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Fayetteville Observer, February 13, 1839

State of North Carolina, Richmond County
Superior Court of Law, Fall Term, 1838

Anna Smith vs. James B. Smith


In this cause a Subpoena, returnable to Spring Term, 1837, was issued to James B. Smith, the Defendant, 
commanding him to appear and answer the petition of Anna Smith, the Plaintiff and returned "executed," and 
he failing to appear and plead or answer to the said petition an alias subpoena was, by order of said Court, 
issued to Fall Term, 1838, which was returned "not found," and therefore proclamation was public-made by the 
sheriff, at the door of the Court House, for the said Defendant to appear and answer the said petition, and 
the said Defendant failing so to appear and answer: It is now ordered by the Court, That notice of the 
foregoing given by advertisement in two newspapers for three months, commanding the said James B. Smith to 
appear and answer the said petition at the next Superior Court of Law, to be held for Richmond County, at 
the Court House in Rockingham, on the third Monday of March next, or the petition will be taken as confessed, 
and the cause will be heard ex parte.

Witness, William B. Cole, Clerk of our said Court, at Office, the fourth Monday of September, A.D. 1838, and 
in the sixty-third year of American Independence. William B. Cole, CSC
Myrtle Bridges    November 22, 2009

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