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Warren County Marriage 1865 - 1900
Marriage Data listed by Bride and Groom
This fantastic marriage collection has been provided by Forrest King.  Forrest has asked me to let everyone know there may be more information available with the original records such as the name of the witnesses which were not included in his abstract.  However, this is a fabulous database since, in most cases, we have the names of the parents of the brides and grooms as well as where the parents are from. Thanks again Forrest for all you do for all of us!
Marriage Information -  Brides and Grooms
Family Information for Brides and Grooms



  Age  Race



F - L/D M - L/D
Abram Mabry     B Lewis Cole Lucinda Mabry    
Archer Mabry       Washington Mabry Harriet Meabry    
Fanny Mabry ??? 60 B   Fanny Mabry D D
Jas. C. Mabry Vance 26 W S. G. Mabry Lucy M. Mabry D L
Lizzie Mabry     B Peter Mabry Ann Mabry    
Lizzie Mabry       Peter Norwood Emily Mabry    
Lucy A. Mabry Warren 20 W Stephen W. Mabry Martha S. Mabry L D
Mrs Mary A. Mabry Warren 27 W F. J. Shearin Judia Shearin L L
Rebecca Mabry Warren 21 W Seth Mabry Nancy Mabry L L
Sarah E. Mabry       S. G. Mabry Martha Mabry    
Theodore O. Mabry Warren 23 W Stephen Mabry C. E. Mabry L L
Walter Mabry Warren 21 W Archer Mabry Mary Hansberry L L
Wm. C. Mabry Warren 32 W Robt. C. Mabry Sarah L. Mabry L D
Gregg Macademy Warren 23 B        
Chas Macklin     B Chas Macklin Agness Littlejohn    
Danilla Macklin Warren 21 B     L D
Stanley Macklin     B Fred Macklin Fanny Macklin    
Susan Macklin Warren 21 B Stanley Macklin Lucy Macklin L L
Trissa Macklin     B Nathan Macklin Margaret Macklin    
Bettie Macon Warren 19 W Jno. Macon Indianna Macon D L
Charles Macon Franklin 35 W Sebastian Macon Sallie Macon D D
H. T. Macon Warren 21 W G. H. Macon Lou G. Macon D L
John A. Macon       John C. Macon Ann W. Macon    
Lila G. Macon Warren 22 W Dr. Gid H. Macon Lula G. Macon D L
Lizzie A. Macon Warren 24 W Dr. Gid Macon Lou H. Macon D D
Mattie Bell Macon Warren 19 W G. H. Macon Lou G. Macon D L
N. L. Macon Warren 26 W John Macon Nancy Macon D D
Phil J. Macon Warren 25 W Dr. G. H. Macon L. G. Macon D L
Alice Madden Warren 19 B Lewis Madden Sarah Madden L L
Bettie Madden Warren 20 B   Courtney Johnson   L
M. J. Madden       Richard Madden Mary Madden    
Mamie Madden Warren 22 W Mack Madden Cornelia Madden D L
Sallie Madden Warren 24 B   Rose Maden   D
Virginia Ann Madden Warren 26 B Peter Madden Agness Madden L L
Eliza Madison Warren 21 B Isham Stanley Judy Lashley D L
J. E. Magee Warren 45 W Joe Magee Zephie Magee D D
Roseanna Magee Warren 18 B Reddy Magee Eliza Magee L L
J. W. Magin Halifax 26 W J. G. Magin Ann G. Magin D L
Daniel Major Warren 22 W Addison Major Sally Major D L
C. H. Majors Meck., VA 22 W Addison Majors Sarah Majors D D
J. R. Mallette Meck., VA 26 W A. Mallette H. F. Mallette L L
J. H. Mallory Warren 20 B George Mallory Cornelia Mallory L D
Judia Mallory Warren 36 B        
Elvira Malone Warren 25 B Ruffin Robinson Margarett Robinson L D
Irene Malone Brunswick, VA 19 W Tim Malone Ida Malone L L
Susan Malone Meck., VA 23 B Joe Malone Nancy Malone L L
Alice Mangum Warren 19 W Ruffin Mangum Mag Mangum L L
