The Battle for Hatteras Island

by Charles L. Heath, Jr.

The following article on the the Battle for Hatteras Island has been contributed by Charles L. Heath, Jr. Mr. Heath was the Project Director in the recent archaeological investigation into the site of Fort Clark on Hatteras Island. He is a Research Associate with the Coastal Archaeology Office at East Carolina University, of which Dr. David S. Phelps is the Director. The major portion of the following article is part of Mr. Heath’s 1999 report entitled: "Of All the Lonely, God-Forsaken Looking Places I Ever Saw…: Archaeological Investigation of the Presumed Fort Clark Site, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Hatteras Island, North Carolina. It must be remembered that Hatteras Island was part of Hyde County, North Carolina from 1823 to 1870.


Lt. F. U. Farquhar’s 1861 plan of Fort Clark

See also The Civil War on Hatteras Island by Drew Pullen.
See also: The Civil War on Ocracoke and Portsmouth Islands by Earl W. O’Neal, Jr.

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