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Warren County Marriage 1865 - 1900
Marriage Data listed by Bride and Groom
This fantastic marriage collection has been provided by Forrest King.  Forrest has asked me to let everyone know there may be more information available with the original records such as the name of the witnesses which were not included in his abstract.  However, this is a fabulous database since, in most cases, we have the names of the parents of the brides and grooms as well as where the parents are from. Thanks again Forrest for all you do for all of us!
Marriage Information -  Brides and Grooms
Family Information for Brides and Grooms



  Age  Race



F - L/D M - L/D
Emil Fabre Warren 23 W Jacob Fabre Lizzie Fabre D L
Fannie Fagin Meck., VA 18 B Mattey? Fagin Polly Fagin D L
Ann Fain Warren 18 B Henry Fain Martha Fain D L
Celia Fain Warren 19 B Simon Fain   L L
Cora Fain Warren 18 B George Fain Lucy Fain D D
Cornelia Fain Warren 18 B Warren Russell Aggy Fain D L
J. N. Fain Warren 21 B Simon Fain Aggie Fain L L
Jane Fain Warren 18 B Henry Fain Martha Fain D L
John Fain Warren 21 B John O. Fain Minerva Fain L L
Lucy Fain Warren 18 B Henry Fain Martha Fain D L
Lucy Fain Warren 18 B Matt Fain Anna Fain L L
Minerva Fain Warren 48 B Tom Williams Alice Williams D D
Rufus Fain Warren 21 B Simon Fain Agnes Fain L L
Sallie Fain Warren 17 B Matt Fain Anna Fain L L
Samuel Fain Warren 21 B Matt Fain Anna Fain L L
Simon Fain Warren 21 B Simon Fain Agnes Fain L L
Thomas Fain Warren 20 B   Marnina Fain   L
Richmind Fairer       Richmond Sr. Criy Harper    
Willis Faison       Bet Coles Martha Coles    
Abraham Falcon Warren 24 B Haywood Falcon Ailsey Falcon L D
Ann Falcon     B Billy Falcon Eveline Falcon    
Betsy Falcon Warren 17 B   Rosina Falcon   L
Haywood Falcon Warren 60 B Richd. Falcon Nancy Falcon D D
Joe Falcon Warren 21 B Joe Falcon Cherry Falcon L D
John W. Falcon Warren 26 B William Falcon Everline Falcon L L
Nick Falcon Warren 21 B Nathan Falcon Nancy Falcon D D
R. H. Falcon Warren 29 B Haywood Falcon Aley Falcon L L
Aaster Falken Warren 18 B Burton Falken Tilly Falken D L
Alice H. Falkener Warren 25 B Armistead Falkener Harriet Falkener L L
Frances Falkener Warren 24 B Buckner Falkener Lucy Carroll L L
Haywood Falkener Vance 24 W Champion Falkener   D  
Joseph B. Falkener       James Falkener Mary B. Falkener    
Lenora Falkener Warren 18 W Joe Falkener Zenis Falkener L D
Mariah Falkener     B   Almita Falkener    
Mary Falkener     B Armistead Falkener Harriet Falkener    
Perry Falkener     B Buckner Falkener Mary Plummer    
Thomas L. Falkiner Warren 27 B Spotswood Falkiner Betsy Falkiner D L
W. A. Falkiner Warren 23 W W. H. Falkiner F. G. Falkiner L L
A. W. Falkner Warren 28 W W. A. K. Falkner Mary G. Falkner L D
Alexander B. Falkner       William Falkner Frances Falkner    
Amy E. Falkner Warren 24 W John Falkner Mary Falkner L L
Caroline Falkner Warren 30 B Spottswood Falkner Betsy Falkner D L
Cornelia Falkner Warren 22 B Alfred Falkner Almelia Falkner L L
Eliza Smith Falkner Warren 18 B   Nancy Price   D
Ella Falkner Warren 27 W Jno. P. Falkner Mary T. Falkner L L
