Selected marriages of residents of Richmond County, NC and our neighbor, Marlboro County, SC
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ADAMS, Jonathan, &  Mary BRIGHT, to Rev. Robert Purnell, 4 March 1816. Marlboro ML
ADAMS, W.M. & Julah BULLARD, of Marlboro, to Rev. Wm. Bennett, 18 Aug 1813. Marlboro ML
McGILVERY, Alexander, of Robeson County, N.C. & Mary MANDERVILLE of Marlboro, married 
by Rev. Daniel Smith, 7 Dec 1818. Marlboro ML
MARINE, Charles, son of Jonathan & Mary Marine, Marlborough Co., SC, & Abba COX, daughter 
of Josiah & Judeth Cox, Richmond Co., N.C., 26 April 1804. Piney Grove MM
MOORMAN, Tarlton, son of Thomas & Susannah Moorman, Richmond County, NC., & Hannah WAY, 
daughter of William & Abigail, Marlborough District, SC ,26 Nov 1807. Piney Grove MM
MOORMAN, Uriah, son of Zachariah & Mary Moorman, Marlborough Dist., SC, & Hannah MENDENHALL, 
daughter of Stephen & Elizabeth Mendenhall, Richmond County, NC, 20 Nov. 1806 Piney Grove MM
MORMAN, Edward, son of Zachariah & Mary Morman (Moorman), Marlborough Co., SC, & Mary THOMAS. 
Daughter of Lewis & Agness Thomas, Richmond County, N.C., 8 May 1800. Piney Grove MM
McKASKILL, PETER, of Anson Co., NC., & Nancy RANKIN of Marlboro, by Rev. David McKay 13 Feb 1817. Marlboro ML
McLEAN, John & Miss Treascy NEWSOM of Little Pee Dee, 1 June 1813.  Marion ML
NEWTON, Giles, & Elizabeth SMITH, to Rev. Robert Purnell, 11 June 1807. Marlboro, ML
NEWTON, William, & Hannah ADAMS of Marlboro, to Rev. Wm. Bennett, 25 June 1812. Marlboro ML
PARKER, Thomas, son of Elisha & Elizabeth Parker, Richmond County, NC., & Anne PEELE, daughter of Passco & 
Tabbitha Peele, Richmond County, NC, 3 March 1803. Piney Grove MM
PATE, Thorogood of Richmond County, NC., & Frances BRIGHT, of Marlboro, to Rev. Wm. Bennett, 17 Jan 1807. Marlboro ML
PEGUES, Christopher B. & Elizar H. EVANS to Rev. Joshua Lewis, 28 Oct 1811, Marlboro ML
PEGUES, James & Sarah GODFREY, to Rev. Joshua Lewis, 23 Dec 1807. Marlboro ML
PLEDGER, William Henry & Sarah STROTHER, to Rev. Joshua Lewis, 12 July 1802. Marlboro ML
THOMAS, Benjamin, son of John & Molly Thomas, Marlborough Dist., SC., & Ann MOORMAN, daughter of Zachariah & Mary Moorman, 
Marlborough Dist., SC., 23 Oct 1806. Piney Grove, MM
THOMAS, Solomon, son of Isaac & Rachel Thomas, Richmond County, NC, & Anna MORRIS, daughter of Thomas & Sarah Morris, 
Marlborough Dist., SC., 23 April 1812. Piney Grove MM
THOMAS, Stephen, son of Lewis & Agnes Thomas, Richmond Co., N.C., & Lilly DAWSON, daughter of Daniel & Ann Dawson, 
Marlborough Dist., SC., 21 Jan 1813. Piney Grove MM
WAY, Matthew, son of William & Abbigal Way, Marlborough Dist., SC, & Agnes MOORMAN, daughter of Thomas & Susannah Moorman, 
Richmond County, NC, 1 Jan 1806. Piney Grove MM
WAY, Paul, son of William & Abigal Way, Marlborough Dist., SC & Achsah MOORMAN, daughter of John & Rebeckah Moorman, 
Richmond County, NC., 22 Oct 1806. Piney Grove MM 
(Paul and Achsah Way are shown in Randolph County, Indiana during 1850 Census of that place. Bridges)
WRIGHT, Joseph, & Mary TWITTY, TO Rev. Joshua Lewis, 6 Dec 1807. Marlboro ML

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