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Warren County Marriage 1865 - 1900
Marriage Data listed by Bride and Groom
This fantastic marriage collection has been provided by Forrest King.  Forrest has asked me to let everyone know there may be more information available with the original records such as the name of the witnesses which were not included in his abstract.  However, this is a fabulous database since, in most cases, we have the names of the parents of the brides and grooms as well as where the parents are from. Thanks again Forrest for all you do for all of us!
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  Age  Race



F - L/D M - L/D
Saluda Gaines     B   Jane Gaines    
Wm. M. Gaines Warren 28 B Benny Gaines Winny Gaines D D
Bettie Gains Warren 21 B James Gains Malinda Gains L L
Peter Gale Warren 24 B Nathan Gale Sally Ann Gale D  
Virgil Gale Warren 23 B Dick Gale Maria Jones L D
Robert M. Gales Vance 29 B Mason Gales Susan Gales L D
Sallie A. Gales Warren 60 B     D D
Winnie Gales Warren 21 B Nathan Gales Sallie Gales L L
Stephen Games Warren 28 B Jus Games Cornelia Games L L
J. M. Gardiner Warren 26 W T. P. Gardiner T. A. Gardiner L L
Ann Gardner Warren 20 B Peter Gardner Silvia Gardner L D
Brisica Gardner Warren 18 B Peter Gardner Silva Gardner D D
Della Gardner Warren 20 B   Caroline Gardner   L
Ella Gardner     B Peter Gardner Silva Gardner    
Franklin P. Gardner Warren 28 W T. P. Gardner Franitta Gardner L L
James Gardner       Peter Gardner Silvia Gardner    
James L Gardner Warren 48 B Peter Gardner Sylvia Gardner D D
Jane Gardner Warren 23 B Peter Gardner Silva Gardner D D
John C. Gardner Warren 28 W Thos. P. Gardner F. P. Gardner L L
John C. Gardner Warren 32 W T. P. Gardner T. A. Gardner L L
Kitty Gardner Warren 60 B   Bukie Boyd    
Mary Gardner Warren 21 B Peter Gardner Milly Gardner D D
Pattie R. Gardner Warren 21 W T. P.Gardner F. A. Gardner L L
Richard Gardner Warren 23 B Thomas Gardner Carolina Gardner L D
T. P. Gardner Warren 22 W J. W. Gardner N. P. Gardner D D
Thomas Gardner Warren 21 B Peter Gardner Silvia Gardner L D
W. S. Gardner Warren 26 W Thomas P. Gardner F. A. Gardner L L
Alice Garland     B Nathan Garland Lizzie Garland    
Eliza Garland Warren 20 B Junius Garland Rosa Garland L L
Henrieta Garland Warren 36 B Jenkins Garland Fanny Garland L D
John Garland Warren 30 B Robt. Garland Nellie Garland L  
John Garland     B Armistead Garland Ann Garland    
Junius Garland Warren 60 B        
Junius Garland Warren 69 B     D D
Junius Garland     B Junius Garland Fannie Garland    
Lizzie Garland Warren 21 B Armstead Garland Annie Lizzie Garland L D
Lucy Ann Garland Warren 22 B   Louisa Garland   L
Martha Garland     B        
William Garland Warren 27 B Junius Garland Rosa Garland L L
Wm. M. Garland Warren 21 B Nathan Garland Lizzie Garland L L
Mary Garner Warren 18 B        
Alex Garnes Warren 28 B Gilles Garnes Betsy Garnes L L
Anna Garnes Warren 18 B Gillis Garnes Betsy Garnes L L
Candis Garnes Warren 27 B        
George Garnes Warren 22 B Gillis Garnes   L L
Kemp Garnes       Dempsey Garnes Jane Garnes    
