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Unpublished Transcripts of Zae H. Gwynn, Pt. 2


Volume 22-1863-1868,  Wills, etc.

Pages 355-336-Sept. 30, 1864-proved Feb. court 1865

Hanks, John D.--wills to brother Argyl H. Hanks, all negroes except those here in-after mentioned for his life time and at his death to be equally divided into five shares, one each to John Hargrove, Charles M. Hargrove, Hartwell M. Hargrove, Israel Hargrove, Samuel W. Smith's children born of Hester Ann Smith his wife, daughter of William Hargrove deceased of Granville Co., NC; to brother Argyl H. Hanks, during his life, the land whereon I live, reserving to John H. Hester who now lives on the plantation, the land around the house for 5 years and at his death, land divided into five shares and alloted to the above mentioned persons and also to brother Argyl, all stock, furniture etc for life and at his death sold and equally divided between the above mentioned persons; To John Harve, a slave; to Charles Hargrove 2 slaves; to Argyl, all money left after debts paid.

Exrs: John Hargrove and Charles M. Hargrove

Wts: C. H. K. Taylor, Isaac B. Watson


Volume 19,  Wills, etc.

Pages 105-106--March 29, 1848--proved Aug. court 1852

Harris, Augustine---wills to his niece Mary B. Cooke, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Cooke, 2 negroes with their increase from this time forward, and if she die under age or unmarried, then the slaves and increase to all the children of Henry and Elizabeth Cooke, excepting Narcissa Wainwright, late Narcissa Cooke, and the sons of my brother Robert Harris, share and share alike; Narcissa Wainwright is to have nothing of my estate; All else sold and divided to the children of Henry and ElizaBEth Cooke except Narcissa Wainwright, who may be living at my death and the sons of my brother Robert Harris, who may be living at my death.

Excrs: my nephew George T. Cooke, James T. Wiggins

Wts: D. P. Paschall, Marcus V. Lanier


Volume 19, Wills, etc.


Page 183-187--Inventory and account of sales of estate of Augustine Harris deceased, by George T. Cooke, and James M. Wiggins executors--R. H. Wainwright bought at sale a bed and bolster and   Augustine Cooke, also bought at sale, also Miss Mary Cooke was a buyer, George A. Harris, Thomas Harris, and accts against George T. and A. H. Cooke listed---November court 1852.


Volume 19

Wills, etc...

Plat of Land divided to heirs (children) of George W. Harris, deceased see page 163 ---bottom of plat on following--to complete the whole of plat..

(drawing of plat ) 


Volume 15

Pages 21-22

December 4, 1839-Feb. court 1841

Heflin, Charles--wills to son Lewis and daughter Elizabeth for their lifetime, 534 acres whereon I now live on Ford(?) Creek, and at their death to the legal heirs of Lewis Heflin; Exr. to sell that necessary to pay debts and the legacies I hereafter specify: To son William, to daughter Cary, wife of Edward White, Susan wife of Buckhorn William Heflin, Mary wife of James Mann, Ava wife of Thomas J. Smith, Nancy wife of Green Fuller, Heirs of daughter Phebe, deceased wife of James Cawthorn 5 shillings each; to son Lewis and daughter Elizabeth, my live stock, furniture, tools, and after their deaths to heirs Lewis Heflin. also to them negroes for lifetime then to heirs of Lewis Heflin Guardians and agents and also exrs; grandson Rufus T. Heflin and son Lewis Heflin (Lewis to be guardian for Elizabeth for her lifetime)

Wts: John Walker, Joseph Walker


Volume 19---1851-1855

Wills, etc...

Page 242-October 8, 1847 proved Nov. court 1853

Henderson, Archibald E. ---wills to all he possesses to wife Ann E. Henderson and she excrx, proved on oaths of Thomas Newton, James Turner, and William M. Sneed---found among papers of Apr. court 1853 and the executrix Ann E. Henderson qualified Aug. court 1853.


Volume 21

Page  673-674-Mar. 3, 1853--proved Feb. court 1863

HESTER, DRUCILLA wills to have all debts paid and what I owe to my agent Hamilton Hester and if anything left to divided it between the children of Hamilton Hester and Samuel S. Badgett and James L. Badgett (his six children) and their fathers manage their property for their support and education except Polly Ann and Royal Badgett, and I want them paid personally; To Royal Badgett,  my bar horse; my furniture to four children of Samuel T. Badgett and six children of James L. Badgett 

Excrs: Hamilton Hester

Wts: M. H. Hunt, Kennon K. Wainwright


Volume 21

Pages 287-289

Hester, Hamilton---wills to wife Sarah E. Hester, 2 negroes she brought with her, also bed and furniture, trunks and a home with my children for as long as she choose and my executor is to retain $1800 as a trustee for same, and $50.00 paid from the sum to my wife annually for her clothing etc. and if she leave my children then she to have $100.00 annually for her maintenance; The remainder to be divided between my six children; Parthenia R., Benjamin F., Marion H., Emma R., Olivia J., and Laura B. Hester; Stock  in Raleigh and Gaston RR. sold and after death of wife anything left from that part willed her to be divided among all my children. 

Excrs: Benjamin F. Hester

Wts: J. B. Hobgood, Samuel Hunt 


Book 1



Page 185-----June 25, 1778------William Hicks relinquishes all right, as per marriage contract with her, to the estate of his present wife Mourning, who was formerly the wife of John Hunt, deceased, and by whom she had the following named children: John, George, Samuel, James, Judith Hunt. The estate she owned prior to her marriage to me consists of 190 acres of land whereon she lived, 7 negroes, 4 horses, 30 cattle, hogs, and household goods, all to go to her children by John Hunt.

Wts: Barnet Tatom, John Fullilove, John Tatom.


Volume  8

Pages 158-159 January 2, 1816--proved Aug. court 1818

Hunt, John, Sr., wills to wife Frances 12 negroes and land on north side of Goshen road, all stock, household goods, utensils, crop for her natural life; to daughter Mary Snipes, a negroe, a horse, saddle and bridle, bed and furniture which she already  has; to daughter Frances Briggs, same as i gave daughter Mary; to son David Hunt, same as given daughter Mary; to daughter Martha Minor, same as daughter Mary; to son Thomas Hunt, same as given daughter Mary and 100 acres of land' to son John P. Hunt, same as given daughter Mary and a tract of land; to daughter Mourning Hunt, same as daughter Mary; to daughter Ann F. Hunt, same as to daughter Mary; if my mother Mourning Hicks wishes to live with my wife, it is my will and desire; at wife's death, to son John P. Hunt the land adjoining Thomas Hicks, Samuel Butler, Thomas Hunt, Peter Anderson, and the Folly tract; at wife's death, the personalty to be divided to seven of my children.

Exrs: sons Thomas and John P. Hunt, Randol Minor.

Wts: Groves and James Hunt


Volume 17

Page 410-411-Jan. 19, 1842--proved Nov. court 1848

Hunt, James--wills to four sons: William J., James M., John L., and Samuel P. Hunt, all land I own some of which they now live upon; to three daughters; Sally M. C. N., Elizabeth H., and Amy J. M. Hunt, a share of personal estate to each and money to make them equal with value of land given to my second ; to daugher Ann W Edwards, 5 shillings and to her husband John w. Edwards 5 shillings and no more; If any child die without issue that part of estate divided to the survivors except John and Ann w. Edwards

Exrs: son William J. Hunt

Wts: John W. Volentine, Demetrius E. Young


Volume 19 1851-1855, Wills, etc.

Page 132-133-June 22, 1851--proved Aug. court 1852

Hunt, William--wills to wife Izabella Hunt, all my estate as long as she remain my widow, and she to give all my children a liberal education, and if she marry then to divide property among wife and children.

Excrs: wife Izabella Hunt

Wts: Samuel Hunt, P. M. Young


Volume 19 Wills, etc...


Page 193--Inv. of estate of William Hunt deceased, by Izabells Hunt, excrx. --Nov. 3, 1852


Volume 15-1840-1844

Page 507-508--June 22, 1843--proved Nov. court 1843

Huskey, Isaac---wills that debts be paid; to son Isham, $25.00; to son Archeley, $185.00; to son James, if alive, $185.00; to son John, $200.00. All else sold and divided to the children equally after paying above legacies; to Elizabeth Kittrell; to Mary Wheelas; to Isham Huskey To Archey $185.00; to James Huskey $185.00; to John Huskey $185.00;

Exrs: John White

Wts: William A. Bobbitt, Allen Thompson


Volume 16

Page 527

March 13, 1845--proved Aug. court 1846

Jackson, Loe---wills to wife Priscillah, 196 acres and 4 negroes, furniture and live stock, tools, crop; to son Ransom Jackson, tools: to daughter Fanny and Nancy and all my lawful children or their representatives.

