Richmond County Marriage and Death Notices from the Raleigh Register   1826-1845

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* Francis Hawley of Hartford, Connecticut to Mary McLeod of Richmond County, Jan. 19, Laurel Hill. RR, Feb. 3, 1826.
* Neil McKellar to Sarah McInnis, Jan. 5, Richmond County, RR, Feb. 3, 1826.
* Lydia Buie to Daniel Smith, Feb. 29, Richmond County. RR, May, 1, 1827.
* Margaret D. Buie to Tryam McFarland of Richmond Co., Aug. 14, Cumberland Co. RR, Aug. 28, 1827. 
* William Cade to American W. Legrand, May 3, Montgomery County. RR, May 8, 1827.
* Janet Carmichael to Archibald Ray, March, Cumberland County. RR, Mar. 20, 1827.
* Henry Leonard to Catharine McNair, Apr. 3, Richmond County. RR, May 1, 1827.
* Duncan McCormick  Jr. to Alia McNair, Jan. 12, Richmond County. R. R  Jan. 30, 1827.
* Alex McDonald of S.C. to Elizabeth McNair, Apr. 3, Richmond County. RR, May 1, 1827.
* Dr. John Malloy, of Richmond Co. to Harriet D. Adams, Jan. 19, Adamsville, S. C. RR, Jan. 30, 1827.
* Daniel Snead to Martha Webb, Jan. 14, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 30, 1827.
* William G. Webb to Celestia C. Goodrich, Oct. 12, Rockingham, Richmond Co. RR, Oct. 23, 1827.
* Whitson H. Chisholm of Mont. Co. to Martha Stanback, Feb. 26, Richmond Co. RR, Mar. 28, 1828.
* Isham A. Dumas  of Richmond Co. to Emeline Robinson, Mar. 5, Montgomery Co., RR, Mar. 25, 1828.
* Flora Wilkinson to Capt. William A. Spear of Anson Co., May 15, Robeson County. RR, May 27, 1828.
* Jane Alford to Samuel Rowan of South Carolina, Jan. 15, Robeson County, RR. Jan. 23, 1829.
* Andrew Brown to Mrs. James Minter Jan. 22, Moore County. R. R, Jan. 36, 1829.
* Elizabeth Lammon to Angus McDonald, July, Robeson County. RR,  July 30, 1829.
* Eliza Leak to Clement Marshall, Oct. 15, Rockingham, Richmond County RR, Oct. 22, 1829.
* James Leake to Jane W. Crawford, Feb., Rockingham, Richmond County RR, Feb. 6, 1829.
* Dr. John McKay of Robeson County to Mary McNeil, Feb. 24, Cumberland Co. RR, Feb. 27, 1829. 
* Catharine McMillan to Neill Smith of Robeson Co., Oct. 8, Laurel Hill Richmond Co. RR, Oct. 15, 1829. 
* Col. Thorogood Pate of Richmond Co. to Janet McColmon, Sept., Cumberland Co. RR, Oct. 7, 1830. 
* Ann McLean to Archibald Graham of Fayetteville, Jun., Cumberland County. RR, Jun. 10, 1830.
* Jane B. Norwood to Samuel W. Tillinghast of Fayetteville, Jly. 26,  RR, Aug. 12, 1830
* Mrs. Hannah Robinson to Malcom Shaw, Dec., Cumberland County. RR, Dec. 9, 1830.
* Caroline E. Bowen to James F. Broadfoot of Cheraw, Jun., Fayetteville. RR, Jun. 23, 1831.
* Stephen W. Cole to Tabitha R. Ledbetter, Jun., Richmond County. RR, Jun. 23, 1831.
* Mary Ann McNair to Capt. John C. Smith, Mar. 31, Richmond County. RR, Apr. 21, 1831.
* Zachariah Drake to Sophia Alford, Feb., Robeson County. RR, Mar. 5, 1833.
* James Gibson t o Janet Newberry, Sept., Fayetteville. RR, Oct. 1, 1833.
* Capt. Josiah Kennedy of Moore Co. to Ann Ella McNeill, Aug. Tennessee. RR, Aug. 20, 1833.
* Nabby Kidd t o George McNeill, Aug., Fayetteville. RR, Aug. 13, 1833 
* Susan McCullers to Wm. H. Guy, Sept., Smithfield. R. R- Oct. 1, 1833.
* Malcolm M. McKay to Isabella McCrane, Apr. 14, Cumberland County. RR, May 28, 1833.
* Benjamin L. McLaughlin of S. C. to Eliza McLean, July, Richmond County. RR, July 30, 1833.
* Major Alexander D. McLean to Catharine McLean, Jan. 3, Cumberland Co. RR, Jan. 25, 1833.
* Fanny Mask of Richmond Co. to Elijah Whealington of Ala., Apr. 21, Richmond Co. RR, May 7, 1833.
* Malcolm Purcell to Clarky Sophia Drake, Feb., Robeson County. RR, Mar. 5, 1833.
* Fanny Cobb to Archibald S. McMillan, Oct., Robeson County. RR, Oct. 21, 1834.
* John C. Coits of Cheraw, S.C. to Ellen P. North of New London, Conn., Jun. 11, Chapel Hill. RR, Jly. 1, 1834.
