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Warren County Marriage 1865 - 1900
Marriage Data listed by Bride and Groom
This fantastic marriage collection has been provided by Forrest King.  Forrest has asked me to let everyone know there may be more information available with the original records such as the name of the witnesses which were not included in his abstract.  However, this is a fabulous database since, in most cases, we have the names of the parents of the brides and grooms as well as where the parents are from. Thanks again Forrest for all you do for all of us!
Marriage Information -  Brides and Grooms
Family Information for Brides and Grooms


Parent County

Age Race



F - L/D M - L/D
John C. Utley Raleigh 44 W        
William F. Utley Wake 27 W Quentin Utley Eliza Utley L L
Chas. E. Vaden Brunswick, VA 31 W W. R. Vaden H. T. Vaden L L
James Valentine Warren 22 B John Stewart Mary Stewart L L
John Valentine Warren 21 B Ed Valentine Susan Valentine D L
Polly Valentine Warren 18 B Ed Valentine Susan Valentine L L
Rufus Valentine Warren 21 B Edwin Valentine Susan Valentine D L
Susan Valentine Warren 46 B        
Tempie Valentine Warren 18 B Edward Valentine   L L
A. J. Vanlandingham       Wm Vanlandingham Harret Vanlandingham    
Allen Vanlandingham     B Sye Yancey Peggy Vanlandingham    
Ann E. Vanlandingham Warren 18 B Robt. Vanlandingham Sukey Vanlandingham L D
Catharine Vanlandingham       Thomas Vanlandingham Susan Vanlandingham    
Charles B. Vanlandingham Warren 28 W R. S. Vanlandingham Mary E. Vanlandingham L L
Cornelia Vanlandingham     B Samuel Brown Anna Vanlandingham    
Frances Vanlandingham         H. Vanlandingham    
Georgianna Vanlandingham Warren 19 B Geo. Vanlandingham Ellen? Vanlandingham L L
Gloster Vanlandingham     B Jim Suit Milly Vanlandingham    
H. Vanlandingham Warren 20 B A. Vanlandingham Caroline L L
Hannah Vanlandingham     B Moses Vanlandingham      
Lizzie C. Vanlandingham Warren 20 W M. or C. Vanlandingham Sarah Vanlandingham D D
Martha Vanlandingham     B Samuel Browne Ann Vanlandingham    
Mary E. Vanlandingham Warren 17 B Geo. Vanlandingham Delia Vanlandingham L L
Oscar O. Vanlandingham       Russell Vanlandingham Helda Vanlandingham    
Parthenia M. Vanlandingham       Thomas Vanlandingham Susan Vanlandingham    
Peter Vanlandingham Warren 41 B   H. Vanlandingham   L
Robert Vanlandingham Warren 35 B   Ann Brown   L
Sallie Vanlandingham Warren 18 B Abe Vanlandingham Caroline Vanlandingham L L
Samuel Vanlandingham     B John Vanlandingham Milly Vanlandingham    
Susan Vanlandingham     B Dawson Vanlandingham Hulda Vanlandingham    
Sutie Vanlandingham Warren 23 W Wm. Vanlandingham H. Vanlandingham L D
Tempy Vanlandingham Warren 30 B   Bella Vanlandingham   L
Winnie Vanlandinham Warren 19 B Bob Vanlandingham   L  
A. G. Vaughan Brunswick, Va 28 W Jas. E. Vaughan Susan B. Vaughan D L
Annie E. Vaughan Warren 17 W Fielding Vaughan Milly Vaughan L L
B. W. Vaughan Meck., VA 28 W B. B. Vaughan M. B. Vaughan D L
Bettie H. Vaughan Warren 26 W R. S. Vaughan Mary E. Vaughan L L
Carrie F. Vaughan Warren 17 W Fielding Vaughan Mildred Vaughan L L
Edward Vaughan Warren 20 B John Vaughan Caroline Vaughan L L
F. C. Vaughan Warren 60 W Osborne Vaughan Pollie Vaughan D D
Jas. W. Vaughan Warren 25 W Jas. G. Vaughan Adline N. Vaughan D L
John Vaughan Warren 30 B John Vaughan Caroline Vaughan L D
John Vaughan Warren 57 B     D D
Lora E. Vaughan Warren 21 W R. L. Vaughan Mary Vaughan L L
Lottie Vaughan     B   Sophia Vaughan    
Lumpie J. Vaughan Warren 22 W Robert Vaughan Mary Vaughan L L
Mary Vaughan Warren 21 W   Pink Vaughan D L
Mary Vaughan Warren 35 W Newman Vaughan Mary E. Vaughan D D
Mary Vaughan     B John Vaughan Caroline Vaughan    
Mary A. Vaughan       Robert Vaughan Mary Vaughan    
Minnie? E. Vaughan Warren 21 W Lem Vaughan Mag. Vaughan L L
P. G. Vaughan Brunswick, VA 28 W J. E. Vaughan Susan G. Vaughan D L
Pattie Vaughan Warren 18 W Bob Vaughan Lucy Vaughan L L
Robert D. Vaughan Warren 22 W John D. Vaughan Elizabeth P. Vaughan D L
Sallie Vaughan Warren 20 W Fielding Vaughan Mildred Vaughan L L
W. R. Vaughan Warren 25 W Robt. S. Vaughan Mary E. Vaughan D L
John Vaughan Jr. Warren 28 B John Vaughan Caroline Vaughan L D
Eugene Venable Granville 21 B Wm. Venable Charlotte Venable L L
Laura J. Venser Warren 24 W Daniel Venser Susan Venser D L
James Verser Warren 80 B        
Mary Jane Verser Warren 25 W   Susan T. Verser D L
Sallie Verser Warren 19 W Jessee Verser Bettie Verser L L
Sarah Ann Verser       Daniel Verser, dec. Susan Verser    
Susan Verser Warren 42 W Daniel Verser Susan Verser D L
Lucy Vesser Warren 25 W John Vesser Emily Vesser D D
Ida Vick Brunswick, VA 19 W John Vick Martha Vick L L
John J. Vick Virginia 22 W   Martha Vick D L
Vinnia Vincent Warren 18 B Ammanuel Vincent Lethia Vincent D D
Jane Vines              
Amarilis Vinson     B Shaderick Vinson Maria Vinson    
Manuel Vinson Warren 21 B Manel Vinson Leatha Vinson D L
Sallie Vinson Warren 19 B Fred Vinson Mary Vinson L L
Stephen Vinson Warren 20 B Davis Vinson Priscilla Ash D L

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