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At this time we are unable to use a form for the submission of your queries due to extensive vulgar and offensive spamming.    Not all county sites have been spammed but I set up a form for a couple of counties and sadly, someone decided, just for fun, to spam the sites with literally 100s of e-mails a day.  Also, other sites that have used various programs or services have experienced the same thing. One state had their entire query database hacked and destroyed.   It is a shame when others have nothing better to do with their lives but until we find a better solution, I will ask that any queries you have be posted to the Wilkes County Mailing List (see below)  with the subject of the Surnames, Location & Dates of the parties mentioned in your query.   Queries do work!  Two of my most difficult brick walls were solved by people who read my queries and in one case it was 10 years before I got a response.  Thankfully the people with the answers took the time to contact me and I will never forget them!   Good luck!


Tips on Posting Messages

Remember that when posting a message to either a Mailing List or Message Board, you should be clear and concise as to what you are looking for. In the Subject line, you should always include the Name, Location, and a Time Frame at the very least, then in the Body of the message, a more detailed description of the individual and/or family saying what other records you have looked through and where, will better enable others to help you in your research. Never ask for "all the records that you have..." or similar wording when requesting research help, one should always be specific and courteous in any message posted on a public forum, and you will get much better results because researchers are more likely to read through a well-worded message than one that gives little or no details.  Click onto the underlined Links below to visit the sites.

Please read a more detailed instructions page on How to Write a Query


Following are some of the available Mailing Lists and Message Boards from which you can post your Queries:


Wilkes County Mailing List

Choose to receive emails in either the LIST mode or DIGEST mode, onto the SUBSCRIBE button to send in your request


Other Rootsweb Mailing Lists

Pick the Mailing List of your choice and SUBSCRIBE to the ones that will be the most effective in helping you in your research


Rootsweb Wilkes County Message Board

Post a message on the Wilkes County Message Board by clicking onto the "Begin New Thread" option under the Wilkes name


Other Rootsweb Message Boards

Choose any of the Rootsweb Message Boards including County, State, Surname or other Topics as indicated in the lists in their MESSAGE BOARDS Index Page


NEWBIES Message Boards

A Message Board where new researchers can post their queries and get help from experienced researchers



Now a "read only" site you can search for info in previously posted Messages on's Forums

 You can also choose any of the SURNAME or TOPIC Boards from their MESSAGE BOARDS


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