* Mary B. Greene to Marsden Campbell, Jr. of Brunswick County, Jun. 5-Wilmington. RR, Jly. 1, 1834.
* James Huske of Fayetteville to Frances, E. Donaldson, Oct. 23, Wake Forest. RR, Oct. 28, 1834.
* John McGougan to Margaret McNair, Apr. 24, Robeson County. RR, May 13, 1834.
* McIntosh, Catherine to Angus Wilkinson of Robeson Co., Mar. 27, Richmond Co. RR, Apr. 15, 1834.
* Daniel McIntosh to Margaret Shaw, Apr., Moore County. RR, Apr. 8, 1834.
* Mrs. Phoebe Pearce to George P. Lovick  Jly. 17, Caswell, Lenoir County, RR, Aug. 12, 1834.
* Pearsall, Robert C. to Jane Sophronia Tate, Mar. 18, Morganton. R. R. Apr. 8, 1834.
* Alexander Watson of Robeson Co. to Mary Ann Buie, Apr., Cumberland County. RR, Apr. 29, 1834.
* Angus Wilkinson of Robeson Co. to Catherine McIntosh, Mar. 27, Richmond Co.,RR, Apr. 15, 1834. 
* John H. McMillan of Fayetteville to Mary Ann Shepperd, Feb., St. Louis, Mo. RR, Feb. 17, 1835.
* Catharine B. McNair to Col. Archibald McKay, Oct. 29, Robeson County RR, Nov. 17, 1835.
* Col. John C. McLauren of Richmond Co. to Margaret McNeill, Nov. Robeson Co. RR, Nov. 3, 1835
* James D. Pemberton to Charlotte J. Stanback, Feb., Richmond County RR, Feb. 17, 1835.
* John D. Cameron to Jane Smith, Jan. 4, Richmond County. RR, Mar. 1, 1836.
* Sarah Chance to Joseph Smith, Apr. 2, Richmond County. RR, Apr. 26, 1836.
* Gray E. Cobb of Robeson County, to Sarah Graham, Apr., Richmond County,  RR, Apr. 19, 1836.
* Lauchlin Currie of Alabama to Sarah McDonald, Dec. 4, Richmond County, RR, Jan. 5, 1836.
* Sarah Currie to Alexander Graham, Oct. 13, Moore County. RR, Nov. 1, 1836.
* Howel Green to Catharine McDuffie, Dec, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 5, 1836.
* Joanna Huske to Dr. Benjamin Robinson, May, Fayetteville. RR, May 31, 1836.
* Wesley M. Ingram of Anson County to Rachel Mason of Richmond County, Dec. 17, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 5, 1836. 
* Sarah Ann Morgan, to Jesse Watkins, Jan. 4, Richmond County. R. R. Jan. 26, 1836.
* Stephen Panky, Jr. to Rachel Williams, Dec. 4, Richmond County. R. R. Jan. 5, 1836.
* Daniel Stuart to Mary McCallum, Mar. 3, Robeson County RR. Mar. 29, 1836.
* John C. Wadsworth of Cheraw to Wincey P. Ingram, Feb. 25, Anson County. RR, Mar. 8, 1836.
* Margaret J. Adams to Angus Malloy, Jan., Stewartsville, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 31, 1837.
* John Graham of Moore County to Arena Parson, Apr., Montgomery County. RR, May 9, 1837.
* William D. Harrington to Lydia Margaret McNeill, Dec, Moore County. RR Dec. 4, 1837.
* Edward D. Jarrot of Fayetteville to Mary Love of Rockingham, Richmond County, Jan., Cheraw, S. C. RR, Jan. 31, 1837.
* Elizabeth T. Lindsay to Joshua T. Smith, Oct., Rockingham. RR, Oct. 23, 1837.
* Malcom McBryde to Mrs. Mary McNeill, Nov. 2, Robeson County. RR, Nov.13, 1837.
* Margaret McCallum to Duncan McNair, Jan., Robeson County. RR, Jan. 3,1837.
* Miss McCIoud to Daniel G. Beverly, Jan. 12, Anson County. RR, Jan. 31, 1837.
* Harriet N. McIntire to Alexander Purcell, Feb., Robeson County. RR Feb. 21, 1837.
* Peter McKay to Sealy Stewart, Feb., Robeson County. RR, Feb. 21, 1837.
* Ann McKinnon to Neil McNeil, Apr., Moore County. RR, Apr. 18, 1837.
* Duncan McNair to Margaret McCallum, Jan., Robeson County. RR, Jan. 3, 1837.
* Capt. Roderick McRae of Wilmington to Margaret McNeill, Sept. 7, Cumberland Co. RR, Oct. 9, 1837.
* Angus Malloy to Margaret J. Adams, Jan., Stewartsville, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 31, 1837.
* Ann Williams to Albran W. Moody of Rockingham, Apr., Richmond County. RR, Apr. 18, 1837.
* John W. Almon to Eliza Covington, Apr., Richmond County. R. R- Apr. 13, 1839.
* Jane Davis to Duncan Smith, Apr., Richmond County. RR, Apr. 13, 1839.
