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Warren County Marriage 1865 - 1900
Marriage Data listed by Bride and Groom
This fantastic marriage collection has been provided by Forrest King.  Forrest has asked me to let everyone know there may be more information available with the original records such as the name of the witnesses which were not included in his abstract.  However, this is a fabulous database since, in most cases, we have the names of the parents of the brides and grooms as well as where the parents are from. Thanks again Forrest for all you do for all of us!
Marriage Information -  Brides and Grooms
Family Information for Brides and Grooms



  Age  Race



F - L/D M - L/D
D. Tabon Warren 27 B Jimmie Tabon Eliza Tabon L L
Ed Tabon Warren 26 B James Tabon Tabitha Tabon L L
Eliza Tabon Warren 23 B Jas. Tabon Tabitha Tabon L L
Altomore Tabor Nash 23 B   Ella Tabor    
Martha Talley Virginia 20 B   Linnua? Talley   L
Celia Tally Warren 23 B Rasmus Hawks Liana Tally L L
Eller Tally Warren 21 B Jack Tally Adline Tally L L
Elvira Tally Virginia 15 B Anderson Talley Martha Talley L D
Everline Tally Warren 50 B Andrew Jefferson   D D
Frank Tally Warren 28 B   Leana Tally   L
Horace Tally     B Anderson Tally Martha Tally    
Indiana Tally Warren 22 B John Hendrick Galy Hendrick D D
Isabella Tally Warren 25 B   Lucinda Rodwell D L
James Tally Warren 21 B Willis Tally Catherine Tally L D
Kittie Tally       William Tally Nancy Tally    
Laura A. Tally Warren 18 B     D D
Lucy Tally Warren 17 B R. Tally J. Tally D D
Lucy Tally Warren 19 B Thomas Tally Amy Tally L L
Martha Tally Warren 20 B Horace Tally Jennie Tally L L
Sally Tally Warren 24 B Thomas Tally   L D
Sarah Tally Warren 34 B George Minga Lucy Bobbitt L D
Sophia Tally Warren 21 B Louis Tally Bettie Tally D L
Warren Tally Warren 22 B Ben Robinson Bille Russell L D
William Tally Warren 21 B Solomon Tally Eveline Tally L L
William Tally Warren 26 B Phil Tally Judea Tally D L
William A. Tally       Saml Tally Sarah Tally    
Willis Tally     B John Hendrick Mincy Rules    
Wm. P. Tally Warren 22 B Willie Talley Catherine Talley L D
Henry Tally Jr.     B Henry Tally Sr. Craty? Tally    
Mary Ann Tan     B   Maria Tan    
Cornelius Tanner Warren 21 B Peter Tanner Eliza Tanner L L
John T. Tanner Brunswick, VA 19 W Tom Tanner Pink Tanner L D
Phil Tanner Warren 37 B Peter Tanner Eliza Tanner D D
Cornelius Tarry     B Michael Tarry Mary Tarry    
Henderson Tarry Warren 21 B Jessee Tarry Liza? Tarry L D
Martha Tarry Warren 23 B Anthony Tarry Lillie Ann Tarry L L
Ritta Tarry Warren 22 B Anthony Tarry Lilly Ann Tarry L L
John Tarry Jr. Warren 23 B John Tarry Sr. Virginia L D
G. B. Tarwater Warren 24 W J. J. Tarwater S. A. Tarwater D L
John G. Tarwater Warren 50 W J. A. Tarwater S. A. Tarwater D D
Alfred Taylor Warren 23 B Suck Taylor Jane Taylor L L
Annie E. Taylor Brunswick, VA 19 W Jas. Taylor Ellen Taylor L L
Anthony Taylor Warren 59 B     D D
Calvin W. Taylor       Richard W. Taylor Martha A. Taylor    
Caroline Taylor Warren 18 B Silas Taylor Delilah Taylor L L
Cittie Taylor Warren 18 B Some Taylor Mary Taylor L L
Cora B. Taylor Warren 19 W Millard W. Taylor Elizabeth Taylor L L
Cornelius Taylor Warren 21 B Ephraim Taylor Anna Taylor L L
David Taylor Warren 25 B Alfred Taylor Pleasant Taylor L L
Davy Taylor Halifax 24 B D. Taylor Eliza Taylor D L
E. W. Taylor       T. A. Taylor R. A. Taylor    
