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This site has been created so persons can submit any deed or bond that pertains to Hyde County or persons who lived therein. The deeds may be in abstracted form or in original wording, that is left up to the discretion of the submitter, but the deed book and page number must accompany any deed that is submitted.

Raymond A Winslow, Jr. states in North Carolina Research ".....Land cannot be moved; it is conveyed by means of a highly formalized contract, a deed, that transfers title from one owner to another. The grantor (seller) bargains with the grantee (buyer) to convey an identified tract of land in exchange for a consideration sufficient in law. The consideration might be money, other property, "one dollar and other considerations", "love and affection," or other described value. The bargain is written out, signed by the grantor, and witnessed. When the conditions of the deed are fulfilled it becomes effective. To secure the title, the new owner has the deed probated by proper authority and recorded."

Please feel free to email any deeds you wish to share with other researchers to Kay Midgett Sheppard.