Currituck County Photographs

 William Jackson & Julia Ann (White) Walker Photo Album

These photographs were found in the photo album formerly owned by Clarence Eugene and Sarah Nevada (Burton) Walker who lived near Coinjock, N.C. until the late 1920's when they moved to Hertford, Perquimans County, N.C.  Clarence was the son of Nathaniel Johnson Walker and Fannie Davis Hampton and Sarah Nevada was the daughter of Dempsey Burton and Mary Virginia Saunders.  This album is currently owned by Garland and Glenda Walker and has kindly been submitted by them for posting on the Currituck website.  Click on underlined names for photos and more information.

William Jackson Walker

              A young William Jackson Walker

An older William Jackson Walker

William Jackson Walker, son of Fanny Poyner & William Walker who died in July 1829 [see his will] was born in Currituck County on  Feb. 12, 1824 and died October 1, 1889.  He married Julia Ann White circa 1845.  Julia was born Nov. 29, 1824 and died May 31, 1903.  Together they had 4 children: Fanny, Nathaniel Johnson, Robert Wilson, and Adelia Ann Walker. William & Julia lived in the Coinjock Dist. of Currituck Co. in 1850 with 2 year old Fanny, and in 1860 along with, Adelia M. White, possibly Julia's sister.  William and Julia are reportedly buried in the Walker Cemetery where only a patch of grass now stands--no visible headstones remain.

William Jackson Walker & Julia Ann White
    1. Fanny Walker
[no photo]
born c1848 and presumed to have died before the 1860 census was taken

    2. Nathaniel Johnson Walker married Frances Davis "Fannie" Hampton
            a. Essie Virginia Walker married John Willis Tillett (no children)
            b. Clarence Eugene Walker married Sarah Nevada Burton
                    1. Virgie Opal Walker married Samuel Graham Newbern
                              a. Maxine Virginia Newbern
                              b. Kenneth Raynor Newbern
                              c. (living) Newbern
                              d. Garland Ray Newbern [name legally changed to Walker]
                    2. Morgan Vixon Walker married (living) Trueblood (2 living children)
                    3. Essie Virginia Walker (never married)
                    4. Shirley Louise Walker married Glenn Robert Matthews (no children)
            c. William Nathaniel "Bill" Walker married Estelle Roberts
1. Willie Lorraine Walker [1914-1971] married Carole Midgett (one living child)
                     2. Graham Johnson Walker [1919-1974] married (living) Bright (2 living children)

            d. Carl Hampton Walker, Sr. married Anna Maude Griggs
1. Carolyn Walker [born & died in 1922]
2. Carl Hampton Walker, Jr. [1926-1997] married 1st Edna Ruth Jones; 2nd Wanda Gail ???
3. baby girl Walker [born & died in 1930]
                     4. living son Walker

    3. Robert Wilson Walker married Thomasene Saunders
            a. Minnie H. Walker [1894-1967] married Grover Cleveland Newbern
            b. Earl Durant Walker [1896-1947] married Mary B. Walker
            c. Nellie Louise Walker [1901-1980] married Norman Elmer Ballance
            d. Linda J. Walker [1907-1974] married Charles Caleb Krank
            e. Blanche Fulton Walker [1910-1975] married a McGraw

    4. Adelia Ann Walker [no photo] was born in Waterlily, NC on Aug. 7, 1860 and died in Poplar Branch, NC on May 18, 1953.  She was married in Pungo, Princess Anne Co., Va. at age 20 on Sept. 11, 1879 to Wiley Ross (son of Thomas & Melissa Ross) who was born Jan. 14, 1852 in Nansemond Co.,Va. and died July 13,1925 in Currituck County.  Adelia & Wiley had the following children:
a. William Charlie Ross [1883-1963]
            b. Adelia "Addie" Ross [1884-???]
            c. Thomas Clement Ross [1886-1970]
            d. John Ross [1892-????]
            e. Julia Mae Ross [1894-1967]
            f. Louis B. Ross [Aug. 1898?-1955 see death certificate]
            g. Wiley Grady Ross [Dec. 1898?-1914 see death certificate]
NOTE: Louis B. Ross & Wiley Grady Ross were not twins, however, both death certificates state they were born in 1898--Louis in August and Grady in December.  One of these certificates has to be in error on the date of birth.

Wiley Sr. and youngest son, Wiley Grady Ross, are buried on the former Walker property on South Waterlily Road.  In 2007 only a patch of tall grass marked the graves, all stones being gone. According to her father's will, Adelia had a lifetime right to a home and some farmland adjacent to the home of her parents.  Adelia lived to be 93 years old and is buried with her brother Robert's family in the Ballance Cemetery on Waterlily Road.  Her headstone can be seen here.

Unknowns in the Walker Photo Album

This young lady appears to be about 14.  Essie Virginia Waker looked very much like her mother Fannie Hampton Walker.  I am not sure which one it is but is almost surely one of them. I think it is Fannie because of the big eyes but my husband thinks it's Essie.  If we could only see her ears we would know. Fannie had generous ears! Tintypes were introduced about 1853 and continued in use until about 1910 or so. That gives a time frame for this picture of the little boy.  He appears to be about six years old. He also appears to be very uncomfortable in the finery he is stuffed into. It is not William Jackson Walker who was born in 1824 but could be one of his sons Nathaniel Johnson or Robert Wilson Walker, or grandsons,  Clarence or William Nathaniel Walker. The clothing looks like 1880 on up to 1910. According to websites that help identify old photographs, the dark card stock, approximately 4 x 6 inches with rounded edge and the  name of the studio printed directly below, indicates circa 1890.  This particular photograph came from the J.H. White Studio in Norfolk, Va.  In 1900 John H. White and his wife, Fannie, were living in the 5th Ward of the city of Norfolk at 113 W. Brambleton Ave, however, the photography studio appeared to be on Main St.