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Warren County Marriage 1865 - 1900
Marriage Data listed by Bride and Groom
This fantastic marriage collection has been provided by Forrest King.  Forrest has asked me to let everyone know there may be more information available with the original records such as the name of the witnesses which were not included in his abstract.  However, this is a fabulous database since, in most cases, we have the names of the parents of the brides and grooms as well as where the parents are from. Thanks again Forrest for all you do for all of us!
Marriage Information -  Brides and Grooms
Family Information for Brides and Grooms



  Age  Race



F - L/D M - L/D
Mary Ann Nackles              
C. A. Nash Granville 38 W Richard Nash Cornelia Nash D D
Willie O. Nathan Berkeley, VA 30 B     D L
Ella W. Nathery Warren 20 W B. S. Nathery Sarah C. Nathery L L
Angeline P. Neal       Dudley Neal Lucy Neal    
D. H. Neal Warren 40 W Dudley Neal Lucy Neal D D
Edward L. Neal       Dudley L. Neal Lucy Neal    
Elizabeth Neal Warren 18 B Henry Hicks Lucy Neal   L
Frank B. Neal Warren 22 W W. W. Neal Delia Neal L L
James Claiborne Neal       Dudley S. Neal Lucy Neal    
Jno. T. Neal Warren 24 W Thos. Neal Martha J. Neal D D
John Neal Warren 21 W Buck Neal Martha Ann Neal D D
Lizzie Neal Warren 18 W Dudley Neal Alice Neal L L
Martha Neal Warren 20 W Jas Neil Caroline Neil D L
Martha T. Neal Warren 18 W John T. Neal Martha I. Neal D L
Mattie Neal Warren 20 W Tim K. Neal Sevia? J. Neal D L
McHenry Neal Warren 21 W Joe Neal Caroline Neal D L
Pattie Lou Neal Warren 24 B Res Henry West   L L
Roxy Neal Warren 21 B Alfred Neal Marioh Neal D L
S. E. Neal Warren 20 W Thos H. Pittman Elizabeth Pittman D L
Saml. W. Neal Warren 21 W Wm. W. Neal Delia Neal L L
Townsberry S. Neal Warren 40 W Aaron Neal   D D
W. A. Neal Warren 27 W Thos. Neal Martha Neal D L
W. E. Neal Warren 23 W W. W. Neal Delia H. Neal L L
Gilbert Nelson Warren 50 B     D D
Joseph Nelson Newberne, NC 42 W Josephus Nelson E. E. Stanly D L
Mat Nelson Warren 21 B Gilbert Nelson Rebecca Nelson L D
William Nelson Meck.,VA 26 W John Nelson Bettie Nelson L L
Maria Nelums     B Jacob Nelums Abby Nelums    
David Newbry Warren 21 W R. Newbry Jennie A. Luke? D D
Betty Newby Warren 19 B Ben Newby Mary Taylor L L
Abram Newell Warren 22 B Sam Newell Hixie Newell L D
Andrew Newell Warren 21 B Daniel Newell Mary Newell L L
Annie Newell Warren 16 B Billy Newell Lizzie Newell D D
Annie Newell Warren 21 B Lim Newell Lissy Newell L L
Annie Newell Warren 21 B Daniel Newell Mary Newell L L
Anthony Newell Warren 22 B Daniel Newell Polly Hawkins L L
Ariella Newell     B Reubin Newell Nancy Newell    
Caroline Newell Warren 19 B Tom Newell Martha Newell L L
Corinna Newell Warren 17 B   Melissa Newell   L
Courtney Newell Warren 20 B   Malissa Newell   L
Daniel Newell Warren 24 B   Martha Montgomery   L
Daniel Newell     B Martin Newell Penny Newell    
Delia Newell       Gid Newell Mary Newell    
Dorothy Newell Warren 16 B Daniel Newell Mary Newell L L
Dorothy Newell     B Reuben Newell Nancy Newell    
Eaton Newell Warren 22 B Plummer Newell Lizzie Newell D D
Ella Newell Warren 27 B Plummer Newell Lizzie Newell D L
Emma Newell Warren 20 B Abner Newell Lucinda Newell L L
Frank B. Newell Warren 23 W Jno. D. Newell Emily Newell L L
Gid Newell Warren 20 B Tom Powell Martha Newell L L
Harriet Newell Warren 40 B Dr. Kearney Fannie Kearney D D
Ike Newell Warren 20 B Lim Newell Malisa Newell D D
John D. Newell Warren 33 W John D. Newell Emily Newell D L
Junius Newell Warren 21 B   Rebecca Shearin   L
Junius Newell Warren 24 B Allen Shearin Rebecca Shearin L L
Kemp P. Newell Halifax 34 B Plummer Newell Lizzie Newell D L
Laura Newell Warren 19 B K Newell Amy Newell L D
