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Wilkes County Mortality Schedules 1850-1880

(Transcribed by Deloris Williams)


Names are transcribed from the U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules 1850-1880 just as they are written; some of the words are difficult to read and have question marks beside them. Many of the Causes of Deaths are terms no longer used but definitions of which can be found by clicking here and checking the alphabetized menu.


Note: In the 1850 & 1860 records, Some slaves were listed only  by age & color and not their own names, but were listed  under the names of their Slaveowners; (O) beside a name in Slave Status indicates this was the "Owner" of the deceased Slave.

EmaliaFBSlaveWilkes13Sept. 1849 1850Bleeding30
PatrickFBSlave 87Nov. 1849 1850Debility180
SusannahFBSlave 3May 1850 1850Whooping Cough16
TomMBSlave 38Apr. 1850 1850Consumption120
Cordie ABRAHAMF  Wilkes8Apr. 1850 1850Croup8
Jesse ADAMSM MarriedWilkes54Jan. 1850Baptist preacher1850Disease of kidney120
Ruffus ADKINSM  Wilkes9July 1849 1850Inflamation of bowels4
Susanah ALLISONF MarriedVA50Aug. 1849 1850Disease of lungs30
Sam'l BISHOPM  Wilkes7 mo.Dec. 1849 1850Burned29
John BORDERSM MarriedTN80Sept. 1849Farmer1850Debility21
Sally P. BUMGARNERF  Wilkes9Apr. 1850 1850???60
Elizabeth COMBSF MarriedWilkes53Feb. 1850 1850Disease of liver3
Agness W. COOPERF MarriedRowan Co.51Feb. 1850 1850Cancer270
Nelly DISHMANF MarriedWilkes55July 1849 1850??? Fever331
Sally ELLEDGEF   8Sept. 1849 1850Fever42
Clarenda ELLERF  Wilkes9Apr. 1850 1850Unknown14
Simeon ELLERM MarriedAshe Co.55June 1849Farmer1850Cholera5
Asa FERGERSONM  Wilkes39Sept. 1849Farmer1850Inflamation of liver150
Saphronia FERGERSONF  Wilkes8 mo.Mar. 1850 1850Smotheredinstant
James A. FOSTERM   10Sept. 1849 1850Disease of heart90
James GEORGE Snr.M WidowedVA81Mar. 1850Farmer1850Debility90
William GENTRYF?  Wilkes3July 1849 1850Worms3
George GRAYM MarriedWilkes83Sept. 1849Farmer1850Consumption300
Martha C. GREENF  VA8Jan. 1850 1850???42
Charles HARRISM MarriedIreland50July 1849Accountant1850Consumption60
Elizabetth HATTF MarriedWilkes46Mar. 1850 1850Fever10
William O. HEADM MarriedIredell40Apr. 1850Farmer1850Consumption120
Sally HUFFMANF MarriedVA73Mar. 1850 1850Debility8
Harden HUTCHERSONM  Wilkes2Sept. 1849 1850Croup4
Elizabeth JARVICEF WidowedWilkes34Apr. 1850 1850Eurmony?20
Elizabeth JARVICEF WidowedUnknown77Oct. 1849 1850Dropsy365
James JARVICEM MarriedUnknown84May 1850Farmer1850Dysentery18
Janey JARVICEF  Wilkes7Dec. 1849 1850Dropsy365
Sarah JARVISEF  Wilkes7June 1849 1850Eurmony?7
Charles JOHNSONM  Surry15Apr. 1850 1850Dropsy158
Edmond JOINESM WidowedWilkes74Apr. 1850Farmer1850Dropsy90
Linny JOINESF WidowedWilkes54Mar. 1850 1850Dropsy35
Umphrey KELLEYM Married 84May 1850Farmer1850Dysentery78
Mary MAKINNYF MarriedWilkes38Feb. 1850 1850Flooding of the womb3
James MARLOWM MarriedWilkes60Mar. 1850Farmer1850Intemperance15
Robert MARTINM  Wilkes30Dec. 1849Doctor1850Consumption63
Mary J. McCANNF  Wilkes1Apr. 1850 1850Croup7
Fanny MITCHELLF  Wilkes2June 1849 1850Fall from unknown5
Joseph MONEYM  Wilkes4 mo.Sept. 1849 1850Unknown3
Jesse MINTONM Married 70(no date)Farmer1850Intemperance120
Susanah NICHOLDSONF  Wilkes2June 1849 1850Burned90
Rebeccah PAYNEF MarriedWilkes40Aug. 1849 1850Hemorrhage of womb4
Barbara RANKINSF  Wilkes6Oct. 1849 1850Dropsy120
Nancy RASHF  Wilkes16July 1849 1850Suicide 
Jordetta REYNOLDSF WidowedVA92May 1850 1850Palsy6
Elizabeth RUSSELLF  Wilkes15Sept. 1849 1850Unknown14
James SMITHM WidowedDelaware84Apr. 1850Missioner1850Rheumatism300
James SMITHM  Wilkes11 mo.Oct. 1849 1850Inflamation of bowels6
Jack SPARKESM WidowedWilkes64Dec. 1849Farmer1850Dropsy365
David F. TRANSONM  Wilkes9Oct. 1849 1850Disease of liver61
Sarah WARRENF WidowedSC102July 1849 1850Debility8
James WATTSM WidowedVA85Nov. 1849Farmer1850Diabetesinstant
Nancy C. WINDELLF  Granville56May 1850 1850Sudden onset with husband 
Al Vin(?)MMUSlaveNC8June 1859 1860Dropsyunknown
AndreF  NC1 mo.May 1860 1860Unknown2
EvalineFBSlaveNC36Feb. 1860 1860Unknown3
Harry MBSlaveNC42Dec. 1859 1860Fever25
Joseph MBSlaveNC11 mo.Oct. 1859 1860Croup1 hr.
