add them to this list.  It is a great way to make connections with others who are researching the same Surnames as you. Your hosts cannot do any research work for you, but this page is a place to register your Surname so that others seeing it may contact you. Click onto the name of Researcher beside the Surname you are interested in to contact them. See our Surnames Details Page for additional info on some of these Surnames. If you are looking for help or additional Resources to help in your research, please click onto our Research Help & Lookup Page


Saunders, Denise Stewart
Adams, Baker, Barnes, Boone, Brown, Bruce, Campbell, Cearley, Coffey, Collett, Day, Fields, Hartly, Hawkins, Hendrix, Johnson, Loudermilk,Robinson, Stewart, Walker, West
Oppenheimer, Ann Allen, Allison, Carlton, Crouch, McCrary, Powell
Gil Allison Allison, Elmore, Brown, Dula, Foster, Morphew/Murphey, Hartt, Dickerson, Coffey, Cox, Brookshire, McGee, Bradley
Cavenaugh, Michael Anderson, Brooks, Glass, Harris, Kemp, Prevette, and especially Shew & Shatley
Libera, Joanne Johnson Baldwin, Byrd, Ferguson, Gray, Johnson, McGee, Triplett, Walker, West
Rogerson, Barbara Shirley Blackburn, Cheek, Church, Payne, Soots
Strautnieks, Chris Brinegar, Holloway, Joines, Pruitt, Sizemore
Daniels, Nancy A. Brown, Carlton, Foster, Gynn, Hayes, Howell, Jones, Julien, Miller
Miller, Linda Brown, Johnson, Miller, Wagoner
Brown, Pete Brown, Stanley/Standley, Cottrell, Pinkston, Nelson
Barker, Brenda Higgins
Caudill, Lennie Caudill, Blevins, Richardson, Tilley
Wrenn, Nanalee Caudill, Caudle, Joines, Wood, Durham, Adams, Spencer, Sparks, Bell, Spears, Walker, Johnson
Williams, Linda Rae Church, Eller and Wheeler
Strader, Floyd Coffey, Cook/Cooke/Koch, Tester, Storie, Shore, Proffitt, Presnell, Norris, Hartley, Hampton, Ford, Winebarger, Bolick
Holman, Deborah Worley Cox, Parsons. Shepherd, Royal, Wingler, Wyatt
Crawford, Ed Crawford, Foster, McNeil, Dockery, Fairchild, Eller, Huffman, Triplett
Creed, Nyla Creed
Benson, Joyce Crysel and Pennell
Curtis, Daniel Curtis, Cottrell, Pennell, Bumgarner, Fox, Church, Bullis, Winkler, Walker, Hendrix, Triplett
O'Donnell, Arlene Faw, Church, Eller, Johnson, Pardue, Godbey, Hendren
Nix, Nancy Fields, Murrell, Lee, Coffey, Pendley
Zurawicz, Megan Foster, Vannoy, Johns(t)on
Mark Fox
Franklin, Lisa Greer,  Hampton, Mitchell, Laws, Franklin
Estes, Roberta Harold/Herrald/Harrold/Harrell/Herrell, McNiel (by any spelling),Vannoy, Shepherd (by any spelling), McDowell, Hickerson
Murphy, Krys Hawkins, Howard
Joanne Hartsoe Kemp Hertzog, Hartzog, Hartsog, Hartsoe, Hartso, Hartsough, Hartsaw
Privette, Jo Anne
Holland, McGlamery, Myers, Norris, Privette, Rhoades, Shumate, Whittington

Johnson,  Anne 

Jacoway, Gilreath, Jones
Priddy, Wanda J. Jarvis, Henderson, Gray, Wood, Sale, Nicholson, Chambers, Parks, Curry
Edwards, Frank Johnson
Erickson, Judy Johnson
Gardner, Marilyn Johnson, Wheatley
Hobbs, Dorcas M. Charles Johnson family -to Madison Co., IN, Thomas or William Johnson Family to Eastern Kentucky, Ball, Caudill, Campbell
Newman, J. J. Joines, Gunter, Laws, Broyhill, Meredith, Brock, Lycans or Likens, Ray or Wray, Lowe, Gentle, Clanton, Bebber
Carlsen, Rich Kearby, Kerby, Kirby, Parks and Viars
Ladd, Bonnie Ladd
Plummer, Belinda Ladd
Dade, Charlotte West Land, McNeil, Swanson, West, Witherspoon
Jones, Deb Lane, Crysel, Walker, Barlow
Soderberg, Linda Laws, Hall, Bishop, Waters, Wheeling, Ayers, Johnson, Cox, Beshear, Hendrix, Hicks and Church
Laws, Kathryn Laws, Travis
White, Sandy (Laws) Laws, Lipps, Church, Craft, Blackburn, Triplett
Cheek, Thomas William Mason, Myers, Shoemaker, Lunsford, Chambers, Parks, Curry and Gray

Miller, Darrell

Andres, Judy Miller
Mills, Larry Mills, Lenoir, Carpenter, Coffee, Cloud, Strutton/Stratton
Thomas, John Parks
Presson, Dianne Parks, Carrell, Selby, Franklin, Coffee, Gragg and Hagler
Perkins, Sam Perkins, McLain
Herbst, Joann Rash, McBride, Chambers, Baker, Clark, Busy, Johnson, Jarvis
Muncy, James Reed, Cathy
Lovell, Cheryl D. Reed, Stephen, 1750
Oliver, Margaret Reynolds, Eddins, Blackburn, Ladd, Wright
Robins, Jim John Robins  & Margaret Strother-Robins Family; their children: John, Thomas, Reuben, Mary (Roberts), Ann (Sartin), Lucy (Brown), Sarah (Rucker)
Saylor, Jerry Rousseau, Shore, McBride, Heathman, Brock
Sheffield, Glenn Sheffield
Toon, Debbie Kay Simpson
Sizemore, Jim Sizemore
Somers, Mary Lynn Somers, Adams, Woodruff
Sprinkle, Rick Sprinkle, Martin, Hewett, Hughett
Barnes, Debra Stamper Stamper, Smyth, Buttery, Park, Hall, Spicer, Deaton, Sebastin, Hollon, Stewart and many others
Cingano, Gloria Sweeting/Sweeten/Sweetin variations
Thornton, Don Thornton
Klein, Jean C. Walls, Weatherman
Mitchell,T. Harvey Watkins(Wadkins), Waugh, Chavis(Chavers), Harris, Smith, Looper(Luper), Long, Reynolds, Bynum, Brown, Dowell, Hawkins, Mitchell.
Muery, Carol D. Welborn
Webb-Hodge, Mischelle Webb (late 1700s - early 1800s)

Beam, Cindy L.

West, Triplett, Harris, Elrod, Holder, Bradshaw, Gray, Swanson, Paisley, Land, Lawrence, Stations/Stallings, Armistead, Croshaw,

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