Mary Garnes Warren 20 B William Mayho   L D
Parthenia Garnes     B Benj. Garnes Winnifred Garnes    
Robert Garnes     B Dempsey Coleman Jane Garnes    
Thos. M. Garnes Warren 24 B Barry Garnes Huniford Garnes D L
William Garnes Warren 22 B   Jane Garnes   L
William A. Garnes Warren 36 B Cannon Garnes Pearsis Garnes L D
Winnie Garnes Warren 20 B Manson Garnes   D D
Z. T. Garrott       James Garrott Mary G. Garrott    
Edward Gates Warren 21 B Nathan Gates Betsy Gates L L
Gabriella Gates Warren 23 B Mathew Gates Sally A. Gates L L
Luther Gates Warren 24 B Mason Gates Maria Gates   D
Thomas Gatting Warren 24 B Thos. Gatting Milly Gatting L L
Bettie Gaues? Warren 18 B   Malinda Carr   D
Charles S. Gay Northampton 29 W John W. Gay Sarah C. Gay L L
Eugene J. Gay Northampton 27 W J. W. Gay L. C. Gay L L
William E. Gaye Warren 26 B Matthew Gaye Brina Gaye D D
John H. Gayle       Leaven Gayle Sarah F. Gayle    
Julia Gee Warren 25 B Hal Hightower Francis Hightower D L
Louisa Gee Meck., VA 21 B Nelson Gee Cherry Gee L L
Pattie A. Gee Lunenburg, VA 18 W H. M. Gee Emma Gee L L
Patty Gee Warren 18 B   Fannie Gee   L
Beverly George Warren 50 B Ned Brakville Polly George D L
David George Virginia 20 B John George Creacy George L D
Ida George Meck., VA 21 W Wm. George Lizzie George L D
John C. George Warren 50 B John George Modena George L D
Major George Warren 26 B Wm. George Betsie George L D
R. W. George Meck., VA 22 W Wm. George Lizzie George L D
William George Warren 60 B     D D
William George Warren 60 B        
Lucy Ann Gholson       Joseph Gholson Elizabeth Gholson    
Ola Gholson Warren 21 W Wm. P. Gholson Mollie B. Gholson D L
Ann Eliza Gibbert Warren 18 B Nelson Gibbert Bechebee? Gibbert L D
Frances Gibbons Warren 20 W Dr. Jos. Gibbons P. E. Gibbons L L
George Gibbons     B        
Pattie E. Gibbons Warren 26 W H. H. Gibbons E. H. Gibbons L L
S. F. Gibbons       Rev. H. H. Gibbons      
Susan Agnes Gibbs Warren 24 W Richard Gibbs Mary Ann Gibbs D L
Dally Giggeth Warren 19 B Daniel Giggeth Fanny Giggeth L L
Ritta Giggett Warren 16 B Anthony Giggett Frankie Giggett L L
Anthony J. Giggetts Warren 18 B Anthony Giggetts Frank Giggetts L L
Hansell Giggetts Warren 19 B Robt. Alston Ann Alston L L
Julia Giggetts Virginia 22 B Edward Giggetts Miranda Giggetts L L
Bettie Giggitt Warren 20 B Anthony Giggitt Franky Giggitt L L
Richd. Giggitt Warren 21 B Danl. Giggitt Amy Alston D L
Mary Eliza Giggitts Warren 21 B Thomas Giggitts Sarah Giggitts L L
Alice Gill Warren 20 B Gull Gill Saleryar Gill L L
Frank Gill Warren 21 B Gull Gill Marinda Gill L L
Frank Gill Warren 43 B McGull Gill Maranda Gill D L
Gull Gill Warren 21 B Gull Gill Rudy Gill L L
Gull Gill Warren 23 B Gull Gill Maranda Gill L L
Leah Gill Warren 26 B Gull Gill Virinola Gill L L
Maria Gill Warren 20 B Gull Gill Pender Gill L L
McGull Gill Warren 35 B McGull Gill Merinda Gull D L
Rosa Gill Warren 19 B Wm. Gill Susan Gill L L
Roxanna Gill Warren 21 B McGull Gill Marinda Gill D L
Sarah Gill Warren 22 B Merrick Gill Sylvia Gill L D
Henry Gilliam       John Gilliam Grace Gilliam    