MartialMBSlaveNC8 mo.Feb. 1860 1860Unknown1
Negro slaveMMUSlaveNC3 mos.Apr. 1860 1860Unknown2 mos.
John F. ADAMSM  NC12June 1859 1860Flux30
Mary ALEXANDERF MarriedNC49Feb. 1860 1860Dropsy/Consumption50
Samuel J. BAUGERSM  NC  Farmer1860Not Knownsudden
Mahala BENGEF  NC22Feb. 1860 1860Not Known2 yrs.
William BIRDM MarriedNot known77Nov. 1859Farmer1860Not Known6 mos.
Richard BLACKBURN (O)MBSlaveNC80Feb. 1860Laborer on farm1860Dropsy18
Colley BREWERM  NC2May 1860 1860Flux8
Columbus W. BROTHERTONM  NC9 mo.July 1859 1860Hives30 hrs.
Ezekiel BROWNM  NC21Mar. 1860Farmer1860Ricketsweeks
Mary BROWNF MarriedNC37Dec. 1859Farmer1860Typhoid fever2 mos.
America BULLISF  NC1 mo.May 1860 1860Hives4 wks.
Benjamin BULLISM MarriedNC76May 1860Farmer1860Unknown4 wks.
John W. BURCHETM  NC1May 1860 1860Diarrhea7
Nancy BURCHETF  NC43Nov. 1859 1860Fever11
Daniel CALLM MarriedNC66May 1860Farmer1860Not Known3
Rachel CAUDILLF MarriedNC70Nov. 1859 1860Dropsy of heart60
Franky CHILDERSF  NC10Feb. 1860 1860Whooping Cough20
Heasy CHILDERSF  NC15Feb. 1860 1860Whooping Cough30
Alexander CHURCHM WidowedNC35June 1859Farmer1860Rheumatism4 yrs.
Z. F. CHURCHM  NC2May 1860 1860Bold hives2
Paton COLVARDM MarriedNC67Sept. 1859Farmer1860Dispepsy 
John DARNOLDM MarriedNC33July 1859Farmer1860Cramp colic1
J. ELLERM  NC10 mo.June 1859 1860Unknown8
Elizabeth EVANS (O)FMUSlaveNC12Nov. 1859 1860Unknown6 mos.
J. B. FERGERSONM MarriedNC82Apr. 1859Farmer1860Unknown1
Henry L. FOXM  NC1June 1859 1860Flux21
Martha M. FOXF  NC2June 1859 1860Flux31
George GAMBILL (O)MBSlaveNC57Dec. 1859Laborer on farm1860Not Known10 mos.
Elizabeth GINNINGSM MarriedNC26May 1860Spinster1860Child birth3
John GRINTON (O)MMUSlaveNC5Oct. 1859 1860Not Known45
Isaac HALLM WidowedNC87Dec. 1859 1860Cold20
John HALLM  NC7Feb. 1860 1860Not Known2
Martha HALLF  NC2Aug. 1859 1860Flux4
Henry HAMBYM  NC12Mar. 1860 1860Unknown2
John HANDYM MarriedSC63Apr. 1860Farmer1860Consumption30
Esther HARRISF  NC20July 1859 1860Fits15
Thomas L. HOLBROOKM  NC1June 1859 1860Diarrhea70
Hambelton HOLDENM  NC15Apr. 1860Farm laborer1860Dispepsy3 yrs.
Ambrose JOHNSONM MarriedNC73Dec. 1859Farmer1860Not Known15
Elza JOHNSONM MarriedNC51Nov. 1859Farmer1860Not Known60
JOINESF  NC5 mos.Nov. 1859 1860Not Known2 wks.
John KILBYM MarriedNC69Mar. 1860Farmer1860Rheumatism2 mos.
Martha S. KILBYF  NC7Feb. 1860 1860Dropsy2 wks.
Franklin LEEM  NC1Apr. 1860 1860Hives4
Cate LIL???F  NC9 mo.Mar. 1860 1860Bold hives5
Sarah MARTINF  NC10 mo.Mar. 1860 1860Unknown5
William McGEEM  NC2June 1859 1860Flux9
Mary MILLERF MarriedNC46Dec. 1859 1860Unknown3 yrs.