Edmond Taylor Warren 21 B Silas Field Lila Fields   L
Edward Taylor Warren 21 B William Taylor Soiky Taylor L L
Eliza Taylor Warren 20 B   Virginia Spruill   L
Ella Taylor Warren 18 B Cornelius Taylor Sarah Taylor D L
Emily Taylor Warren 38 B   Louisa Hunter D L
Emma Taylor Warren 18 B   Manerva Taylor   L
Emmet Taylor Warren 21 B Ephraim Taylor Anna Taylor L L
Fanny Taylor Warren 30 B Jerry Taylor   D D
Frank Taylor Warren 20 B   Jane Taylor   L
H. H. Taylor Rome, GA 23 B J. F. Taylor Keziah Taylor D L
Harriet Taylor Warren 21 B   Eliza Taylor   L
Henry Taylor Warren 34 B Matt Taylor Julia Taylor   D
Ida Taylor Warren 18 B Luck Taylor Jane Taylor L L
Indie Taylor Warren 24 B        
Jacob Taylor       Jerry Taylor Dolly Taylor    
James Taylor Warren 20 B Luck Taylor Jane Taylor L L
James E. Taylor Petersburg, VA 37 W R. D. Taylor Nancy Taylor L D
James S. Taylor Warren 26 B Henry Taylor Nancy Taylor L L
Joe Taylor Warren 20 W Billy Taylor Mary Taylor D L
Joe Taylor Warren 23 B Cornelius Taylor Sarah Taylor D D
John Taylor Warren 21 B Jacob Taylor Jane Taylor L D
Julia Taylor Warren 24 B Arthur Taylor Juda Taylor L L
Lily B. Taylor Warren 25 W W. L. Taylor M. B. Taylor L L
Lou Taylor Warren 18 B Sam Taylor Mary Taylor L L
Loujenia Taylor Warren 30 B     D D
Lucy Taylor Lunenburg, VA 18 W P. G. Taylor Maria E. Taylor D D
Lucy Taylor Warren 19 B Cornelius Taylor Sarah Taylor D L
Lula Taylor Warren 20 W     D D
Lydia Taylor     B   Rhacheal Hawkins    
Maggie Taylor Petersburg, Va 18 W Edward Taylor Maranda Taylor D D
Margaret Taylor Warren 27 B Dick Taylor Sily Taylor D D
Martha Taylor     B Robt. Taylor Betsy Taylor    
Martha Taylor     B   Annie Taylor    
Mary Taylor Warren 20 B Richard Taylor Sarah Taylor L L
Mary Taylor Warren 24 B Willis Taylor Frances Taylor D L
Mary Eliza Taylor Warren 21 B Anthony Taylor Malinder Taylor L D
Millie Taylor Warren 18 B Alfred Bullock Rachael Bullock L L
Milly Taylor Warren 21 B   Jane Taylor   L
Milly Taylor Warren 28 B Bob Taylor Betsy Taylor L D
Monroe Taylor Warren 28 W M. L. Taylor Mary H. Taylor D L
Nancy Taylor Warren 19 B   Annie Taylor   L
Nannie Taylor Warren 18 B Wm. Taylor Sucky Somerville   L
Pomp Taylor Warren 23 B Jas. Taylor Eugenia Spruill D L
Prosper Taylor     B Jerry Taylor Dolly Taylor    
R. S. Taylor Meck., VA 22 W Ben Taylor Susan Taylor L D
Richard Taylor Franklin 22 B     D D
Robert Taylor Warren 20 B Daniel Taylor Milly Taylor D L
Sam Taylor Warren 19 B Charles Taylor Milly Taylor L L
Sandy Taylor Warren 22 B Jerry Taylor Dolly Taylor L D
Sarah Taylor Warren 18 B   Judith Taylor   D
Sarah Taylor Warren 36 B Eaton Brown Lucy Brown L L
Sue Taylor Warren 18 B Luck Taylor Jane Taylor L L
Thomas Taylor Warren 21 B   Maggie Taylor D L
Tom Taylor     B Wm. Taylor Lizzie Taylor    
William Taylor Warren 20 B Geo. Taylor Fanny Taylor D L
William Taylor Warren 21 B Nash Taylor Patsy Taylor D D
Willis Taylor       Cyrus Taylor Dolly Taylor    
Wm. P. Taylor       Montgomery P. Taylor Rebecca Taylor    
Lizie Taylro     B Ephraim Taylor Anny Taylor    
John Temple Halifax 48 B        
Joseph A. Temple Warren 23 W John B. Temple B. E. Temple L L
Lena A. Temple Warren 22 W Joseph A. Temple Martha Temple L L
Maria Temple Warren 17 B John Temple   L D
Mrs. E. J. Temple Brunswick, VA 42 W G.W. T. Blanch Nancy Blanch D D
Alva Lee Terrell Warren 29 W Thos. J. Terrell Mary B. Terrell D D