Robert Gilliam Ashville 30 B   Francis Stanford   L
Robert B. Gilliam Warren 24 B Robert Gilliam Martha Davis L D
Thomas Gilliam     B Rufus Gilliam Malvina Gilliam    
Emma Gilliland       James H. Gilliland Sally B. Gilliland    
James R. Gilliland Warren 44 W J. H. Gilliland S. B. Gilliland L L
Nannie M. Gilliland       James H. Gilliland Sarah Gilliland    
V. C. Gilliland       James Gilliland Sarah Gilliland    
Henry Glasgow Warren 45 B        
Christianna Glover Meck., VA 19 W Granderson Glover Arminta Glover D L
Bonnie Gohagin Warren 28 W John A. Gohagin Mariah Gohagin L D
Jim Goin Warren 38 B Jerry Goin Luvenia Goin L D
Margarett Goings Halifax 21 B Jery Goings Louvinia Goings L L
Chas. W. Gonzales Cumberland, NC 30 W R. J. Gonzales Mary Gonzales L D
Anna Goode Warren 25 B Conrad Goode Julia Goode D L
Armistead Goode     B Robert Goode Nancy Goode    
Bettie Goode Warren 82 B   Sukkie Goode D L
Catherine Goode Warren 22 B Thos. Goode Rebecca Goode L L
Charles Goode Warren 25 B Thomas Goode Alice Goode L D
Christiana Goode Warren 21 B Fred Goode Susan Goode L L
Edward Goode Warren 31 B Enos Goode Matilda Goode L D
Edward Goode     B Enos Matilda    
Fanny Bell Goode Warren 19 B Fed Goode Susan Goode L L
Jim Goode Warren 21 B   Mary Goode   L
Kinsey Goode Warren 24 B Daniel Goode Ritty Goode L D
Lucy Goode Warren 24 B Thos. Goode Anakie Irwin L D
Nanie Goode Warren 20 B Thos. Goode Rebacco Goode L L
Rob. S. Goode Warren 22 B Tom Goode Allice Goode L D
Thomas Goode Warren 25 B Robert Goode Nancy Goode L L
Thomas Goode Warren 35 B Jim Goode Matilda Goode D L
Thomas Goode     B Michael Goode Nancy Goode    
Willie Goode Vance 23 B Lewis Goode Catherine Goode L L
Ned Goodrom Warren 78 B Wylie Goodrom Mourning Goodrom D D
Edward Goodrum     B Wiley Goodrum Mourning Goodrum    
Molly Goodwin Brunswick, VA 19 W Robert Goodwin E. Goodwin L D
E. M. Goodwyn Warren 25 W James A. Goodwyn Eugene L. Goodwyn L L
James Gordin Meck., VA 22 W   Elizabeth Gordin   D
Kindred Gossip Warren 21 W   Nancy Gossip   L
Sophronia Gowan Halifax 24 B Jerry Gowan Luvenia Gowan L L
Eliza Graham Warren 30 B   India Hicks D L
Flora May Graham Warren 24 W John Graham Frances Graham L L
Frank Marion Graham Baltimore, MD 22 W Thomas Graham Sarah Graham D D
Henry Graham Warren 27 B Henry Graham Eliza Graham L L
Eva Barbara Granger Warren 29 W Limhard Granger Eva Granger L D
R. F. Graves Richmond, VA 23 W R. F. Graves Carrie N. Graves D L
Agustus Gray Warren 36 B        
Carrie B. Gray Warren 22 W A. B. Gray Tina V. Gray L L
Pattie Gray Warren 25 W B. R. Browning Mrs. B. R. Browning L D
Abner Green Warren 52 B Geo. Green Fannie Green L D
Alice Green Warren 18 B John Green Jane Green L L
Alice Green Warren 21 B Robert Green Margaret Green L D
Amanda A. Green Warren 20 B Billy Green Mary Green D D
Annie Green Warren 22 B Robert Green Margaret Green L D
Annie M. Green Warren 22 W Plummer W. Green Elizabeth Green D D
Ara Green Warren 18 B Balam Green Jane Green L L
Balaam Green       Charles Mason Judah Mason    
Belle J. Green Warren 27 W W. H. Green Nancy Green L D
Bettie Green Warren 22 B Tom Green Jocky Green L L
