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Sept 29, 1756- Three grants issued for 640, 640 and 400:

Survey by James Ellison with Robert Palmer, surveyor genl.

1755/62 - 500 acres around Hearn Bay on south side of lake on Hearn Bay, beginning on the lake side at James Clayton's west Corner running with his line southwest and around.

April 23, 1762 - Grant of 100 acres issued northwest side of the lake beginning on lake side of a tract called the Sycamore Tract running north to John Tuchbury's (Stuchbury’s) land, then with his line to the lake and along the lake to beginning.

April 2, 1767 - 200 acres on north side of Matamuskeet beginning lake side of James Clayton's easternmost corner of his westernmost survey running with his line north to Col. Palmer's line, then with his line, etc. (Plat suggests this fills in the gap between Clayton's and Palmer's property.)

Oct 26, 1767 - 200 acres issued at east end of lake beginning at south end of an island at Harris' cove, running east to Gibbs' line, then with Gibbs' line to the lake and along the lake to beginning. (Plat shows a wide lake frontage.) (This makes a total of 3300 acres of land on all four sides of the lake.)

May 6, 1769 - 300 acres north side adjoining Clayton, Palmer, Porter, the lake and Tuckberry's (Stuckberry’s) old field. 1774 Hyde Deed Book A; pg. 538 the indenture between James Clayton in Craven County and Rich. Blacklege, John Jones, Edward Spencer and Christopher Neale for 10 lb north side of lake beginning easternmost corner of James Clayton, deceased, westernmost tract running up the lakeside to Swindell's corner and Cartwright line. Witness: Robert Jennet and John Jennet, Jr.

Sales of Land by James Clayton, Sr. (Starting with Grantor index of conveyances in Hyde)



Acres Book


1 to John MORRIS July 18, 1752 100a N A 411
2 to James DAVISSON Oct 28, 1752 150a N A 403
3 to Rich. Wm. SILVESTER Apr 28, 1753 200a W A 432
4 to Morris JONES Mar 22, 1755 200a N A 523
5 to John JENNETT
(In 1719 John JENNETT had property adj to the family Mary CLAYTON, Wm HALL, Henry CLAYTON tract on south side of Albemarle Sound.)
Jan 8, 1756 300a A 495
6 to John STOKESBERY Feb 14, 1756 100a A 528
7 to James ELLISON Feb 14, 1756 320a NE A 511
8 to Henry GIBBS, JR. Feb 14, 1756 100a N A 521
9 to Hugh HENRY Feb 25, 1756 100a NE A 525
10 Daniel GRIFFITH
(of North Hampton Co. on Eastward shore of Va., planter, and James CLAYTON, ginor, of Hyde Co. and in the govt aforesaid, cons. 20 lbs of Va. money gives 150 acres n side of lake adj John MORRIS, between John MORRIS and John STUCKBERRY and Henry GIBBS. Wit: Samuel WESTON, Thomas RADWELL, Stephen (x) HARRIS.)
Aug 23, 1756 150a N A 554
11 Joseph WESTON Aug 26, 1756   A 549
Deed says John STUCKBERRY for 15 lb. 100 acres n side of Arrowmuskeet Lake adj where STUCKBERRY now lives and running with the lake 100 poles to Henry GIBBS' corner.)
June 2, 1756 100a N A 592
(25 lb for 300 acres ne part of Arromuskeet Lake beg near head of the willows.)
Apr 12, 1758 300a NE A 620
14 James CLAYTON, JR.
(SR., carpenter, to JR., blacksmith, for 16 lb north side of Arromuskeet Lake beg w side of John MORRIS' land running westerly with the lake 110 poles to gum corner then n to a cyprus then e, then s to first station 110 acres. wit. John SPENCER, Samuel SELBY ???a E.)
Mar 18, 1759 110a NE A 651
15 James CLAYTON, JR.
(same people: 25 lb ?? acres east end of lake beg at ? end of Capt. James ELLERSON's land running with his line n to Henry GIBBS, Sr., then by GIBBS line to... and back to beginning. Wit. John SPENCER and Samuel SELBY.)
Mar 19, 1759   A 654
16 James CLAYTON, JR. Sep 16, 1760 110a N A 726
17 James CLAYTON, JR. Sep 16, 1760   A 724
18 James CLAYTON, JR. Sep 17, 1760 640a S A 728
19 Andrew HOPKINS Oct. 8, 1760 110a N A 730
20 James HALL Oct. 8, 1760   A 732
21 William PORTER Oct 9, 1760 100a NE    

James Clayton, Sr. died ca 1760. Many other grants were made by James Clayton, Jr.

N.C. Hist. Rev. Volume 47 (1970) p. 52 footnote gives Hyde County Deed Book B, 571 (1775) in which James Clayton, Craven County, blacksmith, transferred to John JONES, of the same county, 80 acres on the N side of Aromuskeet Lake. For additional land deals of John Jones in Hyde County see pages 607, 782, 792, 800, 804, 891. This suggests that the 1774 deed to Blackledge, Jones, Spencer, and Neale was his first venture into Hyde, Jones had at least two deals with ClaytonN and very likely took his place as the primary owner of the lakeshore.

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