Early Deeds
JOHN PRIOR STOKESBURY (c1755 - by1847)
of Hyde Co., NC

[All deeds are from Hyde Co., NC unless otherwise noted.]

Bk. H, p. 219 - 24 Jan. 1791 : Benjamin ROGERS to John Prior STOTESBURY, 100 pounds for 100 acres on the west Side of the Pungo River beginning at Isaac ROGERS lower corner… to the Pungo River, up the river with the windings of the water… to JONE’s line… to ROGERS' line to the 1st station. /S/ Benjn. ROGERS {Seal}; Wit: William SATTERTHWAITE, William DAVIS. (Feb. Term, 1791)

Bk. I, p.20 - 20 May 1792 : Abraham WILKINSON to John Prior STOTESBURY, 95 pounds for Negro Boy Named Sutton(?). /S/ Abraham WILKINSON {Seal}; Wit: William SATTERTHWAITE, Abraham WILKINSON, Sr.(?).

Bk. I, p. 46 - 1 Oct., 1792 : James WILKINSON to John Prior STOTESBURY, 21 pounds for 5 ½ acres lying on the west Side of Pungo River a little above Log House Landing beginning at the River Side of the Marsh on HANCOCK’s line running with his line… to the Middle of the Branch… to CURLESSES(?) line, with his line to the River to the 1st Station. /S/ James WILKINSON {Seal}; Wit: William SATTERTHWAITE, Fedr. WILKINSON. (Nov. Term, 1792)

Bk. I, p. 162 - 9 Dec. 1793 : William HOLLOWELL to John Prior STOTESBURY, 40 pounds for 100 acres lying in the fork of Deep Run Mill Pond commonly called the widow Margaret HOLLOWELL's mill pond beginning at a Little Branch making out of the North Prong of the said Mill Pond at Zadock HOLLOWELL's… running up said Branch to the Main Road… to the 1st Station. /S/ William HOLLOWELL {Seal}; Stephen Smith, Japtha GREY. (Feb. Term, 1794)

Bk. I, p. 184 - 5 May, 1794 : David NOWELL (VOWELL?) to John Pr. STOTESBURY, 16 pounds, 11 Shillings, 6 pence for a Dark Red Branded Cow with Calf & a branded Yearling formerly the Property of Nathan SLADE, Dec’d., Ewes & lambs, one Boar(?) & two Sows with Pigs. /S/ David NOWELL(?); Wit: Aaron GURGANUS. (May Term, 1794)

Bk. I, p. 194 - 7 May, 1794 : David NOWELL (VOWELL?) to John P. STOKESBERRY, 5 pounds for one three year old Steer & one three year old heifer. /S/ David NOWEL {Seal}; Wit: Frederick WILKINSON.

Bk. I, p. 240 - 25 Nov., 1794 : John Prior STOTESBURY to John Aaron STOTESBURY, for various Good Causes (?) and Valuable Considerations do give, Grant and Confirm all my Singular Goods, Chattles & all other my Substance… that is to say one Negro Boy by the name of Suton (Luton?), five and a half Acres of Land & all the improvements on it at Swaring(?) Pointe, three beds & furniture, one desk, three tables, two dozen Chears, Six Pots & all Ironware &c. One Horse Bridle & Sadle. /S/ J. P. STOTESBURY; Wit: Jno. WINFIELD, Jesse WINFIELD, Thos. MALLISON. (Nov. Term, 1794)

Bk. I, p. 294 - 16 Feb. 1795 : Lovick GURGANUS to John Prire STOTESBURY, 14 pounds for 4 acres being at Aaron GURGANUS Easternmost Corner… along his line… to the first Station. /S/ Lovick GURGANUS {Seal}; Wit: Job SNELL, William SATTERTHWAITE. (Feb. Term, 1795)

Bk. I, p. 345 - 28 Feb. 1795 : Wm. HOLLOWELL to John Prior STOTESBURY, 120 pounds for fourteen head of Cattle, Eight head of Sheep, twenty four head of Hoggs, three Horses, three beds & furniture, (-------), plows, hoes, one canoe with all Other things that is in my possession as furniture, &c. &c. &c. with Other Goods & Chattels &c. to have and to hold, Also one Negro boy by the name of James. /S/ Wm. HOLLOWELL; Wit: Wm. SATTERTHWAITE, J. SNELL. (Nov. Term, 1795)

