Below is an alphabetical list of all known soldiers from Hyde County, including those Hyde County soldiers who served in companies formed elsewhere, with any pertinent military and genealogical information that is now available to me, also the rosters of the companies of the North Carolina State Troops formed in Hyde County, NC, which served in the Confederate States Army (CSA); and a list of the officers of the Hyde County Militia (1861). Although these companies were formed in Hyde County, they also contained soldiers from other counties. I need your help in adding any data which you may have on any of these Hyde soldiers and correcting anything you find which if wrong.
    There are also links to pages for those Confederate Soldiers in Hyde County who received pensions by the North Carolina Pension Acts of 1896 and 1902 and the Hyde County 1890 Civil War Veterans Census, which includes some Confederate soldiers.  Please keep in mind that research in all of these areas is an ongoing process, and that these are not definitive lists. There may be veterans whose names do not appear on the lists and some listed may not have been from Hyde County. Much research remains to be done. If you know of any omission or errors, please contact me. Please contribute any information you may have, before, during and after the service of these soldiers, including all sources you have for this information.

Hyde County's Confederate Units

Hyde County, NC Confederate Roster A ~ F  [G ~ L]  [M ~ R]  [S ~ W]

History of the Dixie Invincibles

Company F, 33rd Regiment (Dixie Invincibles)

Company H, 33rd Regiment

The Dixie Invincibles Roster [Officers] [A ~ D] [E ~ G] [H ~ L] [M ~ R] [S ~ W]

Spencer's Independent Cavalry (Spencer's Rangers)

Swindell's Partisan Rangers (Hyde Rangers)

Company B, 17th Regiment (Hyde County Rifles) (1st Organization)

Company B, 17th Regiment (Stonewall Rifles) (2nd Organization)

Details of Soldiers from Co. B, 17th Regt. (1st & 2nd Org.)

Company G, 19th Regiment (2nd NC Cavalry)

Hyde County Militia Officers

Hyde County Confederate Pensions, 1885 & 1901

Hyde Co., NC - 1890 Civil War (Union) Veterans Census - (Some Confederate Veterans)

Gilmer Civil War Map Collection (Wilson Library, UNC Libraries)

The Civil War in Hyde County (1861-1865)

Family Accounts, Letters & Misc.:

"A Voice From The South" by William Styron

1861 Swindell Family Letter

Co. E, 4th NC Regt., Casualty Report for May 31, 1862 for Battle of Seven Pines

Hill Family Civil War Letters to/from Sergeant Joshua B. Hill

Dixie Invincibles Monument at Middletown, NC

1863 Civil War Letter of Justus B. Clark (101st PA Vol. Infantry)

Letter courtesy of Joyce Tice, Tri-Counties Genealogy & History (Tioga Co., PA). In a March 1863 letter to his sister Sarah in Pennsylvania, Sergeant Clark writes from New Bern about his regiments' raid into Hyde County and the booty which he enjoyed.

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