Elizabeth F. Mangum Warren 20 W Arch J. Mangum Martha T. Mangum L L
Becky Manly Warren 20 B Wm. Manly     L
John Manly Warren 27 B Billy Manly Jane Banks D D
Maggie Manly   18 B Wildy Manly Octavy Manly L L
Jno. L. Mann Warren 28 W Eliya Mann Jane Mann D L
Lizzie Manning     B Jas Manning Maria Farmer    
David Manson Warren 40 B        
Emanuel Manson Warren 70 B Bock Manson Beddy Eaton L D
Jacob Manson Warren 22 B Buck Manson Bettie Manson L D
Maria Manson Warren 18 B Jacob Manson Roberta Manson L L
Mollie Manson Warren 21 B Jacob Manson Roberta Manson L  
Willis Manson Warren 21 B Wilton Manson Dottie Manson    
Wm. Manson Warren 54 B Wm. Burwell Salina Burwell D D
Robt. Marble Vance 21 B Granville Marble Julia Marble L L
Mary E. Marks Warren 19 W J. E. Marks M. T. Marks D L
Drew Marrow Vance 27 B Aaron Marrow Susan Marrow D D
Henry Marrow     B Wm. Valentine Jane Eagell    
Thomas Marrow Warren 22 B Cane Marrow Susan Marrow D L
Ellen Marshal Warren 18 B        
Barbary Marshall Warren 21 B Dick Marshall Emily Marshall L L
Henry J. Marshall Warren 27 W David Marshall Caroline Marshall L L
Jno. L. Marshall Warren 23 B Norval Marshall Candace Marshall L L
Lucy L. Marshall Warren 21 W Jessie Marshall Rebecca Marshall L L
Norvel Marshall       Richard Marshall Emily Marshall    
Osborne Marshall     B William Marshall Nancy Marshall    
Viola Marshall Franklin 19 W Sol Marshall Lucy Marshall L L
Bettie Martin Warren 21 B        
Ellick Martin     B Joshua Strong Celia Paschall    
Henry W. Martin Warren 37 W H. D. Martin Sarah Martin D L
Henry W. Martin       Henry D. Martin Sarah Martin    
Joshua Martin Warren 21 B Randall Bullock Hattie Bullock L L
Mariah Martin     B Bray Johnson Piney Martin    
Pattie S. Martin Meck., VA 18 W Willie Martin Pattie Martin L L
Lucia Masksely? Warren 35 B Moses Young Dilcy Ross L L
C. W. Mason Meck., VA 30 W J. L. Mason Mary Mason L D
Dinnah Mason Warren 19 B Lewis Mason Frankey Mason L L
Edward Mason Warren 21 B Lewis Mason Frances Mason L L
Ella Mason Warren 17 B Edward Mason Mary L. Mason L L
Essic Mason Warren 22 B Lewis Mason Frances Mason L L
Fannie Mason Warren 25 B Allen Mason Mary Mason L L
Franky Mason Warren 45 B        
George Mason Warren 22 B Allan Mason Kittie Mason L L
George Mason Warren 30 B        
Jeff Mason Warren 50 B John Mason Clarny Jones D D
Jeff Mason Warren 51 B John Mason Clara Mason L D
Jennie Mason Warren 21 B   Mary Kearney   L
Jinny Mason     B Lewis Mason Franky Mason    
John Mason       Henry Mason Betsy Mason    
Lee Mason Warren 22 B George Mason   L D
Maria Mason Warren 24 B   Betsy Mason   L
Mary Mason     B Louis Mason Franky Mason    
Robert Mason Warren 24 B John Mason Fannie Mason L L
Sally Mason Warren 22 B Geo. Mason Colonia Mason L D
Jim Massenburg Warren 21 B Edward Gill Eliza Person D L
Willie P. Massenburg       Nicholas B. Massenburg Lucy H. Massenburg    
James L. Mastion Meck., VA 26 W W. J. Mastion Susannah Mastion D L
Lee A. Matthews Meck., VA 24 W Jno. A. Matthews Susan Matthews L L
John May     B        
Minnie R. May Warren 18 W C. O. May Sarah May D D
Silas Maybry Warren 21 B Guy Mabry Lucindy Mabry D D
Sarah Mayes Warren 21 B John Mayes Maria Mayes L L
Amanda Mayfield Warren 40 B Washington Mayfield      