Bk. 7, p. 175 - 8 Dec. 1795 : Beaufort Co., NC - Henry G. SNOW (SWAN?) to John Prior STOTESBERRY, 76 pounds for a Negro Man named Peter. /S/ H. G. SNOW {Seal}; Wit: Thos. TOPPING, Buttr. COWELL. (Dec. Term, 1795)

Bk. K, p. 59 - 5 Jan. 1796 : John Prior STOTESBUREY to John Aaron STOTESBUREY, for divers (--------) & Causes & Valuable Considerations I Give, Grant & Confirm all and Singular my goods & Chattles &c. &c. &c. that is to say one Negro Man Named Peter. /S/ J. P. STOTESBURY; Wit: Thos. TOPPING, Ed. McSWAIN. (May Term, 1796)

Bk. K, p, 74 : 2 June 1796 : John SMITH to John Prior STOTESBUREY, 10 pounds for 3 acres lying on the West side of Pungo River beginning at John Prior STOTESBUREY's own corner running with Job SNELL's line, to SNELL's corner, to M.G. BOSWELL's(?) Corner… along STOTESBUREY's line to the beginning. /S/ John (X) SMITH; Wit: Ephm. Elsbre, Job SNELL. (May Term, 1796)

Bk. K, p. 75 - 12 Dec. 1795 : William BILBERRY to John Prior STOTESBERRY, 18 pounds for 100 acres on the South side of the South West Prong of Deep Run beginning at the Main Road to Washington at a gum, running down the Branch till you come to a line of the Patent... to COLLIN's corner... to the 1st Station. /S/ William BILBERRY {Seal}. (May Term, 1796)

Bk. K, p. 280 - 1 Feb. 1797 : John Prior STOTESBERRY to Wm. HOLLOWELL, 100 pounds for three feather Beads & furniture &c. will all other things that is in My Possession &c. with goods, Cattle & Chattels &c. Also one Negro Boy Named James. /S/ J. P. STOTESBURY; Wit: Betsy (x) GURGANUS. (May Term 1797)

Bk. K, p. 363 - 16 Nov. 1797 : John Pr. STOTESBERRY to Wm. RHODES, Junr. of the town of Washington, 14 pounds for 13 acres on the West side of the Pungo Riber at Wm. RHODES, Junr's. Own Corner with Job SNELL's line... to SNELL's corner... to M. G. BERNARD's Corner, along RHODES' line to the beginning. /S/ J. Pr. STOTESBURY; Wit: William SATTERTHWAITE, Thos. SEABROOK. (Nov. Term, 1797)

State of North Carolina Grant # 2592 - 7 July 1800 : Bladen Co., NC - 100 acres to John P. STOTESBERRY on the White Swamp... WADDELLS corner. /S/ J. TURNER, Governor.

State of North Carolina Grant # 2987 - 2 Nov. 1803 : Bladen Co., NC - 40 acres to John P. STOTESBERRY on the White Swamp... WADDELLS corner. /S/ J. TURNER, Governor.

Note: Between 1797 and 1807, John Prior Stotesbury and his family appear to have lived in Bladen Co., NC in the southeastern part of the state. He appeared there in the 1800 census.

Bk. O, p. 299 - 6 Apr. 1807 : John Prior STOKESBURY to Zadock HOLLOWELL, 100 pounds for 100 acres at the fourk (sic) of Deep Run Mill Pond beginning at a Little Branch making out of the North prong of the Mill Pond beginning at Zadock HOLLOWELLS to the Main Road... to the beginning. /S/ John Prior STOKESBERY; Wit: D. HOLLOWELL, Daniel GURGANUS. (May Term, 1811)

Bk. O, p. 448 - 19 Mar., 1812 : Lovett BELL to John Prior STOKESBURY, $2000 for 200 acres on the South Side of Mattamuskeet Lake and is partly included in a deed from Daniel HOWELL & Mary HOWELL his wife to Thos. GIBBS dated August 27th 1775 for 100 acres also partly included in a deed from Henry WHITE to Lovett BELL dated 10th February 1797 for thirty acres & partly included in a patent Granted to Lovett BELL dated December 6th 1799 for fifty acres the whole of the three parcels taken together beginning at Willis SWINDELLS upper corner on the Lake... to the upper corner of Thomas GIBBS, Sr. land and lower cornere of Henry WHITES, dec'd., to the Lake... with Samuel WATSONS line... tp the 1st station. /S/ Lovett BELL; Wit: Richd. WINFIELD, Josiah WATSON. (May Term, 1812)