Sallie C. MOOREF  NC13May 1860 1860Not Known30
Nancy MOXLEYF  NC80Jan. 1860Farmer1860Not Knownsudden
Wm. T. NORMANM  NC4Aug. 1859 1860Typhoid fever30
Ann PARKS (O)FBSlaveNC40Feb. 1860Laborer on farm1860Rheumatism5 mos.
Ann PARKS (O)MBSlaveNC1 dayMar. 1860 1860Cause not knownsudden
Margaret PARSONSF MarriedNC38Mar. 1860Spinster1860Ulcer3 yrs.
Cyntha PRATTF  NC14June 1859 1860White swelling3 mos.
Ralph PREWETTM  NC5 mos.May 1860 1860Measles36 hrs.
Martha QUEENF  NC11 mo.Apr. 1860 1860Scarlet fever10
John REYNOLDSM MarriedNC86Nov. 1859Farmer1860Dropsy of chest30
Nancy RICHARDSONF WidowedNC77Nov. 1859Farmer1860Unknownsudden
Shadrach ROBERTSM  NC20Dec. 1859Day laborer1860Pneumonia12
William SMITHM  NC1 mo.Nov. 1859 1860Bold hives14
Clarissa SMOOTF MarriedNC43June 1859 1860Dropsy of chest2 mos.
James M. SMOOTM  NC8 mos.July 1859 1860Cause not known30
John A. SOMERSM MarriedNC24Jan. 1860Farmer1860Not Known75
Mary SPARKSF  NC21Apr. 1860 1860Cut her throatsudden
Daniel STONEM  NC73Feb. 1860Mail carrier1860Pluresy 
Lamira VANNOYF MarriedNC49Aug. 1859Farmer1860Not Known30
Frances E. WALKERF  NC6 wks.Jan. 1860 1860Not Known 
John WALKERM  NC1 mo.Sept. 1859 1860Jaundice2
Mary WEATTF  NC42Dec. 1859 1860Spasms2 yrs.
Elizabeth WELBORNF MarriedNC62Sept. 1859 1860Phthisis12
WILESM  NC8 daysApr. 1860 1860Not Known2
Wilson WINGLERM  NC10 mo.Sept. 1859 1860Scarlet fever14
David YATESM MarriedNC55Mar. 1860Farmer1860Suicide by hanging 
Elizabeth ABSHERFWMarriedNC77Apr. 1870Keeping House1870Old age 
Going ABSHERMWMarriedNC70June 1869Pauper1870Hydrothorax(dropsy of chest) 
Caroline ALLENFB NC16Jan. 1870Day laborer1870Fever 
Charles ALLENMB NC20Aug. 1869Laborer 1870Epistaxis(bleeding of nose) 
Sis ALLISONFB NC0 mos.Oct. 1869 1870Hives
Nancy BALLFW NC64Mar. 1870Keeping House1870Pneumonia
Fanny M. BELLFW NC1Apr. 1870 1870Not Known
Franklin BENGEMMU NC11Aug. 1869At home1870Typhoid fever
James BENGEMW NC85Nov. 1869Farmer1870Dropsy
Dicey BILLINGSFWMarriedNC47May 1870Keeping House1870Not Known
Newton BLACKBURNMW NC3 mos.Sept. 1869At home1870Whooping Cough
Nelie BOWLINFWMarriedNC74Feb. 1870At home1870Colic
Hamilton BROWNMWWidowedNC83Mar. 1870At home1870Convulsions
Daniel BUMGARNERMWMarriedNC56Feb. 1870Farmer1870Paralysis
Ann BURCHAMFWMarriedVA83Aug. 1869Keeping House1870Not known
James BYRDMWMarriedNC76Mar. 1870Farmer1870Dropsy of chest
William F. BYRDMW NC17Mar. 1870Farm hand1870Dropsy of chest
Lula A. CARTERFW NC2 mos.Jan. 1870 1870Not Known
David CAUDLEMWMarriedNC81Jul. 1869Farmer1870Kidney disease
John P. CHURCHMW NC1 mo.Nov. 1869At home1870Croup
Leander CHURCHMW NC20Oct. 1869Farm laborer1870Typhoid fever
Elizabeth COLEMANFW NC90Jan. 1870At home1870Dropsy
Nancy COMBSFW NC55Jul. 1869 1870Chronic Rheumatism
Benjamin H. COOKMW NC22Mar. 1870Farm hand1870Consumption
Robert CREIDMWMarriedNC70Feb. 1870Farmer1870Paralysis
Amelia CREPSFWMarriedNC28Nov. 1869Keeping House1870Pneumonia
William A. COOPERMW NC22May 1870Farm laborer1870Brain fever
Hanah CRANEFWWidowedNC80May 1870Pauper1870Hydrothorax
Sarah DENNYFWWidowedNC109Dec. 1869No occupation1870Old age
Elijah DOCKERYMWMarriedNC86Nov. 1869Farmer1870Unknown
John E. DOCKERYMW NC1 mo.Nov. 1869At home1870Flux
Fanny V. ELLERFW NC10Aug. 1869Without occupation1870Typhoid fever
James FERGUSONMB NC13May 1870Farm laborer1870Pneumonia
