(The following excerpt of Hyde County is taken from pages 34-35 of North Carolina Confederate Militia Officers Roster As Contained in the Adjutant- General's Officers Roster by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. and is copied verbatim. The columns indicate the soldier's name, rank, date of commission, town and comments. Dr. Bradley states in his introduction "...Where the notation [inserted] appears, it indicates that that entry was written above the next entry. While I would assume that the information for that subsequent entry would apply to the inserted individual, I chose to leave further information blank because the source is not explicit. Many entries in the Adjutant-General's book had the notation "NR" either to the left of the name or in the "Comments" column. I can at this time only guess its meaning; there is yet no context to give a definitive answer.  In my text, you will find the notation "NR" in all instances in the "Comments" column.")

3rd 13th BRIGADE
CARTER, William S.      Col.              9/Sep/61   Swan Quarter
CREEDLE, George V.      Lt. Col. [Inserted]
GIBBS, Henry S.         Lt. Col.          5/Dec/61   Resigned
FORTISCUE, Edmund A.    Major             9/Sep/61   Dead
CHADWIC(K), Irvin A.    Adjt.             5/Dec/61
BACKWELL, Edward L.     AQM               8/Apr/62

JARVIS, William G.                        22/Aug/61   Currituck Dist.
MURRAY, William D.                        22/Aug/61   Fairfield Dist.
WILLIAMSON, Tulley                        22/Aug/61   South Lake (D) Dist.
GIBBS, Henry L.                           22/Aug/61   Middle Creek Dist.
WILLIAMS, John H.                         22/Aug.61   Swan Quarter Dist.
JENNETT, Benjamin F.                      19/Sep/61   Middle Creek Dist. 
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel                       19/Sep/61   Swan Quarter Dist.
JARVIS, William G.                        18/Sep/61   Volunteer Militia F
JENNETT, Benjamin F.                      18/Sep/61   Volunteer Militia
TUNNELL, Alexander B.                     12/Dec/61   Lake Landing
COX, Jeremiah F.                          18/Sep/61   Middle Creek


FULFORD, John J.                          18/Sep/61   Hyde Co. Rebels
SWINDELL, John B. M.                      22/Aug/61   South Lake
MIDGETT, William P.                       22/Aug/61   Lake Landing
BAUM, Abram                               22/Aug/61   Fairfield
WILLIAMS, John W.                         22/Aug/61   Swan Quarter
CREDLE, John H.                           18/Sep/61   Hyde Co. Guards
WILLIAMSON, John                          2/Oct/61    Volunteer Militia
                                          Commissioned in Vol. Militia  NR
ROPER, John A.                            12/Dec/61   Middle Creek      Dead


ADAMS, James                              22/Aug/61   Middle Creek       NR
SWINDELL, Narshall H.                     22/Aug/61   South Lake
MIDGETT, William F.                       22/Aug/61   Fairfield 
MASON, Griffin                            22/Aug/61   Swan Quarter 
                                                      In the Army
TOOLEY, Andrew J.                         31/Aug/61   Currytuck
JENNETT, Benjamin F.                      16/Sep/61   Middle Creek Dist.
PAINE, Thomas P.                          16/Sep/61   Lake Landing       NR
COX, Jeremiah F.                          19/Sep/61   Middle Creek Dist.
                                          Capt. of Co. A
NORTHAN, John S.                          28/Sep/61   Middle Creek Dist. NR
BROWN, J. B.                              28/Sep/61   Middle Creek Dist. NR
WATSON, Joseph M.                         18/Sep/61   Volunteer Militia
BURRUS, Thomas S.                         12/Dec/61   Fairfield (C)
MIDGETT, Zachariah R.                     12/Dec/61   Swan Quarter (3)
GIBBS, Samuel S.                          12/Dec/61   Company A      Dead


SPENCER, Henry                            22/Aug/61   South Lake
MIDGETT, Berry J.                         22/Aug/61   Lake Landing
HARRIS, John G.                           22/Aug/61   Fairfield
DAVIS, Matthew B.                         31/Aug/61   Currytuck Vol. Mil.
Yound, B. M. (2 Lt.)

Much research remains to be done. Please keep in mind that this research is an ongoing process, and that these are not definitive rosters. There may be veterans whose names do not appear on the lists and some listed may not have been from Hyde County. Please contribute any information, family stories, old photos and genealogy you may have, before, during and after the service of these soldiers, including all known sources you have for this information. If you know of any omission or errors, please contact me.

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