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Index to Wills, Estates, Settlements, Inventory, Etc. - Granville Co., North Carolina
Unpublished transcripts by Zae Hargett Gwynn
*Note that these transcripts do not give word for word of the will in its original.
Transcribed by Tina Smith

Adcock, Joseph J.

Allen, Joseph B.

Griffin, William

Grissom, Willey H.

Parham, Lucy
Alston, Elizabeth Hanks, John D. Parham, Williamson
Amis, James Harris, Augustine Parker, Lucy
Amis, William Harris, George Perry, John

Perry, John R.

Bailey, Israel Heflin, Charles Perry, Solomon
Bailey, John Henderson, Archibald Philpott, Jemima
Bailey, Lucretia Hester, Druscilla Phillpott, Samuel
Bailey, William Hester, Hamilton Ridout, James D. 
Barnes, John W.  Hicks, William

Hunt, James

Rogers, Dicy
Barnes, William Hunt, John Rogers, Sarah
Bradford, John

Bradsher, Addison

Hunt, William Rowland, John H.
Bass, Nathan  

Brame, Nelson

Huskey, Isaac Rowland, Henry

Rowland, Pleasant

Bryan, Blount Jackson, Loe Russell, James A.

Sears, John

Burton, Agatha Jones, America Slaughter, Abraham R.

Slaughter, Isaac

Burwell, Spotswood Jones, David Slaughter, Samuel

Smith, Reuben

Cannady, Nathaniel E.

Crews, Gideon

Kelley, Jesse J.

Kelly, Susan

Suit, John

Taylor, John Sr.

Critcher, Anson

Crowder, Mary

Kittrell, Elizabeth

Kittrell, William

Taylor, Mildred L.

Taylor,Richard P.

Davis, John (vrs. Baileys') Lemay, John Taylor, Robert

Terry, James

Dillard, William  Lemay, Samuel Voss, Thomas
Duty, Lucy Lewis, John

Lewis, Thomas B.

Wheeler, Benjamin

Wheeler, Moses

Eaton, John L. Longmire, Martha A. 

Longmire, Robert

White, Coleman R

White, John

Ellixson, William Mangum, John Williams, Daniel

Williams, Elijah

Fleming, Thomas B Mangum, Simpson Williams, Thomas
Floyd, George, Sr.  Morgan, Winfield Williams, William
Floyd, William 

Freeman, Mary

Norman, Thomas W. Wilson, John, Sr.

Wimbish, Lewis

Garrett, Amos

Gregory, Lucy F.

Norwood, Benjamin Sr. Wood, John

Wood, Mary

Griffin, Mary C

Griffin, Spencer C.

O'Brien, John Young, Julia A.

Young, Wesley W.

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