Excrs: wife and son Ransom

Wts; W. Crenshaw, Jno. M. Crenshaw


Volume 18

Pages 106-108 

inv. and sale of property of Loe Jackson, deceased, Dec. 26, 1849--mentions among the buyers Ransom, Priscilla Jackson


Volume 16 1844-1846, Wills, Settlements, etc...

Page 527-Mar. 13, 1845--proved Aug. court 1846

Jackson, Loe---wills to wife Priscillah, 196 acres and 4 negroes; furniture and live stock, tools, crop; To son Ransom Jackson, tools; to daughter Fanny and Nancy and all my lawful children or their representatives.

Exrs: wife and son Ranson

Wts: W. Crenshaw, Jno. M. Crenshaw


Volume 22

Page 408, 409--Nov. 30, 1854--proved Feb. court 1866

Jones, David---wills to wife Jemima for her lifetime all property of every description, and at her death or re-marriage to William Jones, son of my wife Jemima, 110 acre maintain tract whereon he lives; to daughter Minerva Slaughter, wife of Masten Slaughter, $20.00 having already given her share in my estate; to son William Jones, in trust for my daughter Frances O'Briant, wife of Dennis O'Briant, my household and other furniture, mare, cow and calf, land whereon I live on 1/2 of all stock; no heir then that part given to her to go to my son William at her death and and balanced divided between my son william and daughter Minerva.

Excrs: William Jones

Wts: A. Landie, John W. Hays


Volume 19-1851-1855, Wills, etc..

Pages 461-462-Sept. 27, 1843

Jones, America-wills to her two sons and two daughters; Archer, Moses, Martain, Washington, Viney and mary Jones all which gave now in their possessions; to William, a horse, hogs, chest; to wife Viney, for life 2 tracts of land, the 200 acres whereon i now live and 100 acres known as the Stem tract, furniture, tools, etc. and to two daughters Cealy(Caty) and Holda, after death of my wife, that land where I now live (while single) and if either marry the other to have land' to son William bed and furniture, cattle; to son Young, bed and furniture and cow and calf; 

Exrs: my wife Viney Jones

Wts: E. Hester, William H. Jones 

His wife Viney was dead when will probated and Young Jones was appointed admstr with $4000.00 bond.


540, 541-July 7, 1865-proved February court 1867


Jesse J. Kelley—to son John w. Kelley, the 1121/2 acres whereon I live and the 2 0r 3 acres on Globe road; To the children of my son, George J. Kelley, namely Sallie A. Frances and Mary George Kelley, 100 acres of my Stanback tract and the remaining part of the tract to be held in trust by John W. Kelley for the use of benefit of Martha E. Satterwhite and her children, and my daughter Sue a. Kelly; the remainder of the land on Globe road to son John w. in trust for Martha E. Satterwhite and children to Sue A. Kelly and also to sue, a bed and furniture, cow and calf and a horse and a saddle; to William L. Satterwhite $10.00 ; to wife Susan, stock, furniture, tools, wagon(1/2), part of the Stainback tract, and of my old tract for life, then to my children; son George to be educated.


Exrs; John W. Kelley


Witnesses: David S. Barker, John G. Barker, Stephen A. Burroughs



Abstract of will of SUSAN KELLY-1868 (wife of jesse j. kelly)

Will Book 23, Page 3


I, Susan Kelly, being of sound mind and disposing memory and considering the uncertainty of life and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner for following.

Item 1st-- It is my will that all of my burial and funeral expenses, and all of my just debts be first paid out of my estate. 


Item 2d- It is my will and desire that my youngest daughter Susan Ann Kelly should have and I hereby bequest to her my walnut press with all its contents  of crockery and Glass ware all my stone and earthen jars my walnut desk my mettle clock, my loom and slays, one draping table, and all my  corn, --?-, flour, bacon and lard on hand, to her she said Susan Ann Kelly her heirs and --?--- absolutely forever.


Item 3d- I give and bequeath to my son J. W. Kelly all my blacksmith tools, my cooper tools, my crosscut saw forever.

item-4th--I give and bequeath to my son John W. Kelly in trust for the sole use and benefit of my eldest daughter Martha E. Satterwhite, one large hair trunk.


item 5th- I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Susan K. Kelly my small hair trunk.


Item 6th--It is my will and desire that all the balance of my property and effects both real and personal divided equally on four parts on fourth of which I give and bequeath to my son John W. Kelly and his heirs


Volume 15--1840-1844

Wills, Inventories, Settlements, etc...

Page 504-505-Sept. 6, 1843-proved Nov. court 1843

Kittrell, William--(very aged)--wills to ten children ; Martha, Robert, and Lucy Frances by my first wife Mary, Rebecca, Maria, Loretta, Tabith, Eugenia and John William by my present wife; I gave my daughter Martha Wright of Tennessee a negro and hereby confirm gift; gave to Egbert Kittrell a negro; to William Young a negro; To Mary Young a negro ; to Rebecca White, a negro; To Tabitha Ann Kittrell, a negro; to Eugenia Elizabeth kittrell; to John William Kittrell, a negroe; to my wife Martha B. Kittrell the 500 acres of land and a negro slave, and if she marry she is to have 1/3rd of land and the remainder sold and money divided to all my children; Rebecca White $52.00; and to each; Maria, Loretta, Tabitha, Eugenia E. and John William $115.00 when each are married My excr. to sell certain furniture and wife to dispose of other as she see fit. 

Exrs: John W. Young and my wife Martha B. Kittrell

Wts: John O'Brien, Jr., John Young


Volume 15--1840-1844

Pages142-144--Feb. term 1838--Elizabeth Kittrell widow of Benjamin Kittrell deceased, who died Mar. 1836, in Oxford where he lived and died and was possessed of that house and lot and other land in Wake co. 300 acres and the widow does not want the land in Wake but asks as dower the lot and mansion house in Oxford, N.C.--Benjamin Kittrell is survived by children named: Melissa, Joseph, Benjamin, and Louise Kittrell, minors. She was given the lot and house in Oxford. May 2, 1838.


Volume 13-Wills


Aug. 27, 1831--proved Feb. court 1834

LEMAY, JOHN wills to his son Richard W. Lemay, the land whereon he now lives which I bought of Peyton Wood and which I gave him by deed of gift; to my son Lewis, the land in Wake county the land  which I bought of John Green, for which I have made him a deed of gift; to son Samuel, the land on which I reside, containing 205 acres which I bought of Thomas Cattrell; To all the children of my daughter, Polly T., wife of John Hicks, the 156 acres I bought of Ira E. Arnold reserving the right for my daughter Polly to reside on land for her life; John Hicks, husband of my daughter Polly is not to dispose of or use land for payment of his own debts, and if he try such the executors are to assure possession to the children of Polly; to my daughter Temperance Crews, a negro boy; to daughter Susan, wife of Joel Ussery, a negro  woman and her two children and their increase, and at their death, that is Polly and Joel, to their children; to daughter Kitty B., wife of Ashley Crews 2 negroes for her lifetime and if she have child, then to her child or children but if not to be equally divided to all my grandchildren; To son Lewis, the 200 dollars he owes me but to be considered in the final settlement of this estate; all remaining estate equally divided between my children.

Exrs: sons Richard W. and Samuel Lemay

Wts: John R. Hicks, Benjamin Hicks


Volume 13 Wills, Inventories, Settlements 1833-1837

Page 487-488

Estate of John Lemay, deceased, by Samuel and Richard W. Lemay execrs. from 1833-to Nov. court 1836-- a legacy due Gideon Crews and Lewis Lemay mentioned Herein.


Volume 19 -1851-1855

Wills, etc 

Pages 65-66-Sept. 19, 1851--proved Feb. court 1852

Lemay, Samuel--wills to wife Temperance, all estate after debts paid as long as she is a widow and she to dispose of perishables as sees fit; the other 1/2 to him in trust for Lucy Cleborne, wife of Nathaniel Cleborne for her life time and her death to her children or the child or children of her children. 