Fannie Falkner Warren 21 B Alfred Falkner Almeater Falkner L L
Fannie R. Falkner Warren 19 W W. H. Falkner Francis Falkner L L
Fletcher Falkner       Joe Falkner Licie Falkner    
Henry H. Falkner Massachusetts 23   Allen Fitts Harriet Fitts    
Isabella Falkner Warren 23 B Alfred Falkner Almeda Falkner L L
James D Falkner       Littleton Falkner Matilda Falkner    
Jinevia Falkner Warren 26 W Joseph Falkner Lucy Falkner L L
Johanna Falkner Warren 30 B Ned Turner Maitty? Turner L L
Julia Falkner       Henry Falkner Harriett Falkner    
Junius Falkner Warren 22 W Brosder Falkner Martha Falkner D L
Kittie Falkner         Betsy Falkner    
L. A. Falkner Warren 21 W        
Lalla C. Falkner Warren 19 B Buckner Falkner Lizzie Falkner D L
Laura B. Falkner Warren 29 B Buckner Falkner Lizzie Falkner D L
Lorinzo Falkner Franklin 25 W Joseph Falkner Lucy A. Falkner D L
Lucy P. Falkner Warren 22 B Ralph Falkner Susan Falkner L D
Lura Falkner Warren 18 W T. Falkner Perthenia Falkner L L
M. P. Falkner Warren 50 B Buckner Falkner Mary Falkner D L
M. Perry Falkner Warren 45 B Buckner Falkner Mary Plummer D L
Mary Falkner Warren 20 B   Decie Williams D L
Pattie A. Falkner Warren 15 W Fort Falkner Martha A. Falkner D L
Richard P. Falkner Warren 22 W William Falkner Frances Falkner L L
Sallie H. Falkner Warren 18 W W. A. Falkner Mary H. Falkner L D
W. M. Falkner Warren 25 W J. G. Falkner Marilla Falkner L L
William Falkner     B Henry Falkner Harriet Falkner    
Wm. H. Falkner Warren 37 W Jos. Falkner Lucy Falkner L L
H. L. Falkner Jr. Warren 25 W W. A. K. Falkner Mary G. Falkner L D
John W. Falkner Esq.       Hardy Falkner Betsy Falkner    
George Farran Meck., VA 20 B George Farran Dafney Farran D L
Hellan Farrar Warren 20 B Sterling Ruflin Lucy Ann Farrar D D
Anna Farrow Meck., VA 20 B Sam Farrow Fannie Farrow L L
A. P. Faucette       C. F. Faucette Margaret Faucette    
Annie E. Faucetti Warren 17 W A. C. Faucetti P. L. Faucetti L L
Peter Faukner Warren 21 B   Mary Rodwell   L
Abraham Faulcon Warren 23 B Haywood Faulcon A. Faulcon L L
Emmett Faulcon Warren 26 B Joe Faulcon Nancy Faulcon L D
George Faulcon Warren 22 B Joe Faulcon Cherry Faulcon L D
Haywood Faulcon Warren 54 B Richd. Faulcon Nancy Faulcon D L
Henderson Faulcon Warren 19 B   Phillis Brown D L
J. H. Faulcon Warren 21 B Haywood Faulcon Ailsey? Faulcon L L
Nannie Faulcon Warren 19 B Jake Faulcon Phillis Faulcon D L
Robert Faulcon Warren 21 B Haywood Faulcon   L  
Wesley Faulcon Warren 24 B Haywood Faulcon Patsy Peete L  
William T. Faulcon Warren 22 B Wm. Faulcon Eveline Faulcon L L
Hattie G. Faulkner Warren 25 B Allen Faulkner Martha Faulkner L L
Hettie Faulkner Warren 23 W Jno. Faulkner Mollie Faulkner L D
Mattie T. Faulkner Warren 27 W W. A. K. Faulkner M. G. Faulkner L D
Warren G. Fearing Pasquotank 23 B Isaiah Fearing Mary Fearing D L
Bessie S. Felt Warren 26 W Eli Felt Olive T. Felt L L
Lula O. Felt Warren 25 W Eli Felt Olive T. Felt L L
Major E. Felt Nash 28 W Elias Felt Louisa Felt D L
Martha H. Felt Warren 16 W John W. Felt Margaret W. Paschall D L
Ann Felts Warren 50 B     D D
Emily Felts Warren 24 W Ned Felts Harriet Felts L L