* Mrs. Ann Hanrahan to Daniel Y. Shine, Aug., Newbern. RR, Aug. 17, 1839
* Lucy Ann Jenkins to William Meacham, Jr., Apr., Richmond County. RR Apr.13, 1839.
* Nathaniel Knight to Mary J. McRae, Nov., Lawrenceville, Montgomery County. RR, Nov. 9, 1839.
* Mary Leach to John McArthur, Mar., Robeson County. RR, Mar. 30, 1839
* Col. John Leach to Mary Ann McNeill, Mar., Robeson County. RR, Mar. 23, 1839.
* Hampton Legrand to Martha Whitaker of Halifax, Jly., Richmond County. RR, Jly. 20, 1839.
* Lumsden, Martha to Neill McPherson, My., Fayetteville. RR, My. 4, 1839.
* Murdock McKinnon to Catharine McLeod, Apr., Richmond County. R.R. Apr. 13, 1839.
* Hugh McRae of Anson County to Flora McRae, Dec, Richmond County RR, Dec. 7, 1839.
* Miles I. Rush of Montgomery County to Elizabeth Smith, Dec, Richmond County. RR, Dec. 7, 1839
* Duncan Smith to Jane David, Apr., Richmond County. RR, Apr. 13, 1839
* A.D. Campbell of Alabama to Flora A. McArn, Nov., Richmond County. RR, Dec. 4, 1840
* Susan Council to John C. Baker of Richmond County, Dec. 4, Bladen County. RR, Jan. 3, 1840
* William Elliott of Guilford County to Margaret Jenkins, Feb., Richmond County. RR, Feb. 21, 1840
* Jincey Henry to James Harrington of Anson County, Feb., Richmond County. RR, Feb. 21, 1840
* Hannah Leak to Edmund J. Lilly of Fayetteville, Jan., Rockingham, Richmond Co. RR, Jan. 24, 1840
* William C. Leak to Ann P. Steel, Apr., Rockingham, Richmond County. RR, Apr. 28, 1840
* Archibald McNeill to Nancy McNeill, Mar., Robeson County. RR, Mar. 6, 1840
* Neill McNeill to Annabella M. D. Buie, Apr., Robeson County. RR. Apr. 21, 1840
* Daniel McPherson to Mary Ann Monroe, Mar., Robeson County. RR. Mar. 6, 1840
* Daniel B. Nicholson to Jane Nicholson, Mar., Richmond County. RR. Mar. 10, 1840
* Ann Briggs to Hugh McLean, Jr., Oct., Richmond. RR, Oct. 29, 1841
* Mrs. Hannah Green to Dr. Chr. Zimmerman of Columbia, South Carolina, Jly., Rockingham, Richmond County. RR, Jly. 2, 1841
* Charlotte Hadley to Alexander Webb, Jan., Richmond County. RR  Jan. 22 , 1841
* Polly Kelly to Neill McNair of Richmond County, Nov., Robeson County. RR, Nov. 23, 1841
* Hannah Pickett Leak to Robert Leake Steele, My., Rockingham, Richmond County. RR, May 25, 1841
* Daniel McDonald to Catharine Phillips, Dec, Moore County. RR, Dec. 17, 1841
* Ann McRae to Alexander Stewart of Moore County, Oct., Richmond County. RR, Oct. 15, 1841
* Flora Martin to Daniel McKenzie of Moore County, Jan., Richmond County. RR, Jan. 22, 1841
* Effy Jane Munroe, to John McLaughlin of Fayetteville, Nov., Cumberland County. RR, Nov. 23, 1841
* Alexander Stewart of Moore County to Ann McRae, Oct., Richmond County. RR, Oct. 15, 1841
* Alexander Webb to Charlotte Hadley, Jan., Richmond County. RR  Jan. 22, 1841
* William H. Bailey of Hertford County to Maria Pate, Apr., Richmond County. RR, Apr. 26, 1842
* Margaret Ann Boon to Hector McMillan, Oct., Fayetteville. RR, Oct. 25, 1842
* Frances Ann Bostick to Juo. T. McColl, Jly., Richmond County. RR, Jly. 12, 1842
* Georgia Cole to Mary Ann Long, Aug., Rockingham, Richmond County. RR, Aug. 23, 1842
* Eliza Ann Crawford to Samuel Terry of Richmond County, Mar., Rockingham. RR, Mar. 18, 1842
* Franklin Dumas, of Richmond County to Jane Wall, Sept., Stanly County. RR, Sept. 9, 1842
* Mary Jarrel to James Stuart, Oct., Richmond County. RR, Oct. 28, 1842
* Jno. T. McColl to Frances Ann Bostick, Jly., Richmond County. RR, Jly. 12, 1842
* Catharine McGilvery to Alexander Bethune, Jan., Fayetteville. RR, Jan. 21, 1842
* John McLaurin to Effy Stalker, Jan., Richmond County. RR, Feb. 4, 1842