Exrcs: wife Temperance Lemay

Wts: John r. Hicks, Marcellus V. Lanier 


Volume 24 1887-1902


Pages 368, thru 371-January 27, 1866-proved November 19, 1866


Mecklenburg Co. Va.--John Lewis--wills to son John T. Lewis, land on both sides of Grassy Creek containing 343 acres including Grist Mill, Saw Mill, blacksmiths and Coopers shop, hogs, and 490 acres formerly owned by Culbreath and Pittard, also live stock, wagons, etc; to son Richard B. Lewis, all that land known as my fathers former residence containing 1, 072 acres and all livestock, wagons, tools etc land on land on both sides of Beach Creek; to daughter Fannie A. Boyd formerly Fannie A. Lewis, 402 acres on Grassy Creek, known as The Beales Place also 3 mules and all other stock, tools, etc; to youngest son, Lew Lyne Lewis land at my residence including all houses laying off 1235 acres given son John and daughter Frances, leaving him 1163 acres, also grandau. Mary Eliza Marshall of Charlotte Co., Va. my interest in the gold mine called Strange Mine in Granville county, NC., which formerly belonged to Thomas B. Lewis, and me and they sold to George Pittard res for the gold, also 5 shares of stock in Roanoke Valley Railroad at $5.00 per share dated October 11, 1853 and if the Us Government ever allows pay for my Negroes taken from me and made free, 1/5th to my grandaughter and remainder divided to my four children.


Exrs: sons, John T, and Richard B. Lewis


Witnesses: N. Talley, R. H. Moss, J. E. Haskins

Codicil June 20, 1866--States that since he has acted as guardian of his four children: John, Fannie and Lew, and property received for them from their sister Lucy L. Hodge, deceased, being principally negroes and being mostly in families, and since I have spent all money on their education, which I received from hire of their Negroes, I now want liability of my estate known by each of the children give receipt to me as their guardian before receiving  their portion of my estate and if one of them refuse, my excr., shall sell that ones part of to meet the liabilities of my estate; daughter Fannie to receive $1,000.00 extra-


Witnesses: N. Talley, R. H. Moss, J. E. Haskins


Will proved on oath of Jos. A. Tarwater, Geo. J. Dobbs, Mecklenburg Co., Va.,


Witnesses: J. A. Jamieson--R. F. Clack--clerk


George Finch attorney, presented the will to probate court for heirs of Mary Eliza Marshall deceased, one of devisees in the will and was proved on oath of Richard B. Lewis son of John Lewis deceased, and since all witnesses to will are dead, Whd Mortan takes oath that is their handwritting--Oct. 18, 1897  Recorded Granville County, October 1, 1897.


Volume 18-1849-1851,  Wills, etc..


page 237-240-Sept. 10, 1850--proved Feb. court 1851


Lewis, Thomas B.--wills to have the 40 acres of gold mine in which he has interest be sold to pay his debts paid by children; Willis, Charles R. and Lucy Ann (Lucy Ann Lewis married a Williams); All property to be undivided while my wife Elizabeth is alive and I lend all to her for her lifetime; to wife Elizabeth, certain negroes to dispose of by will as she wish to any of my children or grandchildren; At death of wife, to Willis Lewis, my son, the land whereon I now live on west of tract containing 1200 acres and certain negroes; and furniture; at death or remarriage of wife, to daughter Lucy A. Williams wife of Archibald Williams, the land whereon they live, 1,028 acres and certain negroes, furniture; To son Charles R. Lewis, after death of wife, land on which I now live on eastern side, containing 1200 acres, negroes, furniture, farming equipment; to niece Elizabeth Cobbs, a bed and furniture, dressing table after death of my wife; My children to support Elizabeth M. Cobbs as long as she is unmarried and lives with one of my family; To daughter Mildred who married Lewis Thorp, certain negroes given her, to be returned and enter into equal division with other children.


Exrs: Sons Willis and Charles R. Lewis


Wts: Leonidas Taylor, Thomas H. Willie



Volume 17

pages 136-138

July ---, 1847--proved Aug. court 1847

Longmire, Robert---wills to wife Elizabeth, 10 negroes, 630 acres of land, stock, crop furniture for her widowhood, and tobacco crop sold to pay my debts; to daughter Emmely B. Green, 3 negroes, a bed and furniture, horse, saddles, and bridle; to daughter Lucy Ann Longmire 2 negroes, furniture, horse, saddle and bridle, to son James W. Longmire, negores, horse sadddle and briddle; to son James W. Longmire, negroes, horse saddle and bridle; To grandson Robert B. Longmire, son of Samuel, 2 negroes after death of my wife; to all my children, and grandson, that is Sally H. Longmire, Emmely B. Green, Samuel Longmire, Lucy Ann, James H. Longmire and my grandson Robert B. Longmire ( son of Samuel Longmire) the proceeds from the land, 8 negroes, furniture etc. left my wife, after her death; if grandson die without issue then his part to all my children.


Volume 17

Pages 173-174

Aug. 18, 1847--proved Nov. court 1847

Longmire, Martha A.---wills to sister Janna E. Burnett, my traveling trunk and bureau; to son Robert Longmire all else of my estate when is 21 yrs. old and if he die without issue to my brother Atlas A., Addison R., and Zachariah Burnett and my sister Janne E. Burnett

Wts: R. L. Hunt, D. A. Hunt


Volume 16-1844-1846

Page 527-528-Aug. 26, 1843--proved Aug. court 1846

Mangum, John--wills to wife Sarah, furniture which she owned at time of our marriage and lend her the land whereon I live and other articles of furniture, horse, and other things; to daughter Jane Johnson a bed and furniture' to Rebecca Kemp, Hawkins Ray, John Kemp, Miles Kemp, children of my daughter Sarah Kemp, deceased, $300.00; All negroes not given away divided into equal parts and given to' my four sons James M., Samuel, Wile, and Wyatt; to grandson Thomas R. Robertson, and if he die without heirs then $100.00 to his father John Robertson and the rest of negroes or their worth to children of daughter Rebecca Ferrell, dec'd that are six in number;

Excrs: Son Wyatt Mangum, Duncan S. Cannaday

Wts: D. Cannady, John Nevill


Wills, Inventories, Administrations Etc..

Volume 17

Pages 123-125 --list of perishable property of estate of John Mangum deceased, sold Aug. 22, 1846 by D. S. Cannady, Excr. and among buyers were Willie P., Burwell, James T. Mangum, Saml.  Mangum, Jr. , Peyton G. Mangum, Mrs. Nancy Mangum


Wills, Volume 16

Pages 414-415-apr. 10, 1845--proved Nov. court 1845

Mangum, Simpson--wills to wife Nancy, land whereon I live, all furniture and everything else for her lifetime; to son Peighton G. Mangum and family to move into one of my houses and stay there until my wifes death and his is to sell any negro disobedient to my wife and give her the money; To Lucy, wife of my son Peighton G. Mangum shall not ride my horses except preaching and then not a greater distance then 10 miles unless urging necessity; To nephew Simpson Estes 22 acres known as the Sam Jones tract; At my wifes death all else to be divided to son (sp?)-Leighton and his children.

Excrs: James M. Mangum, my friend

Wts: D. S. Cannady, Thomas Hicks


Wills, Volume 19

Pages 262-264

November 19, 1849--proved May court 1853

Morgan, Winifield----wills to wife Hasky Morgan the 730 acres whereon I live for her life or widowhood and then equally divided between Hardy Morgan, Irvin Morgan, Amma Allen, Julia Allen, Rachael O. Mitchell and Elizabeth Hockaday; to wife $1150.00, 3 beds and furniture, bedf clothes, tolilets, towels, folding table, 2 chests, other furniture, and farm implements, stock and support for a year and certain negroes and at her death a negro man to daughter Rachael O. Mitchell; a negro to Elizabeth Hockaday; to daughter Rebecca Jackson $400.00 to make her equal to Penelope Hester; my negroes values and put in five lots and given to Hardy and Irvin Morgan, Amma and Julia Allen to each 1/5th and the money divi8ded as before.

