by Myrtle N. Bridges    11-12-03
A marriage contract made between Owen Slaughter and Priscilla Thomas on the 26th day of February 
in the year of our Lord 1819 A.D. We do hereby agree and covenant that such and all the property that 
we are now in possession of shall be divided among our children I.E. what property I, Owen Slaughter, 
is now in possession of shall be divided among my children (viz.) Elzabeth Lindley, Wm. Slaughter, 
Owen Slaughter, Mary Haris, Easther Williams, Martha Chunn and McD. Slaughter and John M. Slaughter. 
Also what property Pricilla Thomas is now in possession of shall be at our death divided among her 
children, viz. James Thomas, Mary Northam, Rachel Covington, John Thomas, Rebecca Thomas and Sarah Slaughter. 
We do also agree to increase and improve our property as much as possible, and what we shall or do accumulate 
a after this time shall be after our death equally divided among each of our children I.E. one half to 
Owen Slaughter and children and the other half to Prsicilla Thomas' children in witness whereof we have 
set our hands and affixed our seals this day and date above written. 
					(signed) Owen Slaughter and Pricilla Thomas (X her mark)

Win. Geo. M. Slaughter
William Ladd

State of North Carolina, Richmond County
July term 1820. The within instrument of writing was exhibited in open court by William Ladd, a subscribing 
witness, and ordered to be registered. M. D. Crawford, Clk.

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