* Thomas Steele to Mary Jane Leak, Jan., Rockingham, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 21, 1842
* Presly Caddell to Hannah McCrummen, Sept.., Moore County. RR, Sept. 15, 1843
* Archibald Campbell of Robeson County to Catharine Q. McNeill, Jan. 19, Rockfish. RR, Feb. 3, 1843
* John Dunn of Moore County to Jureah Haywood, Dec, Montgomery County. RR, Dec. 8, 1843
* Martin A. McAulay to Adaline Scarbrough, Dec, Montgomery County. RR, Dec. 8, 1843
* Anne McCormick, to Archibald McLauchlin, Mar., Robeson County. RR, Mar. 31, 1843
* Daniel McCrummen to Elizabeth Dowd, Nov. 2, Moore County. RR, Nov. 14, 1843
* Hannah McCrummen to Presley Caddell, Sept., Moore County. RR, Sept. 15, 1843
* Elizabeth McNeill to John C. Sinclair, Mar., Robeson County. RR. Mar 31,1843
* Harriet Almira McNeill to Duncan McKay, Jan. 8, Robeson County. RR. Feb.17, 1843
* Rev. Archibald Baker of Richmond County to Sarah E. James, Dec, Wilmington. RR, Dec. 31, 1844
* Mastin Baldwin of Montgomery Co. to Annis Pankey, May 30, Richmond County. RR, Jun. 11, 1844
* Harriet Ann Crawford to Walter Steel, Jun. 27, Richmond County. RR Jly. 9, 1844
* William Gibson to Sarah McNair, Feb., Laurel Hill, Richmond County. RR Feb. 16, 1844
* Caroline Hill of Wilmington to Hugh C. McLean, Nov., Moore County. RR, Nov. 5, 1844
* Effy Ann Lucas  to James R. McLaurin of Richmond County, Feb., Marlborough District, South Carolina. RR, Feb. 16, 1844
* Elizabeth Steele to R.J. Steele, Jr., Feb., Richmond County. RR Mar. 1, 1844
* Mary Jane Bethune to Neill McFayden, Mar., Cumberland County. RR Apr. l, 1845
* Thomas T. Covington to Mary Jane Ellerbe, Jly., Richmond County. RR July- 25, 1845
* Ann Martin of Richmond Co. to Philip McRae of Robeson Co., May. Richmond Co. RR, May 16, 1845.
* James L. Tomlinson to Elizabeth Harriss, Feb., Richmond County. RR Feb. 21, 1845

Deaths 1827-1845 from Raleigh Register
* Elizabeth Bethune  May. 27,  Richmond County. RR, Jun. 15, 1827
* Daniel A. Campbell,  Jan. 16, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 30, 1827
* Samuel Hinton, Jun. 14, Richmond County. B. B. Jun. 15, 1827
* William P. Leak,  Aug. 31, Richmond County. RR, Sept. 11, 1827
* Dr. Arch'd McQueen,  Jly., Moore County. RR, Jly. 17, 1827
* Duncan Colquhoun,  July., Richmond County. RR, Jly. 18, I828
* Mrs. Mary McLaurin, Feb. 25, Richmond County. RR, Mar. 27, 1829
* Barge, Lewis, Jly. 25, Robeson County. RR, Aug. 5, 1830
* Archibald McArn, Jan. 11, Richmond County. RR, Jan. 28, 1830
* Dr. John McAulay, of Moore County, Mar. 16, Fayetteville. RR, Mar. 22, 1830
* John McMillan,  Aug., Richmond County. RR, Sept. 2, 1830
* James McNeil, May 16, Cumberland County. RR, May 27, 1830
* John Wall, Sr. of Virginia, Feb. 26, Richmond County. RR, Mar. 24, 1831
* John, Eccles, Sept., Fayetteville. RR, Oct. 1, 1833
* Duncan McColl,  Oct., Fayetteville. RR, Oct. 29, 1833
* Tryam McFarland, Nov. 9, Richmond County. RR, Nov. 19, 1833    Died at his residence at Laurel Hill, Richmond County, 
on the 9th instant of Imflammatory Fever, Tryam McFarland, Esq. in the 32nd year of his age. He has left a wife and two 
infant children to mourn their early bereavement. Though quite a young man, yet such was the confidence which the citizens 
of his native County of Richmond had in him, that he was elected against strong opposition for several years to represent 
them in our State Legislature, first in the House of Commons and then in the Senate; the duties of which station he discharged 
so entirely to their satisfaction, that he secured to himself the appellation of being the most popular man in the County. 
