Gower Family Deeds

Joseph G. Gower & wife Elizabeth J. Gower to Ira Hollowell

Hyde County Deed Book S; pg. 23 - Written May 25, 1818/Recorded Sept. 13, 1820
This Indenture made the 25th day of May In the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen between Joseph G. Gower and Wife Elizabeth of the State of North Carolina and County Hyde of the one part and Ina [Ira] Hollowell of the other part. Witnesseth that the Said Joseph G. Gower and Wife Elizabeth for and in Consideration of the Sum of Two Hundred and ten Dollars to them in hand paid before the Ensealing and Delivery of these presents the Reciept whereof is hereby acknowledged have Bargained, Sold, aliened, and Conveyed and do by these presents Bargain, Sell, alien, and Convey unto the Said Ina [Ira] Hollowell,,his heirs and assigns, a Certain tract or parcel of Land Containing Sixty Acres Lying on Broad Creek and Beginning at Martha Tysons Northwest Corner running 45 degrees West of 9 poles the above mentioned Sixty Acres is to be taken of the North End Lott #4 Belonging to Elizabeth Gowers, Refferance being had to the Division made Between the Several Heirs of John Tyson, Dec'd., will more fully appear. To have and to hold the above Described Land with all and Singular the privileges thereinto belonging unto the Said Ina [Ira] Hollowell his heirs and assigns forever and the Said Joseph G. Gower and Wife Elizabeth for themselves their Executors and their Administrators Shall and will warranty and defend the aforesaid Bargaines pr--------- unto the Said Ina [Ira] Hollowell, his heirs & assigns, from the claim of all and Every person or persons Whatever. In testimony we have hereunto Set our hands and Seals the Day and Date above Mentioned.

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us.
    Attest: Thos. Tyson; Isaac H. Russell

        /s/ Joseph G. Gower; Elizabeth Gower

Elizabeth J. Gower this day came into Court and acknowledged that She Signed the above Conveyance for the Land therein mentioned with her own free will and Consent Without dread or fear of her husband. In Witness Whereof She has hereunto Set her hand and Seal this 25th May 1818.
    Attest: Jan Harris; J. Spencer

        /s/ Elizabeth J. Gower

{Comments by the submitter, Margaret Leggett (leggett@magicnet.net), are as follows: "So far this is the furtherest back I have been able to document the Gower Family in Hyde Co. There are still descendants of the Gower Family living in Hyde Co. (Jean Windham). Family history says the first Gower came from England bringing bricks as ballast to build his home. It is my understanding the brick Gower home was one of two brick homes predating the Civil War. When the land was sold in the late 1890's the land sale mentions the old brick house. This land is now the property of Weyerhaeuser. I have been unable to determine the fate of the brick house or the cemetery which was not a part of the land sale.

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