If you have information you would like to share about anyone on this list please email to me. Thanks, Myrtle Bridges

Adams, William married Tucker, Betsey on 03 Apr 1803 
Allred, James married Grantham, Anne on 06 Nov 1801 
Almand, Edward married James, Leah on 25 May 1802
Ammons, Joshua married Grantham, Sarah on 20 Nov 1787 (in Robeson County, NC)
Baird, William married Bostick, Elizabeth on 13 Mar 1804
Baker, Edmund married Thorn, Saley on 22 Oct 1800 
Baker, John married McIntosh, Flora on 05 May 1803 
Balard, Wiatt married Williams, Christiana on 23 Dec 1800
Barfield, Willis married Thompson, Barbary on 21 Oct 1799 (in Robeson County, NC)
Barnes, Benjamin married Goodson, Olief on 23 Aug 1803 
Bennett, Thomas married Daniley, Rachal on 14 Jun 1796
Blewet, Eli married Williams, Elisabeth on 23 Nov 1791 
Bostick, William married Sprawls, Neomy on 24 May 1791 
Bound, Nece married Louler, Harmon on 27 Oct 1796 
Bowing, John married Slaughter, Sarah on 03 Jun 1790 
Bownds, James married Wilson, Mary on 24 Jun 1802
Britt, Richard married Brigmon, Elizabeth on 14 Feb 1792 
Brown, Eliza married Butler, Nathan on 09 Oct 1799 (in Robeson County, NC)
Brown, John married Magbea, Mary on 12 Jan 1792 
Brown, Thomas married McPherson, Jinnet on 21 Oct 1815 
Burt, John married on Bostick, Elisabeth 12 Oct 1783 
Cameron, John married McLeod, Effey on 05 Dec 1804 
Campble, Hugh married Carmical, Christian on 30 Mar 1792
Camron, John married McLeod, Effey on 05 Dec 1804 
Capel, Charles married Smith, Rebecca on 08 Feb 1802 
Carter, Isaac married Chance, Lany on 10 Apr 1799
Chance, Walner married Gibson, Salley on 25 Feb 1800 
Clark, John married Counsel, Rebeckah on 27 Jan 1792 
Clark, Sampson  married Unknown on 17 Sep 1791 
Cole, William married Bounds, Martha on 18 Dec 1790 
Collins, Daniel married Rainwaters, Elizabeth on 12 Nov 1800
Collins, David married Hughling, Jane on 09 Nov 1804
Colquohoun, Hugh married McBryde, Nancy on 13 Dec 1803 
Cope, Samuel married Everitt, Elisabeth on 26 May 1792 
Covington, Asa married Evin, Betsey on 27 Nov 1800
Covington, Benjamin married Hunter, Rebekkah on 14 Apr 1801 
Covington, William married Covington, Polley on 01 Apr 1799
Crage, William married Jenkins, Fanny on 14 Oct 1801 
Crouch, John married Phillips, Nancy on 31 Jul 1783 
Cunningham, John married Martin, Catherine on 16 Jan 1800 
Curry, Daniel married Dosher, Tabitha on 29 Mar 1791
Curry, John married Murphey, Elisabeth on 11 Jan 1788 (in Robeson County, NC)
Davis, Josiah married Price, Mary on 21 Jun 1787 (in Robeson County, NC)
Dawkins, William married Smith, Rebecca on 10 May 1800
Dean, Richard married Williams, Sarah on 02 Mar 1804
Detlow, Shadrach married Raefield, Mary on 04 Dec 1799 
Dickson, Reubin married Marlow, Mary on 17 Sep 1791 
Dockery, Matthew married Webb, Rachel on 22 Oct 1801 
Dockings, Micajah married Sparks, Salley on 28 Apr 1802
Dunoho, Mikel married Barns, Sary on 03 Mar 1803 
Fairly, Alexander married McLauren, Effa on 02 May 1791 

Fields, William married Terrel, Elisabeth on 26 Apr 1783    I am a descendant of William & Elizabeth. Her 
maiden name was Pledger. She was the dau. of Philip Pledger & Mary Ann Ellis of Chesterfield Co., SC. This was Elizabeth's 
3rd marriage. May have been William's 2nd marriage. They had two children, James & Jincy. James m. Julia Allison. James & 
Julia had 10 children. They moved from SC to TN. Their oldest son was named John Terrell Fields. He was married twice.  
