[This Confederate Army report was made only a few weeks after the two Union Army Raids of March 1-6 and March 7-14 into Hyde County, showing that Swindell's Rangers were back at work collecting corn and bacon for shipment to the Confederate Army.]

April 15, 1863 - 9.30 a. m.
[ Maj. Gen. D. H. Hill : ]
GENERAL : My [wagon] train has just arrived from the Pungo River. It brings up 65 barrels of corn and about 8,000 pounds of bacon. Of this lot 2,000 pounds came from Hyde. Captain Swindell, who sent agents into Hyde, reports that most of the bacon remaining in that county is in the hands of persons who have taken the oath of allegiance, and they will not sell it unless it is impressed. I have ordered my train to go to Tranter’s Creek Bridge. You do not say in your last dispatch how the surplus meat at Tranter’s Bridge is to be transported. I suggest that it should be sent to Greenville or Tarborough by steamboat from Boyd’s Landing. Please let me have definite instructions in this matter, as I do not think my train can haul the meat in question should we have to move the wagon train at once. I have no control over the steamboat, and have therefore reported the above facts to you in order that you might give the necessary directions should you deem this mode of transportation preferable. I judge from the spirited reply the enemy make to our fire that their ammunition has been replenished. We have had quite a heavy fall of rain. Whether it will endanger our bridges I am unable to say.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
R. B. Garnett,

“The War of Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies,” Series I - Volume XVIII, pp. 988-989.

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