Excrs: Abraham Lawrence

Wts: Henry Hailey, William J. Mitchell


Wills, etc..., Volume 19

Pages 199-201

Norman, Thomas W.,-- wills to wife Sarah, crop, certain negoes, land  I own for her lifetime, household furniture, stock, tools and at her death all to be sold and proceeds divided between three daughters Martha Taylor, Elizabeth K. Burwell, and Laura Norman and granddaughter Dally Norman. To daughter Elizabeth K., wife of Armistead Burwell, 2 beds and furniture 



Volume 17-1846-1848

Pages 133-135-June 29, 1840 Proved Aug. court 1847

Benjamin Norwood Sr.- wills to son John, 100 acres whereon I live to be taken off adjoining that land he already owns; to daughter Betsy Norwood, for her lifetime, the remainder of the tract whereon I live, and at her death to her children or to the children of her children; To son Thomas, $100.00 ; Executors to take $800.00, to buy land for Rebecca Norwood, widow of my late son William Norwood, deceased, for her lifetime and at her death to be sold and money divided between the children of my son William or their children; to son John, a Negro; to son Benjamin, Jr., a Negro ; to daughter Margarett Barnett, a negro, to my wife Mary, during her life, an annuity of $350.00; a negroes lent daughter Betsey, and those lent my daughter Nancy Pitchford shall be divided and equally to son John, son Benjamin, Jr., daughter Margarett Barnett, daughter Betsey Norwood, son Joseph A. Norwood, daughter mary Jenkins, and to excr. For benefit of Nancy Pitchford for her life then to be divided to the others mentioned here in and at death of my children children go to their children and all else divided to my children of their issue.

Exrs: sons Joseph a. and Benjamin Norwood, Jr. and son-in-law Thos B. Barnet

Wts: Wm. T. Hargrove, John D. Hanks

Joseph A. Norwood resigned Sept. 26, 1873 and L. A. Paschall appointed  (see probate records page 197)


Wills, Estates, Etc......, Volume 18 

Pages 289-291

Jan. 1, 1844--proved May court 1851--Codicil Nov. 20, 1846. 

Obrien, John-- wills to wife Patsey land on west side of Tabbs Creek where I now live containing 228 acres also the 146 acres I bought of Mrs. Washington adjoining Jonathan Blacknall and Thomas Lewis and my own 3 negroes,  work horses, 2 cows and calves, a yoke of oxen and cart, 10 hogs and sheep, crop as long as she is a widow and if she marry then a childs part; To John Burwell, the negroes in my possession and those in possession of my children, namely Spencer, John, Edwin O'Brien, and Martha Blacknall, Francis Landis--to be divided into five equal shares and one share to each of my children and at their death to their issue and also the land on east side of Tabbs Creek sold and all else of my property including the house and lot in Oxford and lot in Oxford I bought of Augustine Landis( which if sell for more than $629.00, the over plus to go to Francis Landis) and the money held in trust for benefit of my children, and at their children; the 378 acres, after my wifes death, to be sold and be part of equal division to all my children; Spencer and John, my sons, have been given money and this they must pay back before they enter the division of property and estate. 

Exrs: John Burwell

Wts: Hartwel W. Hargrove, Wm. A. Eaton

Nov. 30, 1846--codicil added deducting money from shares of Martha Blacknall and son Edwin O'Brien

Wts: James H. Bryant,

James Wiggins made admstr. of will


Volume 22 1863-1863, Wills, etc...

Pages 377-379-September 9, 1857--proved November court 1865

Parham, Williamson---wills to wife Judith W., land whereon I live with all servants, stock, tools belonging to plantation, carriage for her lifetime or widowhood; to daughter Asenith J. Parham, a horse saddle and bridle, bed and furniture, $800.00; to son Lewis W. Parham $1000.00 which has be advanced to him, and equal share of my estate; to grandsons, David and John Owen, jointly, a share of my estate; My wife to give any of my children what she can spare, and after death of my wife each child to be made equal in sharing my estate  therefore must account for that already received; To Lewis W. Parham $1000.00; to Emily Jackson wife of S. J. Jackson $150.00; to Joseph D. Parham, $30.00 a year rent for land whereon he lives; After death if wife, all divided between my daughters: Emily J. Jackson, Louisa F. Parham my three sons; A. C. Parham, Joseph D. Parham, Lewis W. Parham and my two grandsons David and John Owen, each to have $1000.00 worth and that left divided to all except daughter Ann A. Kelly, her portion to got to her two sons David and John Owen

Exrs: A. C. and Lewis W. Parham

Wts: Proved on oath of John W. Kelly (see minutes of court) 


Volume 13 1833-1837

Pages 58-59--Nov. 10, 1837

Parham, Lucy--widow of Lewis Parham, Sr. deceased recently died, leaving a will which has caused dissension among her children and grandchildren and to allievate any further dissension or costs in caveat, we wish to have the estate that was left in hands of widow of her late husband Lewis Parham, Sr., sold to highest bidder and distributed by legal order and Asa Parham who has lived with and taken care of all business, working farm and paying all debts accrued since the death of their father, no accounting is to be made but he is to share equally with accts past settled. and each to receive 1/5th part of estate after sold, that is the money from sale to Williamson, Lewis, Jr., Asa, Lewis R. Parham, and 1/5th to Joseph Howard and wife Mary and Robert E. Parham and 1/5th to Samuel Fuller and wife Nancy and John F. Bryant Jr.


Volume 13


Parker, Lucy-wills to daughter Priscilla Weathers, a negro slave for her lifetime then to her children, also $5.00; to daughter Ann Lemay, negroes and furniture, stock and all money I have on hand; to my granddaughter Lucy Freeman, a negro girl for life then to her children; to granddaughter Lucy A. Lemay a negro slave.

Exrs: son-in-law John T. Lemay

Wts: Saml Young, Stephen Bragg, Thomas Cole


Wills, Volume 24


Page 358, 359- April 30, 1890-proved Aug. 18, 1897


John Perry- Wills to daughter Mary E. Garner, $500.00, 911/2 acres of land which I bought of George Keith Mar. 11, 1840 on Ledge of Rocks; to son Thomas H. Perry, after debts are paid, all the remainder off my estate and he executor.


Witness: John P. and J. B. Beck, J. R. O’Briant 



Volume 15-1840-1844 

Wills, inventories, settlements, etc.


Pages 414, 415, 416-417-Feb. 22, 1843---Proved May court 1843


Solomon Perry--- Wills to wife Rodey, 122 acres whereon i live, all household and kitchen furniture, 12 hogs, a filly, 4 sheep, a cow and calf, 2 plows, 2 axes, hoes, all fowls, all cash and debts due to me, a saddle, and all provisions, for her natural life; to daughter Elizabeth Emery and daughter Nancy Guarner all here to fore given to them; to son John, all given him and I / land given my wife at her death; to daughter Polly Sherrin all heretofore given her; to granddaughter Elizabeth Adaline Sherrin all property now in my possession of John M. Sherrin which I hold under a constable sale deeded to me mar 22, 1836 by John H. Robertson' to daughter Rebeckar Harris, all she has had from me; to son Peter, all he has had from me and my cooper tools; to sell all else and divide between all children and also that left my wife excepting the land. 


Exrs: John Guarner, Clement Wilkins

Wts: James Brogdon, David Brogdon, J. robertson 


Codicil * I wish my son-in-law John Guarner to superintend the placing to live with my wife and if no one does then the rented out for her benefit and my daughter Polly Sherrin  to have her part kept by excrs. for benefit of her children, Feb. 22 1843



Settlement Of Estate


Volume 22




Page 500-501-Sale of estate of John R. Perry, deceased, by S. D. Coley administrator, March 1, 1866- at which the widow bought most of the property.


Page 506-505-Property of estate of Solomon and Catherine Perry, dec’d by John W. Perry, administrator  And property sold November 13, 1865-among buyers were Zach, Saml., W. B., Wm., W. H. Perry.


Wills, Inventory, Settlements, etc..., Volume 14

Page 43

Philpott, Mimey--wills to daughter Jemima, a Negro slave; to son James 2/3rds of all remaining estate; to son Benjamin remaining 1/3rd of property

Excrs: son James Philpott

Wts: William Philpott, George Oakley, Jr. 


Volume 19 1851-1855

Page 64--Estate of Jemima Philpott, deceased, by James Philpott, excr. Jan. 1, 1852 lists amt. paid for coffin and distribution of legacies left by testator, also refunding bonds of Benjamin Philpott and of James R. Cash, husband of Jemima Cash, late Philpott--by James Philpott  excrs.