Henrietta L. Felts       Edward Felts Fannie Felts    
Henry S. Felts Warren 25 W Edward Felts Frances Felts L L
Henry W. Felts Warren 24 B Ben Felts Fannie Felts L D
J. J. Felts Warren 58 W Ned Felts Fanny Felt D L
James Felts Warren 60 W     D D
John R. Felts Warren 34 W Edward Felts Fanny Felts D L
Margarett Felts   32 W Wm. Raney Mary Raney D D
N. G. Felts Warren 24 W Jno. R. Felts Ann Felts L L
P. G. Felts Warren 27 W John R. Felts R. A. Felts L L
Robert Felts Warren 34 B Robert Felts Rhoda Felts D D
Robt. E. Felts Warren 20 W Henry S. Felts Sarah Felts L L
Virginia A. Felts       James Felts Harriet Felts    
W. T. Felts Warren 28 W William Felts Mary A. Felts D L
William Felts Warren 26 W Jno. Felts Margaret Felts D L
William H. Felts Warren 35 W E. B. Felts Fannie Felts D L
William R. Felts Warren 21 W James Felts Harriet Felts L D
Bettie M. Field Warren 31 W Dr. George Field Fannie B. Field L L
Binda Field       Zack Field Emily Field    
Cynthia Field Warren 27 B     D D
Daniel Field Meck., VA 27 B Ruls Field Lucy Field D D
Dolly Field     B Frank Field Charity Field    
Ellen Field Warren 21 B Nathan Field Clarinda Field L L
Ellis Field     B William Field Lotta Field    
Fannie Field       Ellis Field Caroline Field    
Frank Field Warren 56 B Henry Field Chonty? Field D D
Grandisen Field Warren 26 B John Field   L D
Hampton Field     B Anderson Walker Betsy Field    
Leonora Field Warren 23 B Tom Fields Ellen Fields L L
Lucinda J. Field Warren 25 W Dr. George Field Fannie B. Field D L
Mary Field Warren 25 B Nathan Field Clarinda Field L L
Milly Field Warren 19 B Job Field Laura Field L L
Mirandy Field Warren 27 B Hardy Mayfield Nancy Mayfield D L
Nishie Field Warren 29 B   Lucinda Jenkins   L
R. L. Field Warren 25 B   Rebecca Jones   L
Sally Ann Field       Robert Field Millie Field    
Saml Field Warren 25 B Tom Field Ellen Field L L
Wallace Field       William Daves Annie Field    
William Field Warren 19 B     D D
Zack Field Warren 23 B Tobe? Field Laura Field L L
Amanda Fields Warren 28 B Tobe Fields Laura Fields D L
Arthur Fields Warren 62 B     D D
Curtis Fields Warren 20 B Ellis Fields Caroline Fields D D
Daniel Fields     B Riley Fields Lucy Fields    
Edward Fields Warren 19 B Nathan Fields unreadable L L
Essic Fields Warren 21 B Ellis Fields Caroline Fields D D
James Fields Warren 21 B     D D
Jennie Fields Warren 22 B Nathan Field Clarinda Fields L L
Junius Fields Warren 24 B Nathan Fields Martha Fields L  
Louis Fields Warren 23 B Hartwell Fields Vincy Field D L
Minner Fields Warren 19 B   Sallie Alston   L
Nancy Fields       Gilbert Fields Jinny Davis    
Randa Fields Warren 18 B Roger Fields Lina Fields L L
Sam Fields Warren 45 B Tom Field Ellen Field D L
Sarah Fields Warren 20 B Nathan Fields Clarinda Field L L
Sarah Fields Warren 21 B   Viney Fields   L
Susan Fields Warren 25 B Daniel Paschall Critta Mayfield L D
Susan L. Fields Warren 28 W Jas. Fields Harriet Fields L D
Wm. Fields Warren 22 B Ellis Fields Caroline Fields D D
Ottoway Fields Jr. Warren 21 B Ottoway Fields Sr. Vina Fields D  
Edmund Fillts     B Edmund Fitts Violet Fitts    
B. H. Filts Warren 22 B Wm. H. Filts Emily Filts L L
