Know all men by these presents that we the undersigned Amos C. Smith and Elizabeth Purkins (Perkins) have this day entered into the following marriage contract, viz., that all properties, either real or personal estate possessed by either of us before our marriage shall remain the property and be at the disposal of the one who owned it before our marriage, that is, what the said Smith now owns shall be his disposal, and what the said Elizabeth Perkins now owns shall be at her disposal. in withess whereof we had hereunto set our hands and seals this the 20th December A.D. 1855. Signed Amos C. Smith (X his mark) and Elizabeth Purkins (Perkins)(X her mark)

State of North Carolina, County of Richmond. County Clerk's Office April 26th, 1856. The due execution of the foregoing marriage contract between Amos C. Smith and Elizabeth Purkins is proven before me by the oath and examination of W. H. Crowson a subscribing witness thereto. Let it be registered. L. W. Webb, CCC. (Bk W/p337 - 1856)

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