Pages-238,239--April 2, 1853--proved Oct. 31, 1856

Phillpott, Samuel---wills to have plantation whereon I live sold and collect all my debts and from proceeds appropriate $1000.00 toward transporting to some State in the Union in which slavery does not exist my woman slave called Jane and her children named Thomas Christman, Ann Mitchell, Mandy Cooke, Marietta and all such other children she may have at time of my deceased and to have them emancipated and land or stock or what necessary to their support provided them; to the children of my daughter Milly Burnett, the remainder of my estate.

Excrs: Jefferson Horner and if he not survive me, Solomon Clark and if he does not survive me William A. Phillpott DShff and if not survive me then Abner M. Jones.

Wts: ----? -- Moore, H. F. Moore 


Wills, etc..., Volume 20--1855--59

Pages 252--Suit brought by Jefferson Horner, Esq versus Anderson R. Barnett and Milley his wife in Granville co., court contesting the will of Samuel Phillopott, deceased, as per the following copy as same--thus suit brought Feb. court 1855-- and --renewed 1856


Wills, etc...

Pages 252-256--First here is copy of will from page 238, 239----

Jefferson Horner and Anderson Burnett and Milly his wife heirs at law, and next of kin of sd. Phillpott, came into court and said it was the not the will of Samuel Phillpott or was any part thereof his will and court order investigation by jury---may 1855---atttorneys were Robert B. Gilliam and M. V. Lanier and defendants by attorneys Leondias C. Edwards and Edwin G. Read present case at August court and postponed to Nov. court 1855. The jury decided that was not the will and therefore decide that Adison R. Barnett and Mildred(Milly) his wife recover from said Jefferson Horner, executor of said will of Samuel Phillpott--appealed to Superior court--and alloe=wed appeal--- recorded Feb. court 20, 1856.

Sept. 1856 case called before Samuel J. Person at which time the Jury decided for and that will was the last will and testament of Samuel Phillpott and will ordered back to Granville court for recording. Recorded Oct. 31, 1856--by Eugen Grissom clerk of superior court. A. Landis, clerk of Pleas and quarter sessions --probate court.


Volume 19- 1851-1855, Wills, etc., Page 294

Sept. 6, 1853-proved Nov. court 1853

James Ridout- wills to wife Catherine Elizabeth for her life and widowhood, for rearing my children: Martha Ann, Mary Aldredge and James Lee all my real and personal property under supervision of my excrs. and trustees;

Exrs: brother Theodrick Rideout, trustee and Excr.

Wts: Charles Eaton, Jr., John Clardy, Sr.


Volume 19- 1851-1855, Wills, etc.

Page 295

Inv. of estate of James D. Ridout, deceased, by Theo. A. Ridout Nov. court 1853


Wills, Volume 18


Rogers, Dicy--- wills to sons Jonathan and Willis, each a bed and furniture; to son Willis a negro slave; to daughters Martha Floyd, Rachael Floyd and Sarah Bradle, all bed clothes; to sell the land of 100 acres adjoining Stephen Floyd and Len Higgs lands that I bought of John Glascow, all slaves, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, all furniture, utensils and any crop growing and proceeds divided between my children and grandchildren; 1/8th part to sons Samuel, John, Jonathan and Willis each; To daughter Martha and her husband Lewis Floyd, 1/8th; to daughter Rachael and husband Stephen Floyd, 18th; to daughter Leah and her husband Uriah Bradley, 1/8th; To grandsons Joseph T. K. Rudd and Samuel A. Rudd, children of my deceased daughter Martha Rudd, 1/8th and my excrs to be their guardians.

Excrs: sons, Samuel and Willis Rogers

Wts: James H. Davis,Sr., and Jr.


Volume 18 -1849-1851

Page 133-May 28, 1850--proved Aug. court 1850

Rogers, Sarah--wills to her five grandchildren: Agnes Otheneal, Mary J., Henry W., Ametta Rogers children of Allen Rogers deceased; else to grandchildren George and William Nicholas $200.00 All else to my daughter Sarah Cozart

Exrs: son Peleg Rogers

Wts: John J. Rogers, Thomas J. Horner


Wills, Volume 23

Pages 277-279

Rowlands, John H. --wills to wife Mary E. all estate for widowhood, and if she remarry her 1/3rd only which is not to be sold for any other person, and as much as my personal estate as necessary to support my minor children and no portion of estate sold until children of age: at death of wife all estate to my children, namely : Della J. Plummer G., Hubert L., John L., Emma F., Peter P., and David S. Rowland.

Exrs: Wife Mary E. Rowland

Codicils No. I dated Dec. 4, 1876 and No. 2 Apr. 30, 1877--states that daughters are to have a home with mother until married and that if necessary to sell any property may do so with consent of Robert J. Gill.

Wts: Robert J. Gill and W. W. Ellis


Wills, Volume 22-1863-1868

Page 649-Jan. 25, 1864--proved May court 1867

Rowland, Pleasant--wills to his son John H, Rowland, all estate in trust for my daughter Susan wife of John H. Patterson and her children that she may be assured of a home for her lifetime and not subject to the debts or in any way subject to her husband, and at her death to be divided between her children, son John H. executor.

Wts: D. T. Parker, John R. Hicks


Wills, Volume 20

Pages 317-318

March 31, 1857-proved Aug. court 1857

Rowland, Henry--wills to his daughter Happy W., wife of Alfred Williams a horse or $50.00; To daughter Catherine Rowland, a horse or $50.00; To son William H,. Rowland, a horse or $50.00; all else is to be sold and divided amongest the children, negroes divided between them but if not possible to divide equally then to sell them and divide money to them equally; son Thadeus B. to have $1.00; to lawful heirs of said Thadeus B. Rowland, to have an equal share with other children except $100.00 excluded; To son Samuel H, Rowland $1.00, and to his children a childs share excluding $200.00; To son Horace H. Rowland, son George J. Rowland, son William H. Rowland to each an equal share with other children; to grandson Thomas M. Horner, son of my daughter Elizabeth Horner deceased, 1/2 share; to daughter Catherine P. Rowland, an equal share and $20.00 annually over and above her share as long as single; If any child die without issue that part of estate willed them to return to my estate and equally divided to the remaining and surviving children. To daughter Happy W. Wi8lliams, an equal share of my estate; to daughter Milly P. Rowland wife of James Rowland, an equal share; to daughter Catherine P. Rowland, an equal share. 

Excrs: son Horace H., George J., and William H. Rowland 

Wts: James Gooch, Lewis H. Kittle


Volume 22 1863-1868

Page 172-174-Mar. 30(?), 1853--proved May court 1864

Russell, James A.---wills to wife, and she to have control of selling and part she wishes for maintaining and educating my children, my sons in Latin and English and daughter educated to teach and since her education will cost less then that of my sons, then she is to have money to make it equal; If my wife re-marry then the estate be divided between her and the children. If wife dies unmarried then all estate to children.

Exrs: Robert B. Gilliam, James W. Wiggins

Codicil says he had more children now and leaves them a share--Feb. 21, 1859 and also says that James M. Wiggins has moved to Texas and appoints as a executor in his place, amos Gooch Feb. 21, 1859.

Another Codicil Mar. 31, 1860--Stating that he wishes his mother, Hannah Mitchell, to live on and be supported from the land whereon his father died, for her lifetime and then to go to his children

Wts: L. D. Ferrell, Robert Heflin


Volume 20 1855-1859

Page 235--Dec. 10, 1855--proved May court 1857

Sears, John----wills to wife Sarah for her lifetime, all estate and at her death to my sons John and Beverly Sears, son of Beverly to have part of land whereon is dwelling house; a sufficient part of crop sold to pay all indebteness.

Exrs: John and Beverly Sears

Wts: John r. Hicks, Solomon Cottrall


Wills, Etc, Volume 20

Pages 153-154

Jan. 17, 1852--proved Nov. court 1856

Slaughter, Isaac--wills to wife Charlotte and his nine children all proceeds from sale of his entire estate both real and personal; to son Isaac B., son Mattin, children of deceased daughter Barbara Evans, to Abraham Slaughter in trust for Susan Duncan and her children; to daughter Mary, son Jacob, son Barnett, son Abraham, daughter Elizabeth, son Solomon S. Slaughter, a share of estate.