Anne Mayfield     B Washington Mayfield Aggy Mayfield    
Bettie Mayfield Warren 22 B Tom Mayfield   L D
Charley Mayfield Warren 21 B Barney Mayfield Biller Mayfield L L
Dilsey Mayfield Warren 20 B Dick? Mayfield Lizzie Mayfield L L
Dolly Mayfield     B Pompy Mayfield Martha Blackwell    
Ed Mayfield Warren 24 B Richd. Mayfield Lizzie Mayfield D L
Henderson Mayfield Granville 25 B Miles Mayfield Sabbie Mayfield L L
Henry Mayfield Warren 19 B Buck Mayfield Betsy Mayfield L L
Henry Mayfield Warren 21 B Bowy? Mayfield Biller Mayfield L L
Isabella Mayfield Warren 22 B Jim Mayfield K. Mayfield D L
James Mayfield Warren 23 B Buck Foote Betsy Mayfield L L
Jane Mayfield Warren 24 B William Mayfield Indiana Mayfield L L
Jincy Mayfield Warren 21 B Adam Mayfield Miranda Mayfield L L
Judy Mayfield     B Burwell Hendrick Tessia Mayfield    
Julia A. Mayfield Warren 19 B   Martha Mayfield   D
Junius Mayfield Warren 21 B Ed Mayfield Margaret Mayfield L L
Linda Mayfield Warren 19 B Mordica Mayfield Nancy Mayfield L L
Linda Mayfield Warren 20 B Hardy Mayfield Nancy Mayfield D L
Llewellyn Mayfield Warren 16 B Buck Mayfield Billy Mayfield L L
Lucy B. Mayfield Warren 17 B Buck Mayfield Betsy Mayfield L L
Luen Mayfield Warren 18 B Barney Mayfield Biller Mayfield L L
Miller Mayfield Warren 21 B Tom Mayfield Angelina Mayfield L L
Miranda Mayfield     B   Nancy Johnson    
Nannie J. Mayfield Warren 19 W J. H. Mayfield M. Nannie Mayfield L L
Nathan Mayfield Warren 22 B Nathan Alexander Laura Mayfield D D
Pinkie Mayfield Warren 18 B Watt Mayfield Lizzie Mayfield L L
Pompy Mayfield Warren 25 B Ellwood Mayfield Margaret Mayfield L L
Rachael Mayfield Warren 18 B Edward Mayfield Margaret Mayfield L L
Rosa Mayfield Warren 30 B Wash Mayfield Dollie Mayfield D L
Sandy Mayfield Warren 31 B Ed Mayfield Margarett Mayfield L L
Solia Mayfield     B Mordica Mayfield Nancy Mayfield    
Susan Mayfield Warren 21 B Abdeene Mayfield unclear D D
Victory Mayfield     B Wiley Coleman Winny Coleman    
Violet Mayfield Warren 20 B Tom Mayfield A. Mayfield L D
Wesley Mayfield     B Jim Mayfield Lucinda Foote    
Wm. Mayfield Warren 23 B Richd. Mayfield Elizabeth Mayfield D L
Dilly Mayho Warren 22 B Isham Mayho Martha Mayho L D
Esau Mayho Warren 21 B   Harriet Caunver? D L
Georgianna Mayho         Sarah Mayho    
Lucy Jane Mayho Warren 20 B   Harriet Cannon?   L
Mary Mayho     B Ned Mayho Emily Mayho    
Robert Mayho Warren 19 B Isham Mayho Martha Mayho D D
Robert Mayho Warren 20 B Ned Mayho   L D
Victory Mayho Lunenburg, VA 18 B Jack Mayho Hannah Mayho L L
Edward Mayo Warren 21 B Ned Mayo Emily Mayo L L
Emily Mayo Warren 19 B Ned Mayo M. Mayo L D
Henry Mayo     B Ned Mayo Emily Mayo    
Lucy Mayo Warren 22 B Wm. Drake Silva Robinson   L
Susie Mayo Warren 19 B Henry Mayo Sophia Mayo L L
Harry Mays Warren 20 B Isham Mays Martha Mays D D
Lucy Mays Halifax 19 B Jack Mays Maria Mays L L
Henrietta Mayson     B Robert Hews Catherine Lewis    
Rena Mc Gonagal       Robt Mc Gonagal F. C. B. Mc Gonagal    
Horace M. McCadding     B Joseph Collins Nancy McCadding    
Caroline McCargo Warren 18 B   Milly Ann McCargo   L
Josephine McConnell Warren 19 W David McConnell Adde McConnell D D
A. S. McCoy   30 B Washington McKey Mary J. McKey D D
