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Currituck County Photographs

 William Nathaniel "Bill" Walker & Estelle Roberts

William Nathaniel "Bill" Walker was born in Dec. 29, 1891 and died in Oct. 26, 1951.  He married Estelle Roberts, daughter of James T. Roberts & Lydia A. Lee Bill farmed in his early years but later was the bridge tender at the Inland Waterways Bridge in Coinjock. "Miss Estelle" played a mean piano and would accompany herself with a harmonica attached to her ears with wire, sort of like eyeglasses. In this way she could drop the harmonica and retrieve it at will.  Estelle was born in Mar. 19, 1896 and died in Oct. 1976.  They had two children:
1) Willie Lorraine Walker - born Aug. 16, 1914 in Currituck Co. & died in Sept. 1971 at Norfolk, Va.  He married Carol Ann Midgett and they moved to Norfolk. Va.
2) Graham Johnson Walker - born Apr. 10, 1919 & died Dec. 9, 1974.  He married [still living] BrightGraham and his wife returned to Currituck for retirement and ran a gas station and laundromat in Coinjock for several years.

William Nathaniel "Bill" Walker

Bill & Estelle Walker flank their first born, Willie.

A visit from Essie, Estelle, and Nevada Walker. Estelle was visiting sister-in-law Nevada "Wada" Walker and her daughters, Shirley Matthews and Essie Walker in Hertford NC. They visited us at our home in Williamston NC. One of our daughters happily sits for the photograph--circa 1965.

Bill & Estelle Walker Home

Most likely this house belonged to another family before Bill & Estelle made it their home. They raised their two sons here and Estelle continued on for many years after Bill's death. Finally when she needed more care she moved into an apartment in the nearby home of son Graham and his wife. Finally the old house was torn down and another relative built a home there.

William Nathaniel & Estelle Roberts Walker tombstone in the Nathaniel Walker Cemetery.

This is an overview from the highway of the Nathaniel Walker Family Cemetery in Currituck County NC. Off to the left there is a cemented area with several Newbern graves and also a Seth Garrington. Since 2003 some houses have been moved onto the site.