He was also an active and efficient Magistrate of the County for several years. In his death, the community has sustained 
the loss of one of its most enterprising and useful citizens, and the neighborhood one of its best men. To his family and 
friends, his loss is irreparable. Carolina Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) November 12, 1833
* Duncan McRae, Sept., Richmond County. RR, Sept. 3, 1833
* Mary J. Stanback,  Jly. 31, Richmond County. RR, Aug. 20, 1833
* Mrs. Silas A. Drake,  Sept., Ellerbe Mineral Springs, Richmond County. RR, Sept. 9, 1834
* Kenneth Murchison, of Scotland, Jly. 7, Moore County. RR, Jly. 29, 1834
* Benjamin L. Covington,  Aug. 24, Richmond County. RR, Sept. 15, 1835
* William Crawford,  Sept. 30, Richmond County. RR, Oct. 20, 1835
* Hector McKenzie, of Robeson County, Oct. 13, Sumpter County, Alabama. RR, Nov. 3, 1835
* Colin McPherson,  Aug., Cumberland County. RR, Sept. 8, 1835
* Neill McQueen,  My. 5, Queensdale, Robeson County. RR, My. 26, 1835
* Mrs. Robert Powell,  Sept. 21, Richmond County. RR, Oct. 6, 1835
* John G. Rush, of Montgomery County, Jly., Richmond County. RR, Jly. 28, 1835
* Ann McAuley, Oct. 9, Montgomery County. RR, Nov. 22, 1836
* George McAuley,  Oct. 10, Montgomery County. RR, Nov. 22, 1836
* Mrs. Margaret McAuley,  Oct. 9, Montgomery County. RR, Nov. 22, 1836
* Alexander Nickolson,  Apr. 3, Richmond County. RR, Apr. 26, 1836
* Thomas Everett,  Feb. 6, Richmond County. RR, Feb. 21, 1837
* Mrs. Jas. Thomas,  Dec 5, Richmond County. RR, Dec. 31, 1838
* Mrs. J.R. Buie,  Aug. 26, Laurel Hill, Richmond County. RR, Sept. 14, 1839
* Archibald McDonald, Mar., Richmond County. RR, Mar. 6, 1840
* Tillotson O'Bryan,  Jly. 11, Richmond County. RR, Aug. 4, 1840
* Mrs. Nancy Covington,  Nov. 5, Richmond County. RR, Nov. 23, 1841
* Alexander W. McLaughlin, of Richmond County, Jan., South Carolina. R. R. Jan. 22, 1841
* Nathan Jones, Dec, Richmond County. RR, Dec. 2, 1842
* John, Sr. Moorman, Oct., Richmond County. RR, Oct. 25, 1842
* Thomas F. Stanback, of Richmond County, Jly. 9, Marshall County, Mississippi. RR, Aug. 26, 1842
* James Streater, Nov. 4, Richmond County. RR, Dec. 2, 1842
* Gordon, Robert G. of Richmond County, Jly., Wilcox County.(GA or AL?) RR, Jly. 21,
* Mrs. A.C. McKinnon, May 22, Richmond County. RR, Jun. 2, 1843
* Lot Stricklin, of Johnston County, Jun. 1, Richmond County. RR, Aug. 4, 1843
* Duncan Cameron, Apr. 14, Richmond County. RR, Apr. 30, 1844
* Henry D. Dumas,  Nov., Richmond County. RR, Nov. 5, 1844
* Lawrence C. Everitt, Sept. 1, Richmond County. RR, Nov. 5, 1844
* George Harrington of Richmond Co., Aug. 15, 1844 Johnson County, Tennessee. RR, Mar. 25, 1845

1814-1847 (Marriage & Death) Raleigh Register      May 23, 2011 - Bridges
* April 29, 1814: Died in Richmond County, Mrs. Blue, a native of Scotland, aged 102 years.
* April 29, 1814: Died in Fayetteville, on the 15th inst. Murdoch Bethune, Esq., of Moore County, a native of Scotland.
* March 10, 1815: Died in Tarborough the 20th ult., Mr. Jacob Sumner, resident of Davidson County, Ten. While travelling 
to this State, he was attacked by a disease of the breast, which in a few months carried him to that 
"bourne where no traveler returns."
* March 17, 1815: Died at his seat in Richmond County, on the 14th ult. Benjamin Long, Esq. a wealthy and valuable citizen, 
who has left a respectable family to mourn the loss of a kind parent and affectionate husband.
* July 21, 1815:  Died in this city, on Tuesday last, Mr. John S. Jordan; who for many years past has driven the Mail Stage 
to and from this place. Being a Freemason, he was buried with Masonic Honors.
* July 21, 1815;  Died in Cumberland County on the 11th instant, Norman Morrison, Esq, aged 69.
* September 29, 1815:  Died at the house of Daniel Ross, on the Look-out Mountain, Tennessee River, 
Charles Bullock, from near Tarborough, NC
* September 20, 1816
Died at his residence in Richmond County, on the 27th ult. Duncan M'Farland, Esq. formerly a representative in Congress from this State.
* July 11, 1817: Died at Fayetteville on the 27th ult. Mr. Robinson Mumford , Jun. aged 52; long a respectable and valuable citizen.
* February 03, 1818: Died at Fayetteville, on Mon. last, after a few days illness, Wm. B. Grove, Esq., President of the Branch of the 
United States Bank lately established there, and for many years the Representative of that District in Congress. In Mr. Grove Fayetteville 
has lost one of its most influential and hospitable citizens-As a testimony of the high respect in which the deceased was held by the 
inhabitants of that town, they have resolved to wear a token of mourning for his loss for 30 days.
* February 27, 1818: Died at Fayetteville, on the 13th inst. after a severe illness, Mr. Alexander Murchison, a native of Scotland.  
And on the 18th, Mr. Alex. Campbell, Silversmith.
* April 30, 1818: Died a few days ago near Averasborough, of a lingering consumption, Mr. Dugold Stewart.
