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Currituck County Photographs

 Shirley Louise (Walker) & Glenn Robert Matthews

Shirley Louise Walker, daughter of Clarence Eugene & Sarah Nevada (Burton) Walker, was born in Currituck Co. on Nov. 28, 1921 and died in Hertford, NC on Dec. 4, 2004. She married Glenn Robert Matthews on Nov. 28, 1940.  Glenn, born Dec 7, 1920 and died May 31, 1996, was the son of Simon Peter & Amanda (Hobbs) Mathews of Perquimans Co., NC.  As an adult, Glenn changed the spelling of his last name. Glenn & Shirley ran Glenn's BBQ in Hertford, NC for many years. Glenn served in the US Army in Germany during WWII and was also sheriff of Perquimans County during the 1960s.  In later years they enjoyed taking trips to Florida during the winter.  Shirley bought an electric organ during the sixties and enjoyed playing when she wasn't working at the restaurant.  Glenn & Shirley are buried in Cedarwood Cemetery in Hertford, NC

School photo

Shirley at her organ circa 1963

Left - For most young men, a first car was a wonderful event.  Shirley most likely took this picture as this was their courting car.
Center - Glenn in Hertford, NC circa 1940
Right - Glenn in Germany circa 1945