William W. Fimple Warren 42 W Richard Fimple Martha E. Fimple D D
Charles L. Finch Virginia 26 W L. E. Finch Martha Finch D D
Fannie M. Finch Warren 17 W Ira Finch Bettie A. Finch L L
Ida E. Finch Warren 18 W Ira Finch E. A. Finch D L
Martha R. Finch       George W. Finch Caroline Finch    
Mary E. Finch Warren 21 W William Y. Finch Sarah C. Finch L D
Rebecca C. Finch Warren 20 W W. Z. Finch Sarah Finch L D
Rebecca Y. Finch       George Finch Caroline Finch    
W. Y. Finch Warren 42 W Ira Finch Betsy Ann Finch D D
William Y. Finch Warren 21 W Isa Finch Elizabeth H. Finch L L
D. A. Fishel Warren 27 W Jacob Fishel Susan Fishel L D
Fannie L. Fisher Warren 20 W Jno. W. Fisher Angeline Fisher D D
Henrietta Fisher Warren 21 B Willis Fisher Bettie Fisher D L
J. R. Fisher Warren 23 W John Fisher Angeline Fisher D D
Alexander Fitts     B Joe Fitts Bettie Fitts    
Ann Jane Fitts     B Stephen Ellington Milly Fitts    
Annie E. Fitts       Oliver D. Fitts Harriet M. Fitts    
Ben Fitts Warren 38 B Ben Nicholson Maria Nicholson D L
Bettie Fitts Warren 40       D D
Bettie D. Fitts Warren 20 W Jos. B. Fitts Margarett Paschall D L
C. R. Fitts Warren 21 B John Fitts Nannie Fitts L L
Charrie Fitts     B Chas. Fitts Ann Fitts    
Collin Fitts Warren 60 B Primus Fitts Nancy Fitts D D
E. L. Fitts Warren 73 B Ben Fitts Fanny Fitts L D
G. C. Fitts Warren 29 W B. D. Fitts Harriet E. Fitts D D
Harriet Fitts Warren 17 B Charles Fitts Ann Fitts D L
Harriet Fitts Warren 29 W Frank M. Fitts Anne Sterling Fitts L L
Horace Fitts Warren 21 B Tom Fitts Tempie Fitts D D
James Fitts Warren 21 B Solomon Fitts Ann Fitts L L
L. L. Fitts Warren 25 B Lark Fitts   L D
Larks Fitts Warren 58 B     D D
Lina Fitts Warren 18 B Charles Fitts Ann Fitts L L
Lizzie Fitts     B Ben Nicholson Maria Nicholson    
Lucy Fitts Warren 19 B Robert Fitts Sylvia Fitts L L
M. W. Fitts Warren 21 W F. M. Fitts Ann Fitts L L
Mary Fitts Warren 21 B John Fitts Nannie Fitts L L
Mary Fitts Warren 45 B Ben Nicholson Maria Nicholson D L
Mary Fitts Warren 48 B     D D
Minnie Fitts Warren 20 B   Sophia Fitts   L
Oliver D. Fitts Rocky Mount, NC 22 W F. M. Fitts Ann S. Fitts L L
Phillip P. Fitts Warren 27 B Edward Fitts   L L
Rosa Fitts     B Solomon Fitts Ann Fitts    
Sallie B. Fitts Warren 28 B Ben Fitts Fannie Fitts L D
Sarah T. Fitts Warren 24 W Sam Fitts Jane Fitts D L
Thomas Fitts Warren 22 B Sandy Fitts Hannah Fitts L D
Thomas Fitts     B Collin Fitts Nannie Fitts    
Will T. Fitts Warren 21 W T. M. Fitts Ann Fitts L L
Martha Flanagan Warren 22 B Salcey? Brown Annie Brown D L
Mary Flanagan Warren 30 B Wesley Twitty   D D
A. K. Fleming Warren 47 W Jim Fleming Ann S. Fleming L D
Andrew Fleming     B Wm. Clanton Emily Fleming    
Ava L. Fleming Warren 25 W W. B. Fleming A. E. Fleming L L
C. L. Fleming Warren 29 W T. T. Fleming Lettie Fleming D D
Cordelia Fleming Warren 18 W Sol Fleming Margaret Fleming L D
Cornelius Fleming Warren 18 B Ben Williams Rebecca Williams D D
Emma K. Fleming Warren 18 W Sal Fleming Martha Fleming L L
Endora B. Fleming Warren 19 W Thos. A. Fleming Mary Ann Fleming L D
Eula F. Fleming Warren 19 W G. H. Fleming S. H. Fleming L L
