McKinney Family Deeds & Patents

Deed of Gift from Ruthy McKINNEY to her five children

{Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Bk. ?; pg. ?}
State of North Carolina - Hyde County
    To all persons unto who these presents shall come that I, Ruthy McKinney, in the County of Hyde send greetings. Know ye that I, the said Ruthy McKinney, for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear unto my five beloved children which is Jessie, Riley, Thomas, Nathaniel and Stephen McKinney of said County and for divers other good causes and considerations me hereunto moving, have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said Jessie, Riley, Thomas, Nathaniel and Stephen McKinney all and singular my goods and chattels following after my death that is to say, three beds and the steads and all my house hold furniture, one mare and cart, nine head of sheep, four head of cattle and all the increase which may arrive from them and the rest of my property which I have not mentioned that can be found. To have, hold and enjoy all and singular the said good, chattels and personal estate aforesaid unto the said Jessie, Riley, Thomas, Nathaniel and Stephen McKinney, their executors, administrators, and assigns against all persons whatsover shall come and will warrant and forever defend by these presents in witness I hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of Benjamin Saunderson. December the 8 day 1841.
    /s/ Ruthy (x) McKinney

Hyde County, NC Court Term 1842 - Then was the due execution of this deed of gift duly proven in open court by the oath of Benjamin Saunderson. Let it be registered.
    Test: R.M. Moore, Clk.

Of similar interest will be the will of Stephen McKinney {Hyde Co., NC Will Book 10 pg. 48}

State of North Carolina, Hyde Co.
    Know all men by these presents that I ,Stephen McKinney, do give to William B. McKinney the son and only one of my brother, Robert McKinney, one dollar in good money. Brother Benjamin McKinney I do give him one dollar in good money. Brother George Riley McKinney I do give him one dollar in good money. Brother Thomas McKinney I do give him one dollar in good money. Brother Nathaniel McKinney I do give him one dollar. My wife Mahaly I do give one bed and all of the money that my property will sell for after paying my just debts. I don't know that I owe any one except Albert Cartwright for the rents of his store house and the interest on his note. He will know how much that is I don't. Mr. Albert Cartwright you or Mr. John Mann will please attend to this little affair for me if you please and oblige yours.
    /s/ Stephen McKinney

The above paper writing was duly proved to be the last Will and Testament of Stephen McKinney at August Term 1867 of Hyde County Court. For probate in full thereof see minutes of that term.

(Submitted by Morris McKinney who states: Ruthy McKinney was the wife of Benjamin McKinney, the first McKinney to move into Hyde Co. He died about 1842 in Hyde Co. NC. Benjamin had received a gift of property from his father William McKinney in Craven Co., NC in 1838. {Craven Co., NC Deed Book 53; pg. 307}. This property reverted back to his brother and sister in 1842 after his death. {Craven Co., NC Deed Book 55; pg. 422} By the time the 1850 Hyde County census was taken, Ruthy had remarried to a Harris and was listed as the head of the household in Mattamuskeet District with Thomas McKinney, Nathaniel McKinney and Stephen McKinney. Benjamin and Ruthy had nine known children:

Morris McKinney's paternal line is as follows:

Thomas JARVIS to Robert & Severly McKINNEY

{Hyde Co., N.C. Deed Bk. 9; pg. 360}
State of North Carolina - Hyde County
    Know all men by these presents that I, Thomas Jarvis, do give Robert McKinney and Severly McKinney his wife a lease for a certain lot of land commencing at my west ditch between me and Pelege Harris running with the publick road two hundred yards, then to the Lake two hundred yards, then to the ditch two hundred yards, then with the ditch two hundred yards to the publick road at the first station. This lot of land I do give to the two above named for the love and good will I have for both of them. This land is to be theirs both of their lives as their own, to have and to hold free from me and my heirs, executors, administrators and assigners with a privilege across my land in my swamp to get firewood free of charge wherefore I set my hand and seal this February 11, 1865.
Attest: Thomas M. Jarvis
    /s/ Thomas Jarvis

February Term 1865 - Then was this deed produced in open court and the execution thereof duly proved by the oath and examination of Thomas M. Jarvis witness thereto. Let the said deed of this probate be registered.
Test: W.W. Spencer, Clerk

Registered: January 29, 1868

{Submitted by Morris McKinney of Virginia Beach, Va. who stated "Robert McKinney was born in Jones Co., NC abt. 1814. He moved to Hyde Co., NC with his father and mother, Benjamin and Ruthy McKinney, after 1830. Benjamin McKinney was the first McKinney to live in Hyde Co., NC."}

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