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Unpublished Transcripts of Zae H. Gwynn 


These transcripts can be found in the Richard Thorton Library, Oxford, N.C.,  

                                                               and at the N.C., Archives, Raleigh, NC.



Volume 23

Pages 4477-449--probated, June 9, 1882

Adcock, Joseph J.--wills to wife Mary D., after she settles what I owe, 300 acres of land for her lifetime or widowhood, and in event of either the property divided into 5 parts and given to my four children by her. She to have control over Eugene and D. G. Adcock until they are 21 yrs. old and of their part of my estate, she to have all else except a bed to Peter G. Adcock and one to Amandy E. and D. L. Adcock, also to wife 261/2 acres until the youngest child of Janety H. Barentt is 21 years old then land sold; To son peter G. Adcock 60 acres for life an at his death to his children if any and if not back to his own sisters and brothers children; to daughter Molly(Nelly) f. Stroud 50 acres for life 


Volume 19-1851-1855,  wills, etc..

Page 455-456-Jan. 10, 1852-proved Aug. court 1854

Joseph B. Allen---to wife Julia, all estate for her lifetime or widowhood to rear our children and as they come to age to give them what she can afford to be accounted for by each of them in final division of estate and if she marry, the property divided equally between her and all the children and if not, to go to children at her death.

Excrs:Brother James Allen

Wts: none given--excrs. named is dead and court appoints Julia Allen, the widow as adminstr. with $30,000.00 bond with William Allen and Irvin Morgan securities. She qualified Nov. court 1854.


Wills, etc ...., Volume 19

Pages 332-333

Alston, Elizabeth Emily ---wills to her brother George Alston's children namely: George, William Henry, Philip Alston, 3 slaves; to sister Mrs. Temperance Dawson 6 negroes; to sister Mrs. Mary Lewis, a slave; to sister Mary Lewis, sister Mrs. Charity Wortham, to sister Eveline Alston to each 1/4th part of all remaining negroes and the other 1/4th to be divided between my niece Mrs. Matilda Foster and to Peter Foster M. D. in trust for my niece Mrs. Margaret Whitfield for her life and at her death to her children and her husband to have no control over same; To my sister Mrs. Mary Lewis, my land in Granville Co.,  if she will pay to my sister Mrs. Charity Wortham $500.00, and to George, William Henry and Philip Alston (sons of my brother George Alston) $50.00; to sister Evealina Alston all silver spoons and ladle; All stock and furniture and anything else to be divided to sisters and two nieces as above.

Excrs: James M. Bullock, and nephew Edward A. Lewis

Wts: T. L. Hargrove, O. F. Manson


Volume 21 1859-1863

Page 372-378--Nov. 17, 1852--filed in open court Nov. 9, 1853.

Amis, James of Ouchita county, Arkansas---wills to wife Martha A. Amis all estate and all negroes I received by my marriage with her and all other property to dispose of as she think proper and she to be excx.

Wts: Thomas S. Mullins, Wm. G. Hobbs, Wm. P. Hall

Ouchita County, Arkansas=Clerk Philip Agee, certifies to probate depositions as to sanity of James Amis when made will by witnesses---

Recorded in Granville Co., NC. Feb. court 1861



Volume 18 1849-1851, Wills, etc...

Page 248-259--Estate of William Amis, deceased, in acct. with James Amis, admstr. from Feb. 1849--listing bonds of which part was paid to distributees in May and June and cash received and that paid to Mrs. Elizabeth Amis, Jno Amis, Sr. and Alexander, William, Jno. Jr., James, Lewis and wife, Mary, and Rufus Amis and also including that given by William Amis in his lifetime to the children; Thomas, Lewis (his children), Wm., John, Jr., Alexander, James and Lewis Amis and wife Martha; To Elizabeth the widow, to Thomas Amis, to John Amis, Sr., as guardian of children of Lewis Amis, Alexander Amis, William amis, William, John Jr., James, Lewis and his wife, Gabriel Jones as guardian of Rufus Amis and of Mary Amis--report Feb. court 1851.