Bettie Green     B Wm. Green Mary Green    
Bricky Green Warren 22 B Bricky Green Fannie Green D D
Catherine Green     B John Green Mary Green    
Charles W. Green Warren 46 B Geo. Green Francis Green D D
Daniel Green Franklin 23 B William Green Matilda Green D D
Deany Green Warren 30 B Daniel Green Catherine Green D L
Eliza Green Warren 18 B Saml. Green Winnie A. Green L L
Eliza Green Warren 20 B     D D
Eliza Green Warren 21 B   Emily Green   L
Ella Green Warren 20 B Alex Green Bell Green L L
Ellen Green     B   Leah Davis    
Emily Green Warren 19 B   Lucy Green   L
Enoch Green Warren 45 B Nat Green Dulsey Green D L
Fannie M. Green Warren 43 W N. T. Green Cathrine Green D D
Fanny A. Green Warren 24 B Peter Green Alice Green L L
Frank Green Warren 22 B   Phyllis Wilson   L
Geo. Green Warren 25 B John Green Mary Green D D
Georgiana Green Warren 20 B   Mary Green D L
Ginny Green     B Mark Somerville Sarah Somerville    
Hannah Green Warren 22 B John Green Jennie Green D L
Hannah Green     B Balsaam Green Winnie Green    
Harry Green Warren 54 B Geo. Green Fanny Green D D
Henderson Green Warren 22 B Crouch? Green Emeline Green L D
Henry Green Franklin 22 B Tumes? Green Maria Green L L
Henry Green Warren 24 B Limers? Green Phillis Green L L
Henry Green Warren 25 B John Green Jennie Green D L
Henry Green     B Jack Green Mariah Green    
Henry H. Green Warren 29 B Isaac Hawkins Emily Green   L
India Green Warren 17 B   Lucy Green   L
James Green Warren 27 B John Green Jennie Green D L
James H. Green Warren 25 B Cyruss Green Louvinia Green L L
James P. Green Warren 23 B John Green Rebecca Hall L L
Jennie Green Warren 50 B     D D
Joe Green Warren 25 B John Green Mary Green D L
John Green Warren 21 B   Della Hicks   L
John Green     B Patrick Gleen Maria Green    
Joseph Green     B Balaam Green Winny Green    
Lealer Green Warren 21 B Bob Green   L D
Lizzie Green Warren 21 B Watt Walker Harriet Walker L D
Lizzie T. Green Warren 23 W S. T. Green M. A. B. Green L L
Lottie Green Warren 25 B Daniel Green Katherine Green D L
Margarett Green Warren 24 B   Leah Davis   L
Maria Green Warren 23 B Henry Green Hagar Green L D
Martha Green Warren 21 B Simon Green Phillis Green L L
Martin Green     B Zen. Green Sylvia Thrower    
Mary Green Warren 25 B   Milly Green   L
Mary Green     B   Emily Green    
Mary A. Green Warren 19 B Henry Green Nancy Green L L
Mary Alice Green Warren 20 B Henry Green Louvinia Green L D
Mary Jane Green Warren 20 B Enouch Green E. Green L D
Mary L. Green Warren 24 B   Frances Green    
Mary Willie Green Warren 18 B Willis Green Maggie Green L L
Mattie Green Warren 21 W S. T. Green M. A. B. Green L L
Moses Green Warren 23 B Jno. Green Mary Green D L
Mrs. Sarah P. Green Warren 47 W        
Nathan Green Warren 25 B Robt. Green   L D
Nellie Green Warren 18 B Henry Green Hagon? Green L L
Nellie H. Green Warren 18 B   Rebacca Hall   L
Nellie V. Green Warren 21 W S. T. Green Mara Green L L
Oliver Green     B Oliver Mecum? Carey    
Pattie Green     B   Rosa Green    
Phillis Green Baltimore, MD 19 B   Cary Green   L