Nancy GAMBELLFWMarriedNC65Apr. 1870Keeping House1870Meaney? Fever
Hugh M. GILREATHMWWidowedNC60Dec. 1869Farmer1870Debility
William GILREATHMB NC23Sept. 1869Farm hand1870Typhoid fever
John GOFORTHMWWidowedNC78Dec. 1869Farmer1870Dropsy
Sarah GRANWELLFWWidowedVA100June 1869No occupation1870Old age
William GRAYMWWidowedNC78Dec. 1869Farmer1870Old age
Elizabeth HARRELFW NC4May 1870 1870Not Known
Matilda HARRELFWMarriedNC40June 1869Keeping House1870Not Known
Milly HARRELFW NC4 mo.June 1869 1870Not Known
Betsy C. HERTFW NC25May 1870Keeping House1870Pneumonia
Milly HORTONFWWidowedB77Sept. 1869Keeping House1870Pneumonia
Nathan HUNTMB NC16Dec. 1869Farm hand1870Not Known
Joseph HUTSONMWMarriedSC73May 1870Farmer1870Apoplexy
G. W. INSCOREMMU NC1June 1869At home1870Not Known
H. JAMESFWWidowedNC69Dec. 1869Keeping House1870Disease of uterus
Elizabeth JENINGSFWMarriedNC77June 1869Keeping House1870Asthma
Eli JOHNSTONMWWidowedNC76Feb. 1870At home1870Fever
James JOHNSTONMW NC3 wks.Jul. 1869At home1870Child debility
Morris JOHNSTONMW NC16Feb. 1870At home1870Pneumonia
William JOHNSTONMW NC35June 1869Farm hand1870Dropsy
Sarah JOLLYFWMarriedNC60Apr. 1870Keeping House1870Dropsy of chest
Eliza LADDFW NC1Jul. 1869At home1870Unknown
Sally LADDFMUMarriedNC55Jan. 1870At home1870Burned to death
Jackson LAWSMW NC50May 1870Pauper1870Hydrothorax
Joshua LAWSMWMarriedNC79Feb. 1870At home1870Insanity
Rebecca LAWSFW NC40Feb. 1870Pauper1870Not Known
Hiram LITTLEMWWidowedNC67Aug. 1869Farmer1870Not Known
Dossy LYONFW NC10Dec.1869 1870Diabetes
Solomon LYONMWMarriedNC63Jan. 1870Farmer1870Paralysis
Percilla MARTINFB NC4Aug. 1869 1870Not Known
Milinda MASTINFWMarriedNC63Dec. 1869Keeping House1870Diptheria
Olif MASTINFWMarriedNC88Feb. 1870At home1870Old age
Stoneman MATHERLYMW NC2Mar. 1870Without occupation1870Croup
William McCARTERMW NC8 mos.July 1869 1870Suffocation
Elizabeth McNIELFWWidowedNC75June 1869Living with drunks?1870Typhoid fever
William McNIELMWMarriedNC50June 1869Farmer1870Cholera morbus
Moses MESHAWMW NC20May 1870Farm hand1870Dropsy of chest
Elizabeth MOOREFMUWidowedNC101?Mar. 1870At home1870Hydrothorax
Joshua MOOREMMUMarriedNC70Apr. 1870 1870Disease of the heart
Nancy MOOREFW NC74June 1869At home1870Cancer
Ema E. MORRISONFWMarriedNC23July 1869Keeping House1870Consumption
Ephram MORRISON MW NC2 daysFeb. 1870 1870Cause not known
R. A. MORRISONFB NC8 mos.Nov. 1869 1870Disease of the lungs
Fanney MULISFWWidowedNC82May 1870At home1870Dropsy
Mandy MYARSFW NC9Jan. 1870At home1870Typhoid fever
William MYARSMW NC18Oct. 1869 1870Typhoid fever
Rufus MYERSMW NC7Mar. 1870 1870Hydrothorax
Caladonia NICHOLSFW NC1Aug. 1869At home1870Cholera morbus
William OSTENMW NC6 mos.Aug. 1869 1870Consumption
Hall OWENMWMarriedNC56Apr. 1870Farmer1870Not Known
Rhoda OWENMWWidowedNC89May 1870Midwife1870Unknown
James PARDEUMWMarriedNC35Jan. 1870Farmer1870Murdered
Elisha PARLEIRMW NC23Mar. 1870Clerk in store1870Consumption
Jonas PARSONMW NC7 mo.Feb. 1870At home1870Croup
Delphia PARSONSFW NC2 mos.June 1869At home1870Croup
Adlaide PEARSONFW NC12?May 1870At home1870Epileptic convulsions
Isbella PHILLIPSFW NC38Jul. 1869No occupation1870Unknown
Rubin PILKINTONMW NC7May 1870At home1870Dysentery
Mary POWELLFWMarriedNC68Jan. 1870Keeping House1870Brain fever
Mary PREVITTFWMarriedNC46Jan. 1870Keeping House1870Not Known
John PRIVITTMW NC18Aug. 1869Farm hand1870Dropsy