Volume 13-1833-1837

Pages 153, 154, 155

June 12 1830-proved Nov. court 1834

Bailey,Lucretia -- wills to son Samuel Bailey a Negro; to sons Israel, and Ephriam and daughters Mary Eastes formerly Mary Bailey to each 5 shls. to daughter Lucretia Moore, formerly Lucretia Bailey $5.00 and a cow and a calf; to son Jeremiah, a Negroe girl; to son William, several Negroes, a mare and colt, and he is to give to my grandson William Bailey son of my daughter Nancy Bailey, a good horse when he arrives of age and if it please providence to take my grandson out of town and to the city before he is 16 yrs. old then to sell the horse and colt and divided the money to his two sisters Lucretia and Glaphrey; to daughter Cairy Dilliard, formerly Cairy Bailey all my wearing apparel except my straw bonnet, Negroes and $5.00' to granddaughter Glaphrey Bailey daughter of my daughter Nancy bed and furniture, and a side saddle, my straw bonnet; all else I own including the crop to be sold and money divided to my three grandchildren.

Exrs: son William Bailey

Wts: Thomas Due, J. W. Harris



Volume 15-1840-1844

Page 16-February 8, 1840-proved Feb. court 1841

Bailey,John ---- wills to wife Penelope for her lifetime, my house and furniture, plantation tools and all else while she is living; to dau. Polly Bailey to live on Plantation as long as she lives; to Thomas due, 5 shillings; daughter Elizabeth Bailey 5 shillings; to daughter Glaphrey $ 50.00' to rest of my children and Glaphrey are to divide my estate equally

Exrs: William Bailey


Wts: Isarel F. Dillard, Samuel Bailey



Volume 21.-1859-1863


Pages 524, 525-July 20, 1861--proved February court 1862


Bailey,William ---wills to wife Glaffery Bailey, all estate including land, Negroes etc for her lifetime or widowhood for her own support and that of her family and at her death or re-marriage, divided; to sons Jeremiah, David D., William F. Bailey my sons, each a slave; to daughter Eliza H. Bailey 2 slaves; to son Israel Sidney Bailey 2 negores; to granddaughter Jacobina Bailey, a horse; to daughter Eliza H. Bailey, a horse; to son Isarel S. two horses; Remainder of estate sold and money divided to following heirs : sons Ephriam $80.00, money he loaned me; to grson Ephriam Lawrence $200.00; to son Israel S. Bailey land whereon I live.


Exrs: son Israel Sidney Bailey

Wts: Edward Haswell, Eugene Grissom


Volume 21


Page 394--Sale of Estate of Mary Bailey, deceased by Samuel Bailey

Admstr. Feb. court 1861..




Volume 18 1849-1851

Wills, etc.


Page 375-378

John Davis and wife and others vrs. John Bailey and others May term 1851--Land Of Israel Bailey including widows dower petitioned  to be sold. During life of Israel Bailey he gave to his son Solomon Bailey, Israel F. Dillard and wife, Joseph Bailey certain lands and since there are II heirs, the remaining land is to be divided in 8 parts and allotted to other heirs. To John Davis and wife, to Allen Bailey, Heirs of Israel Bailey, Samuel Bailey, John W. Bailey, Heirs of Anderson Bailey, Ephriam Bailey and wife, Henderson Bailey, Joseph Bailey the latter Joseph to be given enough land to make him equal to others. Mar. 14, 1851.



Volume 19 -1851-1855

Wills, etc.


Page 73-74 

Estate of Israel Bailey deceased by Samuel Bailey, adminstr. mentions widows allowance and other account of estate May term 1852. 


Volume 18

Pages 177-178--July 24, 1850---proved Nov. court 1850

Barnes, William--wills to son William, land whereon I now live, a negro; to son John Barnes, land on west side of Popular creek and a negro; to son Hillman, in trust for my daughter Frances Latham, 2 negroes; at death of Frances Latham to her children; to son John, 2 negores in trust for my daughter Susan Collins and at her death to her children; to the widow of my son Charles Barnes deceased, and his child, $1.00 each and no more; to son Thomas $1.00 and no more; all else sold and equally divided between my sons John and Hillman and my daughters Frances and Susan.