* May 01, 1818: Died in this city on Saturday last, Mr. Richard L. Cook, of Baltimore. He came in a very low state of health, to 
Mr. Ruffin's Hotel, in the Stage from Fayetteville, some weeks ago, and grew constantly weaker till he died.
* May 01, 1818: Died in Chowan County, lately Mr. William Hoskins. Also, Mr. Hampton Walker, a native of the State of Delaware, and 
for many years a resident of that County.
* May 22, 1818: Died in Cumberland Co., on the 1st inst. of consumption, Mr. John W. Gee.
* July 17, 1818: Died on the 22nd ult. John E. Beck, Esq. U.S. Attorney for the district of West Tennessee. His disease a pulmonary 
complaint. Mr. Beck we believe, was formerly of Fayetteville.
* February 05, 1819: Died a few days past, Mr. William Pemberton of Richmond County, on Pedee, after a long and painful affliction of a 
pulmonary complaint, in the prime of life. He was an amiable and worthy man, and spared no pains nor expense in trying 
to reinstate his health, but all in vain-he has left a few dear relatives and numerous friends to mourn his loss, 
amongst whom is a tender mother loaded with grief, having previously lost the dear partner of all her joys and a loving 
daughter with the same fatal complaint.
* November 05, 1819: Died in Cumberland County, on the 10th ult. at the residence of Mr. John Buie, Mr. Duncan Buie, a native of Scotland 
in the 95th year of his age. Mr. B. was one of the oldest settlers in this county, having arrived from Scotland in 
the year 1789.
* January 26, 1821: Died in the State of Mississippi, on the 26th day of November last, Col. Duncan Stewart, aged 60 years, a native 
of this State, afterwards a resident in Tennessee, but an inhabitant of Mississippi since 1811-an useful and highly respectable citizen 
in public as well as private life.
* July 20, 1821: Died in Fayetteville, on the 6th inst. Colin Shaw, Esq., attorney at law.
* July 20, 1821: Died in Fayetteville, on the 16th inst. Mr. Robert Eccles, son of Gilbert Eccles, Esq.
* July 20, 1821: Died at the house of Col. Hugh Mulhollan, in Orange County, where he had come for the recovery of his health, on 
the 10th instant, Mr. Robert M'Lemore, late of Tennessee, in the 20th year of his age.-He died of consumption.
* August 10, 1821: Died in Catawba, Alabama, a few days since, Col. John Taylor, Receiver of Public Monies, and formerly Member of 
Congress from the State of South Carolina.
* August 17, 1821: Died in Caswell County, on the 31st ultimo, Col. James Scott, a highly respectable citizen.
* September 07, 1821: Died in Lumberton, Robeson County, on the 22nd ult. of consumption, Mr. Archibald Buie, formerly of Fayetteville.
* March 29, 1822: Died in Cumberland County, on the 16th instant, Mr. Theophilus Evans, aged about 90 years.
* May 17, 1822: Died in Alabama, of  consumption, on the 15th ult. on his way to Pensacola for his health, Mr. Duncan McLaurin, aged 30, 
from Richmond County, in this State.
* August 09, 1822: Died at Fayetteville, on 30th ult. after a short but severe illness, Mr. Jesse B. Shepherd, aged 
about 33 years. Mr. Shepherd was a native of Virginia, but had been for several years past, a respectable inhabitant that town.
* August 23, 1822: Died at Cowper-Hill, Robeson County, on the 4th instant, the Rev. Malcom M'Nair, late Pastor of the 
Presbyterian Churches of Centre, AshPole, Laurel Hill, and Red-Bluff, in the 48th year of his age, and 20th of his ministry.
* August 23, 1822: Died at Cheraw, S.C. on the 25th ult. Mr. John M'Clelland, of Petersburg, Va. and sometime a resident in Fayetteville.
* August 23, 1822: Died in Jasper County, Georgia, on the 24th ult. Mr. Brittain Harris, an industrious and worthy citizen of that county,
and formerly of Chatham County, in this State.
* August 30, 1822: Died in Fayetteville, on the 15th instant, Mrs. Sophia W. Bow, consort of David Bow.
* February 27, 1823 - Carolina Observer: Died at Samuel Eskridge's Esq. in Roane County, Mr. Francis Childs, in the 31st year of his age. 
He was on a journey, removing himself and family from Orange County, North Carolina, near Hillsborough, (when he had resided for some time,) 
to West Tennessee. Knoxville Pager.
* July 17, 1823 - Carolina Observer: Died on the 10th instant at his father's residence, on Rockfish, Robeson County, Daniel Shaw, son of 
Mr. Angus Shaw, in the 19th year of his age, after two months of unparalleled suffering a promising and highly respectable youth. He came 
to his death in the following manner:  He was engaged in felling a tree, in company with his father's negro man, and after cutting his own 
side, turned to the other's to see how he was progressing; when getting in the proper position, seemingly as if to receive the fatal stroke, 
the axe flew off the helve, and struck him in the lower part of the belly, which, in the course of two months, terminated his existence, in 
spite of every effort to save him. The circumstance is related, in order to put others on their guard, who are accustomed to use this deadly 
weapon; and at the same time to remind us, that altho' in life, and seemingly in a state of security, death, with his many attendants, is 
treading close on our heels.