Martha PRIVITTFW NC29Jan. 1870Keeping House1870Diptheria
N. C. PRIVITTMW NC9Feb. 1870At home1870Dropsy
Wesly REYNOLDSMWWidowedNC83May 1870Farmer1870Dropsy
William E. REYNOLDSMWMarriedNC52Jan. 1870Farmer1870Dropsy of heart
Jane B. RHODESFW NC18Jan. 1870At home1870Consumption
Martha RHODESFW NC24Mar. 1870At home1870Consumption
Sarah RHODESFW NC29Mar. 1870No occupation1870Consumption
Susan RHODESFW NC4Mar. 1870No occupation1870Not Known
J. B. ROBERSONFWWidowedNC78Aug. 1869Keeping House1870Typhoid fever
John ROBERTSMWMarriedNC86June 1869Farmer1870Old age
John D. ROYALMW NC1 mo.Oct. 1869At home1870Croup
Amanda RUSSOEFWMarriedNC46Jan. 1870Keeping House1870Consumption
Adline M. SELLFWMarriedNC40Oct. 1869Keeping House1870Puerperal fever (childbed)
C. R. S. SIMPSONMWMarriedNC44June 1869Carpenter1870Jaundice
Augustus SOMMERSMWMarriedNC27Aug. 1869Merchant1870Remittent fever
Julia SPARKSFW NC17Nov. 1869Domestic servant1870Not Known
Griffin SUMMERLINMWMarriedNC76Feb. 1870Farmer1870Pneumonia
Elizabeth TRIPLETTFW NC40Oct. 1869 1870Burned to death
George M. TRIPLETTMW NC2 mos.Sept. 1869At home1870Whooping Cough
Sally UTERMANFW NC3 mos.Jul. 1869 1870Hives
Jersey VERIENFW NC9May 1870 1870Consumption
B. WADKINSFW NC1 mo.June 1869At home1870Hives
Ambros WALKERMW NC3Mar. 1870 1870Not Known
Martha C. WALKERFW NC8 mos.Apr. 1870 1870Not Known
Willis WALKERMWMarriedNC64Jan. 1870Farmer1870Disease of heart
James WALLACEMW PA85Jan. 1870Pauper1870Consumption
Caroline WILLIAMSFW NC35Sept. 1869Keeping House1870Intermittent fever
Carry WILLIAMSFW NC6 mos.Jan. 1870 1870Diptheria
Julia WILLIAMSFB NC2Sept. 1869At home1870Bronchitis
InfantMW NC0Apr. 1880 1880Stillborn
Infant ChildMW NC0Apr. 1880 1880Debility
Fannie ADAMSFW NC2Apr. 1880At home1880Croup
Fanny ADAMSFWWidowedNC75Jan. 1880Keeping House1880Found dead in bed
Susan ADAMSMW NC1 mo.Nov. 1879 1880Infant
Rev. W. F. ADAMSMWMarriedNC69Dec. 1879Farmer1880General debility & inanition
Wm. R. ADAMSMW NC1Apr. 1880At home1880Flux
Infant (ALEXANDER)MB NC0Apr. 1880 1880Stillborn
Colby ALEXANDERMWMarriedNC73Feb. 1880Blacksmith1880Gravel
Martha ALLYFWSingleNC73Apr. 1880Tayloress1880Cancer
Elizabeth ANDERSONFW NC6Aug. 1879 1880Disease unknown
Enos ANDERSONMWMarriedNC54Dec. 1879Farmer1880Heart Disease
Nancy E. ANDERSONFW NC11May 1880 1880Snake bite
James ANDREWMWMarriedNC70Feb. 1880Farming1880Consumption
Martine ANDREWFWMarriedNC25Mar. 1880Keeping House1880Birth of child
Moses ANTHONYMWSingleNC25-30Oct. 1879Laborer1880Consumption
Andrew BALDWINMWMarriedNC31Oct. 1879Farmer1880Died of wound
Ara S. BALLFW NC2Jul. 1879 1880Flux
Brackston BARLOWMWMarriedNC67Apr. 1880Farming1880Dropsy of the heart
James BARNESMBSingleNC24Oct. 1879Working on Farm1880Bronchitis
Rose BAUGUESFWSingleNC6mos.Dec. 1879 1880Measles
Vincent BAUGUESMWMarriedNC89Jan. 1880Farmer1880Pneumonia
Isabelle BILLINGSFW NC5Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
J. T. BILLINGSMW NC2Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
Olivia BILLINGSFW NC8Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
Susan BILLINGSFWMarriedNC45Feb. 1880Housekeeping1880Measles
Rebeca BLACKBURNFW NC6 mos.Sep. 1879 1880Measles
Taylor BOLICKMW NC2Jun. 1879 1880Flux
S. C. BRAYHILLFW NC2Sept. 1879 1880Consumption
Helen BRICEFWSingleNC17Apr. 1880Farming1880Cancer