Excrs: Abraham and Jacob L. Slaughter

Wts: Benjamin D. Howard, George Sherman, Lucius Green


Wills, Etc..., Volume 19

Jan. 2, 1852--proved Feb. court 1852

Slaughter, Samuel---wills to wife all property after debts paid for as long as she is a widow and if she re-marry, then all divided between her and all the children, or a t her death.

Excrs: William Terry

Wts: Lewis Thorp, William W. Fuller


Volume 24 1887-1902

Page 264-265--Dec. 24, 1894--proved Mar. 4, 1895

Slaughter, Abraham Robert--wills to nieces Mary J. and Lillie Z. Wilkerson all my interest in land now owned by A. r. and R. T. Slaughter, in Walnut Grove township after R. T. Slaughter and wife Pattie are deceased and all my interest in the home tract called the a. R. and W. P. Slaughter tract at Berea, NC. and also all furniture after death of my brother W. P. Slaughter and my mother Mary W. Slaughter 

Wts: S. R. O'Brien, J. R. Newton, Jno. Sweaney  


Volume 15-1840-1844

Pages 163-164

Smith, Reuben-- died in Granville Co. N.C. in 1820 a will bequeathing to his wife Elizabeth, for her lifetime, certain negro property and at her death was to go to son Joel Smith and dau. Nancy Smith who married Bennitt Smith and Polly who married Stephen Dodson. Elizabeth Smith is now dead. Joel Smith is also dead leaving as survivors : Reuben Smith, Catherine Smith who married Henry T. Smith, Alexander Smith, Joel R. Smith, Caroline Smith who married W. J. g. Baynham, his children and heirs at law. Stephen Dodson has been appointed admstr of State. We petition the court to divide negroes to us as heirs of Joel Smith deceased and Bennitt Smith who married Nancy sister of Joel Smith and daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Smith, and to Stephen Dodson who married Polly, daughter of Reuben and sister of Joel Smith both deceased as us the mother of Polly, Elizabeth Smith deceased. divided and allotted Nov. 24, 1840.


Wills, Volume 14

Pages 495-496

June 6, 1828--proved Feb. court 1840

Suit, John-wills to wife Susannah, the land whereon i live for her life or widowhood and at either eventuality to son William Suit;  


Wills, Volume 17--1845-1848

Pages- 127- 132-August 1, 1845--proved Aug. court 1847

Robert Taylor--Wills to wife Mildred L. Taylor, for her lifetime, the house and lot of where I live, and land thereunto adjoining, and 10 negroes and their present and future increase, my mules and carriage, household and kitchen furniture, and annuity of $1200.00 and she to have to son Leonidas Taylor and grandchildren, Susan Pelham and Robert Pelham, to live with her until they are married; to son Charles H. K. Taylor, five Negroes and their increase;  to son Archibald Taylor, 12 Negroes now in his possession and future increase; to son Leondias Taylor, 7 Negroes and their future increase; to granddaughter Susan Pelham, 5 Negroes and their increase; to grandson Robert Pelham, a negro boy; to son Archilbald my Tabbs Creek land joining Mrs. Kesiah Harris' land And Abner Hick's land at Harris' old meeting house being that portion of land occupied by my son and also the land occuppied by my son Richard P. Taylor and to my son Charles and Richard, in special trust for their benefit for their natural lives and then Richard to will away as he see fit but not to pay debts against firm of Taylor and Thomasson and son Charles to will to children of son Richard etc, etc--- to son Charles 6 Negroes, stock, furniture, books tools, son Richard is much in debt and my son Charles is to keep trust for the support of his family and children the estate left to Richard and not liable to his debts. My grandson Robert Pelham to be educated; all left my wife, at her death, to be divided among my children or their children and never to be for the survivor of the father of blood relations of their father Robert Potter excepting grandchildren to receive only. To Robert T. Green, son of my late friend Lewis Green, $100.00 and at division of my estate each to account for that already advanced that all may be equal in what they receive-- grandchildren representing the parent, if deceased. 

Exrs: sons, Richard P., Charles H. K., Archilbald and Leondias Taylor

Wts: Thos. B. Littlejohn, Marcellus V. Lanier, Robert B. Gilliam


Wills, Volume 23 

Pages 24-28

Taylor, Richard P. --Asks that his indebtedness to his ward Robert T. Pelham to be secured from tobacco factory and lot in Oxford on road leading from Mill now owned by D. C. Herndon to Oxford, containing 4 acres and 94 shares in Raleigh and Gaston Railroad stock; My land known as the Ellis tract of 270 acres excepting 18 or 20 acres sold to Jno. W. Hunt and 6 or 8 acres given to the trustees of the Freedmans Church, my executors to sell, and also sell my interest in the Store House and lot in Oxford, N. C. owned by myself and R. H. Kingsbury equally and other property some in possession of W. K. Jenkins, also my interest in the Gillis Cooper mine in Person, N. C., and the proceeds from sale to pay what I owe then sell a silver coffee urn, a carriage and a silver tea urn and if this is not enough to sell my land purchased by me of L. A. Williams and that bought of my brother Archibald Taylor; The tract of land sold by me with my brothers Charles, Leondias and Archibald by virtue of my fathers will, I confirm to him George W. Hunt; to Joe Taylor, Addison McCadden, Washington Young, Robert Marable, George Daniel, Jefferson Hicks and Osborne Marable, colored men, to them and their heirs land upon which is situated a house of worship near Salem Church on road leading from Oxford to Williamsboro which house of worship is known as Zion Church. 

Wts: L. M. Navhook, John W. Hays

Codicil- To wife all rest of estate, including that left in trust to me by my father and at her death to my three brothers: Charles, Archibald, Leondias; If my nephew R. T. Pelham should precede me in death, then that left him by my father, or my share thereof to be used to pay debts and my Taylor land not sold or any part thereof and leave share in that estate to my brothers Leondias and Archilbald; If my brother H. K. Taylor, trustees appointed by my fathers will, to hold certain property for me, to be not held responsible for any act of mine against that trust, etc., etc. 

Excrs: George W. Hunt, Joseph J. Davis

Wts: L. M. Nanhook, John W. Hays 


Wills, Volume 21-1859-1863

Pages 679, 680-

April 4, 1859-proved Feb. court 1863

Mildred L. Taylor--Wills to son Charles H. K. Taylor, all estate which I own or may be entitled to at time of my death to be held in trust by him for Frances Jane Taylor, wife of my son Leonidas C. Taylor and the children she may bear by him for her lifetime and at her death, my son Leonidas is to be supported from the estate and all children have estate equally divided between them. 

Exrs: Charles H. K. Taylor

Wts: J. C. Cooper, L. A. Paschall, T. Brown Venable 


Wills, Volume 13-1833-1837

Pages 519-522

Apr. 29, 1827--proved May Court 1837

Taylor, John, Sr.---Wills to son John C. Taylor in addition to that already given him, the tract of land bought of Timothy Driscoll and also all my lands of northwest aide of Taylors Ferry road adjoining land of the late Stephen Sneed and south of Bartholomew Strums, I give to my son James H. Taylor and also all land on east side of Taylor's Ferry road, and all other land except that given John C. Taylor; to daughter Agness B. Taylor, $1500.00, and 18 negroes; To sons John C. and James H,. Taylor and sons-in-law Henry Young and Thomas Allen or the survivors of them, 13 negores and increase thereof from Apr. 1822 in trust for my grandson John Taylor Walton and if he should die before 21 years. old then to fall back to residuary of my estate; to my two sons all the negroes and property of every other kind, that the negroes may not get separated from each other, except for those herein already given; To the other children they must pay $4000.00  to be paid $1000.00 yearly with the child of the deceased one to receive the share of the parent 

Wts: son John C. Taylor and James H. Taylor 

Wts: Richard Bullock, H. L. Plummer Wm. Hunt 

Codicil places the part of the estate given daughter Nancy Young to stay in trust with her brothers for her benefit and not with her husband Henry Young, dated Aug. 6, 12832.

Codicil takes back the $1500.00 given daughter Agness and gives to sons since Agness has now married James Sommerville-dated Jan 3, 1837.

(William Hunt was dead when will probated and Thomas D. Ridley dead)


Volume 17-1846-1848

Wills, Inventories, Settlements, etc..