Elvira McCraw Warren 22 B William McCraw Fanny McCraw L L
Lula E. McCraw Warren 27 W J. C. McCraw Molly E. McCraw L L
Maria McCraw     B Billy McCraw Fannie McCraw    
Minnie L. McCraw Warren 21 W Alex McCraw Sallie Williams D L
Lizzie C. McCulloch Petersburg, VA 17 W James B. McCulloch Lizzie C. McCulloch    
Bettie McDaniel Warren 18 B James McDaniel Sylvia McDaniel L L
Marcer McDaniel Warren 18 B Henry McDaniel Sebra McDaniel L L
Vinnie McDaniel Warren 19 B Henry McDaniel Sabre McDaniel L L
J. K. McIlhenny Wilmington 25 W T. C. McIlhenny M. McIlhenny L L
John K. McIlhenny Warren 39 W Thos. C. McIlhenny Maud? McIlhenny L D
William W. McIntosh Jonesboro 28 W David McIntosh Fannie McIntosh D L
Charles McKensie       Buck Galloway Peggy Roberts    
Geo. E. McLaurine Seevanee?, TN 28 W Jno. W. McLaurine Maggie E. McLaurine L L
Wm. R. McLellana Tyler, Texas 30 W Dr. J. H. McLellana Rhoda M. McLellana D L
Mary McShepard Warren 18 W Jos. A. Shepard Ellen Shepard L L
Jno. M. McWilliam Granville 30 W Peter McWilliam Margret McWilliam D L
Bettie Mead Warren 28 B Lewis Mead Cathrine Mead D L
Louis Meade Warren 25 B Louis Meade Catherine Meade D D
Margarett Meader Warren 20 W John J. Meader Anner Meader L L
Anna Meadows Warren 21 W Thos. Meadows Ann Meadows D L
Hattie M. Meadows Warren 18 B Sandy Meadows Lilia Meadows L L
Martha Ann Meadows       Thomas P. Meadows Ann Meadows    
Sandy Meadows Warren 21 B        
Lewis Meads Warren 22 B Lewis Meads Catherine Meads L L
Robt. Meads Warren 28 B     D D
Rosa Meads Warren 23 B Lewis Meads Catherine Meads D L
William Medlin Halifax 24 B   Margaret Medilamley?   L
Andrew John Meeder Warren 23 W Jacob Meeder Annie Meeder L L
John A. Meeder Warren 22 W Jacob J. Meeder Anne Meeder L L
George W. Melvin Warren 28 W Merrick Melvin Sallie Melvin D  
Wm. Parker Mercer Edgecombe 25 W Jno. R. Mercer Susan Mercer L D
Albert Merriman Warren 25 B Ed Merriman Silvia Merriman L L
Henrietta Merriman Warren 32 B        
Molly Merriman Warren 19 B Ed Merriman Silvia Merriman L L
Simon Merriman Vance 30 B Horace Merriman Jane Merriman L D
Tammy Merrit Warren 45 B        
Paul Merryman Granville 22 B Ed. Merryman Silvy Merryman L L
Parthenia Mewsham Warren 19 B Lewis Mewsham Quinting Mewsham D D
Wm. Henry Michalson Halifax 26 W Geo. Michalson E. S. Michalson D L
Peter Middaugh Warren 22 B Buck Middaugh Eliza Middaugh L D
Reuben Middaugh Warren 17 B Buck Middaugh Mary Middaugh L L
Allen Milam Warren 22 B Tom Fitts Easter Milan D L
Amos Milam Warren 31 B Alex Milam Martha Milam D D
Drucilla Milam Warren 19 B Cyrus Milam Sallie Milam L L
George Milam Warren 50 B Minger Milam Abi Milam D D
George Milam     B Minga Milam Aby Milam    
Harriet O. Milam Warren 28 W Nathan Milam Elizabeth Milam D L
Jim Milam     B Harry Milam Amanda Milam    
John Milam Warren 24 B Adam Thrower Easter Milam D L
John Milam Warren 31 B Allen Harover? Easter Milam D L
John Milam     B Allen Thrower Esther Milam    
Joshua Milam Warren 21 B Alex Milam Martha Milam D D
Letty Milam Warren 18 B   Martha Ann Milam   L
Linda Milam Warren 20 B Shade Milam Nancy Milam L L
Lizzy Milam Warren 20 B Harry Milam Amanda Milam L L
Mag Milam Warren 21 B   Martha Ann Milam D L