George M. Fleming Granville 25 W Reubin Fleming Elizabeth Fleming D D
Ida G. Fleming       Thomas M. Fleming Mary A. Fleming    
J. W. Fleming Warren 31 W Tom Fleming Lettie Fleming D D
Jas. A. Fleming Warren 24 B   Margarett Fleming   D
Jno T. Fleming Warren 29 W Thos. Fleming Sallie Fleming D L
John A. Fleming       Jeremiah M. Fleming Nancy S. Fleming    
Johnny Fleming Warren 21 W G. H. Fleming Sallie Fleming L L
Kate C. Fleming Warren 22 W T. B. Fleming Saluda Fleming L L
Laura A. Fleming Warren 21 W A. K. Fleming Mary C. Fleming L D
Lenath Fleming Warren 20 W Thos. M. Fleming Sallie A. Fleming D L
Lewis R. Fleming Warren 23 W Chas. J. Fleming Winnie Fleming L L
Lilly J. Fleming Warren 19 W Tom Fleming   D D
Lina M. Fleming Warren 23 W Jacob Fleming Susanna Fleming D D
Lucy Fleming Warren 21 W T. B. Fleming Saluda Fleming L L
Luke H. Fleming Meck., VA 40 W C. J. Fleming W. N. Fleming L L
Margaret Fleming Warren 25 B Robert Fleming Nancy Fleming D D
Mattie Fleming Warren 19 W T. M. Fleming Sallie A. Fleming D L
Mollie Fleming Warren 19 B Phil Fleming Charity Fleming L D
Mollie A. Fleming Warren 17 W Thos. M. Fleming Sallie A. Fleming L L
Nancy D. Fleming Warren 32 W R. D. Fleming Anna Fleming D L
Nannie D. Fleming Warren 22 W S. P. Fleming D. E. Fleming L L
Nannie P. Fleming Warren 18 W J. H. Fleming N. P. Fleming L L
Phillip Fleming         Nancy Fleming    
Quinnie Fleming Warren 22 W T. M. Fleming Sally A. Fleming D L
Robert Fleming Warren 25 B Phil Fleming   L D
Robert R Fleming              
Rowena P. Fleming Warren 21 W Dr. R. D. Fleming A. V. Fleming L L
Sally D. Fleming       Simon Fleming Nancy D. Fleming    
Simon P. Fleming       Simon Fleming Nancy D. Fleming    
Sol Fleming Warren 52 W Sol Fleming Elizabeth Fleming D L
Solomon Fleming Warren 22 W Sol Fleming Pattie Fleming L L
Solomon Fleming       Solomon Fleming Elizabeth Andrews    
Vivian Fleming Warren 19 W H. K. Fleming Eugenia Fleming D D
Willie H. Fleming Warren 21 W Jacob Fleming Suianna? Fleming D D
Wm. Fleming Warren 21 B Phill Fleming Charity Fleming L D
Emma S. Flemming       Johnson? Fleming Elizabeth R. Riggan    
John T. Flemming Warren 20 W T. W. Fleming Sallie A. Fleming D L
Eda Fletcher Warren 18 B Jas. Fletcher Lucy Fletcher D D
Peter Fletcher Brunswick, VA 25 B Joe Fletcher Lucy Fletcher D D
Jno. C. Flippin Meck., VA 24 W R. M. Flippen Judia Flippin L L
David Floyd Warren 25 B        
Flora L. Floyd Brunswick, VA 19 W J. M. Floyd R. J. Floyd L L
George W. Floyd Warren 25 W Allen Floyd Elizabeth Floyd D L
James T. Floyd       Fletcher A. Floyd Elizabeth Floyd    
L. J. Floyd       Fletcher Floyd Elizabeth Floyd    
Thos. H. Floyd Warren 26 W Nat Floyd Elizabeth Floyd D D
Thos. H. Floyd Warren 30 W F. Floyd Elizabeth Floyd D L
Thos. H. Floyd       Fletcher Floyd Elizabeth Floyd    
Valeria J. Floyd Vance 21 W Wm. J. Floyd Eliza M. Floyd L L
Edward A. Floyd, Esq.       F.? A. Floyd Elizabeth Floyd    
Alice Fogg Warren 19 B J. Fogg F. Fogg L L
Amos Fogg Warren 28 B     D D
George Fogg Warren 23 B Joe Fogg Fannie Fogg L L
John Fogg Warren 46 B        
Lucy Fogg Warren 19 B Joe Fogg   D L
Mary Fogg Warren 18 B John Fogg Peggie Fogg L L