Excrs; son Hillman and John Barnes

Wts: Jesse J. Kelly, John H, Wright


Volume 23,  Wills

Page 71-73-May 9, 1872--proved Oct. 7, 1872

John W. Barnes--- wills to wife the land laid off to her as dower in land of former husband Nelson Brame, for lifetime, then to go to my children : daughter Frances M., son James J., son Thomas W., daughter Malissa C., son John W., daughter Betsey R. Barnes equally divided among them; All else including land I bought of the Daniels estate, a tract formerly belonging to Nelson Brame , not included in the dower land, 17 acres near Henderson, NC, a town lot in Henderson to be divided between my daughter Frances W., son James J., and Thomas W. Barnes, daughter Malissa C. Barnes; The corn I have at the mill known as Barnes and Rowland shall be kept by Horace H. Rowland for the use and benefit of my wife and family, and all parshiable goods sold or held by my wife for her use and her family. 

Excrs: Horace H. Rowland 

Wts: C. H. Dunn, SP. J. Harris


Volume 13, 1833-1837


Page 20-21


Bass, Nathan--wills to wife Martha, a desk, a bed and furniture, a spinning wheel, flax wheel, a cow and calf, sow and pigs, horse, saddle, a pot and oven, set of knives and forks, 6 pewter plates, 2 decanters, 10 acres of land to include the dwelling house, reserving an acre for the family grave yard, and a still; At wifes death the sill and 20 acres to Warner Tanner, better known as Warner Bass; To Warner Tanner the land south of Path running from William Bradfords to Mrs. Ann S. Taylors to the line of Lewis Petiford land, a horse, a cart, 6 pewter plates; to Lewis  Petiford who married my daughter diza( Iliza) 50 acres being the land they now live on at Joshua Hutchinsons line dec'd and others, and a pot; to daughter Honon Jones the rest of land on Pathway at William Diments line; To son Jesse Bass, a grandson Lemuel Valentine, daughter Sally Pettiford to each 5 shillings; all remaining to be sold and debts paid and if any left divided between wife Martha and Warner Tiner

Exr: William Bradford

Wts: D. A. Paschall, Benja Kittrell, A. H. Walker

Benjamin Kittrell is now dead--handwriting proved by others.


Volume 22 1863-1868

Page 376-377--Aug. 4, 1865--proved Nov. court 1865

Bradford, John--wills to niece Hixly Hester, land whereon I live on south side of Roberson creek and adjoining Rufus Bobbitt, Taylor Clay and others, and lend to nieces Elizabeth Bradford and Ruthy Stroud, a part of the land where I now live on the north side of Roberson creek at Rufus Bobbitts line, Adcocks and others, for their lifetime, then to go to my nephew John R. Buchanon.

Wts: Joseph Hester

Wts: Rufus Bobbitt, John Dickerson

Joseph Hester refused to qualify and B. F. Bullock appointed admstr.



Volume 24 --wills


Page 249-250--May 6, 1891--proved June 11, 1894

Bradsher, Addison--wills to wife Saline, $300.00 and $200.00 placed at interest of her; son Albert is now dead and in his lifetime I loaned him $200.00 to buy mules for which he made a note and took it home with him to have his mother-in-law sign as security but never returned it to me and is now in my possession of his wife Emma Bradsher and I also let him have other money at interest which on Aug. 1, 1890 amounted to 310.88 that he owes me and no part paid so his estate us to have nothing until until other children have received the same amount, that is: James P. Bradsher and daughter Helen P. Hobgood, wife of Harvey Hobgood; To grson Pinkney Bradsher Hobgood, a horse when 21 if he remain living with me and us a dutiful grson; All else divided between my three children.