Emma E. BROWNFW NC3May 1880 1880Brain fever
Isable BROWNFBSingleNC19Jul. 1879Domestic servant1880Consumption
John BROWNMWWidowedMD86Aug. 1879Farmer1880Perhap apoplexy
Lillie BROWNFB NC1Oct. 1879 1880Disease unknown
Maggie BROWNFB NC1Oct. 1879 1880Disease unknown
Major BROWNMWMarriedNC23Oct. 1879Farmer1880Billious fever
C. E. BUMGARNERFW NC10Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
J. A. BUMGARNERFW NC1Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
M. A. BUMGARNERFWMarriedNC23Jun. 1879At home1880Flux
Plycas H. BUMGARNERMW NC1Jun. 1879 1880Flux
U.S.G. BUMGARNERMW NC7Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
Matilda BUTNYFWMarriedNC58Dec. 9, 1879Housekeeping1880Ulcer of womb
Jesse F. BYERSMW NC1Sept. 1879 1880Diptheria
Sarah BYRDFWWidowedNC80Jun. 1879Keeping House1880Dropsy
Infant CACYMW NC0Jul. 1879 1880Stillborn
Caroline CACYFW NC3Jan. 1880 1880Croup
Robert F. CALLOWAYMWMarriedNC70Sep. 1879Farmer1880Cramp colic
Joseph S. CANTERMWSingleNC1Jul. 1879 1880Flux
Charles CARLTONMWMarriedNC61Apr. 1880Farming1880Chronic Diarrhea
Charles D. CARPENTERMW NC4Dec. 1879 1880Diptheria
James T. CARPENTERMW NC6Dec. 1879 1880Diptheria
Saytha J. CARPENTERFW NC9Dec. 1879 1880Diptheria
Gabriel CHURCHMWMarriedNC63Mar. 1880Farmer1880Unknown
J. Martin CHURCHMWSingleNC20Apr. 1880Working on Farm1880Pneumonia fever
Lucy CHURCHFWMarriedNC75Feb. 1880Keeping House1880Consumption
M. CHURCHFWSingleNC22Jun. 1879Farming1880Unknown
A. B. CRAVENMWMarriedNC45Feb. 1880Miller1880Consumption
Wily DENNYMW NC4Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
Jeriemirah DODSONMW NC3Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
Charles DOWELLMB NC10Nov. 1879Laborer on farm1880Typhoid
Juda DOWELLFBWidowedNC65Oct. 1879 1880Typhoid fever
2 Twin Infants (ELLER)MW NC1 dayJun. 1879 1880Inanition
Elizabeth ELLIS FWSingleNC24Aug. 1879Asst. Housekeeper1880Consumption
George E. ELLISMW NC1 mo.Jul. 1879 1880Disease unknown
Elizabeth ELLISONFBMarriedNC30Jun. 1879Keeping House1880Consumption
Nancy ELRODFWWidowedNC91Oct. 1879Keeping House1880Not Known
Jesse EVANSMWWidowedNC83Aug. 1879Farm laborer1880Dropsy
Isabelle FELLSFW NC2May 1880 1880Flux
Julius N. FELTSMWSingleNC19Apr. 1880Farmer1880Pneumonia
Thomas FERGUSONMB NC3Feb. 1880 1880Not Known
George W. GENTRYMWMarriedNC66Feb. 1880Farmer1880Ascites
Alice GILLIAMFW NC1Apr. 1880 1880Flux
Caroline GRAYFWMarriedNC48Dec. 1879Keeping House1880Consumption
Caroline L. GRAYFWMarriedNC46Jan. 1880Keeping House1880Ascites
David S. GREENMW NC9Mar. 1880 1880Unknown
S. A. E. GROGINFW NC8 mos.Apr. 1880 1880Heart Disease
Malvin HALLMW NC6 mos.Feb. 1880 1880Cholera infantum
Amelia HAMBYFW NC1 mo.Jul. 1879 1880Flux
James C. HAMBYMW NC8Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
Margaret HAMBYFW NC2Nov. 1879 1880Diptheria
Wheler HAMBYMW NC1 mo.Aug. 1879 1880Not Known
Mary HARRISFBSingleVA15Apr. 1880Keeping House1880Consumption
Willie HAWKINSMW NC14Feb. 1880Farm laborer1880Dropsy
Lillie M. HAYESFW NC10 mos.Dec. 1879 1880Worms
Elizabeth HIGGINSFWWidowedNC60Jan. 1880Keeping House1880Ulcer cancer
Hylie L. HIGGINSFWMarriedNC38Apr. 1880No occupation1880Consumption
Mary H. HINTONFWSingleNC29Jan. 1880 1880Dropsy
Elizabeth HIXFWMarriedNC28Mar. 1880Keeping House1880Abortion error
Aaron HOLCOMBMW NC3Jan. 1880 1880Diptheria
Carrie HOLDERFW NC11Sept. 1879At home1880Diptheria