* October 26, 1824: Died in the town of Rockingham, Richmond County, on Wednesday, the 	6th inst. in the 29th year of her age, Mrs. Susan Sedbury, 
wife of David Sedbury, and daughter of Mr. Thomas P. Williams.
* November 11, 1824 - Carolina Observer: Died in New Hanover County, at the house of Robert Henry, Esq. on the 28th of October last, the 
Rev. Daniel White, of Richmond County, aged 48 years; he was an estimable Minister of the Baptist Church; he was a native of Scotland, 
preached the Gospel five years in his native land, and seventeen years in America with acceptance; he was on a missionary tour through the 
bounds of the Cape-Fear Association, as a domestic missionary under the patronage and direction of the North Carolina Baptist Missionary 
Society. It appeared from his indisposition at death, that he had finished the work allotted him, and calmly fell asleep in the arms of Jesus. 
He has left an amiable and affectionate wife and four children, with a numerous acquaintance who regret his loss.
* November 17, 1825: Died at his residence on Upper Little River, in this County, on the 4th inst. Mr. John McLean, aged 102 years.
* June 21, 1826 - Carolina Observer: Died in Columbia, S.C., on the 12th inst., in the 27th year of his age, Mr. Neal L. McFarland, of the 
firm of Messrs. Latta & McFarland, merchants of that place, after a painful illness of nearly thirty days. The deceased was a native of Laurel 
Hill, in this State, but for the last eight years, resided in Columbia. He has left a disconsolate wife and numerous relatives to mourn the 
loss of an affectionate husband and sincere friend. His fascinating manners and genteel deportment, endeared him to all who had the pleasure 
of his acquaintance; and it may be truly said, that he has left behind him an unsullied reputation. His friends have the pleasing consolation 
to believe, that he now enjoys the reward of a well spent life.
* October 26, 1827: Married at Rockingham, Richmond County, on the 12th inst. Mr. William G. Webb, to Miss Celestia C. Goodrich, daughter of 
Harvey Goodrich, Esq.
* July 17, 1827 Died in Moore County at the residence of Arch'd M'Bryde, Esquire, Dr. Arch'd M'Queen, in the 27th year of his age.
* July 17, 1827: Died on the 8th instant at his residence near Carthage, Moore County, Joseph Seawell, Esq. aged 84 years and 6 months, and 
father to Judge Seawell, of this vicinity. …  Mr. S. was a native of Virginia, a descendant of an ancient and respectable family, who were 
among the early emigrants from England, and who settled on the Chesapeake Bay, not far from Norfolk, and gave rise to the name of this place 
(Seawell's Point) which still bears the family name.
* August 28, 1827: Married in Cumberland County, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Mr. M'Dougald, Mr. Tryam M'Farland, of Richmond County, to 
Miss Margaret D., daughter of Duncan Buie, Esq.
* September 11, 1827: Died in Cumberland County lately, Duncan Wright, a native of Scotland, aged 103
* March 04, 1828
Died at his residence, in Moore County, on the 12th ult. Mr. Allen McDonald, in the 84th year of his age.
* March 25, 1828
Married in Montgomery County, on the 5th instant, Mr. Isham A. Dumas, Merchant of Richmond County, to Miss Emeline Robinson.
* March 28, 1828
Married in Richmond County, on the 26th February Mr. Whitson H. Chisholm merchant of Montgomery County to Miss Martha Stanback.
* October 28, 1828: Died at her residence in Wadesboro, on the 13th inst. Mrs. Rosanna Harrington. Few Persons have been more 
deservedly or more universally beloved; few have possessed qualities more amiable or more elevating.
* April 14, 1829: Died on the 22nd ultimo, in Moore County, Daniel M'Neill, Esq. aged 83 years, of dropsy in the chest, and consequent 
debility. The deceased had spent a long life of usefulness-a great part of the time in regular communion with the Presbyterian Church-fell 
calmly and gently in the arms of death, with the blessed hope and joyous expectation of a happy resurrection.
* October 26, 1829: Died in Mecklenburg County, on the 9th, Mr. John Barnhill. The deceased while running his horse through one of the 
streets in Charlotte, ran over a cow, was violently thrown, and his skull so severely fractured as to cause his death 
in thirty-six hours.
* July 18, 1828: Died at his residence in Richmond County, near Laurel Hill, Mr. Duncan Colquhoun, in the 68th year of his age, after a 
painful illness of many months. He left a numerous family to deplore their irretrievable loss.
* July 22, 1828: Died in Cumberland County, at the advanced age of 97 years, Mr. Roderick McRae, one of the most worthy and respectable citizens.
* March 22, 1830: Died in Fayetteville, on the 16th inst. after a short illness, Dr. John McAulay, of Moore County, in the 29th year of his age.
* August 30, 1830: Died at his father's residence in Richmond County, on the 17th instant, Mr. John M'Millan, after a few days illness, in the 
23rd year of his age. He was for some time past a resident of South Carolina, and came to pay his father's family a visit.
