"Dixie Invincibles"


Capt. James A. Weston

Capt. Thomas W. Mayhew

Lt. James W. Gibbs

Lt. Wilson H. Lucas


        MAYHEW, Thomas W., Captain                      Hyde Co.

        WESTON, James A., Captain                       Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, James W., 1st Lieutenant                 Hyde Co.

        SWINDELL, Joseph, 2nd Lieutenant                Hyde Co.

        TATE, Joseph W., 2nd Lieutenant                 _______

        WATSON, Samuel C., 2nd Lieutenant                Hyde Co.

        LUCAS, Wilson H., 3rd Lieutenant                Hyde Co.


A      ALLEN, Alexander D., Private                    Orange Co.

        ANDREWS, George A., Private                     Hyde Co.

B      BALL, Martin Van Buren, Private                 Hyde Co.

        BERRY, Richard, Private                         Hyde Co.

        BISHOP, Bart G., Private                        Orange Co.

        BLACKWOOD, John M., Private                     Hyde Co.

        BLACKWOOD,Samuel D., Corporal                   Orange Co.

        BLAKE, William Henry, Sr., Private              Hyde Co.

        BLAKELY, Thomas R., Private                     Hyde Co.

        BRINN, Abner, Jr., Private                      Hyde Co.

        BROOKS, Cicero Hawkins, Private                 Hyde Co.

        BRYAN, James C., Private                        _______

C      CARR, William, Private                          Orange Co.

        CARRAWAN, Samuel D., Private                    Hyde Co.

        CATES, Archibald, Private                       Orange Co.

        CATES, Henry, Private                           Orange Co.

        CATES, Thomas Jefferson, Private                Orange Co.

        CATES, Thomas King, Private                     Orange Co.

        CHAMBERS, George W., Private                    Tyrrell Co.

        CLARK, John W., Private                         Orange Co.

        COPLEY, Anderson, Private                       Orange Co.

        COX, J. F., Private                             _______

        CREDLE, Hezekiah, Private                       Hyde Co.

        CULLIFER, William, Private                      Hyde Co.

        CUTRELL, Devotion, Private                      Hyde Co.

        CUTRELL, Seth, Private                          Hyde Co.

        CUTRELL, Svlvester, Private                     Hyde Co.

D      DAILY, James J., Sergeant                       Hyde Co.

        DANIELS, Clement, Jr., Sergeant                 Hyde Co.

        DANIELS, Henry, Private                         Hyde Co.

        DANIELS, Richard, Private                       Hyde Co.

        DANIELS, Thomas, Private                        Hyde Co.

        DANIELS, William H., Private                    Hyde Co.

        DOUGLAS, William H., Private                    Hyde Co.

        DURHAM, J. Ruffin, Private                      Orange Co.

E      EASTWOOD, Benjamin W., Sergeant                 Hyde Co.

        EDWARDS, John H., Private                       Orange Co.

        ELLIS, Nathaniel, Private                       Orange Co.

        EMORY, John, Private                            Hyde Co.

        ENSLEY, William John, Private                   Hyde Co.

F      FARROW, William Thomas, 1st Sergeant            Hyde Co.

        FAUCETT, George A., Private                     Orange Co.

        FLOWERS, William P., Private                    Hyde Co.

        FULLER, Benjamin D., Private                    Hyde Co.

G     GASKINS, James W., Private                      Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Anson S., Private                        Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Benjamin D., Private                     Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Benjamin F., Private                     Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Benjamin R., Private                     Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, David D., Private                        Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Henry, Private                           Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, J. Womble, Private                       Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Jabin T. S., Private                     Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Joseph B., Sergeant                      Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Robert Carson, Private                   Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Samuel Stephen, Private                  Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Thomas Melvin, Private                   Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, William Benjamin, Private                Hyde Co.

        GIBBS, Wilson, Private                          Hyde Co.

        GILL, Samuel, Private                           Orange Co.

        GILLIAM, William Henry, Private                 Orange Co.

        GRAY, William H., Private                       Hyde Co.

H      HAMILTON, George P., Private                    Hyde Co.

        HAMILTON, Samuel, Private                       Hyde Co.

        HANBERRY, James W., Private                     Hyde Co.

        HARRELL, John, Private                          _______

        HARRIS, Allison B., Private                     Hyde Co.

        HARRIS, Amasa Miller, Private                   Hyde Co.

        HARRIS, Robert Hawkins, Private                 Hyde Co.

        HATCH, Alfred D., Private                       Hyde Co.

        HATCH, James M., Private                        Hyde Co.

        HAWKINS, Thomas, Private                        Orange Co.

        HINTON, Robert D., Private                      Orange Co.

        HOWARD, John, Private                           Orange Co.

I      IVEY, A. J., Private                            Orange Co.

        IVEY, J. M., Private                            Orange Co.

J      JACKSON, James G., Private                      Hyde Co.

        JACKSON, Thomas, Private                        Orange Co.

        JAMISON, James D., Private.                     Hyde Co.

        JARVIS, Joseph, Private                         Hyde Co.

        JENNETT, Henry, Private                         Hyde Co.

        JENNETT, Robert, Sergeant                       Hyde Co.

K      KING, Nathaniel, Private                        Orange Co.

        KIRKLAND, William J., Private                   Orange Co.