Had total of 14 children.  His 1st wife was a Booth. His 2nd wife was Lucy Jennings from VA. Three children by Lucy Jennings. 
The youngest was my grandfather. Thanks, Billie Shaw Powell   March 12, 2007

Ford, Thomas married Cole, Ann on 05 Feb 1791 
Fraser, Alexander married Stewart, Christian on 13 Apr 1803 
Freeman, King married Watkins, Polley on 06 Apr 1800
Gadd, Joseph married Jones, Elisabeth on 06 Sep 1792 
Gately, Isaac married George, Milly on 27 Dec 1802
Gibson, Elijah married Gibson, Nancy on 28 Nov 1804
Gibson, John married Pearce, Nancy on 03 Feb 1801 
Gibson, Robert married Collins, Mary on 22 Dec 1802
Gibson, Samuel married Terry, Nansey R. on 06 May 1816 
Gillis, Malcom married McNeil, Nancy on 20 Mar 1804
Gladish, James Wright married Morris, Martha on 29 Dec 1800
Gladish, Richard married Lampley, Marian on 12 May 1803 
Hall, Silas married McKaskill, Nancy on 08 Oct 1801 
Hammons, Charles married Matthews, Clarey on 13 Jun 1799
Harris, Jonathan married Williams, Elizebeth on 22 Jan 1801 
Harriss, Howell married Green, Polly on 20 Feb 1802 
Harry, Jonathan married Usher, Elizabeth on 13 Jan 1783 
Hasty, George married Strickland, Jinny on 15 Jul 1815 
Hendrickson, John married Weaver, Betsey on 15 Jun 1803 
Horne, Laurence married Snead, Nancy on 22 Mar 1803 
Hughlett, James married Laular, Susanna on 11 Jul 1798
Hunt, Alamander married Bowsids, Alley on 05 Feb 1800 
Hunt, James married Harrison, Keziah on 30 Jul 1787 (in Robeson County, NC)
Ingram, Benjamin married Terry, Drusilla on 14 Jan 1783 
Jarrell, Benett married Coward, Nancy on 03 Feb 1793 
Jernigan, Samuel married Hands, Rachel on 18 Apr 1791 
Jones, Ephraim married McGee, Olive on 05 Dec 1787 (in Robeson County, NC)
Jones, John married on Barrs, Sarah 07 Sep 1795 (in Robeson County, NC)
Jones, John married Roger, Judy on 14 Jul 1803 
Jowers, George married Phillips, Polly on 14 Jan 1792 
Keatcey, George married McFarland, Sarah on 17 Dec 1799 
Kelly, William married Bond, Ailee on 04 Jan 1792
Lamb, Penuel married Hall, Mary on 02 Apr 1801 
Lassitor, John married Stealey, Mary on 01 May 1799
Leaton, William married Hunter, Susanna on 03 Nov 1800 
Lindsey, Isaac married Slaughter, Betsey on 28 Dec 1802
Lipsey, Richitson married Pope, Ann on 08 Oct 1792 (in Robeson County, NC)
Lisinba, Stephen married Colson, Margret on 16 Feb 1792 
Long, James married Watkins, Francies on 21 Jul 1788 
Long, William married Nelson, Mary on 12 Jun 1792 
Luncford, Aris married Matthews, Salley on 23 Dec 1800
Maline, Drury married Hicks, Sarah on 25 Aug 1792 
Maning, Hillary married Bullock, Winne on 25 Dec 1787 (in Robeson County, NC)
Martin, Zachariah married Jenkins, Mary on 09 Sep 1803 
Mask, Pleasant Moses married Hall, Patsey on 08 Jan 1800 
Mason, Isaac married Everett, Rebecca on 18 Nov 1800
Mason, Richard married Dockery, Hanah on 31 Mar 1792 
McAdoe, Samuel married Adams, Martha on 24 Sep 1804
McCormick, Angus married McLeod, Peggy on 08 Nov 1803 
McDaniel, James married Burcheas, Sarah on 19 Aug 1795 
McDaniel, John married McKennon, Katharine on 15 Dec 1802
McDoll, Dugald married Camron, Jane on 01 Jun 1799