Nancy Milam Warren 17 B Lewis Milam Henrietta Milam L L
Polly Milam Warren 30 B Lewis Burroughs Lettie Burroughs D D
Sarah Milam Warren 18 B Henry Milam Amanda Milam L L
Sherman Milam Warren 23 B Shade Milam Nancy Milam D D
Simon Milam     B Solomon Peoples Judy Milam    
Susan Milam Warren 18 B Joshua Milam Lula Milam L L
Wm. Henry Milam Warren 21 B Henry Thornton Martha Ann Milam D L
Alexander M. Miles       John E. Miles Mary A. Miles    
Georgia B. Miles Warren 21 W J. H. Miles S. T. Miles L L
Nellie J. Miles Warren 23 W Saml. Miles M. E. Miles D L
Sallie A. Miles Halifax 34 W Saml. Miles Mary Miles D L
A. L. Miller       P. W. Miller Martha C. Miller    
Dora Miller Warren 18 B   Prudence Davis   L
Edward B. Miller       John A. Miller Jane B. Miller    
Eliza Miller Warren 47 B Harry Kearney Merrie Kearney D L
Lizzie Miller Meck., VA 18 B William Miller Jincy Miller L D
Alice Mills Warren 18 B Isaac Mills   D D
Alice Mills Warren 18 B Bustin Mills Mary Mills D D
Anna Mills Warren 21 B Wm. Aycock Emily Aycock L L
Berry Mills Warren 22 B Major Mills Rhodie Mills D L
Bob Mills Warren 23 B Jim Mills Pat Mills L L
Caroline Mills Warren 20 B Solomon Mills Pattie Mills L D
Catharine Mills     B Harry Alston Mary Mills    
Eliza Mills Warren 18 B Major Mills Rhoda Mills D L
Elizabeth Mills Warren 21 B John Mills Sallie Mills L L
Henry Mills Halifax 22 B Presly Mills Amanda Mills L L
Jim Mills Warren 65 B Jack Mills Lizzie Mills D L
John Mills Halifax 28 B Solomon Mills Martha Mills D D
John W. Mills Warren 21 B John Mills Sallie Mills L L
Lucy Ann Mills Warren 18 B Jim Mills Sallie Mills L L
Mollie Mills Warren 19 B Major Mills Roda Mills D L
Mollie Mills   18 W Tom Mills Lucy Mills L L
Norwood Mills Warren 20 B Ned Mills Sally Mills L L
Prudent Mills Warren 25 B   Arabellia Mills   L
Rosa Mills Warren 18 B Ruffin Mills Sally Mills D D
Solomon Mills Warren 38 B Nathan Mills Billie Mills L L
Simon Milom Warren 45 B   Juda Milom    
Francis Minga     B John Minga Francis Minga    
George Minga Warren 24 B John Minga Fanny Minga L L
Green Minga     B Dick Egerton Sarah Egerton    
Litty Minga     B Sherwood Minga Lyda Minga    
Lucy Minga Warren 31 B Nathan Davis Harriet Davis L D
Mollie Minga Warren 21 B Green Minga Lizzie Minga L D
Sarah Minga       Tuald? Minga Amy Minga    
Sherod Minga     B John Taylor Hannah Terry    
John Mingea Warren 21 B John Mingea Fannie Mingea L L
Luellen Mingea Meck., VA 23 W   Eliza Mingea   L
Sarah Mingea Warren 18 B Green Mingea Lucy Bobbitt L L
Bettie Mingo Warren 18 B Green Mingo   L D
Macijah Mingo Warren 19 B Green Mingo   L D
Hannah Mitchel     B Robin Mitchel Chancy Mitchel    
Patsy Mitchel Warren 45 B   Betsy Mitchel   L
Abram Mitchell Brunswick, VA 22 B Abraham Mitchell   L D
Adeline Mitchell Warren 25 B Ned Mitchell Sophia Mitchell L L
Annie T. Mitchell Warren 24 B   Margaret Mitchell   L
Bettie Mitchell Warren 19 B John Mitchell Stella Mitchell D D
Eliza Mitchell Warren 25 B Hilliard Mitchell Rhoda Mitchell L L
Ellen Sylvester Mitchell Warren 19 W Jimy Mitchell Eliza Ann Mitchell L L
Hance Mitchell Warren 22 B   Margarett Mitchell   L
John Mitchell   20 B     D D
Joseph Mitchell     B Joseph Mitchell Mahala Mitchell    
Mary Mitchell     B William Mitchel Mary Mitchel    