Betty Terrell Warren 18 B Oscar Terrell Eliza Terrell L L
Cora Terrell Warren 19 B Norah? Terrell Amy Stuangor? L L
Hilliard Terrell Warren 45 B Ben Terrell Harriet Terrell L L
James Terrell Franklin 46 W Tarl Terrell   D D
Mahala Terrell Warren 41 B   Linda Privet   D
Maranda Terrell Warren 18 B   Eliza Terrell   L
Mary Terrell Warren 17 B Noah Terrell Amy Hanagon L L
Matilda Terrell Warren 18 B Decon Terrell Ailey Terrell L L
Mollie E. Terrell Warren 21 W Thos. Terrell Mary B. Terrell D L
Pattie H. Terrell Warren 22 W T. J. Terrell O. H. Terrell L D
Susanna Terrell     B Wesley Terrell      
W. S. Terrell Warren 20 W T. J. Terrell   L D
Agness Terry Warren 18 B Saml. Terry Fanny Terry L L
Albert Terry Warren 19 B Jessee Terry Eliza Terry L L
Alexander Terry Warren 28 B     D D
Anthony Lewis Terry Warren 22 B Lewis Terry Violet Terry L L
Burton Terry Warren 23 B Lewis Terry Bettie Terry D L
Daniel Terry Warren 21 B Louis Terry Violet Terry L L
Eliza Terry Warren 17 B Lewis Terry Violet Terry L L
Ella Terry Warren 22 B Lewis Terry Violet Terry L L
Ellen Terry Warren 17 B Oscar Terry Eliza Terry L L
Fannie Terry     B   Tempie Terry    
G. R. Terry Warren 32 B Sam Terry Fanny Terry   D
Juda Terry Warren 19 B Jessee Terry Elizia Terry L L
Lizzie Terry Warren 27 B Jessee Terry Amy Terry L D
Lorenza Terry Meck., VA 24 B Stephen Jefferson Eliza Terry L L
Washington Terry Warren 23 B Lewis Balthrop Betsy Balthrop L L
Rebecca Teverson     B George Teverson Catherine Teverson    
Carrie Tharp Warren 18 B Haywood Tharp Bettie Tharp L L
Wm. H. Tharp Warren 55 B        
Annie W. Tharrington Warren 17 W Allen P. Tharrington E. T. Tharrington D L
Ben G. Tharrington Warren 21 W Willis Tharrington Susan Tharrington L L
Billie B. Tharrington Warren 22 W Allen Tharrington Emily Tharrington D L
C. D. Tharrington Warren 22 W Willis Tharrington Susan Tharrington L L
Charlie Tharrington Warren 26 W Pugh Tharrington Martha Tharrington L L
Della Tharrington Warren 22 W Willis Tharrington Susan Tharrington L L
Etta Tharrington Warren 21 W Pugh Tharrington Martha Tharrington L L
R. L. Tharrington Warren 21 W W. Tharrington Susan Tharrington L L
Susie W. Tharrington Warren 20 W Allen Tharrington Cready? Tharrington D L
Thomas Tharrington Warren 23 W P. H. Tharrington Pattie Tharrington L L
Walter Tharrington Warren 22 W P. H. Tharrington Pattie Tharrington L L
Anthon Thomas Warren 28 B Billy Thomas Sarah Thomas L D
Betsy Thomas Warren 18 B Ed Thomas Eliza Riggan L L
Carry Thomas Warren 21 B Henry Thomas Card Thomas D D
Chas. Thomas Warren 25 B   Julia Browne   L
China Thomas Meck., VA 21 W Hugh Thomas Mary Thomas D L
Ed Thomas Warren 21 B Ed Thomas   L D
Edward Thomas Warren 40 B        
Edward Thomas         Betsy Thomas    
Eliza Thomas Warren 29 B London? Johnson Jane Johnson L L
Elizabeth Ann Thomas Warren 24 W   Martha Thomas D D
Francies Thomas Warren 20 B Henry Thomas Carry Thomas L D
George T. Thomas Nash 23 B Osa Thomas Nellie Thomas L L
Hamet Thomas Franklin 21 B Geo. Thomas Fanny Thomas L L
Henry Thomas       Harry Riglic? Bettie Thomas    
James Thomas     B Billy Thomas Agnes Thomas    
Jas. Thomas Warren 21 B Ed Thomas Mary Thomas D L
Jerry Thomas Warren 26 W   Martha Thomas D L
John Thomas Warren 21 B   Mary Thomas   L
Kate Thomas Warren 21 B     D  
Katie S. Thomas Warren 17 W G. A. Thomas M. M. Thomas L L
Lallah R. Thomas Warren 19 W Alex Thomas Maimie M. D. Thomas L L