Pilot Green     B Billy Green Mary Green    
Plummer W. Green       Thomas E. Green Ann Green    
Polly Green       John Mayo Emily Mayo    
Rachel Green Warren 21 B Henry Green Hagar Green L D
Rebecca L. Green Warren 20 B   Emily Green   L
Richard Green Warren 22 B   Molly Green   L
Richd. F Green Franklin 30 W Nathaniel Green Alice Green D L
Robert Green Warren 21 B John Green Mary Green D L
Robt. Green Warren 22 B Hunter Green Hester Green L D
Rosa J. Green Northampton 19 W James Green   L D
Sam Green Warren 21 B   Lidia Green    
Sidney Green Warren 21 B Willis Green Ann Green L D
Sidney Green Warren 24 B Wileas? Green Ann Green L D
Susan Green Warren 19 B Enouch? Green   L D
Susan Green Warren 30 B        
Thomas Green Warren 23 B John Green Mary Green D L
Thomas Green     B Squire Webb Catie Green    
Thomas Green     B        
Thomas E. Green       John Green Martha Green    
Thos. Green Warren 35 B Billy Green Mary Green D L
William Green Warren 26 B   Mary Greene D L
William Green Warren 65 B        
Willis Green Warren 34 B Willis Johnson Charity Green D D
Willis L. Green Warren 29 B Enough Green Enseolina? Green D L
Wm A. Green Warren 27 B Wm. Green Mary Green D L
Wm. D. Green Warren 26 B Thos. Green Penny Green L D
Angeline Gregory Warren 23 B Ned Gregory Angeline Gregory L D
C. H. Gregory Meck., VA 25 W W. D. Gregory L. C. Gregory D L
Hugh Gregory Warren 45 B Job Gregory Aggie Gregory L D
Jane Gregory     B Jackson Gregory Indianna Gregory    
Lucy Gregory Warren 19 B J. H. Turner Indiana Alexander D L
Mary Gregory       Isaac Gregory Matilda Gregory    
Rodger Gregory Warren 59 W Richd. C. Gregory Eliza Gregory D D
William Gregory Warren 32 B Wm. Pettis Elinor Gregory L L
Willie Earnest Greyard Wake 21 W W. H. Greyard E. A. Greyard D D
Willoughby H. Greyard         Martha Greyard    
John D. Griffin Warren 29 B William Griffin Lelia Griffin L  
Sarah Griffin Warren 19 W Zack Griffin Martha Griffin D L
Millie S. Griffith Meck., VA 19 W Alex Griffith Sallie Griffith L L
Ephraim Grigg Warren 20 B   Mary Grigg D L
Sandy Grigg Warren 19 B   Mary Grigg D L
Eugene Grimes Warren 40 W Amos Grimes Susan Grimes D L
Haywood Grimes     B George Grimes Mary Grimes    
James H. Grissom Esq.       John Grissom Julia Grissom    
J. G. Griswold Petersburg, VA 40 W C. G. Griswold J. E. Griswold L L
Horace Gross Warren 29 B Henry Gross Rebecca Gross    
Bob Gupton Franklin 22 B Bob Gupton Jane Gupton L L
E. J. Gupton Franklin 21 W E. A. Gupton M. A. Gupton L L
Isham Gupton     B Nathan Leonard Harriet Leonard    
Johny Gupton Warren 21 W John W. Gupton Caroline Gupton L L
Letha Gupton     B Billy Gupton Sallie Gupton    
N. C. Gupton Warren 21 W Jack Gupton Mary Gupton L L
Patrick Gupton       Dave Gupton Sallie Gupton    
Plummer Gupton       Wm. B. Gupton Mournin Gupton    
Rosella Gupton Warren 20 W John Gupton Caroline Gupton L L
W. C. Gupton Franklin 26 W D. W. Gupton Bettie Gupton L L
Pheny Guy Warren 18 B Matt Guy Briney Guy D D
Polly Guy     B Mark Guy Perathinia Guy    
Sophia Guy Meck. 20 B     D D

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