From Area Newspapers - 1854-1893


*  Saturday, August 12, 1854 The Pee Dee Star, Wadesborough, Anson Co, NC
Married: In Richmond county, on the 6th ult., by James L. Yates, Esq., Mr. Isaiah Priest to Miss Nellie, 
daughter of the late Allen MacDonald.
*  Wednesday, March 12, 1879 Pee Dee Herald, Wadesboro, Anson County, NC
Married: At the Episcopal Church in this place, on Thursday night, the 6th inst., Miss Madora Hill, 
of this place, to James T. Dawkins, of Richmond County. Rev. A. H. Boyle, officiating minister.
*  Wednesday, June 18, 1879  Pee Dee Herald, Wadesboro, Anson County, NC
Miss Emma Stanback of Richmond County was led to the hymeneal alter by Mr. T. C. Robinson of this county, 
at the residence of the bride's parents, on yesterday. 
*  Thursday, September 29, 1881 Anson Times, Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC
Married: At Hamlet on the 11th inst., by Rev. S. C. Alexander, Mr. Wm. Arthur to Miss Anna Bell Brown.
*  Thursday, October 13, 1881 Anson Times, Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC
Married: In Rockingham, in the office of the Pee Dee Bee, by Rev. Mr. Sanford, editor of said paper, 
Mr. H. T. Allen of Wadesboro, to Miss Amanda McKethan of Laurinburg (additional)
*  Thursday, December 8, 1881 Anson Times, Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC
Married: Near Mallee, Richmond County, on Thursday, December 1st 1881, by Rev. Len. Webb, Mr. Bej. ForbisS 
to Miss Sallie Green, at the residence of the bride's father. All of Richmond.
*  William Stanback of Richmond County to Pannie Scales, Oct. 28, Richmond County. N&O Nov. 8, 1891
*  Z. L. Gibson of Gibson to Mary A. Parham of Raleigh, Oct. 21, Raleigh. N&O Dec 22, 1892.
*  J. M. Covington to Rydie Maglenn, Apr. 5, Laurinburg. N&O Apr. 7, 1893.
*  John D. Shaw, Jr. to Bettie Thomas, May 4, Laurinburg. N&O May 9, 1893.

*  Thursday, November 20, 1862 N.C. Argus, Wadesborough, Anson County, NC
John F. Garrett, of Pee Dee Guards, 23rd Regt. N.C. Troops, was mortally wounded at the battle of 
Gaines Mills, June 27th, 1862, aged 25 years … son of Capt. Thos. Garrett of Richmond county,
*  Thursday, January 30, 1862 N.C. Argus, Wadesborough, Anson County, NC
Died: Near Magnolia, Wilcox Co., Ala., on Sept. 10th, 1861, Mrs. Mary Ann CRAIG, consort of Lieut. 
Harnet J. Craig, and daughter of Daniel McRae of Richmond county, N.C.
*  Thursday, January 30, 1862 N.C. Argus, Wadesborough, Anson County, NC
Died: On the 13th inst., at his grand-mother's in Richmond county, Duncan G. McGugan, Jan., in his 
twenty-fifth year. He was a volunteer in Western Virginia, where no doubt he caught the disease that 
terminated his life. He was an amiable, exemplary young man; he stood high in the estimation of those 
who knew him.
*  Thursday, August 5, 1886 Anson Times, Wadesborough, Anson County, NC
Died: Eben N. Ingram, Sr., uncle of our townsman Thos. Ingram, died at his home, near Grassy Islands, 
July 28th, aged about 70 years. Thursday, August 12, 1886 Anson Times, The Rocket has this to say of 
Eben D. INGRAM, who recently died at Grassy Islands. He was never married. He engaged extensively in 
farming near the Grassy Islands, and at the time of his death, was resident in the family of his 
brother-in-law, Mr. W. M. Burroughs, member of the Bethel Methodist Church.
*  Thursday, February 4, 1886 Anson Times, Mrs. Jennie LeGrand Crosland died, very suddenly, seated in 
a chair, at her home in Richmond county, on the 25th ult. 
*  Thursday, January 7, 1886 Anson Times, Died: In Richmond County, on December 28th 1885, Mr. T. R. 
Baldwin. Aged 52 years.
*  Wednesday, March 18, 1896 Plow Boy, Wadesboro, Anson Co, Rev. Thos. W. Guthrie, a prominent 
minister of Rockingham, died last Friday night.
*  Wednesday, October 23, 1895 Plow Boy, Wadesboro, Anson Co, NC.
Bob Allison, a 12-year old colored boy of Richmond county, while returning from Wadesboro recently, 
drank about 3 pints of whiskey from the effects which he died in a few hours.
*  Thomas B. Crump of Anson County, Oct. 17, Texas. N&O Nov. 17, 1888.
*  John T. McKinnon, July 27, Mt. Gilead, Montgomery County. N&O July 28, 1888.>
*  Col. John C. McLaurin of Laurinburg, Jan. 3, (on train) N&O Jan 4, 1888.
*  Angus Archie McNeill, Feb. 6, Lumberton, (killed by horse). N&O Feb. 11, 1888.
*  Mrs. Louisa S. Powell, Oct. 16, Richmond County N&O Oct. 28, 1888.
*  Angus Prevatt (?), April 15, near Rockingham, (shot) N&O Apr. 20, 1888
*  James A. Spencer of Lilesville Township, Anson County, Nov. 11, Rockwell, Texas. N&O Nov. 17, 1888.
*  James McDonald, Feb. 23, Rockingham. N&O Feb. 26, 1889.
*  Mrs. Jesse Hargrave, July 17, Laurel Hill, Richmond County N&O July 20, 1890.
*  William R. Hill of Raleigh, Nov., Floral College, Robeson County. N&O Nov. 5, 1890.
*  Maj. Hamilton Scales of Rockingham, Sept. 9, Winston. N&O Sept. 10, 1890.
*  Simeon Connolly, Apr. 24 near Shannon, Robeson County (murdered). N&O Apr. 25, 1891.
*  J. C.  Currie, Jr., Aug. 7, Richmond County (murdered) N&O Aug. 11, 1891
*  Col. Walter L. Steele of Rockingham, Oct. 16, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Balto., Md. N&O Oct 17, 1891
*  John Lackamy Apr. 23, Laurel Hill. N&O Apr. 29, 1892.
*  Walter S. Little, Apr. 12, Ansonville (suicide) N&O Sept 16, 1892

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