Lena Thomas Warren 20 W J. Thomas Catherine Barbara L L
Lizzie Thomas Warren 20 B Patrick Thomas Mollie Thomas L L
Mary Thomas Warren 21 B Gid Thomas Juda Thomas L L
Michael Thomas Warren 21 B Henry Thomas Carrol Thomas L D
Moses Thomas Warren 54 B   Aggie Thomas D D
Paschall Thomas Meck., VA 23 B Wiley Thomas Rosa Thomas L L
Patrick Thomas Warren 30 B Billy Thomas Sarah Thomas L D
Pattie Thomas Warren 19 W Jerry Thomas Willie Thomas L L
Philip Thomas Warren 24 W Michael Thomas K. B. Thomas L L
Richard Thomas Warren 24 B Frank Thomas Sarah Thomas L L
Tempie Thomas Warren 18 B Henry Thomas Carry Thomas L D
Virginia A. Thomas Warren 19 W   Martha Thomas   L
William Thomas Warren 21 B Ned Thomas C. Thomas D D
William Thomas Vance 23   William Thomas Anneta Thomas L L
Alleo Thompson Warren 18 B   Thompson   L
Arnold L. Thompson       Drew Thompson Eliza Thompson    
Bettie Thompson Warren 18 W Bane? Thompson Sally Thompson D L
D. T. Thompson Warren 32 W   Annie Thompson   D
E. W. Thompson Warren 20 W A. L. Thompson Louisa Thompson L L
Edward W. Thompson       Drury Thompson Eliza Thompson    
Herod J. Thompson Warren 21 W Drew Thompson Eliza Thompson D L
James Thompson Warren 43 W James Thompson Mary Thompson D D
Jas. Thompson Warren 19 W Jas. T. Thompson Laura Thompson D L
Jinnie A. Thompson       Allen Thompson Marby? Thompson    
John H. Thompson Warren 23 W Ben W. Thompson Ann Thompson L L
L. E. Thompson Warren 38 W Ben Thompson Martha Thompson D D
Laura Thompson Warren 43 W Daniel Verser Susan Verser D L
Lethea Thompson Warren 21 W   Irene Thompson   L
Lewis A. Thompson Warren 26 W Lewis A. Thompson Sue L. Thompson D D
Lucy Thompson Warren 23 W   Lucy Thornton   L
Mary Thompson Warren 19 W Arche? Thompson Mavenia Thompson D L
Mary Thompson Warren 19 W Aaron Thompson Lou Thompson L L
Mary E. Thompson Warren 18 W Ben H. Thompson Susan Thompson L L
Mary E. Thompson Warren 19 W Littleton Thompson Sallie King D L
Millie Thompson Warren 19 W Arter Thompson Reen Thompson D L
Minnie N. Thompson Meck., VA 18 W Daniel Thompson Catharine Thompson L L
Moses Thompson     B Benj. Walker Sukey Tucker    
Nettie Thompson Warren 18 W R. H. Thompson Ann Thompson L D
Nita W. Thompson Warren 18 W Billy Thompson Dazia Thompson L L
Richard Thompson       Richard Thompson Sr Eliza Thompson    
Richard H. Thompson Warren 32 W   Sarah Thompson   D
Sudie Thompson Warren 19 W Daniel Thompson Catherine Walker L L
Tempie Thompson Warren 23 W Barie Thompson Sallie Thompson D L
Thomas Thompson Warren 32 W   Ann Thompson   D
Victoria Thompson Warren 25 W   Dorsey Thompson   L
W. W. Thompson Durham 25 W J. J. Thompson   L L
Walter Thompson Warren 20 W Bane Thompson Sally Thompson D L
Elizabeth Thomson Warren 18 W John Thomson Eliza Thomson D L
Betty Ann Thorne     B Nelson Thorne Matilda Thorne    
Caroline Thorne Warren 22 B Burgess Thorne Julia Thorne D L
Dee Thorne Halifax 24 B Wilbirn Thorne Matilda Thorne D L
Eugene Thorne Warren 26 W J. Williams Thorne Mary Thorne L L
Fanny D. Thorne Warren 24 B Robert Thorne   D  
James Thorne Warren 21 B Jim Thorne Nancy Thorne D L
Lula Thorne Warren 18 B J. Wesley Tally Fannie Tally L L
Nedy Thorne Warren 19 B Ranson Thorne Annie Thorne L L
Ransom Thorne Warren 19 B Ransom Thorne Annie Thorne L L
Sally Thorne     B Anthony Alston Sallie Alston    
Solomon Thorne Virginia 21 B Easop Thorne Lucinda Thorne D D