Exrs: son James P. Bradsher

Wts: J. A. Crews, Jr., A. A. Hick


Volume 22 1863-1868, Wills, etc.

Page 330-331-July 1, 1863--proved Nov. court 1864

Nelson Brame--- wills to all his wife Elizabeth Ann and his only heir and daughter Martha Ann Brame; to wife land I live on bought of Thomas Reavis and that near Henderson, NC., bought of James L. Wortham;  to daughter Martha Ann, the land whereon I formerly resided and is now


Volume 23,  Will 1868-1887

Page 164-166-May 1, 1870-- proved Jan. 19, 1875

Blount Bryan of Edcombe Co. NC, wills to son Julius O. Bryan, my person tract on west side of Swifts creek, 305 acres, stock, beds, 1/2 interest in store and lot in Rocky Mount, NC., and if he die before 30 years old, leaving no lawful issue of Caucasian blood, then property to return to other children by my present wife Bettie J. Bryan; He may said son, sell and move to another country if he wish, but by my excr. may be sold and invested in real estate wherever he desire; to wife Bettie J. Bryan, after debts paid, all other property for life or widowhood and if she marry then divided to wife and all children by her and at her death, property drawn by her given to daughters of my present wife and if she not marry then all children to share and share alike as they come of age; If any child die without leaving issue of pure Caucasian blood and before 30 yrs. old then that part return to my estate and divided to survivors of them and if all die then to wife ad my eldest son Julius O. Bryan. They must sell all if she wish and move to another country there investing in property. Her executorship ceases if she re-marry and the other executor must have guardian appointed for my children.

Excrs: wife and brother Henry Bryan

Wts: A. H. A. William, H. A. Doud


Volume 13, 1833-1837

Page 212-214

Burton, Agatha-Robert H., Alfred M. and Horace A. Burton state that their mother Agatha Burton, deceased, willed her land and mansion house called Montpelier to Robert H., Alfred M., James M., and Augustus Burton and Augustus died prior to his mother so Agatha Burton then willed his share of and to Horace A. Burton. She also devised to her daughter Fanny H. who since married Samuel Deekins and Elizabeth married who married James Anderson. James M. burton conveyed his share of land to Horace A. They ask the property divided to them , Eliza and Fanny were given land jointly. the land adjoins that of John Bullock and L Henderson and contains 494 acres.


Volume 19

Pages 544-549-Apr. 13, 1851-Codicil May 9, 1851-proved Feb. court 1855

Burwell, Spotswood--- wills to son William A. Burwell, the 1343.00 given to him in negroes and the increase thereof and the other property given to him to be a part of his legacy; to son John S.  Burwell, the $1543.00 given to him in negroes and other property as part of his legacy; to son  Lewis D. Burwell, $1,098.00 in negroes and other property as part of his legacy; to son Blair Burwell, deceased $1148.00 in negroes and other property as part of his legacy; to son Henry H. Burwell, the $900.00 in negroes and other property given to him as part of his legacy; to son George W. , $1991.00 in negroes and other property as part of his legacy; to son Robert R. a horse and saddle amounting to $93.00 as part of his legacy ; to granddaughter Sally Spottswood a negro girl, and if she die without heirs then the negro and increase thereof to my daughter Mary A. S. Manson and her heirs; To sons Henry and Armistead, in trust for my daughter Mary A. S. Manson, certain negroes and above that which she gets from equal share of my estate; The children of my son Blair Burwell deceased, are to have his share in estate, that is Louisa and Blair Burwell, Jr. and if either die to the survivor or if both die to revert back to my estate and to my surviving children or their heirs; All due me as executor of my brother Armistead Burwell deceased, or from my fathers estate, to be received by my excrs.; to wife Mary G. Burwell all furniture, carriage, wagon, cart, plantation utensils, live stock and $100.00 in cash and 12 negroes and at her death to be divided equally among my children; to wife all landed estate for her life except that given my daughter Mary Manson--974 acres; at wifes' death land sold and all else divided to all my children.