Lola Newell Warren 19 B Daniel Newell Mary Newell L L
Lucy A. Newell Warren 19 W Sam Newell Octavia Newell D L
Martha Newell Warren 32 B   Malissie Newell D L
Martin Newell Warren 21 B Daniel Newell Polly Hawkins   L
Matilda Newell Warren 28 B   Aly Terrey?   L
Mollie Newell Warren 28 W Joseph W. Newell Harriet C. Newell D L
Oscar Newell     B Isaac Powell Melissa Newell    
Peggy Newell Warren 18 B Daniel Newell Polly Hawkins L L
Peter Newell Warren 22 B Abner Newell Lucinda Newell L L
Polly Newell Warren 46 B Willis Powell Maria Powell L L
Prudie Newell Warren 19 B   Melissa Newell   L
Ransom Newell       Rob. Newell Anna Newell    
Rebecca Newell     B Kary Bobbitt Hager Newell    
Reuben Newell Warren 23 B Daniel Newell Polly Hawkins L L
Reuben Newell Warren 57 B Daniel Newell Polly Hawkins L D
Sherman Newell Warren 21 B Kidd Newell Mary Newell L L
Tom Newell Warren 27 B        
William Newell Warren 21 B Andrew Newell Hixie Newell L D
William A. Newell Warren 24 W J. D. Newell Emily Newell L L
Winny Newell Warren 37 B   Sallie Spruill   D
Oliver Newly Alamance 36 B Anthony Way Staff Priscilla Newly D D
Annie E. Newman Warren 16 W Wm. Newman Rhoda Newman L L
E. M. Newman Warren 22 W W. D. Newman Rhoda D. Newman L L
Ida Newman Warren 17 W W. D. Newman B. C. Newman L L
J. W. Newman Meck., VA 28 W L. H. Newman S. A. Newman L L
Mollie F. Newman Warren 18 W W. D. Newman Rhoda C. Newman L L
Pattie A. Newman Warren 23 W N. G. Newman Anita Newman L L
R. B. Newman Warren 37 W M. G. Newman A. O. Newman D L
Robert B. Newman Warren 27 W Macon G. Newman A. O. Newman L L
Rosalie D. Newman Warren 24 W Nily? Newman Anita Newman L L
Scipio Newman Warren 26 B Squire Newman Adelaide Newman L L
W. A. Newman Warren 21 W W. D. Newman R. C. Newman L L
William Newman Warren 22 B Jack Newman Vikey Newman L D
Benj. T. Newsom Warren 35 W R. G. Newsom Martha Newsom L L
Charles S. Newsom Warren 24 W R. S. Newsom M. A. Newsom L L
Lucy Newsom Warren 19 W Jerry Newsom Nancy Newsom L D
M. R. Newsom Warren 27 W J. V. Newsom Nancy Newsom L D
Ruffin Newsom Warren 24 B        
Ruffin Newsom     B   Tempy Newson    
Thos. W. Newsom Warren 27 W John Newsom Katie Newsom L L
Bob Newsome Warren 21 B John Newsome   L D
Emma J. Newsome Warren 20 W J. W. Newsome Mary J. Newsome D L
Geo. W. Newsome Warren 25 W Wm. Newsome Louisa Newsome D D
L. C. Newsome Halifax 22 W John Newsome Kate Newsome L L
Lizzie B. Newsome Halifax 19 B Jerry Newsome Nancy Newsome L D
Thomas C. Newsome Warren 27 W Bob Newsome Martha Newsome L L
Florence Newsum Warren 23 W John Newsum Kate Newsum L L
Dora B. Newton Warren 22 W John G. Newton Sallie E. Newton D L
Florence Newton Norfolk, VA 55 W C. W. Newton U. J. Newton? L L
Sofrona Newton Warren 53 B Granville Chapman Ann Newton L L
W. H. Newton Warren 34 W J. B. Newton H. A. Newton D D
William Newton Warren 25 B   Martha Newton   L
Allen Nicholas Warren 32 W Allen Nicholas May Nicholas D D
Aaron Nicholson Warren 27 B Moses? Nicholson Millay Nicholson L L
Abner Nicholson Warren 28 B Jefferson Nicholson Emily Nicholson L D
Adline Nicholson Warren 21 W Nathl. Nicholson Mary Jane Nicholson L L
Albert Nicholson Warren 25 B Allen Hilliard Lucy Nicholson L L
Allice Nicholson   18 B Romulous Nicholson Betsy Nicholson D L
Amanda Nicholson Warren 28 B Anderson Nicholson Everline Nicholson D L
Andrew Nicholson     B Weldon Nicholson Priscilla Haynes    
Ann Nicholson Warren 18 B   Mary Nicholson   L
Annie J. Nicholson Warren 20 W John N. Nicholson Bettie Nicholson L L
Ben Nicholson Warren 21 B Macklin Nicholson Toruitt Nicholson    
Benj. Nicholson Warren 27 B Anderson Nicholson Everlene? Nicholson D L
Benjamin Nicholson     B Romulus Nicholson Betsy Nicholson    
Betsy Nicholson     B Gloster Browne Lucinda Z. Nicholson    