Mary Mitchell       Peter Mitchell Margaret Mitchell    
Palmer Mitchell Warren 21 B Hilliard Mitchell Rhoda Mitchell L L
Quinney Mitchell Warren 25 B   Aggy Mitchell   L
Robert Mitchell     B Calvin Mitchell Emaline Mitchell    
Sarah Mitchell   25 B Nut Mitchell Lucy Mitchell D D
Stella Mitchell Warren 26 B West Burt Betsy Burt L L
T. H. S. Mitchell Franklin 23 B        
Wilson Mitchell Warren 36 B Stephen Harvey? Fanny Mitchell D L
Bettie Mitter Warren 23 B Peter Mitter Agnes Mitter L L
Celia Mobry Warren 20 B Willie Wright Emily Mabry D D
Consral? Montgomery Warren 21 B Sandrous Montgomery Martha Montgomery L L
Ellen Montgomery Warren 46 B Saunders Montgomery Martha Montgomery L L
Henry Montgomery     B Weldon Montgomery Mary Jane Montgomery    
John L. Montgomery Warren 29 B Weldon Montgomery Sarah Montgomery L D
L. N. Montgomery       J. G. Montgomery Elizabeth Montgomery    
Lawson Montgomery Warren 23 B Sanders Montgomery Martha Montgomery L L
Lizzie Montgomery Warren 34 B Richard Jones Caroline Furgin D D
Maggie Montgomery Warren 23 W James Montgomery Georgeana A. Montgomery D L
Mary Montgomery Warren 21 B Weldon Montgomery Clara Montgomery L L
Maude B. Montgomery Meck., VA 18 W S. N. Montgomery Emma B. Montgomery L L
Polly Montgomery     B Ketta Montgomery Kissy Bullock    
R. J. Montgomery Meck.,VA   W John Montgomery Elizabeth Montgomery D D
R. Y. H. Montgomery Warren 31 W M. J. Montgomery M. A. L. Montgomery D L
Thomas Montgomery Warren 25 B   Adeline Cheek   L
Chama Moody Warren 30 B Harry Riggan Polly Moody L  
John Moody Warren 22 W S. K. Moody T. B. Moody L L
Junius Moody Warren 34 B Edmund Moody Harriet Moody L L
Peter Moody Warren 24 B   Polly Moody   L
Frances Moone       Wm. Moone Mary A. Moone    
Bedford Moore Warren 25 B Ruffin Moore Emily Moore D D
Ben D. Moore Warren 28 W Jos. H. Moore Jane Moore D D
Eadie Moore     B Ashley Moore Hannah Biggs    
Ella Moore Warren 19 W Junius D. Moore Cornelia G. Moore L D
Fannie Moore       James Moore Quincey Moore    
Henry Moore Meck., VA 20 B     D D
Henry Moore Warren 22 B       D
Ida Moore Warren 22 B Ruffin Moore Emily Moore D D
James T. Moore Halifax 29 W Amus Moore Mary Moore D D
Jane Moore Warren 20 B Ruffin Moore Emily Moore L D
Jane Moore Warren 20 B   Jane Moore   L
Lee Moore Warren 21 B Richard Moore Mary Moore L L
Lucy Moore Warren 30 B Sam Smith   L L
Lucy C. Moore Warren 25 W James A. Moore Mary F. Moore L D
Martha L. Moore Warren 22 W Jas. A. Moore   L D
Mrs. C. B. Moore Warren 49 W Willis Boddie Tronquitta Boddie D D
Nelly Moore Warren 16 B John Moore   L  
Ruffin Moore Warren 52 B Davis Moore Cyrui Moore D D
Sam Moore     B Isaac Moore Violet Moore    
Saml Moore Warren 21 B Ruffin Moore Emily Moore L D
Sarah Moore Meck., VA 19 B Andrew Moore Sallie Moore L L
Walton Moore Warren 28 B Ruffin Moore Emily Moore L L
Mary Mop       N. R. Mop Deorutia Mop    
John E. Morgan Lunenburg, VA 21 B Munford Morgan Mahala Morgan L L
D. F. Morris Halifax 20 W W. C. Morris Amanda Morris L L
Donald F. Morris Warren 24 W William E. Morris Amanda Morris L L
J. G. Morris Brunswick, VA 26 W T. W. Morris Jennie Morris L D
Lula Morris Halifax 22 W Thomas Morris Katie Morris D D
Octavius J. Morris Warren 22 W B. C. Morris S. E. Morris D D