McDonald, John married McDonald, Sarah on 24 Nov 1800
McDonald, Lauchlin married Morrison, Cathraine on 11 Apr 1815 
McDuffie, Murdock  married Unknown on 10 Apr 1798 
McInness, Donald married Mcleod, Nancy on 28 Feb 1801 
McInness, Murdoch married McDaniel, Christian on 06 May 1804
McInnis, Neil married McInniss, Effay on 05 Mar 1789 
McIntosh, Angus married McInnis, Bell on 05 Sep 1801 
McIntosh, Daniel married Knight, Anne on 04 Jan 1804 
McKay, Archibald married Watson, Flora on 18 Dec 1800
McKennon, Hugh married McLean, Christian on 23 Jul 1803 
McKinsey, Kenith married Unknown on 26 Jan 1791 
McLean, John married McDonald, Nancy on 05 Dec 1804 
McLearen, Neil married McMillin, Katy on 08 Mar 1802 
McLennan, John married Unknown on 26 Mar 1791 
McLeod, Hugh married McIntosh, Mary on 27 Aug 1800
McLeod, James married McLeod, Sarah on 21 Mar 1800
McMillan, Duncan married Murphey, Cresy on 18 Jul 1791 (in Robeson County, NC)
McNeill, John married Martin, Nancy on 09 Oct 1801 
McNeill, Lauchlin married Wade, Jane Ellis on 18 Apr 1815 
McQuage, Alexander married Nickelson, Flora on 26 May 1792 
McRae, Murdock married McRae, Christian on 23 Jul 1800
Meacham, William married Hicks, Elizabeth on 04 May 1801 
Meredith, Sanders married Ingrem, Patsey on 21 Mar 1803 
Meriman, Joshua married Ingram, Elisabeth on 17 Jan 1792 
Mims, Benjamin married Gullet, Elisabeth on 07 Sep 1791  
Mitchel, Nazarah married Thompson, Susanna on 13 Dec 1788 (in Robeson County, NC)
Mitchell, John married Stewart, Margaret on 07 Aug 1787 
Moore, William married George, Patsey on 21 Jan 1801 
Moreman, Edward married Stricklin, Charity on 07 Dec 1791 
Morrison, Malcom married McRae, Nancy on 10 Dec 1815 
Mumford, Samuel married Wallis, Crecy on 23 Dec 1802
Nelson, Thomas married Hamer, Charlotte on 27 Dec 1802
Nelson, Thomas married Watkins, Patsey on 20 Feb 1804
Newbery, Jesse married Petters, Dorcas on 26 Aug 1791 
Nichols, Risden married Webb, Elizabeth on 09 May 1803 
Nicholson, Danel married Unknown on 16 Jul 1790 
Norton, Martin married Wallis, Amy on 22 Jun 1798
Pankey, Stephen married Newbery, Rebeckah on 11 Oct 1791
Patterson, Peter married Graham, Flora on 02 Feb 1815 

Perkins George married Elizabeth Wynn in Rockingham on the Pee Dee in Richmond Co, NC on Dec 13, 1809     The source for the marriage 
date is from Elizabeth Wynn Perkins herself, that is the best I can do.  She applied for a military bounty land grant for her husbands 
service during W. of 1812.  In order for Elizabeth to be awarded any land for that military service, she had to make application and get 
affidavits from people who knew of her and could vouch for who she was.  In her file she states she was married to George on 13 Dec, 1809 
in Rockingham on Pee Dee, Richmond, NC, she was married by Robert Webb a Justice of the Peace. In the 1810 census for Richmond county, he 
is only a few households ahead of George Perkins household.   She states it over and over again through out her application.  She also 
states she brought Georges bible to the people who would attest in their affidavits that they were looking at the George Perkins family 