Bk. O, p. 456 - 21 Mar. 1812 : John Prior STOTESBURY to Lovett BELL, $2000 for three parcels of land lying on the South Side of Mattamuskeet Lake, the 1st containing 100 acres, the 2nd containing 30 acres and the 3rd containing 50 acres the whole of the three parcels containing 180 acres, the same parcels of land which are mentioned in a deed of conveyance from the said Lovett BELL to John Prior STOTESBURY dated March 19th 1812, the condition of said deed being that John Prior STOTESBURY hath given Lovett BELL a note for the Sum of $200 which will become due Six years from that date. /S/ J. P. STOTESBURY; Wit: Richd. WINFIELD, Josiah WATSON. (May Term, 1812)

Bk. O, p. 464 - 18 Apr. 1812 - Joseph CARROWON to John Prior STOTESBURY, 30 Shillings for 3 acres lying on the South Side of Mattamuskeet Lake at a cypress near lakeside, Lovett BELLS line, to Samuel WESTONS line... to the Lake and the windings of the lake to Lovett BELLS line to the 1st station. /S/ Joseph CARROWON; Wit: Henry WHITE, Thomas SPENCER. (May Term, 1812)

Bk. P, p. 11 - 21 Feb. 1813 : John Prior STOTESBURY to John Gray BLOUNT of Beaufort Co., NC, $2,003 for several tracts of land lying on the South Side of Mattamuskeet Lake the 1st containing 200 acres and the 2nd containing 3 acres. /S/ J. P. STOTESBURY {Seal}; Wit: Saml. TOPPING. (Feb. Term, 1813)

Bk. P, p. 87 - 29 May 1813 : Zadock HOLLOWELL, Constable for Hyde County, by Virtue of three Executions Issued and Directed to me by Saml. CLARK, Esqr., a Justice of said County, Judgement against John P. STOTESBURY at the Enstance of Wealthy GURGANUS, Martha EBORN and James SATTERTHWAITE for the Sum of 30 pounds 12 Shillings and 2 pence and which the sd. Zadock HOLLOWELL did Levy on the Property of John P. STOTESBURYconsisting of one horse and chair and harness, one mare and one canoe, one cart, one handmill, Sundry (------), Two chests, one cow, Twelve head of Hoggs, and did advertise the same to be Sold at the dwelling house of the Sd. John P. STOTESBURY on the 29th of May 1813 at which time John Aaron STOTESBURY became the Last and highest bidder for said property for 15 pounds 17 shillings. /S/ Zadock HOLLOWELL {Seal}; Wit: Saml TOPPING, Luke MURPHE. (May Term, 1813)

Bk. V, p. 567 - 11 Nov. 1831 : Wade SWINDELL and Fanny my wife to the heirs of Reuben BENSON, dec'd. (viz.) Carrowon BENSON, John BENSON, Tolbert SELBY and Susan his wife, William CARROWON and Eunice his wife, John A. STOTESBURY and Ellener his wife, Reuben BENSON, all of the rite title and Interest we have in a Negro Woman by the name of Vilet. /S/ Wade SWINDELL, Fanny (x) SWINDELL; Wit: Josiah BENSON, Susan (x) MASON. (Nov. Term, 1831)

Bk. W, p. 306 - 15 Sept. 1833 : Benjamin BOOMER to J. A. STOTESBURY, $290 for a negro woman by the name of Caty. /S/ Benjamin BOOMER {Seal}; Wit; Benjamin WESTON. (May Term, 1834)

Bk. X, p. 211 - 30 May 1837 : John A. STOTESBURY, John BENSON & William CARROWON to Wilson CREDLE, $5 for 19 1/2 acres of marsh Land on Swanquarter it being our share of of the land belonging to Reuben BENSON, dec'd. /S/ John BENSON, William CARROWON, J. A. STOTESBURY; Wit: William HODGES, Benajah WATSON. (May Term, 1837)

Bk. X, p. 223 - 5 Jan. 1836 : William CARROWON and Eunice CARROWON his wife to John A. STOTESBURY, $10 for our sixth part of a tract of land in Dough Point it being the Land formerly belonging to Reuben BENSON, Dec'd. which consisted of 250 acres. /S/ William CARROWON, Unice (x) CARROWON; Wit: Ira H. STOTESBURY, Josiah HODGES. (May Term, 1836)