Jim Morrow Warren 22 B Hy Morrow Luda Morrow L L
Kate Morse Warren 23 B Thomas Morse Lucy Edwards D L
Isaac Mortan Warren 21 B Geo. Branch Betsy Morton D D
James Morton Warren 23 B Jim Morton Celia Morton L L
Monford Morton Warren 40 B     D D
Pattie Morton Warren 16 B Robt. Morton Maranda Morton L L
A. J. Moseley Northampton 36 W H. Moseley Harriett Moseley D L
Ader Moseley Brunswick, VA 18 W Joe Moseley Bettie Moseley D L
Ann Moseley Warren 18 B Oscar Moseley Jane Moseley L L
Benj. H. Moseley Warren 21 W Duke Moseley Nancy Moseley D D
Caroline Moseley Warren 18 B Oscar Moseley Jane Moseley L L
Clary Moseley Brunswick, VA 20 B Buck? Moseley Adline Moseley L L
J. T. Moseley Warren 19 W A. J. Moseley Caroline Moseley L D
Jackson Moseley Brunswick, VA 20 B Squire Moseley Caroline Moseley L L
Julius Moseley       Samuel Moseley Mary Moseley    
L. Courtney Moseley Warren 22 W H. C. Moseley Hattie Moseley L L
Lucinda Moseley   23 B     D D
Mag Moseley Warren 22 B Wm. Moseley Dora Moseley L L
Martha A. Moseley Warren 34 W Abner Moseley Sarah A. Mosley D L
Matt Moseley Warren 27 B   Tabbie West   L
Millie Moseley Warren 18 W A. J. Moseley Susan Moseley L D
Mollie A. Moseley Warren 25 W Anthony M. Johnston   L D
Ned Moseley   42 W Cuek? Moseley Lucy Moseley D D
Panthea Moseley Warren 18 B Nick Moseley Jane Moseley L L
Thomas Moseley, Esq.       Duke Moseley Nancy Moseley    
Martha Ann Mosely Brunswick, VA 19 W Alfred Mosely   L D
Penny Mosely Warren 21 B Nick Mosely Mary Mosely L D
Jacob Moser Warren 30 B Jacob Moser Patience Moser    
Maria Mosley   18 B Steven Moseley Louisa Moseley D D
Mary Mosley Warren 22 B        
Thos. Mosley   22 W Ben Mosley   L  
Anna Moss Warren 19 B Sick Moss   D D
Anner Moss Warren 19 B Joe Moss Eliza Moss L L
Bella Moss Warren 18 B   Roda Moss D L
Burton Moss Warren 29 B Hinton Moss Rowan Moss D L
Bustie Moss     B Nelson Moss Ony Moss    
Celia Ann Moss Warren 19 B   Rowan Moss   L
Coatney Moss Warren 21 B   Matilda Moss   D
Ephraim Moss Warren 21 B Jos. Moss Eliza Moss L D
Fred Moss Warren 22 B Suss Moss Manerva Moss L L
Georgiana Moss Warren 23 B Nelson Moss Ducy Moss L D
Hellen Moss Warren 23 B   Bellsie Drew   L
Hettie Moss Warren 20 B   Roxine Moss   L
Joe Moss Southampton, VA 26 B Nelson Moss Ona Moss L D
Joe Moss Warren 54 B        
John Moss Warren 28 B Nelson Moss Anna Moss D D
John L. Moss Warren 36 B Nelson Moss Onie? Moss D D
Julia Ann Moss     B Nelson Moss Amy Moss    
Lucinda Moss Warren 55 B        
Lucy Moss Warren 19 B   Rowan Moss   L
Marinda Moss Warren 18 B Ed Moss Leah Moss L L
Marshall Moss Warren 20 B Suss Moss Menervia Moss D D
Matilda Moss Warren 33 B        
Mollie Moss Warren 20 B Joe Moss Eliza Moss L L
Mrs. Louisa Moss Warren 20          
Robert Moss Warren 34 B Hinton Moss Roon? Moss D L
Robert Moss     B Billy Thomas Agnes Thomas    
Rowan Moss Warren 42 B Burton Baskerville Lucy Baskerville D D
Suss Moss Warren 58 B Suss Moss Silvia Moss L D
Ted Moss Warren 23 B Suss Moss Minerva Moss L L
Violet Moss Warren 18 B Tom Moss Lucy Moss D L
Winnie Moss Warren 18 B   Roan Moss L L
Winnie Moss Warren 22 W N. R. Moss Dyoniciy Moss L D
Zork Moss Warren 21 B Suss Moss Minerva Moss L L
Lilly Moten     B Robert Moten Milly Moten    