Bettie Nicholson Warren 19 B Moses Nicholson Milly Nicholson L L
Bettie Y. Nicholson Warren 20 W Adkin Nicholson M. J. Nicholson D L
C. A. Nicholson Warren 33 W C. Nicholson Mary J. Burrell D L
C. A. J Nicholson Warren 29 W Christopher Nicholson M. J. Borrell D L
E. P. Nicholson Warren 27 W Nathaniel N. Nicholson Mary J. Nicholson L L
Ella Nicholson       Wyat Nicholson Mary Nicholson    
Emma Nicholson Warren 18 W Wyatt Nicholson Mary Nicholson D L
Emma Nicholson   30 B Tom Nicholson Francis Nicholson D L
Frank Nicholson Warren 21 B     D D
Hannah Nicholson Warren 19 B Mecklin Nicholson Sonnel? Nicholson D L
Hester Nicholson     B Washington Browne Ary Nicholson    
Jefferson Nicholson Warren 25 B Moses Nicholson Milly Nicholson D L
John C. Nicholson       John Nicholson Luemduith Nicholson    
Laura P. Nicholson       Wyatt E. Nicholson Mary A. Nicholson    
Lerinette? Nicholson Warren 50 B Gloster Brown   D D
Lewis Nicholson     B Lewis Nicholson Dilsey Nicholson    
Lina L. Nicholson Warren 18 W Nat. Nicholson   L L
Lou Nicholson Warren 20 B Solomon Nicholson Betsy Nicholson L D
Lucrecia Nicholson Warren 19 B Jeff Nicholson Emily Nicholson L L
M. E. Nicholson Warren 19 W N. A. Nicholson   L L
Margarett Nicholson Warren 20 B Abram Nicholson Patsy Nicholson D D
Martha Nicholson Warren 18 B   Francies Nicholson   L
Matilda Nicholson Warren 21 B     D L
Mollie A. Nicholson Warren 20 W Wyatt E. Nicholson M. A. Nicholson D L
Mollie A. Nicholson       Adkin Nicholson Jane Nicholson    
Nathaniel Nicholson Warren 62 W Benj. Nicholson Martha Nicholson D D
Olivia Nicholson Warren 21 W Nathl. Nicholson Jane Nicholson L L
Pinky Nicholson Warren 20 B Jeff Nicholson   L D
Rebecca J. Nicholson Warren 29 W N. A. Nicholson Cathrine E. Nicholson L D
Richard Nicholson Warren 44 B Simon Shearin Amy Shearin D L
Richard Nicholson Warren 58 B Simon Shearin Emma Shearin D D
Richard Nicholson Meck., VA 62 W John Nicholson Nancy Nicholson D D
Sallie A. Nicholson       Nathaniel Nicholson Amarillis Nicholson    
Senillia A. Nicholson Warren 20 W   Mary Jane Burrel D L
Solomon Nicholson Warren 25 B Hall Brown Harriet Nicholson   D
Sophronia Nicholson Warren 25 B Ephriam Nicholson Annie Nicholson L L
Tempy Nicholson     B Benjamin Nicholson Mariah Nicholson    
Thomas Nicholson Warren 24 B Jeff Nicholson Emily Nicholson L D
Thomas Nicholson     B Gloster Brown Lucinda Nicholson    
W. H. Nicholson Warren 21 B   Catherine Paschall   L
W. I. Nicholson Warren 23 W C. Nicholson Mary J.Borrell D L
William H. or Nathaniel Nicholson Warren 23 W Nathaniel Nicholson Amarillo Nicholson L D
Tollie Nobles Nash 19 W Frank Nobles Bettie Nobles L L
Ezekiel Norfleet Warren 24 B Caesar Norfleet Rainy Norfleet L D
Richard Norfleet Warren 23 B Caesar Norfleet Rena Norfleet L D
Saml. Norfleet Warren 20 B Casar Norfleet Hannah Norfleet L L
Charity Norman Warren 21 B Albert Norman Liza Norman L L
James Northcott       Andrew Northcot Sarah Northcot    
Jennie A. Northington Halifax 20 W J. H. Northington Mary V. Northington L D
Martha Northington Warren 20 B Abner Northington Milly Northington L D
Nannie Northington Meck., VA 18 B John Northington Sue Northington L L
Viola V. Northington Meck.,VA 19 W W. H. Northington Mary Northington L L
Bettie M. Norwood Warren 17 W W. J. Norwood M. S. Norwood L L
Willie Beyar Norwood Warren 20 W William J. Norwood Mariam S. Norwood L L
Ann Nuckles Warren 25 B        
Etta Nuckles Warren 20 W Jas. H. Nuckles E. M. Nuckles L L
Mary Nuckles Warren 23 W Wm. H. Nuckles Nancy Nuckles L L
Richard Nuckles Warren 21 W James Nuckles Mrs. Nuckles L D
Susan J. Nuckles Warren 20 W Thos. J. Nuckles Mary J. Nuckles D D
Nannie Nunnery Warren 18 B H. Nunnery Reather Nunnery L D

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