Excrs: sons William A., John S. Henry H., Armistead R., and George W. and Dr. Otis F. Manson, as excrs. and not to give security

Wts: W. H. Boyd, W. W. White, Charles Haskins, Jr. 

May 9, 1854--Codicil gives negroes to daughter Mary Manson and to granddaughter Sally Spottswood Manson.

Wts: W. W. White, T. D. Dillard


Volume 24--wills

Page 257--259--May 28, 1892---proved Nov. 16, 1894

Cannady, Nathaniel E.,---wills to two sons Paul B. and Albert B. Cannady jointly, 141/2 acres on west side of Banks road being surveyed by Edward Green May 2, 1892 and known as lot 1 in division of my home tract, at R. Weathers corner, on new Creedmoor Road, at L. V. Peace's line; A tract of 99 40/100 acres known as lot 2, sold at public sale and divided into 13 parts. To daughter-in-law, widow of my son S. G. Cannady, deceased, namely Mag. L. Cannady 2 1/2 shares, to grson William E. Cannady, son of late William E. Cannady 1/13th; To Annie H. Faucett, wife of James N. faucette, 2 1/2 shares; to Emma F. Peace wife of Wesley J. Peace 3/13ths; to son-in-law Thomas B. Lawrence 2 1/2 shares; to Nathaniel B. Cannady 2 shares; To wife Sallie A. Cannady for life the remainder and 200 acres of land and at her death to daughter Lizzie Cannady and to daughter Lizzie, 2 $100.00 shares in Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Co, and the piano; if any child to die without bodily heirs the part given to go to survivors of them all due me from daughter Annie H. Faucett and son N. B. Cannady and John P. Cannady to be considered a gift. 

Exrs: son Paul P. Cannady 

Wts: G. L. Allen, H. D. Mangum


Volume 19 1851-1855

Wills, etc.

Crews, Gideon gave negroes to his children: B. F. Crews, Henry Crews, Martha Breedlove, Harriett Sears, Lucy Cottrell

Wts: John R. Hicks, William Daniel



Volume 23

Pages 438, 439--Dec. 18, 1877--probated Feb. 29, 1882

Critcher, Anson---wills to wife Tabitha, 1/2 of all he possesses and at her death, to children of my son John $1.00; A childs part of each of the following grandchildren (equally divided among them) 1/2 at my death and the other half at death of my wife, that is, Anson, Joseph, Sarah Barnett, children of my daughter Rebecca Jane and Erenia F. Clay, daughter of my daughter Frances; all else to my other children, 1/2 at my death and the other half at death of my wife, with the bond I hold of my son Joseph A., deducted before he receives his share and $200 from Roger S.'s part, $100.00 from Emma's part thereby paying for the piano which she has, $40.00 from Webster's part, since each have received this much already.

Excrs: wife Tabitha and son Robert O. Critcher



Volume 18 1849-1851

Wills, etc..

Page 173-174--Apr. 8, 2850--proved Nov. court 1850

Crowder, Mary-wills to granddaughter Isabella Bailey all stock and all else, with Tandy Bailey as executor

Wts: H. M. Hargrove, Willis Smith


Volume 19


Pages 492-493


Dillard, William---wills to wife Cairey, for lifetime, all my estate and at her death to my son Hillsman, the land where I now live and all else of estate sold and money divided between my two sons: Isarel and Hillsman


Excrs: sons Isarel and Hillsman Dillard


Wts: Peleg S. Rogers, Matilda Davis



Volume 22

Page 383-384--Sept. 27, 1864--proved Feb. court court 1865.

Duty, Lucy---wills to sister Maria Duty, my guitar and gold watch; to my sisters who are not married at the time of my death, all my furniture, tools, utensils, and other things used for housekeeping and my real estate in town of Oxford, NC.; to niece Harriet Cousins, provided she is unmarried, and to my mother and father, to be enjoyed by them as a home, the above mentioned in property, and if one die unmarried then to the others for as long as they live, particularly my mother; if they decided to sell property my sister Maria is be consulted or if she is dead or unmarried, then executor to do best for them and their support; After death of my mother and father and death or marriage of my single sisters, I wish this property to be sold and the proceeds to go to my sisters now living; Elizabeth Murray, Harriet Jones, Parthenia Harris, and Mary Davis 1/4th; to my other sisters the other 3/4ths and my niece Harriet M. Cousins; and all else sold and money used for my father and mother lifetime and at death of them to my niece Eula Kinsey and nephew John W. Hays, Jr.