Bk. X, p. 335 - 28 Nov.. 1837 : John A. STOTESBURY to Josiah G. JARVIS, $15 for 40 and 1/2 acres of Marsh land at Dough Point. /S/ John A. STOTESBURY; Wit: Samuel WESTON, Josiah HARRIS. (Nov. Term, 1837)

Bk. Z. p. 246 - 3 Oct. 1825 :

State of North Carolina }
Hyde County }
This Indenture made this third day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five between Ira HOLLOWELL of the one part and (part v of) the heirs of John P. STOTESBURY and Sally STOTESBURY his wife, viz: {crossed out, crossed out, crossed out, crossed out, crossed out} Arthur STOTESBURY and Samuel STOTESBURY of the other part, both parties of the County and State aforesaid. Witnesseth that the said Ira HOLLOWELL doth bargain, sell and convey unto the said {name, name, name, name, name} Arthur and Samuel STOTESBURY and their heirs and assigns forever A certain piece or parcel of land Containing one hundred and eighty-four acres and a half be the same more or less for and in consideration of four hundred dollars to me in hand paid by the said Heirs whereof the recept is hereby acknowledged by me that i am fully satisfied and paid before the sealing of these presents being the land I bought of John Whitley lying on the broad Broad and Pantego Creek which can be more fully explained by having reference to Isaac WILKINSON's deed to Whitley. The said Ira HOLLOWELL doth except the life term of John P. STOTESBURY and Sally STOTESBURY his wife in the said land sold said heirs where STOTESBURY and wife live. They are to enjoy the benefits of said land and improvements as their own during both their lifetimes unmolested by said heirs and after the deaths of said STOTESBURY and Sally his wife the said land is to be equally divided between the said Heirs. The said Ira HOLLOWELL for himself, his heirs an assigns doth forever warrant and defend the said lands from me and my heirs for ever whereunto the said Ira HOLLOWELL have set my hand & seal for the above purpose mentioned in the date afore written in presence of

    /s/ Ira HOLLOWELL {Seal}

Hyde County}
Quarter Session}
    This deed was proved in open Court by the oath of Samuel TOPPING. Let it be Registered.
        /s/ Jno. B. Jasper, C

Registered May 7th 1841 by
    Green Bridgman, P.R.

Note: The names of at least five heirs of John Prior & Sally Stotesbury are crossed out in the above deed. I believe these heirs are: John Aaron Stotesbury, William Clark Stotesbury, Mary "Polly" Stotesbury, James Bradish Stotesbury, and Ira Hollins Stotesbury. Of the two heirs named in this deed, Arthur H. Stotesbury was the principal heir in his father's 1835 will, however he died before his father. Samuel Stotesbury is only mentioned in this deed. I have been unable to find his in any other record. He and William Clark must have died prior to 1835, since neither is named in their father's will. At the time of the death of John Prior Stotesbury, only John Aaron Stotesbury, James Bradish Stotesbury, Ira Hollins Stotesbury and possibly Mary "Polly" (Stotesbury) Manduell were living, however Mary Manduell doesn't appear in the 1850 censuses of Beaufort or Hyde County.

Bk. 2, p. 168 - 5 Apr. 1847 : Robert HODGES to John A. STOTESBURY, full payment for a negro woman Slave by the name of Susan aged about forty years. /S/ Robert HODGES; Wit: Nasa FARROW. (May Term, 1847)

Bk. 3, p. 20 - 6 May 1849 : Samuel C. CREDLE to John A. STOTESBURY, full payment for two Negro Slaves named Mahala & Peter aged forty six years & five or thereabouts. /S/ Samuel C. CREDLE {Seal}; Wit: Wm. B. TOOLY. (May Term, 1849)

Bk. 5, p. 11 - 1 Dec. 1852 : William W. GILES to John BERRY and John A. STOTESBURY, $1,500 for 114 acres lying on Juniper Bay formerly belonging to Mitchell ROSE beginning at Tolbert SELBY lower corner... to the southwest corner post of Tully WILLIAMSON's reserving for the said WILLIAMSON one square acre in the North West corner of said land within the limits of the Public Road on the North of WILLIAMSONs land... to Juniper Bay ditch. /S/ None; Wit: Wm. WATSON, Charles A. Frazier. (Feb. Term, 1853)

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