* March 24, 1831: Died at his residence on Pee Dee, in Richmond County, on the 26th ult. John Wall, Sen., aged about 85 years. Mr. Wall was 
a native of Virginia, but for upwards of 59 years, a citizen of Richmond County. The manly and correct bearing of the deceased 
through a long and exemplary life was such as to transmit to a numerous and respectable offspring, an unsullied family reputation, 
and to exhibit for the emulation of his neighbors and acquaintances, an honorable model of character in the diversified relations 
of private life. Truly may it be said of him, he "acted well his part." Fayetteville Observer
* June 23, 1831: Married in Richmond County Mr. Stephen W. Cole to Miss Tabitha R. Ledbetter.
* March 16, 1832: Married in Moore County, on the 16th ult. by the Rev. Angus McCallum, Mr. Donald Street to Miss Lydia McBryde, daughter 
of the Hon. Arch'd McBryde.
* December 07, 1832: Died at his residence, in Telfair County, (Georgia) at 10 o'clock, A.M. on Thursday the 15th Nov. Mr. Alexander Graham, 
at the age of 64 years, after having been confined of a lingering malady five months. He was a native of Cumberland County, 
NC and many years a resident of Richmond County, but for more than twenty years previous to his death he resided in the 
county in which he died. No farther eulogy…. For about forty years previous to his death, he was a discreet and constant 
member of the Presbyterian Church. He has left a bereaved widow and several sons and daughters.
* May 07, 1833: Married in Richmond County on the 21st instant, Mr. Elijah Wheadington, of Alabama, to Miss Fanny Mask, daughter 
of Mr. John D. Mask, of said County
* August 06, 1833: Married in Richmond County, Mr. Benjamin L. McLaughlin, of S.C. to Miss Eliza McLean only daughter of Hugh McLean.
* August 20, 1833: Died in Richmond County, on the 31st ultimo, Miss Mary J. Stanback, in the 23rd year of her age, eldest daughter 
of Mr. David Stanback
* September 03, 1833: Died in Montgomery County, on the 6th ult. in the 80th year of his age, after a protracted illness, Mr. Alexander McRae.. 
Died in Richmond County, a few weeks ago, aged 25 years, Mr. Duncan McRae, son of Mr. Alexander McRae.
* October 01, 1833: Married in Fayetteville by the Rev. Colin McIver, Mr. James Gibson to Mrs. Janet Newberry.
* October 29, 1833: Died in Richmond County, after an illness of nine days with bilious fever, of a particularly malignant character, 
Mrs. Nancy Covington, in the 56th year of her age, consort of Benjamin C. Covington, Esq.
* January 07, 1834: Married in Chatham County, Col. Neill Nicholson of Richmond County, to Miss Mary Ann Palmer.
* June 17, 1834: Died in Rowan County suddenly, Mr. H. Sleighter, in the 83rd year of his age. Mr. S. was a native of Hess Cassel, 
in Germany, but for more than half a century resided in this part of the country, and was an honest respectable 
citizen. There were two striking peculiarities about him. He never had but one tooth, and had no perspiratory organs. 
The first deficiency exempted him from the toothache, and the latter from frequent catarrhal affections. But in very 
warm weather, the inability to sweat compelled him to resort to frequent affusions of cold water in order to get rid 
of that heat which, in other men, is carried off by perspiration. He had a remarkably firm constitution, and enjoyed 
an extraordinary portion of health.
* July 28, 1835: Died at his residence in Richmond County on 1st July, Mr. John G. Rush, son of Benjamin R. of Montgomery County, 
leaving a wife and three children to mourn his loss.
* April 10, 1840 Married in Montgomery County, Mr. John Webb to Miss Sarah J. Crouch
* March 28, 1845: Died on the 15th of August last, in Johnson County, Tenn. Where he was travelling for the benefit of his health, 
Mr. George Harrington, of Richmond County, N.C. in the 26th year of his age.
* July 25, 1845: Married in Richmond County Mr. Thomas T. Covington, Merchant, to Miss Mary Jane Ellerbe
* April 10, 1846: Died at Detroit, in the 37th year of his age, Lieut. Edwin R. Long, of the United States Army, son of the 
Hon John Long, of Randolph County, NC
* September 11, 1846: Died in the vicinity of Rockingham, after an illness of several weeks, Miss Mary T. Gibson, daughter of 
Thomas and Martha Gibson, in the 19th year of her age.
* September 11, 1846: Married in Bladen County, Mr. William T. Owen to Miss Sarah M. Buie, formerly of Richmond County.
* May 14, 1847: Homicide-Montgomery, Alabama, April 10. We were informed yesterday of the details of a most unprovoked murder, 
which was rumored here the day previously. A young gentleman of this county named McQueen Bunting, who has been 
engaged in the upper part of Lowndes County, was killed on Wednesday under the following circumstances as related 
to us. A man named Ivey, who had children under his charge, entered his school room for the purpose of lecturing 
him, as he said, about the late hour in which he opened school. Bunting naturally excited at his offensive language, 
told him that it was not his business, and ordered him to leave. An affray ensued in which blows passed, and the 
parties were separated. Ivey now drew his knife and again approached Bunting, who met him with a stick which broke 
in his hand. He received a stab in the abdomen from the knife of Ivey, of which he died in a few hours.-Journal (Mr. 
Bunting was a native of Robeson County, N.C.)

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