Excrs: brother-in-law John W. Hays

Wts: Daniel S. Osborne, Abner N. Jones


Volume 19--1851-1855

Page 200-301--July 19, 1853--proved Nov. court 1853

Eaton, John L.---wills that he be buried according to rites of Protestant Episcopal Church; My stock in North Carolina  Railroad Co. and in Raleigh-Gaston Railroad Co., perishable property, debts die me sold and used to pay my debts and funeral expenses; land whereon I live divided between my wife Sally T. Eaton (1400 acres) and the other to Sally John Eaton, daughter of William A. Eaton (1200 acres) and the other part at death of my wife, also certain negro slaves, and to wife certain negroes; to Christiana B. Eaton, daughter of William A. Eaton at death of my wife, certain negroes; to John E. Burwell, son John A. Burwell, a negro; to wife all books, portraits, except the one of myself which I give Sally John Eaton and the portrait of my mother to Christiana B. Eaton; To wife all plantation tools, stock etc, crop etc and she to support herself and slaves from estate; My wife to give to Ellen Brownlow, a negro girl serving maid; To kinsman William Eaton, Jr. my gold watch' To friend Robert R. Gilliam esq. the land whereon David S. Cargill now lives(50 acres) in trust for the benefit of the present wife of said Cargill for her lifetime and at her death to her children the said Robert D. Cargill having a home there for life; to William Eaton, Jr., hereafter named an excr. $2500.00 to be paid from estate given to my wife and that fiven Sally John Eaton, for his services as excr and all else remaining to Sally John and Christiana B. Eaton.

Exrs: William Eaton, Jr., and wife Sally T. Eaton

Wts: H. H. Burwell,T. L. Brodie, Archibald Davis


Book 12 1830-1833

Page 156-157, 1820--proved May court 1831

Ellixson, William--wills to wife Mary 2 negroes and the land whereon I now live containing 233 acres, for her lifetime or widowhood, also 2 tracts adjoining this land, one of 38 and one of 25 acres, also stock, furniture, horse, saddle, bridle, and all other horses for her lifetime or widowhood or until my children have been schooled, namely William G. Wood and Elizabeth Caroline and Ann Hunt and one my wife is pregnant with to be cared for and schooled; to daughter Peggy King, a slave; to son Alexander Ellixson, a slave; to each of my younger children and the one my wife is pregnant with, a horse and saddle, bridle, and a negro slave after the death of my wife, namely William Greenwood Ellixson, Elizabeth Caroline Ellixson and Ann Hunt Ellixson; after death of my wife and the younger children made equal to the two older ones, then that which is left to go to all my children equally.

Exrs: James King and Mary Ellixson

Wts: Irby Smith, Charles Smith.

Mary Ellixson dissented, but withdrew and was qualified as executrix.


Volume 21 1859-1863

Pages 489-491--Aug. 14, 1861--proved Nov. court 1861

Fleming, Thomas B.----wills to wife Frances, land for herself and my four unmarried daughters for a home of them, namely; Mary Jane, Sally, Eliza, and Susan Adalline Fleming and at death of my wife, land to remain in possession of my daughters for life or as long as single and if they die without issue, to divide land between other of my heirs; to wife choice of stock, furniture, tools, and at her death sold to highest bidder and divided  between my lawful heirs; To daughters Mary Jane, Sally, Eliza, and Susan Adaline, one rockaway and harness; to son John Williams Fleming a horse and $125.00; to sons Edward L. and Thomas B. Fleming and son Robert H. Fleming, to each, a horse, saddle and bridle when 21 years old; son Thomas B. Fleming to have 10 months in a good school and also my sons Robert H. James C. and Alexander to have education as sons John W. and Edward L. have received; all else of property sold and proceeds divided between my daughter Martha, wife of William D. Voss, my daughter Mildred, wife of John Aiken, sons John W. Edward L., Thomas B., Robert H., James C., Alexander Fleming