bible. It's a 31 page application, its all pretty interesting. Sue Dixey   July 18, 2011

Perkins, John married Lampley, Betsey on 04 Feb 1800 
Phillips, Jordan married Lee, Hester on 07 Sep 1795 (in Robeson County, NC)
Phillips, Solomon married Harbert, Priscilla on 04 Feb 1801 
Pike, William married Newby, Elizabeth on 23 Jun 1815 
Pitman, Demsey married McNair, Caty on 31 Mar 1803 
Pitman, Lewis married Chunn, Betsey on 13 Mar 1804
Pitman, Samuel married Watson, Salley on 16 Feb 1804 
Pitts, John married Brigman, Elisabeth on 14 Apr 1791 
Powell, William married Nicholes, Elizabeth on 11 Jul 1797 (in Robeson County, NC)
Rainwater, John married Cunningham, Mary on 26 Dec 1801 
Reynolds, Henry married Webb, Cressy on 29 Nov 1791
Robinson, Pembroke married Gainey, Salley on 29 Jul 1800
Rushing, William married Bone, Rebeca on 03 Dec 1800
Scott, Samuel married Chairs, Sarah on 12 Oct 1783 
Shaw, John married Paterson, Mary on 24 May 1802 
Shelton, Micajah married Phillips, Easter on 25 Aug 1790 
Shepard, Thomas married Pope, Betsy on 07 Nov 1799
Skinner, John married George, Salley on 24 Dec 1799 
Slaughter, Andrew married Chun, Polly on 08 Oct 1815 
Slaughter, Zebulon married Bennett, Susanna on 21 Jan 1802
Smily, James married McKoy, Sarah on 11 Apr 1702 (?)
Smith, James M. married Covington, Rebeca on 04 Mar 1800
Smith, Jesse married Watkins, Nancy on 27 Dec 1803 
Snead, Daniel married Newton, Nancy on 04 Aug 1801 
Snead, Samuel Jr. married Gibson, Mary on 02 Feb 1815 
Snead, William married Strickland, Jenny on 15 Jul 1815 
Sproles, Elijah married Unknown on 15 Jun 1801 
Stealey, Benjamin married Bownds, Darkey on 19 Mar 1800
Steely, Isaiah married Jones, Milly on 10 Sep 1782
Stone, Nicholas married Williams, Susanna on 19 Apr 1780
Stricklen, John married Cole, Patsey on 04 Nov 1801 
Stricklen, Lott married Haley, Lucy on 17 Mar 1783 
Strong, Bela W. married Harrington, Harriet on 14 Feb 1815 
Strother, John married Gibson, Elizabeth on 18 Apr 1801 
Sullivan, Timothy married Alman, Patsey on 09 Nov 1804
Terry, Eli married Pickett, Polley on 17 Dec 1799 
Terry, James Jr. married Jarnigan, Jean on 24 Aug 1790 
Thomas, Elijah married Thomas, Rachael on 18 Aug 1802
Thomas, John married Sneed, Liddy on 27 Feb 1792 
Thomas, Robert married Covington, Nancy on 21 May 1800
Troy, Robert married Harrington, Rose Anna on 21 Jan 1801 
Walker, Thomas married Mask, Martha on 14 Oct 1784 
Walles, Aaron married Norton, Frances on 12 Apr 1798
Warwick, William married Goodrum, Elizabeth on 07 Sep 1815 
Watson, Alexander married Curry, Polly on 10 Mar 1802 
Watson, Archibald married Chance, Betsey on 02 Jan 1801 
Watson, John married Gibson, Fanney on 16 Nov 1804
Webb, John married James, Nancy on 06 Jun 1799
Weeks, Shubel married Bolton, Elisabeth on 08 Aug 1791
Wells, Edward married Vaughn, Sarah on 25 Oct 1786 
Wilson, George married Moorman, Anne on 07 Aug 1802
Wilson, John married Haly, Rebeckah on 01 Feb 1802 
Yeats, John married Sted, Martha on 15 Mar 1804

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