Page 187-189-Oct. 18, 1835--proved May court 1848

Terry, James---wills to have all debts paid etc, etc--then from that left, divided to children: John, william, Stephen, James, Jr., Elizabeth and her husband Stephen Clement, my daughter, Mary Terry, Nancy Wood wife of George Wood, and Sarah, wife of Stephen Oakley each 1/8th , the last two portions kept in trust for my daughters at their death to their children. If any or more than one die without issue then to be divided accordingly making equal.

Exrs: sons William and Stephen Terry

Wts: David J. Young, Robert D. Marshall


Volume 20 1855-1859

Page 224-225--Mar. 12 1853---proved May court 1857

Voss, Thomas---wills to wife Lucy, all estate for her lifetime and at her death all negroes valued and all else sold and divided as follows; to son Thomas Voss, sons-in-laws, James N. Satterwhite, Fleming Beasley, Joseph Howard, $1.00 each' 1/6th part of my estate plus $133.33 divided between children of my son Thomas Voss by his first wife, Phebe Howard; 1/6th part after adding 233.33, to be divided between of James M. Satterwhite by his first wife Martha Voss;


Volume 23 

Page 477-mar. 22, 1880--probated July 11, 1883

WHEELER, BENJAMIN -wills to three daughters, Phebe Ann, Mary Frances, and Winiford Eleanor Wheeler, all estate to remain with the one who is single until all are married or dead and then to all my children or the issue of any child who is dead. The beds in house belong to the three daughters as given by their old Uncle and their mother.

Excrs: son C. C. Wheeler, son-in-law Samuel Clark

Wts: John B. Green, W. W. Cozart


Volume 22

Pages-372,373--Feb. 2, 1865--proved Nov. court 1865

WHEELER, MOSES wills to wife Elvira Wheeler, for lifetime, land at the the land, whereon my son Dudley lives and at her death to my grandson William T. Wheeler, son of my son Dudley Wheeler, understanding that land is valued and grandson to pay my daughter Elizabeth Meadows 1/2 said cost of land, either by rent or otherwise except by sale; To two daughters Eliza and Hannah, land whereon I live; to other two daughters Larcincy(?) and Harriett, in cash, the value of land given to Eliza and Hannah paid out of money on hand and debts due, making them equal in estate and if currency is then as is now, that is to be taken into consideration; All else divided between my wife and my son Dudley and my five daughters. 

Excrs: son Dudley Wheeler

Wts: A. Landis, W. A. Philpott 


Wills, Inventories, Settlements of Estates Etc, Etc.....
Volume 14- 1837-1840
Page 16-18-August 27, 1831--proved Aug. court 1837

White, Coleman R.--wills to son John White and daughters Elizabeth Allison, Mary Vincent, Susan McGhee and to children of daughter Ruthy Crook (they dividing their mothers share) 3 negroes; To daughter Ruthy Crook for her lifetime, 3 Negroes and their increase, a mare and and colt which she has in her possession, and at her death to her children or the survivors of them ; to daughter Haskey Ann Nelson Jenkins, 3 negroes, and their increase, 1/4 of my land on Tar river and a saddle; to son William George Vaughan White, counterpains, quilts, bed and furniture, a corner cupboard, a table, 3 slaves and part of tract of land called Calebs, horse, saddle, bridle; to son Thomas Person White, a horse, saddle, bridle, bed and furniture, 3 quilts, 2 counterpains, a walnut desk, 3 Negroes, 1/4 of Land on Tar river; to daughter Frances Lany Jane White, Hester Coleman White, 1/2 of Land on Tar River and 6 Negroes to be equally divided between them when they marry or come of age 21; To daughter Frances Lany Jane White. a horse, saddle and briddle, bed and furniture, 3 quilts, counterpains; to daughter Ceily Coleman White a horse, saddle, bridle, bed and furniture, quilts and counterpains; to son John White all in his possession; to daughter Mary Vincent, Susan McGhee, Elizabeth Allison, Haskey Ann Nelson Jenkins, Polly Crook all now in their possession; all debts paid by selling that which is left of my estate and anything left divided to all my children.

Exrs: Anderson H. Waller, Abraham Lawrence

Exrs. renounced executorship and James Wyche became admstr.


Volume 22-1863-1868
Wills, etc.
Pages 381-382-june 18, 1864--proved Nov. court 1865

White, John---wills to wife Hixcey White, for lifetime, 450 acres whereon I live, 5 slaves, stock, stock, furniture (after giving that hereafter given) tools; I gave to my son Doctor C. White, a negro man and a woman and child and other slaves, 2 beds and furniture, 850 acres of land in Nash Co.; to daughter Caroline Hunt, several slaves; after death of my wife, James Floyd is to pay $2500.00 to Caroline Hunt from land I gave Mary Susannah, his wife, valued at $2500.00, and also to Mary Susannah, several slaves; I wish Caroline and Mary Susanna to be made to son D. C. White's part of estate, and after support of wife Hixcey and her mother; and Susanna McGhee, my sister whom I give a bed and furniture and $50.00 in old currency.

Exrs: son Doctor C. White
Wts: B. F. Bullock, B. B. Hester


Page 64--Nov. 15, 1759--proved Dec. court 1759

Williams, Daniel--wills to wife 3 negroes loaned to her for her lifetime, 12 cattle, one horse, feather bed and furniture, household goods, which I do not give away herafter, and at her death to be equally divided between my seven children: Merya Goodman, Henry Williams, John Williams, James Williams, Joseph Williams, Mary Mitchell, Daniel Williams; to my son-in-law Benjamin Goodman, 200 acres of landing being the land whereon he now lives at Capt. Mitchells line; to son John Williams, 350 acres which I purchased of Richard Bullock; to sons James and Joseph Williams, 800 acres of  land in Halifax county, Virginia to be equally divided between them; to son Daniel Williams, 400 acres being land and plantation whereon I now live; to daughter Marya Goodman, for her lifetime, 3 negroes and, at her death, to go to her children; to son Henry Williams, 2 negroes and the use of a mullatto fellow to serve to age 21 years; to son John, 3 n3groes; to son James, 3 negroes; to daughter Mary Mitchell, 4 negroes; to son Daniel, 4 negroes; to my wife Ursula WilliamS, I lend for her lifetime 6 sheep, 12 hogs and, at her death, to be divided to my seven children; to my youngest children, James, Joseph, Mary Mitchell, and Daniel Williams, all rest of cattle, sheep, and hogs to divide between them; to son James, a horse and a feather bed and furniture; to son Joseph, a stallion, a feather bed and furniture; to daughter Mary Mitchell, a horse; to son Daniel Williams a horse and a mare, a feather bed and furniture; to son James Williams, land on Anderson swamp containing 400 acres; to son Joseph, land on Hico road and branches of Island creek---400 acres; my executors are to sell my crop of tobacco and pay my debts and to get 8000 ten penny nails and 8000 eight penny nails and give them to James and Joseph Williams and whereas Henry Williams and Marya Goodman have had pewter bought for them, it is my desire that John, James, Joseph, Mary Mitchell, and Daniel are to have pewter bought for them in equal amount by my executors and if any surplus from these sale, to be divided in eight parts for my wife and children; after wife's death, all that is left to be divided to them.

Exrs: my wife, Ursula Williams, John and James Williams

Wts: Luke Waldrup, William Sims


Volume 19-1851-1855
Wills, etc.
Pages 453-455-June 29, 1853--proved Aug. court 1854

Williams, Elijah--wills to son Robert and daughter Fanny, wife of Alfred Sherman the Ford Tract of land to be divided between them provided each of them pay to my single daughter $50.00 each; To Presley Williams, the Puryear tract, provided he pay my three single daughters Nancy, Mary Jane, and Betsey Williams, each $3.00 per acre except 100 acres which is his portion of tract; To son John Williams, the Howard tract, provided he pay my three single daughters $3.00 per acre, except $300.00 which is his portion; to youngest sons David A. and James Williams when 21 the land whereon I now live if he pay my single daughters enough to make their shares equal and they to live on land as long as single; to each single daughter each $371.41 1/2; to son John a horse, saddle and bridle, and bed and furniture; Two youngest sons David and James two negroes, furniture, stock, tools except that necessary for defraying expenses of family selling such; Sons Robert and Presley Williams guardians of minor children and they to be executors of this will and testament.

Wts: Peterson Thorp, Benjamin P. Thorp, Jr.