Excrs: John W. and Edward L. Fleming my sons


Wts: Benjamin Wheeler, Alex Fleming



Volume 14,  Pages 47-49

July 8, 1837- proved Nov. court  1838

Floyd, William--wills to wife Martha, instead of her thirds, my dwelling house and other outhouses with orchard and gardens, 3 negroes and as much land as she needs to cultivate, household and kitchen furniture, horses, other live stock, and enough provision for her use and for support of Rebecca Loyd, Martha and Abagail Mann whom I wish to live with my wife as long as they are single; To niece Rebecca Loyd after death of my wife, bed and furniture and she may work my farm while single with negroe Allen, free of rent and after her death to granddaughter Martha and Abagail Mann, a featherbed, a chest, to each $15.00 when married and if either die before married  then to all other. to son George, $2.00, to daughter Deliah, $2.00; To son Stephen all timber and 1/2 of my shop tools, my half of our saw mill, all blacksmiths tools and he to keep his mothers plantation tools in repair while she live; All else divided into equal parts and to go to sons Pleasant, Joshua, Samuel, William, Stephen, Presley, Charles, and a half of 2/9ths to son George and his wife Obedience and the other half to daughter Delia at death of her husband Thos. Mann and at her death to her children; All else divided to all children.

Excrs: Samuel Duty, son Pleasant Floyd

Wts: James Murrary, W. Ellington, Jno. S. Eaton


Volume 16,  Pages 99-101

Aug. 3, 1843--proved Nov. court 1844

Floyd, George. Sr.---Wills to wife Rosey and two deaf and dumb daughters Nelly and Juda (sp?) Floyd, the land whereon I live for their life time then to the other children, also to wife for her lifetime, negroes and at her death sold and divided to my children, To two death and dumb daughters Nelly and Judy, 3 negroes, a cow and calf, featherbed and furniture, horse, bridle and saddle, tools and a years provision for wife and and daughters. To daughter Elizabeth Rud, a slave; to daughter Martha Tuner, a slave, to daughter Susanna Cardin, $300.00 to her and her children; to daughter Polly Grisham $1.00 to her and her heirs; to sons Henry (or his heirs), Lewis Floyd $1.00 each as they have received their share; to son William Floyd, my still as has he has also received his share. all else sold and debts paid. all else divided to my nine children named above. 

Excrs; Samuel and James Fuller

Wts: William R. Hicks, Charles Floyd, John Higgs


Wills, Inv., Settlements, Etc.....Volume 16 

Pages 264--Other estate of George Floyd, deceased, found by excr. Samuel Fuller which says in one part that Lewis Floyd son of George Floyd made note payable to William Floyd, Sr. Excr. of William Floyd Sr. given Feb. 16, 1828 and no doubt the father settled it with his son and we are told Lewis is not good for nothing. 



Volume 23--1868--1887

Page 219--Nov. 28, 1874--proved

Freeman, Mary--wills to sister Elizabeth Freeman, all property and at her death to nephew Joseph Freeman and Samuel Harris including my interest in the land known as The John Freeman Land; to children of my brother Evans Freeman, a bed; to sister Sally G. Harris my interest in a cooking stove; all remaining sold and divided to my sisters


Volume 19 1851-1855,  Wills, etc..

Page 449-450-Jan. 1846-proved Aug. court 1854

Amos Garrett,--wills to wife Martha; to have control of all children and to have all my estate to rear them, as long as she is my widow and as they come of age each to have $300.00, but if she marry, a childs' part of personal property is all she gets; I lend to her 1/3rd part of real estate and at her death that to my children, and if she die unmarried all property kept together until youngest child is of age and then to divide all of her and the children equally; To William Garrett in trust for my daughter Martha Burnett, her share of my estate for her own support and at her death to her children and if no children then back to my estate and each child to have credit for any labor they do but credited with anything they draw on estate.


