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Currituck County Photographs

 Clarence Eugene Walker & Sarah Nevada Burton

Clarence Eugene Walker was born May 29, 1887 in Currituck Co. and died in Norfolk, Va. on Feb. 18, 1945.  He married Sarah Nevada "Wada" Burton on March 11, 1906 Nevada, daughter of Dempsey Burton & Mary Virginia Saunders, was born in May 19, 1882 and died in June 22, 1976.  Clarence was a farmer in Coinjock, N.C. and worked for the State Highway Department. This latter occupation took him to Hertford, N.C. about 1927. Their oldest child, Virgie, being married by then, remained in Currituck County, but the other children grew up in Hertford and remained there for the rest of their lives. Clarence eventually became Police Chief for the town of Hertford in the mid-1930s and remained in that position for the rest of his life.  Nevada loved to garden and, as long as she was able, she had beds of flowering annuals in her yard and planters on the porches.

Clarence Eugene Walker Clarence as a Hertford, NC policeman
Clarence circa 1935 Nevada circa 1935 Nevada circa 1962

Nevada loved to garden and she did so until she was in her eighties. Her petunia patches were a neighborhood "must see". The Walkers lived at 52 Grubb St. in Hertford, NC at that time.

Left to right: daughter Essie Virginia Walker, grandson Garland Walker, Clarence Eugene & Nevada (Burton) Walker on a trip to a tulip farm in or near Creswell, NC.  It was a favorite Sunday afternoon destination when the tulips were in bloom. Left to right - grandson Garland Walker, Nevada (Burton) Walker, daughter Shirley (Walker) Matthews, and Clarence Eugene Walker Most likely Shirley's husband, Glenn Matthews, took the picture. Every summer, Clarence & Nevada would spend a week at Nags Head. Here they are on one of the fishing piers with grandson Garland.
Hogkilling in Currituck circa 1925. Pictured from left to right are Bub Parker, William 'Bill' Walker, and his brother Clarence.  Clarence's mother-in-law, Mary Virginia Saunders Burton was remarried to Apollos Parker. Perhaps this Bub Parker is Apollos or some of his family.

UPDATE from Roy Sawyer received Mar. 9, 2011 - Bub Parker shown in Glenda's hog killing picture was Derwood Parker, who lived with his wife, Mat, just north of the Walker homeplace south of Coinjock.  My father, who grew up at Coinjock, used to spend Saturday nights with some other boys at Mr. Bub and Ms. Mat's house - they were childless and were nice to the boys and loved having them.  Daddy said that Ms. Mat often cooked hamburger for Sunday morning breakfast and that it was the best hamburger he had ever eaten.  He never had hamburger for Sunday morning breakfast!

Clarence and his brother, Bill, both worked for the NC State Transportation Department. Clarence ran the road grader and Bill operated the bridge over the Inland Waterway at Coinjock.  Back in the days when most roads in southeastern North Carolina, were dirt,  a regular sight was the road grader 'dragging' the roads. This would smooth out the sandy roads and fill in the ruts and holes. Clarence's daughter Shirley is standing on the back of the truck bed

Clarence and Nevada had 4 children:
  1) Virgie Opal Walker (1908-1935)
  2) Morgan Vixon Walker (1909-1984)
  3) Essie Virginia Walker (1912-1989)  [see photos below]
  4) Shirley Louise Walker (1921-2004)

Left to Right: Virgie & Morgan Walker c1912

Virgie holding the reins while brother Morgan holds baby Essie on the horse's back.  Photo circa 1914.

Left to right: Essie, Virgie, & Morgan Walker
Photo circa 1920

Essie Virginia Walker was born June 21, 1912 and died June 13, 1989. She was the namesake of her father's sister, Essie Virginia Walker, who was born in 1884. She  did not marry but lived with her mother most of her life. She worked for a local dry cleaning business and enjoyed keeping records of the family history.