L      LINTON, David, Private                          Hyde Co.

        LITCHFIELD, William, Private                    Hyde Co.

        LLOYD, Franklin, Private                        Orange Co.

        LLOYD, Morris, Private                          Orange Co.

        LLOYD, Smauel C., Private                       Orange Co.

        LONG, Charles Thomas, Private                   Orange Co.

M      McADAMS, James F., Private                      Orange Co.

        McCAULEY, Gaston, Private                       Orange Co.

        MALONE, Sidney B., Private                      Orange Co.

        MANN, Samuel B., Private                        Hyde Co.

        MAYHEW, Bennett F., Private                     Hyde Co.

        MIDYETT, Daniel, Private                        Hyde Co.

        MIDYETT, John S., Sergeant                      Hyde Co.

        MIDYETT, Riley M., Private                      Hyde Co.

        MIDYETT, William. H., Private                   Hyde Co.

        MITCHUM, William G., Private                    Orange Co.

        MORRIS, Abraham B., Private                     Orange Co.

        MORRIS, Isaac. Private                          Orange Co.

        MORRIS, John M., Private                        Orange Co.

        MURDOCK, Alexander, Private                     Orange Co.

        MURDOCK, Catlett, Private                       Orange Co.

        MURRAY, Timothy A., Corporal                    Hyde Co.

N      NEAL, Benjamin R., Corporal                     Hyde Co.

        NEAL, Oliver S., Private                        Hyde Co.

0      O'NEAL, John, Private                           Hyde Co.

        O'NEAL, John M., Private                        Hyde Co.

        O'NEAL, Mathias, Private                        Hyde Co.

        O'NEAL, William W., Private                     Hyde Co.

P      PAYNE, Thomas E. S., Sergeant                   Hyde Co.

R      RICE, Lemuel L., Private                        Orange Co.

        RICE, William, Private                          Orange Co.

        RILEY, Walter N., Private                       Orange Co.

        RILEY, William H., Private                      Orange Co.

        ROBERTSON, J. H., Private                       Orange Co.

        ROBERTSON, W. M., Private                       Orange Co.

        ROLLINS, William Applegate, Jr., Corporal       Hyde Co.

        ROSE, Amaleck, Private                          Hyde Co.

        ROSE, Reuben, Private                           Hyde Co.

        ROURK, Benjamin, Private                        Orange Co.

        RUSS, Jonathan, _______                         _______

S      SADLER, Benjamin, Private                       Hyde Co.

        SADLER, Wallace W., Private                     Hyde Co.

        SADLER, William H., Private                     Hyde Co.

        SAWYER, Benjamin R., Private                    Hyde Co.

        SAWYER, Daniel, Private                         Hyde Co.

        SAWYER, Valentine, Private                      Hyde Co.

        SAWYER, William B., Private                     Hyde Co.

        SAWYER, William H., Private                     Hyde Co.

        SAWYER, William Israel, Private                 Hyde Co.

        SCOTT, Henry, Private                           Orange Co.

        SCOTT, William H., Private                      Orange Co.

        SELBY, Henry, Private                           Hyde Co.

        SELBY, William T., Private                      Hyde Co.

        SMITH, Lorenzo, Private                         Hyde Co.

        SPENCER, Christopher Columbes, Private          Hyde Co.

        STRAYHORN, George W., Private                   Orange Co.

        STROUD, A. J., Private                          Orange Co.

        STROUD, Thomas J., Private                      Orange Co.

        SUITT, Jordan Pleasant, Private                 Orange Co.

        SWINDELL, David F., Private                     Hyde Co.

        SWINDELL, Erasmus, Private                      Hyde Co.

        SYKES, David G., Private                        Orange Co.

T      TERRELL, William D., Private                    Hyde Co.

        TERRY, Bedford M., Private                      Orange Co.

        THOMPSON, John A., Private                      Orange Co.

        THOMPSON, Joseph, Private                       Orange Co.

        TURNER, William, Private                        Orange Co.

W      WALKER, William J., Private                     Orange Co.

        WARD, Thomas G., Private                        Orange Co.

        WATSON, Robert Franklin, Musician               Hyde Co.

        WATSON, Samuel Gibbs, Jr., Private              Hyde Co.

        WATSON, Thomas Melvin, Private                  Hyde Co.

        WATSON, William, Private                        Hyde Co.

        WESTON, Samuel R., Private                      Hyde Co.

        WHIDBY, Jeremiah, Private                       Hyde Co.

        WHITE, Dameron S., Private                      Hyde Co.

        WHITE, Henry, Private                           Hyde Co.

        WILLIAMS, Jordan, Private                       Orange Co.

        WILLIAMS, Samuel, Private                       Hyde Co.

        WORKMAN, William, Private                       Orange Co.

        WRIGHT, H., ________                            _______

Please keep in mind that this research is an ongoing process, and that these are not definitive rosters. There may be veterans whose names do not appear on the lists and some listed may not have been from Hyde County. If you know of any omission or errors, please contact me and let me know. Much research remains to be done. Please contribute any information, family stories, old photos and genealogy you may have, before, during and after the service of these soldiers, including all known sources you have for this information.

Source of Photographs: "Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War 1861-'65," Vol. II; Edited by Walter Clark; Published by the State of North Carolina.

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