Page 65-Feb. 12, 1761--proved Aug. court 1761

Williams, Thomas---wills to my wife and son Roger Williams, all estate with wife having use of same for the term of her widowhood or lifetime; to son Roger, a negro slave; to son Thomas, a negro slave and my mill and plantation ; to son William, a negro slave and upper part of my land divided between sons Thomas and William; to son Samuel, 2 negroes; I leave to wife and son roger 100 pds. Virginia money to purchase 2 more negroes for her use during her widowhood and then, at her death, one of them to son Thomas and the other to son Roger Williams; to wife and son Roger all stock, household goods, etc., but if she remarry, then divided to my four children.

Exrs: my wife and my son Roger Williams

Wts: William Burrow, John  Burch, Saml. Lancaster


Page 66-April 3, 1763--proved Feb. 1765

Williams, William--wills to son Charles William 250 acres of land on south side of Tarr river, also my part of the wagon and the two horses belonging to the wagon, a feather bed and furniture; to son Stephen Williams, plantation whereon I now live containing the 143 acres on north side of Tarr river and a feather bed and furniture, a horse and my saddle; to daughter Lucy Pitman, wife of Samuel Pitman, 5 shillings; my wife Elizabeth to have use of plantation and dwelling house whereon I now live for as long as she is my widow or for life and at her death, the land to go to the aforesaid Stephen Williams; the movable property divided between Charles and Stephen Williams.

Exrs: my son Charles Williams and friend Francis Fowler

Wts: John Williams, John Morris


Book 5
March 2, 1802—proved Aug. court 1802

John Wilson, Sr. wills to wife Lucy for life 2 negroes, 2 beds and household furniture, 2 cows and calves and all tools and use of land and plantation and, at her death, to my son Lewis Wilson; also all kinds of livestock subject to raising and maintaining my son Lewis and my daughter Susanna Wilson; to son Henry Wilson, 127 acres of land and 8 pds. Virginia currency; to son John, land I bought of Col. Robert Burton and other part I have deeded to my son Henry, also bed and furniture and livestock; to son Robert, part of my land on main road, cow and calf, bed and furniture; to son Lewis, the remainder of land not given away’ to daughter Elizabeth Rowland, a slave, bed and furniture, a cow and calf; also a sow and a pig; to daughter Rebecca Wever(?), a slave and furniture, cattle; daughter Sarah, a slave, furniture, cattle; daughter Mary, a slave, furniture, cattle; daughter Susanna, a slave, 10 pds., furniture, cattle’ also half-household furniture at her mother’s death’ to Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Wilson, Nancy, daughter of Elizabeth Rowland, Fanny Watson, daughter of Sarah Weaver—my grandchildren--$5.00 each; my daughter Elizabeth Rowland never allowed to suffer for want and my wife and son Lewis to look after her.
Exrs: sons, John and Robert Wilson, James Vaughan.
Wts: Leonard Cardwell, John Williams


Wills, etc. - Volume 18 - Page 373

Aug. 19, 1851--proved Oct. 21, 1851 Mecklenburg Co., Va.

Wimbish, Lewis-- wills to have his body interred at his fathers old residence in Halifax Court House, Virginia and all debts paid; To my wife Mary Jane, for her lifetime or widowhood, everything I own knowing she will do well by our children and if she re-marry then to have a childs' part and the remainder divided to my children or the children of any deceased child and if any child die then part to return to estate and be divided to all if there are no issue of the body of that child.

Excrs: my wife Mary Wimbish and my brother-in-law Thomas Leigh of Halifax County, Va.
Wts: Alfred Boyd, Nathaniel Morton, Wm. Townes, C. S. Craddock


Volume 13-1833-1837
Wills, Inventories, Settlements

Page 458-459-Dec. 4, 1824-proved Nov. court 1836
John Wood- wills to wife Molley, for life or widowhood, al my property, but if she re-marry then divided between her and children or at her death the division to children namely- Joannah Oakley, Molley Boles, Anthony wood, Sally Carnal, Patsey Oakley, Caty Oakley, Nancy Wood, Lucy Carnal

Excrs: son Anthony Wood, sons-in-laws Thomas and Yancey Oakley

Wts: William Oakley, Howel L. Ridley, Eziekiel Wood 


Volume 18 1849-1851
Wills, Inventory, settlements 
Beginning Nov. term A. D. 1849

Page 31 

Estate of John Wood deceased, by A. S.(?) Webb, adminstr. mentions 8 shares from sale distributed-2/8ths to Bedford Vaughan, 1/8th to Barnett Hobgood, Anthony B. Wood, Martha Oakley, Sarah Carnal, James Lyon, J. Y. Parker---share paid to W. W. Smith for Martha Oakley


Volume 18 
Wills, etc. 1849-1851

Page 335-337
Account of estate of John Wood, deceased by Barnett Hobgood adminstr., which states that Yancey Oakley and wife Martha or James A. Patillo and William Smith issues of said Yancey and Martha Oakley have been paid their full share of estate that Anthony B. Wood receives 1/7th and Bedford Vaughan as assignee of Joana Oakley and Jorden Bowles and wife Mary, 2/7th; Sally Kearney 1/7th: James Lyon as assignees of John Oakley and wife Catherine, 1/7th; John Y. Parker and Sterling Hobgood assignees of James Kearney and wife Lucy 1/7th; to Barnett Hobgood 1/7th--returned to court Aug. 1851


Volume 18 1849-1851
Wills, etc. 

Page 93
Current acct. of estate of Mary Wood, deceased, by Barnett Hobgood, adminstr. May court 1850


Volume 18 1849-1851
Wills, etc..
Page 282-184--May 28, 1851-proved Aug. court 1851

Young, Julia A.---wills to her six children; Harriett Cooper, Richard Young, Westley, Davy, William and John Young $550.00 each; To daughter Harriett Cooper, a negro; to son Westley Young, a negro; to son William Young, a negro; to son John Young, a negro; to three youngest sons Davy, William and John, each, a bedstead and furniture left in hands of Harriett Cooper to be delivered as they come of age; to son Westley the same furniture as was delivered to Richard Young; to daughter Harriett my carriage and harness and sofa; my son Richard, my secretary and books; to son Westley, my bureau; to sell all crop and stock except hogs for killing and tobacco, which is to be divided between my sons Westley and Richard; I wish my son Westley to have $500.00 to hire the negro Fanny belonging to son William until he us of age and take special care of her; to son Richard $100.00 for care of two of my servants; To son Richard commission due me from my late husband estate; My glass ware to my two daughters Harriett Cooper and Arabella Thorp.

Exrs: P. Westley and Richard A. Young, my sons
Wts: John R. Hicks, Elizabeth C. Wilkerson 


Volume 20 1855-1859
Page 236-238--July 8, 1854--proved May court 1857

Young, Wesley W.---wills to wife Ann J. my plantation and manor house with crops, furniture, tools, stock, etc for her lifetime and she to furnish house from that in Tavern house in Oxford; Negroes kept on plantation for her support and support of our children, namely: Wesley, John, Sam, Lucy, Mary, William, and James and they to live with her on plantation until of age as soon as property in Oxford sold and as they come of age each to have advanced to them as much as i gave Sally Baskerville when she married, that is married, that is negroes were loaned tp daughter Sally for life and included in her part of estate received; After debts paid and the oxford Tavern and 3 tracts of land near town sold, one of 8 acres purchased of Grundly, one of 180 acres purchased of Blacknall and of 15 acres of Jones and also interest I have in land on Cawtaba River in Mecklenburg county on Tuskegee Ford are sold, the money used to educate children, support family and at my wifes' death among the children equally; that daughter Sally Baskerville is to have her share kept by trustee for her use and benefit of her children and at her death to her children and if any one of my children die leaving issue that issue to receive that childs' part of my estate;

I appoint William J. Hawkins of Warren Co., and Frank Hawkins of Carrol Co., Mississippi, trustees for 12 negroes for use of my daughter Sally and her children as stated above and she also to have 1/9th of my estate from sales after death of my wife; To son Dr. Allen young all I have already given him as I think it as much as any child to get.

Exrs: wife Ann S. Young, sons Allen, and John Young
Wts: John D. Hawkins, Sr., Phil B. Hawkins, Jno. D. Hawkins Jr

Proved on Oath of Philemon Hawkins who states John D. Hawkins, Jr., now resides in Texas but signature is his handwriting
Feb. 5, 1872--John H. Young, qualified as executor ---signed C. Betts, Judge



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