Wesley Thorne     B Austin Thorne Fanny Thorne    
Winny Thorne Warren   B R. Thorne Assuis? Thorne L L
S. T. Thorne Jr Halifax 25 W W. H. Thorne Pattie A. Thorne L D
Burges Thorne? Warren 27 B E. Thorne   D D
Mansfield Thorntom Warren 23 B Alonzo Thornton Martha Thornton L L
Anika Thornton Warren 28 B     D D
Austin Thornton Warren 21 B Nick Moseley Mary J. Moseley L L
Bettie Thornton Warren 22 B Alonza Thornton Martha Thornton L L
Bettie Thornton     B        
Bettie Thornton     B Edward Thornton Betsy Boyd    
Burril Thornton Warren 40 B Alonzo Thornton Martha Thornton D D
Burwell Thornton Warren 22 B Alonzo Thornton Martha Thornton L L
Caroline Thornton Warren 27 B   Medina Thornton   L
Catos Thornton Warren 24 B Catos Thornton Harriet Thornton D L
Claricy Ann Thornton Warren 21 B John Bell Rhoda Thornton D L
Della Thornton     B Eaton Thornton Lizzie Thornton    
Edward Thornton Warren 24 B Alonzo Thornton Martha Thornton L L
Eliza Thornton Warren 24 B Gid Thornton Jennie Thornton L L
Ellis Thornton Warren 24 B Kuten Thornton Serina Hedgepeth D L
Elvira Thornton Warren 18 B Enoch Hunt Louisa Thornton D L
Fanny Thornton Warren 20 B Daniel Thornton Mary Thornton L L
Florance Thornton Warren 19 B Willie Thornton Mary Thornton L L
Gideon Thornton     B   Nelly Thornton    
Grandison Thornton Warren 49 B Louy A. Thornton Martha Thornton D D
Harriet Thornton Warren 23 B   Mordenica? Thornton   L
Hattie E. Thornton Warren 19 B Grandison Thornton Sue Thornton L D
Jael W. Thornton Halifax 25 W J. J. Thornton Margaret Thornton L D
James Thornton Warren 21 B Arry Thornton Jule Somerville D D
Jane Thornton Warren 30 B Ephraim Shaw Barbry Shaw D L
John Thornton     B John George Modina Thornton    
John W. Thornton     B   Sarah Thornton    
Lizzie Thornton Warren 20 B   Nannie Thornton D D
Lizzie Thornton     B Martin Boyd Aggy Thornton    
Lucy Thornton Warren 19 B Mansfield Thornton Betsy Thornton L D
Lula A. Thornton Warren 20 B M. F. Thornton Mary A. Thornton L L
M. F. Thornton Warren 21 W     L D
Mamie? Thornton Warren 18 B Gid Thornton Jennie Thornton L L
Martha Thornton Warren 18 B   Louisa Thornton   L
Moses Thornton Warren 23 B Enoch Hunt Luisa Thornton D L
Nelson Thornton Warren 23 B Wilbur Thorne Malinda Thorne L L
Polly Thornton Warren 20 B Kitter Thornton Harriet Thornton D L
Robert B. Thornton       Francis A. Thornton Lucy N. Thornton    
Sarah Thornton Warren 18 B Nat Thornton J. Thornton L L
Thomas Thornton     B Lonza Thornton Martha Thornton    
Willis Thornton     B Lemuel Thornton Miranda Thornton    
Ada Thorpe Warren 18 B Haywood Thorpe Bettie Thorpe L L
Mollie Thorton Warren 18 B Daniel Thornton Mary Thornton D L
W. P. Threewitts Halifax 32 W W. P. Threewitts S. T. Threewitts D L
J. J. Throckmorton Meck., VA 25 W H. Throckmorton Rebecca Throckmorton L L
Ben Thrower Warren 23 B Peter Thrower Lou Thrower D L
Dock Thrower Warren 22 B Thos. Thrower Franky Sledge D D
Edward Thrower Warren 22 B Brchd? Thrower Helen Thrower D L
Eveline Thrower Warren 18 B Henry Thrower Billie Thrower L L
Frank Thrower Warren 22 B Nilson Thrower Betsy Thrower D D
Georgia Thrower Warren 17 B Jno. J. Thrower N. A. Thrower L L
Gilford Thrower Warren 60 B Charles Green Anita Duke D D
James A. Thrower Wake 40 W James J. Thrower Charlotte S. Thrower D D
John Thrower Warren 21 B Moses Nicholson Millie L L
Lizzie Thrower     B Billy Tripp Frankie Thrower    