Mary Fogg Warren 22 B Amos Fogg Matilda Fogg L D
Sally Fogg Warren 20 B Joe Fogg Fanny Fogg L L
William Fogg Warren 23 B Amos Fogg Rebecca Fogg D D
Caroline Foote Warren 48 W Harry Foote   D D
Caty Foote       Ben Foote Elisa Foote    
Charles Foote Warren 19 B Ned Foote Maria Foote D L
Dina Foote       Washington Foot Lily? Foot    
Dolly Foote Warren 21 B Ben Foote Betsy Foote L L
Ella L. Foote Warren 21 W H. A. Foote Minnie G. Foote L L
Evaline Foote Warren 21 B Washington Foote Lilia Foote L L
Fannie Foote Warren 17 B     D D
Harriet Foote Warren 33 B   Lucy Plummer   L
Isaac Foote Warren 22 B Ned Foote Maria Foote L L
Isaac Foote Warren 32 B Ned Foote Maria Foote D L
Joseph Foote Warren 20 B Isaac Foote Marie Foote D L
Laura Foote Warren 18 B Henry Foote Ann Foote   L
Lucy Foote Warren 35 B Harry Riggin Betty Brown L D
Maria Foote Warren 18 B Benj. Foote Betsy Foote L L
Molly E. Foote Warren 17 W Jas. N. Foote Pattie A. Bobbitt D D
Pattie A. Foote Warren 22 W Saml. Bobbitt Martha Bobbitt L L
Ramus Foote     B Ned Powell Penny Davis    
Robert Foote Warren 20 B Benj. Foote Susan Foote L D
Robert Foote Warren 27 B Ben Foote Susan Foote D D
Kathleen L. Ford Warren 18 W Robt. H. Ford Mary Ford L L
Mamie J. Ford Warren 21 W R. H. Ford Mary Ford L L
Wm Henry Ford Wake 29 B   Daress Ford   L
Henry Fortner       Littleton Fortner Dilly Fortner    
Martha Fortner       E. W. Rudd Peggy Rudd    
Amy Foster Warren 21 B Ed Hayes Bettie Foster L L
Fanny Foster     B   Emily Foster    
Hannah Foster Warren 21 B   Mahlao? Foster   L
John Foster Warren 21 B   Bettie Foster   L
Lizzie H. Foster Warren 16 W W. B. Foster Pattie A. Foster L L
Louisa Foster Warren 25 B   Emily Foster   L
Louisa Foster     B Jacob Rodwell Emily Foster    
Lucy Foster Warren 20 B Nick Foster Claircy Foster D L
Melissa Foster Warren 19 B   Martha Foster   L
Mrs. Lucy A. Foster Warren 32 W Samuel Duke Luculs Duke D D
Nancy Foster Warren 18 B Robert Foster Martha Foster L L
Rosa P. Foster Warren 18 W Wm. B. Foster Pattie A. Foster L D
Sidney Foster Warren 21 B   Matilda Foster D L
Sophia Foster Warren 28 B   Matilda Foster   L
William Foster     B Isaac Southerland Emily Foster    
Cyrus Fountain       Abraham Fountain Flora Fountain    
Cora L. Frances Norfolk, VA 22 W Jno. Frances Bettie D D
Mary Francis Warren 18 B   Annie Wright   L
Benjamin Franklin Warren 40 B        
Henry Frauler       Daniel Frauler Rosina Frauler    
Susie E. Frazer Warren 16 W R. P. Frazer Susan G. Frazer L L
Annie W. Frazier Warren 18 W R. P. Frazier Susan G. Frazier L L
Jim Frazier Warren 22 W Ranson Frazier Susan Frazier L L
T. J. Frazier Warren 21 W R. P. Frazier S. G. Frazier L L
Mrs. Adline Fulcher Warren 30 W Joe? Clark Betsy Clark L D
Henry D. Fulford       Benj. W. Fulford Francis B. Fulford    
John T. Fulford       Benjamin W. Fulford Francis B. Fulford    
J. J. Fuller Granville 22 W Alexander Fuller Mary Fuller D L
James A. Fuller Granville 48 W W. W. Fuller Mary F. Fuller D L
M. T. Fuller Vance 30 W Wm. Fuller   L L
T. O. Fuller Warren 31 B Henderson Fuller Mary Eliza Fuller D D

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