Jasme HOLLOWAYFBMarriedNC24Jul. 1879Housekeeping1880Consumption
Eveline HORTONFBMarriedNC45May 1880Laborer1880Typhoid fever
Eviline HORTONFBWidowedNC45June 1879Housekeeping1880Consumption
Rachel HORTONFBMarriedNC47Jul. 1879Keeping House1880Dropsy
J. Darnel HOWELMB NC1May 1880 1880Flux
Shobas HUFFMANMW NC7 mos.May 1880 1880Croup
Elizabeth HUNTFWWidowedNC62Aug. 1879 1880Dysentery
Laura HUNTFBMarriedNC35Sep. 1879Keeping House1880Consumption
Rose B. HUTCHENSFW NC3Oct. 1879 1880Hydrocephalus
John INSCOREMWWidowedNC55Feb. 1880Farmer1880Diabetes
C. C. JARVISMW NC9Sept. 1879 1880Diptheria
Jinsy JARVISFWWidowedNC64Nov. 1879Farmer1880Dropsy of stomach
L. P. JARVISFW NC4Sept. 1879 1880Diptheria
Walmouth JARVISMWMarriedNC64Apr. 1880Farmer1880Heart Disease
Eugene B. JININGSMW NC2May 1880 1880Infantum colralmobbes?
B. F. JOHNSONMWMarriedNC63May 1880Farmer1880Paralysis
George JOHNSONMWMarriedNC50Mar. 1880Farm laborer1880Plura pneumonia
Matilda JOHNSONFB NC1Aug. 1879 1880Consumption
Patrick JOHNSONMWSingleNC30May 1880Carpenter1880Typhoid fever
Rosey JOHNSONFWWidowedNC100Dec. 1879No occupation1880Not Known
Sarah JOHNSONFW NC14 daysApr. 1880 1880Hives
John W. JOINESMWMarriedNC75Jan. 1880Farmer1880Dis. Unknown
Nancy KENNEDYFW NC22 daysMay 1880 1880Unknown
Mary KILBYFW NC2Jul. 1879 1880Flux
Henry KIMMERMWMarriedNC70May 1880Farmer1880Billious fever
Dovey LAWSFW NC2 mos.Dec. 1879 1880Croup
Vina E. LAWSFW NC2May 1880 1880Flux
Joseph LEEMWWidowedNC86Jun. 1879Farmer1880Diarrhea
Darcus LEWISFWSingleNC15Jan. 1880 1880Diptheria
Carnby LIVINGSTONMW NC4 mos.Nov. 1879 1880Erysipelas
Eli LOOPERMBMarriedNC80Dec. 1879Cooper1880Old age
Olivia J. LYONFW NC4May 1880 1880Hooping Cough
James T. MARLOWMW NC3Jun. 1879 1880Flux
Annie MARTINFBMarriedNC40Dec. 1879Keeping House1880Pneumonia
N. G. MARTINMBSingleNC15Mar. 1880Laborer on farm1880Stomach dropsy
no name MATHESONFW NC3 days?Feb. 1880 1880Infant
Margaret MATHEWSFWSingleNC62Nov. 1879Housekeeping1880Dropsy
Martin G. McBRIDEMWMarriedNC68May 1880Farmer1880Flux
Nancy A. McGRADYFBMarriedNC33Aug. 1879 1880Phthisis
James McNEALMWMarriedNC56Dec. 1879Minister1880Disease unknown
L. A. McNEILFW NC2Sept. 1879 1880Diptheria
M. K. McNEILFW NC6Sept. 1879 1880Diptheria
C. McNIELMW NC10 mos.Aug. 1879 1880Diptheria
Virginia A. MILUMSFW NC1Aug. 1879 1880Flux
MINTONMW NC9 daysNov. 1879 1880Debility
Barbara A. MINTONFW NC3Dec. 1879 1880Diptheria
Mary E. MINTONFW NC3Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
H. E. MOREMWMarriedNC30May 1880Farmer1880Colic
Willey F. MYERSMWMarriedNC28Jun. 1879Working on Farm1880Dropsy of the heart
D. S. NAPIERMWMarriedNC69Jun. 1879 1880Kidney disease
W. H. NAPIERMW NC11May 1880 1880Flux
James W. PARDEUMWMarriedSC56Mar. 1880Farmer1880Pneumonia
James M. PARKSMWMarriedNC27Apr. 1880Farmer1880Kicked by a horse
Martha PARKSFWSingleNC32May 1880 1880Pelvic cellulitis
Elizabeth PARSONFWMarriedNC58Oct. 1879Keeping House1880Dropsy
Laura A. PARSONSFW NC8 mos.May 1880 1880Croup
Mary C. PARSONSFW NC8 mos.Nov. 1879 1880Membranous croup
Sylvester PARSONSMW NC7Apr. 1880 1880Burned
Alfred B. PAYNEMWMarriedNC67Aug. 1879Farmer1880Asthma
John PAYNEMW NC21 daysOct. 1879 1880Bold hives
Mary PAYNEFW NC27 daysOct. 1879 1880Bold hives
Infant PEARSONMW NC0Nov. 1879 1880Stillborn
no name PEARSONMW NC3 daysJun. 1879 1880No dis.