Marry A. Thrower Warren 29 B Richard Thrower   L D
Mary A. Thrower Warren 20 B Charles Thrower Eliza Thrower L L
Mystie Thrower Warren 19 B Peter Thrower Louisa Thrower D L
Richard Thrower Meck., VA 23 B John Thrower Nancy Thrower L L
Richd. Thrower Warren 52 B Guilford Thrower Leitha Thrower L D
Tony Thrower Warren 22 B Richd. Thrower Lehana Thrower L D
Walter Thrower Warren 21 B Isaac Thrower Queen Thrower D D
Willie Thrower       William Thrower Harriet Thrower    
Wm. Thrower Warren 22 B Tom Thrower Frankie Thrower D L
Wyatt Thrower Warren 66 B Jacob? Thrower Nancy Thrower D D
John Tillery Warren 21 B Peter Tillery Polly Tillery D L
Bettie Tilman Warren 19 B Grief Tilman Ann Tilman L L
Stephen Tilman     B Grief Tillman Patience Thornton    
Mattew Tiplady? Roanoke, VA 35 W T. W. Tiplady Ellen Tiplady D L
Lillian A. Tisdale Lunenburg, VA 19 W R. W. Tisdale M. C. Tisdale L L
Jane Toney       William Toney Jane Toney    
Lucy Toney Warren 21 B Wm. Toney Jane Toney L L
Christina Town Warren 18 B Enough Town Amy Town L L
Enouch Town Warren 21 B Enouch Town Amy Town L D
Annie Townes Warren 19 B Phillip Townes   L D
Anthony Townes Warren 25 B Enouch Townes Billie Townes L L
Catharine Townes Warren 15 B Cornelius Townes Pattie Townes D D
Douglas Townes Warren 43 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes L D
Elizabeth Townes Warren 23 B Daniel Townes Snithie Townes L L
Emily Townes Warren 19 B Ras Townes Tishie Townes L L
Enoch Townes Warren 26 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes D L
Enock Townes Warren 27 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes L L
Frank Townes   21 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes L L
Hattie Townes Warren 19 B Cornelius Townes Pattie Townes L L
Hugh Townes Warren 22 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes L D
India Townes Warren 18 B Ras Townes Cornelia Townes L L
Joe Townes Warren 21 B George Townes Emma Townes D D
Margaret Townes Warren 30 B David Townes Smuthy? Townes L L
Martha Townes Warren 19 B Ras. Townes Nishia Townes L L
Minnie Townes Warren 19 B Daniel Townes Nancy Townes L L
Nellie Townes Warren 22 B Mitchel Townes Betsy Townes D D
Peter Townes Warren 21 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes D D
Phill Townes Warren 21 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes L L
Ritta Townes Warren 21 B Sussex Townes Sallie Townes L L
William Townes Warren 18 B Peter Townes Eliza Townes L D
Willis Townes Warren 22 B Cuffy Townes Jenny Townes D L
Ed Townes Jr. Warren 23 B Edward Townes Dinah Townes L L
Edward Towns       Peter? Towns Eliz. Towns    
Eliza Towns Warren 20 B Phill Towns Arz? Towns L D
Erasmus Towns     B Nathan Towns Phoebe Towns    
Fannie Towns Warren 23 B Daniel Towns Nancy Towns L L
Henry Towns Warren 21 B Ed Towns Dinnah Towns L L
Lou Towns Warren 18 B Sussex Towns Sallie Towns L L
Mary Towns Warren 19 B Sussex Towns Sally Towns D L
Nellie Towns Warren 21 B Amandu Towns   D L
Thomas Towns     B Thomas Towns Sr. Annie Towns    
Washington Towns Warren 21 B Edward Dinah Towns L L
Wm. Towns     B John Towns Manda Towns    
Susan Towrill Warren 18 B   Jinnie Towrill   L
Cinda A. M. Travis Virginia 19 B   Catherine Travis   L
Hattie R. Travis Brunswick, VA 18 W J. H. Travis Hellen Travis L L
Richard Trip Warren 19 B Billy Trip Carolina Trip L L
Harriet Tripp     B Billy Trip      