Robert Motero     B Robert Motero Milly Motero    
Mrs Sarah Motley       Albert G. Jones Harriett Jones    
S. W. Moton Warren 23 B Jim Moton Elmira Moton L L
Rebecca Muder Warren 20 B Peter Muder Agness Muder L L
Maria Mueller Ridgeway 29 W Valentin Mueller Catharina Mueller L L
Mary E. Mumford Warren 33 W John H. Overby   L D
William G. or H. Munford       Robert Munford Mary A. Munford    
Roger Munn Warren 21 W Wm. H. Munn Martha T. Munn L L
E. Louis Mustain Warren 28 W John Mustain Betsy Mustain D L
Alice A. Mustian Warren 23 W Lewis Mustian Ella Mustian D L
D. R. Mustian Warren 21 W Lewis Mustian Caroline Mustian D L
D. R. Mustian Warren 30 W W. J. Mustian S. K. Mustian D L
D. R. Mustian Warren 34 W Wm. Mustian Susan B. Mustian D D
James W. Mustian       D. Riv. Mustian Alice A. Mustian    
Lena F. Mustian Warren 20 W Louis Mustian Caroline Mustian D L
Lucy E. Mustian       D. R. Mustian Allice A. Mustian    
Martha J. Mustian Warren 37 W Wm. Mustian Jane Mustian D D
Mary F. Mustian       Lewis Mustian Mary Mustian    
Mrs. S. E. Mustian Meck., VA 42 W Mathew Bolton Frances Bolton D L
N., M. Mustian Warren 27 W D. A. Mustian Alice Mustian L L
Sarah A. Mustian Warren 18 W Lewis? Mustian Mary Mustian D D
Susan B. Mustian Warren 16 W William Mustian Susan Mustian D L
William Mustian Warren 24 W John Mustian Elizabeth Mustian D L
Lewis E. Mustian, Esq       D. R. Mustian Ann A. Mustian    
Fanny Mustion Warren 21 W Rix Mustion Anne Mustion    
Martha A. Mustion Meck., Va 20 W Wm. Mustion Susan Mustion D L
Samuel Myers     B John Myers Susan Myres    
Alice Myrick Warren 18 B Wm. Myrick Amand Myrick L L
Ann Myrick Warren 20 B Anthony Myrick Eevy Myrick L L
Bettie Myrick Warren 18 W William Myrick Sarah Myrick D D
Charles Myrick Warren 35 W Moses P. Myrick Creecy Myrick D D
Edney Myrick     B   Evelin Myrick    
Evaline Myrick     B Allen Johnston Rosetta Myrick    
Henry Myrick Halifax 27 W John Myrick Sarah Myrick D L
Henry Myrick Warren 45 B Alfred Myrick Sarah Myrick D L
J. D. Myrick Warren 26 W John Myrick Mary W. Dickerson D L
J. H. Myrick Warren 22 W     D L
J. R. Myrick Warren 30 W J. M. Myrick Mary Myrick D D
James Myrick       Moses Myrick Creasy Myrick    
Jas. M. Myrick Warren 62 W Raleigh Myrick Mary Myrick D D
Jas. R. Myrick Warren 21 W J. M. Myrick Mary Myrick L D
Jessie Myrick Warren 21 B Emanel Myrick Nancy Myrick L L
John J. Myrick Halifax 24 W John C. Myrick Sarah Myrick L L
Lizzie Myrick Warren 25 B Emanuel Myrick Nancy Myrick L L
Louisa Myrick       James M. Myrick Mary Myrick    
Mary E. Myrick Warren 18 W Jim Myrick Mary E. Myrick L D
Mary Frances Myrick Warren 32 W John Myrick Winnie Myrick L L
Matilda Myrick     B Alfred Myrick Sarah Myrick    
Mrs. Mary W. Myrick Warren 35 W Daniel Hicks Martha Hicks D L
Rebacco Myrick Warren 24 B Alford Myrick Sarah Myrick D D
Sarah Myrick Warren 18 B J. Henry Myrick   L D
Sarah Myrick Warren 25 W Moses Myrick Creasy Myrick D D
Thomas Myrick Warren 24 B Kit Letimch? Amanda Myrick D L
Thomas M. Myrick Warren 34 B   Amanda Myrick L L
W. A. Myrick Warren 25 W Jimmy Myrick Mary Myrick L D
Willie N. Myrick Warren 23 W William Myrick Susan Myrick D D

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