Martha E. PERRYFW NC2Jul. 1879 1880Cholera infantum
Jetties PORTERFW NC1May 1880 1880Flux
Pear U. PREVETTEMW NC10 mos.Dec. 1879 1880Death caused of fall
N. C. RASHFW NC7Sept. 1879 1880Diptheria
R. L. RASHMW NC3Aug. 1879 1880Diptheria
E. A. RECTORMW NC1May 1880 1880Flux
John REDMANMBSingleNC11Jun. 1879Farm laborer1880Bronchitis
Malinda ROSEFWMarriedNC60May 1880Keeping House1880Flux
Mary ROSEFWWidowedNC84Jan. 1880Keeping House1880Hemorrhage from lungs
Robert SALEMWMarriedNC57Jun. 1879Farming1880Billious fever
Dicey SANDERSFWSingleNC22Apr. 1880 1880Poison
Dicy SANDERSFWSingleNC20Feb. 1880Housekeeping180Dropsy
Rebecka SAYNERFBMarriedNC55Nov. 1879Keeping House1880Dropsy
Ruben SETTLEMWMarriedNC75Aug. 1879Farmer1880Colic
Caroline SHORESFWWidowedNC81Jun. 1879Housekeeping1880Flux
Mary M. SHORESFW NC7Sept. 1879 1880Disease unknown
Ugenia(?) SHORESFW NC5Sept. 1879 1880Disease unknown
Martha SHUMATEFWSingleNC18Mar. 1880Asst. Housekeeper1880?????al stoppage
John M. SMITHMW NC1 mo.Nov. 1879 1880Infant
Lanney SOOTSFWMarriedNC59Jan. 1880Keeping House1880Cancer
Noah SPARKSMWMarriedNC50May 1880Farmer1880Rheumatism
P. E. SPICERMW NC5 mos.Apr. 1880 1880Bold hives
Alfred STILEYMWMarriedNC60Jan. 1880Farming1880Dropsy
Hellen STINCINFW NC6Oct. 1879 1880Scarlet fever
M. VANNOYMW NC4Nov. 1879 1880Diptheria
Jane WADDELLFWMarriedNC36Apr. 01, 1879Housekeeping1880Consumption
Henry WAGNERMWWidowedNC75Aug. 1879Farmer1880Tumor on Abdomen
Ailcy M. WALKERFW NC2 mos.Feb. 1880 1880Hives
Larkin WALKERMWSingleNC12 23May 1880Farmer1880Flux
Norman WALKERMW NC2Mar. 1880 1880Not Known
William S. WALKERMWMarriedNC72Dec. 1879Farmer1880Disease of Stomach
Laden WALSHMW NC1 dayApr. 1880 1880Inanition
S. J. WALSHMWMarriedNC65Jan. 1880Farmer1880General Debility
Daniel WATSON (twice) MWMarriedNC65Mar. 1880Farmer1880Dropsy
Daniel WATSON (twice)MWMarriedNC66Mar. 1880Farmer1880Pneumonia fever
David WATSONMWMarriedNC70Feb. 1880Farmer1880Dropsy
Elizabeth WATSONFWMarriedNC73Jul. 1879Keeping House1880Flux
Wm. WATTSMW NC1 mo.Nov. 1879 1880Not Known
(Infant) WESTMW NC4 mos.Nov. 1879 1880Bold hives
Elias G. WESTMWSingleNC20May 1880Laborer1880Gun shot
Mary WHEATLEYFWMarriedNC54Feb. 1880Keeping House1880Supposed Consumption
Nancy D. WILBORNFWWidowedNC60Feb. 1880Keeping House1880Female disease
Rebecca M. WILBORNFWMarriedNC40Apr. 1880Keeping House1880Dropsy
Ira L. WILESMW NC8 mos.Aug. 1879 1880Brain fever
Sunny WILEYM B NC4Oct. 1879 1880Diptheria
Infant (WOOD)MW NC0Jul. 1879 1880Stillborn
Infant (YALE)MW NC0Jan. 1880 1880Stillborn
Susan YOKELYFWWidowedNC35Jul. 1879Housekeeping1880Dropsy
Marcus YOUNGERMW NC1Apr. 1880 1880Flux
Nancy YOUNGERFWSingleNC40Oct. 1879Keeping House1880Ascites

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