Volume 19, Wills, etc.

Page 157-159---Oct. 20, 1851--proved Nov. court 1852

Gregory, Lucy F.-asks that she be buried in the old family burying ground in Mecklenburg Co., Va.---wills to Right Rev. William Maade, Bishop of Va. $500.00; to sister Sally  M. Taylor, $100.00; to my nieces, Lucy O., Martha Glenn, Mary Ann, Mary Elizabeth Gregory $100.00 each; to nephew Herbert T. Bacon, $100.00; To each of four claves $5.00 and asks that they be allowed to select his masters; To nephew Herbert Gregory son of Dr. F. R. Gregory, my horse Boston and request that he be so kindly' to dear sister Sally, trunk and clothes and furniture and the worst of my clothes to servants; To niece Mary Ann Gregory, my scrap book; to my brother Roger, my own precious Bible and will he not read one chapter each day; My papers and letters read by my sister Sally or my brother Roger and then consigned to the flames; to brother Henry, Scott's commentator on the Bible; To brother Thomas and the two Herbert Gregory's, and John Herbert Taylor, the money due me on bonds and that paid for my negroes after paying my debts.

Exrs: my brother Thomas J. Gregory

Wts: John R. Hicks, Stephen Currin, Edward W. Harris


Volume 18 1849-1851, Wills, etc..

Page 168, 169

Mary C. Griffin Vrs. The heirs of Spencer C. Griffin, deceased petition for dower land of her late husband, Spencer C. Griffin, deceased and was given 200 acres Apr. 19, 1850.


Volume 18 1849-1851

Wills, etc..

Page 259-261-Division of negroes of estate of Spencer C. Griffin, deceased, among the legetees: Thomas Reynolds and wife Mary, John c. Griffin, Thomas N. Griffin, Margaret E. .Griffin, William E. Griffin, Mrs. Mary C. Griffin, Mrs. Ann Mosley, Benjamin C. Cooke in right of wife Petronella C., Virginia S. Griffin...--Dec. 26, 1850


Volume 17-1846-1848

Wills, inventories, settlements, etc...

Page 447-448--Jan. 6, 1849--proved Feb. court 1849

Griffin, William--to mother Mary C. Griffin, all of my interest in the estate of my late father Spencer C. Griffin, deceased, and a negro girl with all future increase, my horse and buggy; to my sister Petronella C. Griffin, my gold watch; My executor to sell my my negro Buck and divide the money between my sisters Ann E. Morsely and mary J. Reynolds, Virginia Griffin and Margaret Ellen Griffin; to my brother John C. Griffin my rifle gun; to brother Thomas N. Griffin, my pistol.

Exrs: my mother Mary C. Griffin

Wts: T. M. Clark, Saml. L. Venable, G. A. Wilson


Volume 22

Pages 604-605-Aug. 31, 1867--proved Feb. court 1867

Grissom, Willey H.---wills to wife, during her life, all my property, and she may sell any part she wishes, all money and profits from my estate; At death of my wife, my estate divided between my children and grandchildren hereafter named with the exception of the child Medicus of my deceased son Medicus to whom I bequeath $200.00 and the daughter of Jacobina L. Bailey, deceased, my daughter who is to have only 1/2 share; to Turner B. Grissom's share diminished by $600.00; Alexander Q. Grissom his share by $600.00, Eliza H. Wilkins' share by $600.00, Jerome B. Grissom's share diminished by $600.00, Full share to Napoleon B. Grissom; Eugene Grissom's share diminished by $1100.00; Linoreena Sykes share not diminished; my tract of land where she formerly lived known as the Bailey Tract bought of William Bailey; If my wife marry again she may not dispose of any of my property but only have life estate therein.

Excrs: son Eugene Grissom

Wts: James M. Hockaday, James N. Peace



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