Susan Tripp     B Billy Tripp Minerva Aycock    
Amy Tucker Warren 20 B John Tucker Luvinia Tucker L D
Annie Tucker Warren 22 B Wm. Tucker Bell Tucker L L
Bettie Tucker Warren 18 B Geo. Tucker Emily Tucker L L
Billy Tucker       Jack Tucker Judah Tucker    
C. J. Tucker Meck., VA 19 W W. R. Tucker M. P. Tucker D L
C. J. Tucker Warren 25 W Jno. Tucker   D  
Chas. U. Tucker Warren 26 W John D. Tucker Lucie A. Tucker L L
Danuan Tucker Brunswick, VA 20 B Danuan Tucker Harriet Tucker L L
Frank Tucker Warren 21 B Jack Tucker Juda Tucker D D
George Tucker Warren 23 W William Tucker Billie Tucker D L
George Tucker Warren 29 W George Tucker Martha Tucker D L
George W. S. Tucker       Francis M. Tucker Elizabeth Y. Tucker    
J. T. Tucker Warren 28 W Jno. Tucker Francies Tucker D D
James H. Tucker Pitt 30 W B. F. Tucker M. A. Tucker L D
John Tucker Warren 25 B Geo. Tucker   L D
Lizzie Tucker Warren 23 W John Tucker Lucy Ann Tucker L D
Lucy Tucker Warren 18 B Bill Tucker Deller Tucker L L
M. F. Tucker Warren 40 W James Myrick Mary F. Evans D L
Mary Eliza Tucker Warren 21 W George Tucker Martha Tucker L L
Mary P. Tucker Warren 24 W John Tucker Frances Tucker D D
R. S. Tucker Warren 36 W Geo. Tucker Martha Tucker L L
R. W. Tucker Warren 30 W Jno. D. Tucker Frances Tucker D D
Rebecca Tucker Warren 24 B Wm. Tucker   L L
Richard Tucker Warren 21 B Allen Tucker Lovey Tucker L L
Robert Tucker Brunswick, VA 21 W Robert Tucker Sr. Harriett Tucker L L
Robert J. Tucker Petersburg, VA 23 W R. H. Tucker Laura A. Tucker L D
Robert Y. Tucker       F. M. Tucker Elizabeth Y. Tucker    
Roda Tucker Warren 23 W J. D. Tucker Frances Tucker D D
S. T. Tucker Halifax 25 W Geo. Tucker Martha Tucker L L
Stephen D. Tucker       John D. Tucker Fannie Tucker    
Sue C. Tucker Warren 19 W Taylor C. Tucker Amanda M. Tucker L L
Susan Tucker     B John Tucker Pattie Tucker    
T. M. Tucker Warren 27 W John D. Tucker Lucy A. Tucker L L
Thomas Tucker       Richard Tucker Susan Tucker    
Vern Tucker Raleigh, NC 36 B Sam Slade Holly Tucker   D
Wm. H. Tucker Warren 21 W George W. Tucker Martha Tucker L L
Lucy Tuisdale Warren 22 W Green Tuisdale Eliza Tuisdale L L
Jno. W. Tully Warren 24 B David Tully Liza Tully D L
W. H. Tully Warren 23 B Wm T. Tulley Nancy Tulley L L
Cornelia P. Tumbull       Peter J. Tumbull Catharine Tumbull    
S. M. Tunsil Meck., VA 21 B Ned Tunsil Nancy Tunsil D D
Eliza Tunstall Warren 21 W Tom Tunstall Lucy L. Tunstall D L
James Tunstall       James H. Tunstall Tabitha Tunstall    
Joseph N. Tunstall Vance 27 W Thomas Tunstall Lucy A. Tunstall D L
Lizzie Tunstall Warren 23 B Wm Kearney Mamia Kearney L L
W. B Tunstall Warren 70 W Geo. W. Tunstall Lucy Tunstall D D
William Tunstall Warren 21 B Jas. Tunstall Violet Tunstall L D
William Tunstall     B Wm. Tunstall Violet Tunstall    
Alice Turner       Ned Turner Martha Turner    
Andrew Turner Warren 21 B Henry Turner Lucy Turner D L
Angeline Turner Warren 57 B William Read Amy Read L D
Burger Turner Warren   B Phil Turner Ann Turner D D
Curtis Turner Granville 49 B Tom Turner Linda Turner D D
Daniel J. Turner       William Turner Elizabeth Turner    
Davy Turner Warren 21 B Grandison Turner Linda Turner L D
Dinah Turner Warren 43 B Nathan Turner Luanna Williams D L
Dinah Turner     B Ned Turner Ann Turner    
Eliza Turner Warren 23 B   Mollie Turner   L
Eliza Turner Warren 25 B   Mollie Turner D L
Elizabeth Turner Warren 47 W Stephen Turner   L D
Ellen Turner     B   Ann Turner    
Frances Turner Warren 19 B Lewis Williams Dinah Turner   L
George Turner Warren 18 B   Caroline Williams   D
George Turner Warren 28 B   Caroline Turner   L
George Turner     B Sam Turner Polly Turner    
Henry Turner     B Austin Turner Caroline Turner    
Indie Turner Warren 21 B John Turner Ann Turner    
Isaac Turner Warren 33 B Henry Harvey Caroline Turner L D
James Turner Warren 21 B George Turner Lily Turner L L
Jasper Turner Warren 23 B Wm. Turner Boggy Turner L L
John Turner Warren 21 B Joseph Turner Aggness Turner D D
John H. Turner Franklin 21 W Henry Turner Ann M. E. Mosley D L
Lila Turner     B Jack Turner Ann Turner    
Lonanna Turner Warren 19 B Ransom Joiner Diana Johnson L L
Lucy Turner Warren 37 B Chas Washington Amy Washington D D
Mary Eliza Turner Warren 18 B George Turner Lilly Turner    
Micajah Turner Warren 55 B Hansel Reese Polly Turner D L
Nancy Turner Warren 23 B George Turner Angeline Turner L L
Pattie Turner Warren 18 B Stephen Irway   L D
Pattie M. Turner Warren 18   Edward Turner Martha Turner    
Rina Turner Warren 18 B Perry Turner Fannie Turner L L
Robert Turner Warren 21 B Grandison Turner Hannah Turner L L
Robert Turner Warren 23 B Wm. Turner Peggy Turner L L
Sarah B. Turner Warren 22 B James Turner Lucy Parker D L
Tiney Turner Warren 15 B Geo. Turner Silly? Turner D D
Webster Turner Vance 33 B Alex Turner Silva Turner L L
William Turner Warren 22 B     D D
Wm. Thomas Turner Warren 2o B Geo. Turner Lucy Turner L D
Z. T. Turner Warren 23 W S. H. Turner Susan Turner L D
Charles A. Tuter Meck., VA 20 W Wm. Tuter Rebecca A. Jones D L
Mary S. Tutor Meck., VA 21 W Sam Tutor   L  
Anner Twisdale Warren 18 B   Amy Hinnaghon?   L
E. W. Twisdale Warren 33 W John L. Twisdale Agnes Twisdale D L
Fannie H. Twisdale Warren 20 W Geo. W. Twisdale Jennie Len Twisdale L L
India P. Twisdale       James H. Twisdale Tabitha Twisdale    
James H. Twisdale Warren 66 W     D D
John A. Twisdale Warren 28 W James H. Twisdale Tabitha A. Twisdale L L
Martha Twisdale     B Caesar Norfleet Hannah Norfleet    
Sallie E. Twisdale Warren 19 W John Twisdale Agnes Twisdale L L
Thos. H. Twisdale Warren 26 W John T. Twisdale Agnes Twisdale L L
Richard Twisdale? Warren 22 B Jim Twisdale? Harriet Norflet L L
Betsy Twitty     B Adam Twitty Minerva Twitty    
Betty Twitty Warren 20 B Thomas Twitty Tobet W. Twitty L L
C. C. Twitty Warren 26 B Richard Twitty Maudy Twitty L L
Carrie D. Twitty Warren 20 B R. C. Twitty Sarah Twitty L L
Celislia Twitty Warren 20 B Ben Twitty Ailey? Twitty D D
Emily A. Twitty Warren 26 W Thomas T. Twitty   L D
George Twitty Warren 21 B Adam Twitty Minerva Twitty D L
Hattie Twitty Warren 20 W R. C. Twitty Sarah Twitty L L
Henry Twitty     B Adam Collier Minirva Twitty    
Hogwood Twitty Warren 43 B Ben Broddie Juda Broddie D D
Jerry Twitty Warren 22 B Henry Twitty Angeline Twitty L L
Joshua P. Twitty Warren 28 W Henry T. Twitty Martha Twitty L L
Katie Twitty Warren 17 B Edward Twitty Minda Twitty L D
Mary A. Twitty Warren 21 W R. C. Twitty Sarah Twitty L L
Mollie Twitty       Ned Twitty Maria Twitty    
Mrs. Barbary Twitty     B John Carlile Elviry Carlile    
S. R. Twitty Warren 19 B Richd. Twitty Amanda Twitty L L
Susan Twitty     B Tom Twitty Annie Twitty    
Terletha Twitty Warren 19 B   Maria Twitty   L

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